See 15 New Photos From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4

Paramount+ has released a batch of new photos from the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery season 4. Episode one is titled “Kobayashi Maru” and episode two is titled “Anomaly.” There are also a couple of new behind-the-scenes shots for the show.

“Kobayashi Maru” photos feature new President, and new outfits

The premiere episode features the debut of Chelah Horsdal as Federation President Laira Rillak.

Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham and Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak

In addition to her new Starfleet Captain’s uniform (above), the new photos also provide a good look at her new dress uniform, as well as a leather outfit. Oh, and Grudge is back too.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Additional photos from “Kobayashi Maru” show Mary Wiseman as Tilly in Starfleet science uniform, Adira Tal in new tactical gear, Rhys in the captain’s chair, and Detmer’s new implant.

Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Blu Del Barrio as Adira

Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer and Patrick Kwok-Choon as Gen Rhys

“Anomaly” photos feature Saru back on the Disco

The end of season three left Saru on Kaminar. But in the episode two photos, we can see him back on board the USS Discovery in a Starfleet Captain’s uniform, with the addition of a new gold pin, possibly related to Kaminar or the Kelpiens.

Doug Jones as Saru and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

The remaining photos for the second episode feature Culber, Nilsson, Owosekun, and a quiet moment with Michael and Book.

Wilson Cruz as Culber and Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Sara Mitich as Nilsson and Wilson Cruz as Culber

Anthony Rapp as Stamets and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun.

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Behind the scenes

There are also two behind-the-scenes images from the first episode. The first shows the scene of Michael addressing a group, being shot on the new AR wall stage.

Behind the scenes on Discovery season 4

The second shows how the bridge of Book’s ship is shot from outside the set.

Behind the scenes on Discovery season 4

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 premieres on November 18, it streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. In Canada Discovery is broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. It is also available on Netflix in 190 countries around the world.

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Excited about and grateful for the new season! And I really want to like the new uniforms and badges… but, nope. The iconic delta shield is lost in that oval. Messy :(

I rather don’t like the design of the new uniforms, but I do like seeing more colors.

Agreed. The overall “blueness” of Discovery has always made the aesthetic feel very sci-fi generic. I don’t mind the vertical stripe on the new uniforms, or the bulky collar rank insignia, but I dislike that I can’t see the delta in a more distinctive way.

Yep, just looks like the Bajoran insignia now.

Wonderful photographs. I believe that the cat is more than meets the eye, and possibly a shape-shifter.

Too often on Discovery what we see is no more than meets the eye.

Man’s got a point.

Less, even.


Sadly have to agree…a lot.

Waiting happily in Japan for the return of Discovery. I can’t wait to drown in emotions and universe-saving shenanigans!! I’m overjoyed that Captain Michael will continue to be Michael!!

In the “Behind the scenes on Discovery season 4″ picture – On the right, there appears to be an homage to the 1960s Jupiter II. :-)

For two seasons, this show had way too much blue in its coloring. Ironically, it got better at the same it added an actor named Blu.

It’s amazing how all of my pro Discovery, pro Michael posts disappear. Intriguing.

Yeah, supporting the character of Michael Burnham will either you get abuse from some members or removed.

Testing to see if this is true:
Michael Burnham is the best character in the history of the franchise.


not true but I can still read it :-D

That’s ridiculous. This site doesn’t remove pro-Discovery or pro-Michael posts. This site is very pro-Discovery and pro-Michael.

The comments are back now, but they HAD disappeared for hours. It’s ridiculous that you think I would make such a comment knowing full well everyone could see. There might be a time zone issue as it is impossible for me to post on this site 2-4 p.m. because of my job.

Anyway, back to loving Michael throwing all the rules out the door. I love just how destructive she is and I am ride or die for my fellow Alabama sis, Sonequa!!

Sometimes a post goes into a filtering system if certain words are used that are normally blocked. Usually its fine and gets posted again when a moderator sees it. It’s pretty common and happens a lot. I had it done to me a few times including one just a few days ago.

Don’t get too offended over Lorma Dune. That poster just needs their own filtering system at times on how to respond to people here. But they are right, the board is pro-Star Trek, all of it! Classic Trek, modern Trek, it’s all the same here. And they don’t care what you say here, only how you say it. ;)

Thank you for letting me know. I am also pro-Star Trek!! I love it all. Some shows took longer to get into, but as a Trekkie, I always went all the way.

