Preview “Kobayashi Maru” With New Photos From Season Four Premiere Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

The fourth season premiere of Star Trek: Discovery arrives this week. We have some new details and photos to get you started.

“Kobayashi Maru”

The new episode of Discovery is titled “Kobayashi Maru,” which is the name of the infamous Starfleet Academy no-win scenario. The episode arrives on Paramount+ on Thursday, November 18.


After months spent reconnecting the Federation with distant worlds, Captain Michael Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery are sent to assist a damaged space station – a seemingly routine mission that reveals the existence of a terrifying new threat.

New Images:

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

David Ajala as Book and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Oyin Oladejo as Lt. Joann Owosekun, Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Emily Coutts as Lt. Keyla Detmer

Sonequa Martin Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak

Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak

Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak

Blu del Barrio as Adira and Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Blu del Barrio as Adira and Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Blu del Barrio as Adira

Sara Mitich as Nilsson

Unknown new bridge officer

Previously released images:

Publicity photos show Captains Burnham’s Quarters

With rank comes privilege, and on Star Trek, that means your own captain’s quarters. ET has some exclusive publicity photos showing Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham, showing off her new digs.

Same day as Prodigy

For the first time since the 1990s, there will be two new Star Trek episodes from two different series arriving in the same week, and actually on the same day. Discovery starts its new season on the same day as the arrival of the fifth episode of Star Trek: Prodigy. The animated kids series will then go on hiatus until January 6 when the next five episodes begin streaming until the mid-season finale on February 3. The final 10 episodes in season one will pick up later in 2022.

ICYMI: NYCC Season 4 Trailer

(Trailer also available for international viewers on Instagram and

Star Trek: Discovery streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. In Canada Discovery is broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. It is also available on Netflix in 190 countries around the world.

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So excited; thank you for sharing.

Y’all really gonna erase my dude Oded Fehr standing there in the photo being a boss?

These are stunning photos. I’m delighted that the series will be offering interesting vistas such as these. As a fan of Treknology, I look forward to seeing how the new starships of 900 years into their future compare with known Trek ships. Some of them look immense by comparison to 22d and even 24th or 25th Century starships. Beautiful photos of beautiful people, auguring a continuation of this beautiful series.


I agree a lot! The 24th century ships are still my favorite out of all the eras (loved practically all of them on Lower Decks both seasons) but I like how funky the 32nd century ships look. They feel and look a little alien as they should; we’ve gone 800 years in the future! But I’m hoping we will actually step inside one of them this season. I was a little disappointed we didn’t get to go inside any of them, especially the Voyager J. I understood why but it will feel like a cop out if we don’t go inside any this season.

And yes they do look big, but with modern Trek, this is a pretty standard issue lol. I would love to know how big the ships in the Kelvin universe would look by the 32nd century? They are probably the size of starbases in that universe by then. ;)

Maybe we’ll find out if they ever cross into that universe due to some Temporal War shenanigans.

I think they look sufficiently advanced for 800 to 900 years in the future of the Discovery crew. The way I look at things is to see how things have and have not changed in 900 years on Earth. An ocean-going ship in the year 112 AD (or even BC) has the general form as the majority of ships of today — most ships haven’t changed much in overall form since the days of Homer. However, today’s ships are far sleeker and can work “magic” (use satellite navigation, radar, and sonar and deploy aircraft and missiles, for example) compared to ancient vessels. Some ships do look significantly different, however: Hydrofoils, for example. Ground-effect aircraft (ekranoplanes), seaplanes, and amphibious vessels were unheard of And let’s not even address the massive differences in size between an ancient schooner and today’s aircraft carriers and cruise ships. I look forward to seeing what the advanced ships of Discovery can do.

^^ I meant 1021. The edit function isn’t working for some reason.

I’d just like them to be a bit less stingy with the exterior views of the ships.

I’m hoping that as the AR wall reduces some of the postproduction, more time and resources can be given to the views in space. Prodigy has spoiled us.

