‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Leaving Netflix For Paramount+ Internationally, Season 4 To Launch Globally in 2022

The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery debuts on Thursday in the USA and Canada. But unlike the previous seasons, it will not also be launching on Netflix outside North America. ViacomCBS is bringing the show home to its own streaming service.

Pulling Discovery back to Paramount+

Star Trek: Discovery will be leaving Netflix for good. ViacomCBS just announced the series is moving to Paramount+ internationally. According to Deadline the news coming so soon before the launch of season four was due to a just closed deal for ViacomCBS to buy out Netflix, which has been a co-producer of Discovery since it launched in 2017. According to that report, the current three seasons of Discovery will be removed from Netflix as of this week.

Star Trek: Discovery, including season four, will be made available in early 2022 to international viewers on their local version of Paramount+. This includes the current countries with Paramount+ as well as new countries where Paramount+ is launching in 2022, including Europe. Star Trek: Prodigy has also been confirmed to be part of the Sky/Paramount+ launch, and it is expected Strange New Worlds will also become available on Paramount+ internationally.

Martin-Green as Michael Burnham and Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak in season four of Star Trek: Discovery

No changes for Canada

The announcement reiterated that nothing will change for Canada. Discovery will stay on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave. That includes the premiere of season four this week.

Picard and Lower Decks remain on Amazon… for now

The Deadline article also reassured international fans that Star Trek: Picard will still be on Amazon Prime Video outside of North America, as will Star Trek: Lower Decks which has a deal on Amazon outside of the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Stepping away from Netflix had already begun

The entire Star Trek television catalog became available on Netflix in 2011 in one of the earliest big streaming deals for CBS. In 2016 Netflix was announced as the international distribution partner for Discovery outside North America, where it was promoted as a “Netflix original series.”

Since the 2017 launch of Discovery on CBS All Access in the USA and Netflix internationally, a lot has changed, including the re-merger of Viacom and CBS and the launch of Paramount+, which has become a primary focus for the media company. ViacomCBS has been expanding Paramount+ globally with more launches announced for 2022. Apparently, this deal is all part of that strategy, with ViacomCBS international streaming boss Kelly Day telling Deadline:

As we rapidly expand our global streaming footprint, we are bringing more of our top titles home to ViacomCBS for Paramount+ markets around the world. We have a strong global and local content pipeline that positions us for success across our regions, and repatriating beloved series like Star Trek: Discovery for Paramount+ is another step forward as we bring fans more must-watch series worldwide.

The first sign of ViacomCBS and Netflix decoupling came in September with the departure of three Star Trek series from Netflix USA. This is part of ViacomCBS’ new focus on their own streaming service and their move away from third-party licensing. It’s likely the rest of the Trek catalog will leave Netflix USA when contracts expire, and the same may happen internationally once Paramount+ is established in each territory.

While bringing Discovery to Paramount+ may fit with the evolving global expansion strategy, that is little comfort to international fans who were looking forward to watching the season four premiere this week.

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Then even fewer people will watch the show.

….upon its debut, sure. But, in time, everyone will watch it. They don’t seem to care about how many people watch it upon release.

If you’re going to have your own streaming service you need to make sure all of your IP is on it with an aim for exclusivity. They really have to do this to get subscribers to actually subscribe.

Actually they don’t need to do this in the UK to get people to subscribe as it’s going to be a ‘free’ add on to all existing Sky customers. So yeah, it makes sense to get all your originaL IP’s onto your platform but it does beg the question as to why they didn’t look to bring forward the launch of their international service. Maybe there’s a time period clause before Paramount can show Discovery internationally similar what happened when the Netflix Marvel shows were cancelled. All I can say as an international fan is that the shoddy way that Viacom has handled the overseas releases of Lower Decks, Prodigy and now season 4 of Discovery has been very disappointing.

To clarify that should read a free add on to Sky Q customers in the UK.

Just wondering… if it is ‘free’ why is it an ‘add on’ and not simply included from the get-go. Do you folks in the UK actually say ‘no thanks’ to free stuff? :-)

Well to be exact it’s available at no extra charge to Sky Q customers in the UK but yeah, of course we say no to some free stuff. Can you honestly say that you take advantage of everything that is available to you for free or at no additional charge?

They been offering free vaccinations in America to save lives against a deadly global pandemic and yet I been hearing rumors people are turning that down too. ;)

We have plenty turning those down in the UK too. At work we can have free COVID tests to see if we might be asymptomatic and some people say know to them

There are a lot of free things I’ve said “no” to. It’s not unheard of to say “no” to something you don’t want. Until recently it was illegal to extort people to what some mob boss or tyrant wanted.

It’s a pity that Netflix couldn’t take over the whole Star Trek property; we might actually get good Star Trek again.

Although I’m not 100% sure on that, I definitely would have liked to seen how Netflix would’ve handled it. I doubt we would get any animated shows I know you are so fond of lol. It could’ve been more of what they did with their Marvel shows and make multiple shows together and connected from the beginning, but that’s just mere speculation. We may have only gotten one Star Trek show for the next five years as well and not all the shows like we are with P+ since Star Trek is probably wouldn’t be as much of a priority there. So you never know.

Netflix also has earned a reputation for canceling shows if they don’t hit certain viewership targets very quickly, and doing this even if there are unresolved storylines. It’s possible no Netflix-originated Star Trek would last more than a season or two.