No worries and same here!

When it comes to all the shows and movies, I always say they are all my children, some are just better behaved than others! ;)

Also why I love this site, because the people who run it seem to have a deep love for every show and film series and doesn’t display any real bias one way or the other. Now some of the people who actually posts, that’s a different story lol. But also keeps things interesting!

Sometimes the AI that monitors posts gets a burr under its saddle for some reason. I’ve had a few disappear into the void, I’m guessing because of SM/TM issues.

Thank you!! I will definitely keep this in mind. I’m thrilled by the return of Disco!!

Certain words are on the naughty list as well.

The new uniforms look almost like formal dress uniforms; they look awkward and not ergonomic, considering this is the 39th century.

32nd century not 39th century


One could just as easily use the phrase “considering this is the 32nd century” to explain why the standards may be different from the modern era.

Well, TOS had women in go-go dancer uniforms, TNG had spandex, so functionally hasn’t been much of an issue in Trek

So cool! Can’t wait till the 18th! No disrepect to those who were like “current Star Trek shows drool.”

In my opinion, the title of “Anomaly” for Episode 4×02 comes across as lazy and a poor choice of an episode title. I know Star Trek has reused episode titles in the past, but this was really, really lazy.

There is already a really good episode of ENT with this title, why the hell would you re-use this title, more than 15 years later?

What are all the reused titles before this? I stopped keeping track of Kurtzman Trek ones, but don’t recall any from before that. There was First Contact, I suppose…

Emissary and The Emissary.

Lower Decks.


Some come close. Brother/Brothers. Daedalus/Project Daedalus.

I am in the camp that says a definite article absolves an episode title from being the same.

And a movie doesn’t really count to me either, it’s so much bigger than one little episode.

Lower Decks… it’s a spin-off whose entire premise is inspired by the TNG episode, I’m fine with that too.

But Anomaly vs. Anomaly crosses the line!

The season 2 finale of LDS was titled First Contact.

It was actually “First First Contact,” not just “First Contact.” And, there was a reason for it, too!

Everything Star Trek: Discovery reuses is for the sole purpose of improving upon the problematic, OLD, and BAD Trek that came before it. All the tropes and garbage from the previous series need updates. Discovery (and now, remarkably, and unimpeachably, Prodigy) still has a lot of work to do in this regard to retcon or erase the hundreds of hours of 20th century media that came before it.


Hi, fan of old Trek and new Trek here, and I’m trying to figure out what this is supposed to mean.

It means some people will b**ch about anything related to the current productions.

Yeah, I do hope they change for “The Anomaly”. Actually, there’s no two exactly the same episode titles in all of Star Trek. You have episode/movie (First Contact/Nemesis), you have small changes (Emissary/The Emissary, or Wink of an Eye/Blink of an Eye), but never before two episode titles have been the same. So I hope they get “The Anomaly” right and keep that (amazing!) track record.

You’ve not even seen the episode so you have no idea if it’s lazy. Jesus Christ, man.

No audience has.

The fact that some people are “outraged” by an episode title shows that they will just complain for the sake of complaining.

Agreed. I feel like there’s a certain “level” of complaining where, if it’s below a certain threshold, can only occur if the individual subconsciously planned on complaining no matter what. A repeated episode title of one word fully falls within that camp.

I don’t even think it’s subconscious. People LOVE to drag this show because it doesn’t fit in with their narrow definition of what Star Trek should be. People moaned about the diverse casting (completely missing the point of Star Trek), people moaned that it was a prequel and *demanded* it find some way of going into the future then the VERY SAME PEOPLE complained that moving the show into the future was a cop out. Anything that Discovery does people complain about- and it’s usually for the sake of complaining.


Wait – I see people being critical or disappointed, but outraged? Did I miss something?

I don’t have an issue with the title. It’s much ado about nothing to me. Yeah, its the same title of another episode, so what? Are people somehow worried they might get the episodes mixed up or something? The shows take place a thousand years apart from each other, I don’t think it will be hard to figure out which is which. And as its been shown it’s not even the first time.