I’ll have 6kgs of whatever you are smoking.

Is it coming to UK on Netflix, or do we have to wait for Paramount + in UK Next Year

In Israel Netflix does not show “New Episodes coming soon” like I believe they did in the past.

Oh no. I hope it’ll be available on Netflix Germany next week.

On the other hand… if it isn’t on Netflix anymore, that might actually be a good sign… It means that DSC is no longer bound to Netflix internationally and that may give the show a lot more seasons… If P+ can show the series internationally, there is no reason to cancel it…

Actually, I would say that it puts more pressure on P+ to gain new subscribers quickly internationally because all the money Netflix has “contributed” so far to Discovery’s budget will be gone. Whereas CBS and Netflix basically shared the financial risk of Discovery underperforming before it would be CBS alone carrying all the risk going forward.

It should be on Netflix on: Freitag morgen, so wie immer, sonst raste ich aus.

As much as I have liked the Discovery uniforms, each iteration, I do not understand why they continue to allow rank to be so difficult to read. It baffles me. Why not include rank on the new epaulettes for everyone like it is on Captain Burnham and Admiral Vance’s uniforms? It seems like such a simple and elegant solution.

I agree. The EPs seem to be deeply conflicted on whether the show is hiding and ignoring hierarchy or featuring it.

I’m really not sure the creatives of the show every really considered hierarchy and rank as something that is important…. as evidenced by Cadet to Captain Tilly and Criminal to Captain Burnham

That’s very true. Ranks/promotions are whatever the story demands, logic be damned.

Costumes look a bit fan made, and sets still have the odd lighting, too stark.

What time does your mother come to pick you up?

Have to admit the pictures do look really cool! I do love the aesthetics of the 32nd century. And I’m excited to have a Cardassian Federation President! Who thought that would ever happen lol.

I have to admit, while I’m constantly up and down on this show, it definitely deserves credit as the one that finally expanded the Star Trek universe in a major way since TNG back in 1987. I been soooo tired (and a little bored) of all the prequels and reboots since Voyager left it’s nice to see Star Trek boldly going again centuries into the unknown! Once again Star Trek thinking outside the box and not just relying on more nostalgia. I just wish Discovery itself was a better show in itself but maybe season 4 will surprise me?

You mean by being brilliantly set right before TOS, with Klingons (remember that?), then going to the mirror universe, then to Pike and Spock and Talos… ? Yes, throwing the first 2 seasons out completely (I mean COMPLETELY… Ash Tyler and all!!!), season 3 offered something new(-ish) and was easily the best so far (albeit with a very low bar to clear). I don’t think that was because they moved to the 32nd century, but because they let the show breathe and allowed the non-Michael crew actual time and space (and Michael is not all Michael’s fault… the writers keep depriving her: her mother-gone, Ash-gone, Lorca-gone, Giorgiou-gone, Sarek and Spock-gone… watch out Book). I too hope season 4 will surprise us and keep heading on up.

I really hated the idea it was a prequel originally but I have to say by the second season I was completely fine with it. I really liked seeing Pike and Spock and I had envisioned in my head it was going to build up the Burnham-Spock dynamic in future seasons and we would start to see more major TOS characters like Uhura or Sulu in time. I wasn’t really into that idea at all but as second season went on, I really started to warm up to it.

But didn’t quite turn out as I thought lol.

But moving the show was really the best thing for it. For literally the reasons why I said I started to like about it, it was feeling like it was going to just be a direct back door prequel to TOS. That was both the advantage and the curse. It just couldn’t stand out on its own. That’s the downfall of most prequels in general. Most are basically just a call back to that (usually better) show or movie that takes place after it. Discovery had it the worst being so close to TOS at that. Now ironically it’s probably the freest show than every Trek show previously which was obviously why they moved it so far in the future.

