Check Out First Photos From ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Episode 105 “Terror Firma” [UPDATED]

In addition to the season four premiere of Discovery, Thursday will also feature the fifth episode of Star Trek: Prodigy which marks the halfway point for the first 10-episode arc of the season. We now have images from the last Prodigy episode of the year.

“Terror Firma”

The new episode of Prodigy (titled “Terror Firma”) arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, November 18. The show will then go on hiatus until January 6 when the next five episodes begin streaming weekly until the mid-season finale on February 3.

The new episode will pick up after the cliffhanger from last week’s “Dreamcatcher,” which left the kids strange on a dangerous planet, with The Diviner on his way to claim the USS Protostar.

UPDATE – Synopsis:

Marooned on a deadly planet, the crew must work together with their captive Gwyn to stay alive…except the planet isn’t the only thing in pursuit.

New Images:

Brett Gray as Dal and Angus Imrie as Zero

Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog, Ella Purnell as Gwyn and Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk

Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk and Angus Imrie as Zero

Angus Imrie as Zero, Brett Gray as Dal, Ella Purnell as Gwyn, Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tahk and Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog

John Noble as The Diviner

Kate Mulgrew as Janeway

CORRECTION NOTE: Article updated with correct title.

New episodes of Prodigy premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on Crave. It is available on  Paramount+ in Latin American, the Nordic Countries, and Australia. Amazon Prime Video internationally on Fridays. It will debut in 2022 in parts of Europe with the launch of the Paramouint+ Sky partnership.

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Hmmm… It looks like Gwyn may be helping them out??? I do not know. But looking forward to it.

Isn’t that a given, though? It was obvious from day one that she’d end up in the crew.

Yeah, from the look a things they’re learning to work as a team and Gwyn is earing their trust.

Can’t wait. :)

Personally, I’d like to see the writers kill off Dal and Make Gwyn the new captain. :) He’s just the worst, both in terms of writing and performance, whereas she’s competent, strong and not an entirely immature, goofy jackass, like he is.

This was marketed as a show about “lawless teens”; what did you expect?

I never complained about the show having lawless teens, a concept with which I don’t have a problem. I love this show, in fact. I only complained about this one character being badly written and acted.

Have patience, the character will no doubt change over the season. I actually like Brett Gray’s performance personally.

Yeah, it just seems like an arc for the character. We have to remember Dal is just a teenager and he’s used to being a very independent one at that. He’s never worked or really trusted anyone before given his circumstances. I think that’s the point, he’ll grow and change and Janeway will most likely be a mentor to him as the series goes on. He’ll start to build real leadership skills and see the importance of teamwork. I think that’s what the show is suppose to be teaching kids who watch it.

Yes, it’s his arc. And being a kid show, it will play out fairly broadly.

I find Dal very credible. Someone in the writing room did their research on characteristics of resilience youth in traumatic and abusive institutional environments.

Here here, I really like how this has been allowed.
Some how I doubt this character would ever go out to build an evacuation fleet under his watch using robots programmed to act like slaves (that would then revolt and blow up said evacuation fleet dooming billions).
Already one step ahead of most of Starfleet Command in TNG.

It’s a kid show. I’m troubled by a suggestion to “kill off” any character, let alone the only main character played by a Black actor.

It’s ok, we’re used to the black (actor in this case) person getting killed.

Well, actually it’s not ok, but we’re used to it…


I’m black I don’t really see the connection. The CHARACTER isn’t black, that’s a reach. That said, yeah I think the idea to kill him is silly.

Gwyn may be “competent” and “strong” but… she supports a society that openly uses child slave labor and is actively trying to get the escapees back into enslavement. That’s all kinds of wrong. And until she accepts that this is wrong and actively changes her ways, she has no business being anywhere near captainship on a Federation ship no matter how “strong” and “competent” she is.

As for Dal, he’s not really that bad (Kelvin Timeline Kirk in the 2009 movie is far worse). He caught onto the dangerous planet situation in time and they would’ve been fine if it hadn’t been, well, Gwyn sabotaging the ship to get them all back into slavery.

Agreed. I’m sure both characters will grow worthy, actually, and given their circumstances at the beginning of this show I think both characters actions have made sense even if they’re not what we want them to be. And frankly, given that we’re just at episode three or four of a show that’ll probably have anywhere from 40 to maybe 130 episodes, say, I don’t really want to see them have all their character development done yet.

Here here, let’s see some character development and learnings.

Geez, let the characters learn!!!!

Why is Murf’s name and credits omitted from all the photos?

To quote Yaphet: “It’s just because he’s gelatenous”

Really enjoying this show and definitely love love love having Janeway!

Next episode looks great. Looks like Gwyn is going to become part of the team (at least temporarily) to get them out of their situation. But it looks like her dad will find them! My only real disappointment so far is this will be the last episode of the year but the bright side is we will have 15 more episodes next year! It was kind of cool it was going to feel like 90s Trek again and we have two shows on at once, but oh well. We’ll at least have one day of it.

No one is screaming about lazy episode titling?

Because it isn’t… The only bad thing is that this isn’t linked to the MU :-)

Well in this case, it’s the opposite. It’s pretty creative actually and a play on Discovery’s title.

And both shows air on the same day. It is just a coincidence? Maybe both episodes are linked?!

That’s a reach.

Terror Firma really doesn’t have much to do with Kobayashi Maru.

The prodigy episode name is a play on one of Dicovery’s episodes from last season. It’s not the Discovery episode being released this Thursday.

I doubt it’s a play on Discovery’s title. Its a play on the phrase Terra Firma, which Discovery happened to use as a title.

No I didn’t mean they did it deliberately lol. It’s just cool that it happens to be a play on it now.

One could argue that the Kobayashi Maru being attacked by enemy vessels operating as a firm that raids under the cover of terror…. Well, “could” :)

I’m going to be honest, you lost me.

For the first time ever, my daughter asked this weekend if we could watch Star Trek together. It’s all because of this show :)




And may I suggest showing her TAS.

I didn’t expect our kids would be willing to watch the stiff old Filmation animation, but they loved it when they were in their primary grades.

Thanks for the suggestion! Although I’ve been a Star Trek fan for over 30 years, I’ve never watched TAS. Now I have a good reason to check it out.

If it’s not on your streamer, the DVD set is fine.

It’s amazing how many of us long time fans has never watched TAS lol. I did it for the first time this year and been watching Trek since the late 70s/early 80s. I liked it, but it’s still not a ‘must see’ either. And all I mean by that is if you can easily watch it, it’s worth giving it a chance.