You’re missing the point. It’s a reason to b**ch about Kurtzman. Lazy or not lazy is a very….well, lazy rationale.

“Lazy” isn’t the word I’d use, either; “careless” might fit better, or perhaps “dismissive”. It really depends on why they went with an existing title verbatim, which we don’t know – it could be that they simply didn’t do a basic check, or that they knew full well there was already an “Anomaly” in Enterprise and just didn’t care, or that they knew and deliberately went with this specifically to make a point of disregarding the earlier show because someone on the Discovery staff hates it, or it could actually be kind of the opposite and be in fact a sequel to the earlier episode (with the final episode turning out to have an unreported “II” in the title). Maybe they intended it to actually honor the earlier one somehow. It’s not a choice I’d have made, but that doesn’t mean I’ll even pretend to know what their intentions were in choosing it (though how it might come across to viewers like ourselves is another matter).

Or maybe they just liked the title and it was appropriate to their episode? They didn’t rename the movie First Contact because they already had an episode of the same name, right? They knew there was already an episode titled that just a few years earlier by literally the same show. Because it was appropriate for the episode and it was appropriate for the film. No one got up in arms about it. Not sure why this is even an issue?

I don’t care if they reuse a title. Paramount has been churning out episodic content for this franchise for 55 years, and none of it is Shakespeare. The outrage some folks are venting is a bit overly dramatic.

Oh, come on Wes. Sincerely.

First, as others have noted, this may be a working title, and we’ll need to wait a few weeks to see if the final title differs.

More importantly, the Star Trek universe is a 800 hours of television. If titles from previous series all have to be “reserved”, this is a harsh limit on new shows. As long as a title doesn’t repeat within a show, I think we should be open to it.

What I find more interesting is that, since Michelle Paradise became showrunner, Discovery’s episodes have become more simple unlike the first season and early second season where Greek, Latin and literary references were a thing in titles. Simplicity seems to have worked for TNG and Voyager, but the evolution in the kinds of titles seems to match the evolution of the show.

As long as they don’t reuse “Threshold”, I will be fine with it.

I do like Discovery, but the first season not so much. However, the first season had the best episode titles in Trek.

I feel like the act of even having an opinion about this means you’re probably missing the point behind it all.

One, it’s fifteen years later. Two, Trek has reused/recycled titles before. Three, maybe its actually a good title for this particular episode.

They’ve never reused an individual episode title exactly, though, not in 55 years and over 800 individual productions, across TV and cinema. There are many, many examples that are reeeeally close, especially where the title of an individual episode is reused as the subtitle after “Star Trek” of a subsequent motion picture or entire new TV series, but no instances where there was word-for-word duplication with zero variation whatsoever. This is the first time in just over 55 years. They have, however, used the overall franchise title “Star Trek” as the name of the original series in the ‘60s (which we therefore now refer to as TOS), the name of the subsequent animated series in the ‘70s (as it was seen largely as a straight-up continuation of TOS, and which we now refer to as TAS), and the 2009 Kelvin timeline movie (which we call things like Star Trek ‘09). But this is a first for an individual episode.

I wonder whether it was done intentionally.

That’s a pretty good run over 55 years. I think that earns them a little slack.

Don’t think of it as 15 years later than ENT, but rather 1,000 years later

There’s something very Space:1999 about these uniforms.

Think they would be better if the pattern of it was reversed, where they were all black except for the stripe being the splash of color.

If you remember the final scenes of season 3, with the debut of the new uniform, that was actually the case. I agree with their decision to go even more colourful.

Ooooh That AR wall photo compared to the first photo looks remarkable. Can not wait.

It’s incredible.

And Chelah Horsdale is a brilliant choice for Federation President. She will be able to challenge Burnham to develop while being nuanced, in the way that the Admiral did last season.

Not a fan of any of the uniforms. This latest iteration has an asymmetric hem, and the Delta is lost in the new badge. Each season has shown improvement, but it’s frustrating that it’s taking so long to get to where I would call the show “good” without reservations. I truly hope they keep using the supporting cast. I PRAY they learn to write coherent stories.

Absolutely incredible! Beautiful, flawless, the peak of human creativity. Everything this show does is magic.