It feels so liberated now and can shape the Trek universe any way it wants going forward. I know for the writers, that must be exciting. And while I had issues with season 3, none of it had to do with how they presented the 32nd century. It was all very exciting for me! The most excited probably since DS9 because Trek felt exotic and ‘different’ again. This is what I wanted for decades and as a hardcore Trek fan what I felt the franchise needed in general: to be bold again! Not just rest on 23rd and 24th century nostalgia which honestly it can probably do for another 20 years and most fans would be OK with that. Keep shoving in Kirk, Picard and Janeway and most fans won’t say a word as long as they have a piece of their childhoods again.

And the irony is they still do since we have now have 3 new shows in the 24th/25th century covering TNG/DS9/VOY and SNW will be the true back door TOS prequel fans really wanted (but hopefully still be its own show). I think everyone will be generally happy now covering so many different eras of the universe as long as the shows themselves are good…but that’s a different topic lol.

But Discovery is now the one show that’s truly doing something unique in the universe again! It just needs to be better IMO.

Great points Tiger2.

“This is what I wanted for decades and as a hardcore Trek fan what I felt the franchise needed in general: to be bold again!” Yeah I really think P+ has done a great job in differentiating the shows – in addition to developing what I see as a “core target audience niche” for each show, the era for each show also seems to be unique with Discovery drawing the 33rd century time slot haha. So much potential, now let’s see if the writers are up for the challenge!

“Not just rest on 23rd and 24th century nostalgia which honestly it can probably do for another 20 years and most fans would be OK with that. Keep shoving in Kirk, Picard and Janeway and most fans won’t say a word as long as they have a piece of their childhoods again.” Haha “living in the past” is always sooooo attractive and potentially money making. Yesterday I saw the trailer/cast announcement for the new Kenobi/Vader Star Wars TV series and it slots in just so nicely between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope staring the Eps 1-3 cast, together again – too funny. Oh and despite my condescending attitude – OF COURSE I WILL BE INTERESTED IN SEEING IT. The same goes for SNW, perfectly slotted between the The Cage and WNMHGB. No the cast of course is not from the 1960s but the characters are, and of course I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SERIES PREMIERE!!!!


Kurtzman really meant what he said when he stated he wanted all the shows to feel different from each other and they really do. It’s nice that they feel distinct based on genre, age, format and setting. It’s very strategic. But same time, they are still trying to aim the shows at their core audience. It’s no way you just randomly get three 24th century post-Nemesis shows premiering within two years of each other. Clearly they see a big audience who grew up watching or watches the TNG era shows that they are trying to target as well. That must be a prime spot to have so many shows in this era again and so soon. And my guess is they are going to make a few more. So nostalgia is very much at play obviously. And they can use ALL those actors from that period that may want to be part of Trek again, so it works out great for them…and us. ;)

But there are a lot of us who wants to see Trek expand beyond the 24th century and I’m glad they realize that too. Now I don’t think they took the show all the way to the 32nd century for fans lol. I think that was what they wanted themselves for the fall of the Federation storyline and freer from canon. I really want Discovery to succeed the same way TNG did all those years ago. Because then we’ll get more shows in multiple settings. We don’t need post-32nd century shows but others in the 25th century and on will work too. Just keep it interesting like they are doing now.

But yes very excited for SNW. Since you mentioned Obi-Wan, in many ways it feels like both Star Trek and Star Wars has the exact same game plan these days. A. Release a bunch of streaming shows all year lol. B. Spread out the time eras/settings of a show so each one feels unique; but mostly familiar ones. C. Offer new time periods that’s never been shown before D. Use a mixture of old and new characters. E. Target all age demographics from young kids to teenagers to the adults who grew up with it. F. Worry about the movie side later, just get all the eyeballs on your shiny new streaming site for now. ;)

And I’ll be watching all of that too lol. Still haven’t finished The Bad Batch yet but it’s on my list. Excited for Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, Andor and Ahsoka the most!

the federation president is only 1/3rd cardassian she is also 1/3rd human and 1/3rd bajoran

I know, but still being part Cardassian makes her pretty cool in my book.