Tiberius Mudd didn’t die, so this isn’t Kool-Aid level.


Every season having the plot of “must save the galaxy” has been repetitive and actually leads to a feeling of low stakes.

Four seasons in the majority of the bridge crew are more like extras.

Seasons 1 and 3 weren’t really about saving the galaxy. So far that’s only been season 2. The bridge crew aren’t the main characters. They aren’t meant to be much more than extras.

But they’re much better actors than extras…which is why the show seems to have to have one goodbye guest star episode with a bridge crew member every season.

This year Ronnie Rowe Jr who plays Bryce (Communications) will be moving on: the actor has a lead role in a new BET+/CBC series.

Also boring uniforms – looks more like a Galaxy Quest reboot. Or a generic scifi show “ Space Journey” or something like that.

They and the new SNW uniforms look like they were designed by committee.

Gersha Phillips always provides lots of options to the show runners to choose from, but these are somehow the most drearily cut designs she’s come up with.

dean stockwell r i p

oh boy…..

Yeah, saw that….

While consistency between seasons should, perhaps, be a welcome thing, I think I’ve been conditioned by the previous 3 seasons to expect something quite different each time. As a result, everything I’ve seen from season 4 thus far just feels more of the same. A kind of season 3 part 2. Even the main plot point feels a tad too close to last season. Hopefully the show will benefit from not having such a big reshuffle this time around.

what a blundering mess this show has become

What in this article/these photos makes you feel that way? I don’t really feel like we have enough to form an opinion just yet.

And yet you will still tune in every week to watch it without fail. Can’t be that much of a blundering mess….

but of course i do. star trek is family.

What bothers me most about the DISC uniforms (both old and new) is, that telling one’s rank is nearly impossible unless there is a close-up shot. Highly impractical.

hope season 4 is better than season 3….i liked the trill storyline but the whole mystery behind no warp coulda been a 2 parter. and i hope they add more lighting to the CGI this season so we can actually see the ships in space

I’d also just like to see more time given to showing the ships and the views.

Lower Decks and Prodigy really understand that the ships themselves are characters, but for all the vfx budgets in Discovery and Picard, somehow we are getting fewer views of the ships than back when models were the thing in the 90s.

I think this is because they want Picard and Discovery to be more character oriented shows, but you are right. Star Trek always had its locations as basic main characters of the shows, whether it was DS9 or the various ships. I mean some of the ship effects in Picard looked to me like something out of an episode of Enterprise made nearly 20 years ago. They should really put more effort into the space and ship shots in the live action shows. I am missing the “awe” feeling I used to have when watching the TNG era shows and their space shots.

They’re ugly as hell anyway. ;-)

The uniforms themselves do not bother me at all, I rather like them better than the grey ones and far better than the blue which served no purpose for me. I do have agree with the assessment regarding the delta badge, it could be a nicer looking one.
I was really hoping that S4 of Disco would be dedicated to having the ship fly around the universe, delivering the new Dithium. Finding out what happened to all the former planets of the UFP in past 900 years. Instead it looks like we may get another season of “the only ship/crew that can save the known galaxy”. As long as its a great story, I do not mind that premise, just would like to see something other than doom & gloom until the Discovery is on the job.
Overall, its still Trek and looking forward to it.

No stills of anyone crying, big step forward for this show.



I want it to be good. I want to have a good time watching it. I want it to be fun. I’ll forgive the last seasons having terrible writing if they don’t whiff at bat this time. Fantastic cast, good effects.

The criticism people seem to aim at DSC is “bad writing”…yet no one ever seems to elaborate on WHY they think it’s bad? I’m interested to know why.

A child cried and blew up every ship traveling at warp.

Do you think that’s good writing?

Muse, there are endless review threads here where people go into infinite details why they had trouble with any particular episode. Seriously, just look up any of them and you will have no problems seeing multiple people pick apart why the stories and plots failed. I have elaborated on quite a few of them myself over the years.

You’re clearly just not looking at those threads. There are many.

I have to agree, skyjedi, it is the best looking mess on television. Imo.

Welcome back to the baddest written Star Trek series of all time with the most unrealistic Captain ever. Thankfully that hope is not you Michael but it’s lower decks.