And that’s what is so fascinating with this show being so far ahead of the others because anything is possible now. To be human, Cardassian and Bajoran suggests many things, mostly that Cardassia formed a closer relationship to the Federation and maybe part of the Federation today (or was). I would really love that even if Eddington wouldn’t. ;)

Given that people have two parents, not three, that 1/3 human, 1/3 Cardassian and 1/3 Bajoran doesn’t work out mathematically ;-) She can have all these ancestries but not with equal shares.

I’m pretty sure Michelle is not a geneticist, Diginon. You understood what she meant.

But even so, in the future, who’s to say she wasn’t the genetically mixed result of a throuple relationship with DNA from 3 different donors? (As an example, James Holden on The Expanse is in-canon described as a child created from 8 DNA donors from a poly family, and that’s in 2350-ish, so who knows what would be possible by 3189?)

The smiley in my comment indicates that I wasn’t completely serious.

Mixing DNA from several donors would require genetic engineering which was outlawed in the Federation when the topic was last brought up on DS9. Of course, we don’t know how Federation policy may change between the 24th and 32nd century.

Great grandparents…?

People have 8 great grandparents which is not divisible by three either ;-)

I recall Nilsson was a Lt. Commander.

The new bridge officer may have needed to be introduced because Ronnie Rowe Jr (Bryce) needed to be written out by mid season. Shooting began in May on his new BET+/CBC series (working title “The Porter”).

Wait so Bryce won’t be on the show anymore? Sadly I don’t think anyone is going to really notice.

Given that production started in fall 2020, I would expect he’ll be in the first part of the season.

Production didn’t start on “The Porter” for BET+ and CBC until May 2021. So, perhaps we’ll get the now traditional send off episode for Lt Bryce and find out more than that he’s a comms officer and pilot.

I do suggest checking out Rowe’s cinematic performances in award winning independent films Black Cop and Akilla’s Escape if they are available on one of your streamers.

Is it just me or is there a new uniform in every scene?

Is that a Gungan in the picture with Adira and Tilly?

So, where’s Tilly’s bed?

Honestly, I would have really liked to see the “months [the Disco crew] spent reconnecting the Federation with distant worlds,” instead of being immediately thrust into another crisis. We might still get some of that, but I have a feeling the gravitational anomaly crisis will quickly take over all of the story telling.

Look, see how they are dressed in leather. It’s how you can tell that its edgy and dangerous.

How come a dragon egg from Game of Thrones made it to the 32nd century? I knew it, even in space: Winter is coming!

For sure… but let’s go to the MOON first, right?

Lots and lots of standing around….

So do they just stand around all evenly spaced apart in the new season?

Blame covid.

Not going to lie, Discovery looks tired. The 25th century looks bland.
The ships look like fuzzy blobs, the sets look like empty halls subject to COVID restrictions with non functional walls and doors everywhere. The uniforms look like a MU fan film gone bland.
Really liked Discovery but feel it’s been totally surplanted now by the frontier adventures of Prodigy. I hope they have it where the Federation has something to learn from the rebuild, faces some competition and makes mistakes along the way. Worried we are back to the preaching that sends have the galaxy to the holodecks out of boredom.
I agree this show needs a “no win scenario” with actual stakes!! Let’s seem some conflict, costs, exploration, frontier, resource shortages, etc.

They do stand around a lot…

Anyone notice that Adira and Tilly are standing on the ceiling in their 2nd picture? The signage by the door is upside down! (Gravity anomalies FTW)

Not really, because the floor level looks the same as the upper left, lots of blank walls with doors and nonsensical harddrive lights that tell you nothing. I see a number upset down, that’s about it for differences.
Honestly, they shouldn’t even have single non useful wall. By that time with that tech you’d expect they just have a big holographic sphere and all the data and displays are all just projected everywhere with consoles that can appear and disappear as needed.

You are correct. These publicity photos are taken on set, so you can see they’re using the AR wall set to project the background behind them upside down.

Ha ha The able to display anything AR wall set is a more advanced control centre design than the windows and walls with blinking lights of the 26th century.