Beyond that, it looks like Netflix bears some of the responsibility for this situation with Discovery. Obviously Paramount is to blame for buying back the show days before the season premiere and doing so months before overseas fans had a legal alternative in place, but Netflix accepted Paramount’s offer. It’s not Netflix’s fault Paramount decided to do this, but they didn’t have to accept the deal, right? Of course Netflix is a business too and if the money was good enough I totally get it, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t a part of a deal that screwed a lot of non-US fans.

Also great point about dropping their shows fast!

Like many in the earlier days, I was also thinking it would’ve been a better idea to put Star Trek on Netflix versus AA. But then I saw what they did with the Marvel shows. Just dropped them like hot cakes. That is still probably the biggest slap in the face to both a brand and its fans I have seen. It proves no matter how big a brand name is, there is zero loyalty to it once you feel the views aren’t there or you just think it ran its course. So no telling what would’ve happened with Trek there in the long term. And we have to face facts it was never going to be a priority on that site like it is on P+.

And yes Netflix shares the blame in this too. A big part of why people are so angry was the lack of communication about it until the last minute. Netflix is definitely responsible for that since it was on their site. I read in other places the actors just did a big media swing throughout Europe and a London convention last week. And they were promoting the fact it was coming to Netflix this week. That is so bizarre. Both Netflix and Viacom knew this issue was coming to a head long ago. At the very least they should’ve prepared fans much earlier and not having the actors going around the continent telling them its on the way.

I suggest you watch the Don’t Look Up trailer.

I would’ve agreed with that a number of years ago, but at this point Netflix has far more crappy shows than good shows.

Yes I agree what paramount has done to the international fan base is beyond disgusting if only you could boycott paramount

“Then even fewer people will watch the show.”

I remember saying this five years ago on this board when people kept saying it was a bad move to put it on CBS All Access instead of Netflix in America and that it doesn’t matter how many people are watching it if they are not the ones making the actual profits off of it. End of the day, that’s all they care about. And in time, more people will sign up to naturally watch the show if they want to see it.

And history is now repeating itself.

Do you work for Paramount?

No. And what does that have to do with my statement? Is it incorrect?

More people will Pirate the Show.

Absolute disgrace. Why three days before it was due to start? ViacomCBS needs to do much better on the international front!

Do they even recognise, that a lot of oversee fans just renewed their netflix account to watch the 4th season of Discovery? They will be pissed off!

There must be overseas fans who had planned screening parties and all for the premiere there. I’m in the US myself and I’m not even very fond of Discovery, but the more I think about this the more pissed I am at Viacom on behalf of the show’s non-US fans.

I actually had left my Netflix subscription going after season 3 (even without watching anything other than Star Trek) because season 4 would be coming up, and the latest monthly payment was just deducted this Monday. I immediately cancelled when hearing this news. Will ViacomCBS give me a refund for all those months I paid Netflix without even watching anything? I doubt that. :(

Why would they? It’s not their fault that you are paying for a service you don’t even use. You might have somewhat of a point for the current month but definitely not for all those months in between seasons.
Oh, and just to clarify: I have also watched Discovery on Netflix so far so I am also affected by this stupid move by CBS, and I’m definitely not happy about it. But if I keep my Netflix subscription any longer than when I’m actually using the service that’s on me.


The expected UK launch for Paramount+ will be sometime in 2022. Once again, this addition will be available to Sky satellite TV subscribers in the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, and Italy will be able to access all Paramount+ content with no extra charge if they have opted for the Sky Cinema option and as an extra cost if they don’t have Sky Cinema.
So now we have to wait until sometime next year here in the UK to see season 4! 😢

Sky is vastly expensive. From what I saw you have to buy the whole service and not just sky ticket, which means spending much more on it than on Netflix or Amazon prime.
this is a hard pill to swallow!

So do I now need a Satellite dish before I can watch a streaming service in the UK? Ridiculous, guess I’m going to have to wait for the Blu-ray’s. I loved watching old trek episodes in the Gym or when I cook on my phone or iPad, but I won’t be able to because that isn’t sky. Bonkers!

They expect us to wait until 2022 seems very unfair to me

Wow Short Notice

I guess at this point Picard and Lower Decks will be the outliers, unless they’ve splashed the cash to buy amazon out too

Absolutely disgusting way to treat international fans just three days before the season was due to launch. I was rewatching season 3 finale on Netflix but half an hour ago, gearing up for Friday. It’s incredibly disrespectful and arrogant. I’ve been a loyal fan since the 70s and reruns of TOS and feel like I’ve been slapped in the face. It’s no way to treat fans

That is a pretty raw deal, Captain, considering how much you were looking forward to it. I feel bad for all of you ‘across the pond’ who are so disappointed.

Fortunately, I held back on my Netflix subscription

Totally agree Captain John C Baron

I completely agree with this. 40 years I have been a big follower of startrek and they do this !!!


Subscribers mean more to Paramount than fans, and they’re banking on the most successful and best Star Trek show ever made being able to draw in big new subscriber numbers. Smart play. Real fans should want to pay anything to watch this flawless gem.

Real fans should want to pay anything to watch this flawless gem.

1) The concept of “real fans” is nonsense.
2) No one should feel a need to “pay anything” to watch anything.
3) No one likes a gatekeeper.

At the end of the day, streamers are the ultimate gatekeeper.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

It’s not like this isn’t pattern behavior, though. The whole point of turning Star Trek into a movie franchise was to get people to pay for it. Syndicating TNG and DS9 was a way to push out middlemen and maximize profits. Voyager anchored an entire new network which a number of people, me included, could only watch with cable subscriptions. And then All Access came along with Discovery as its flagship, monetizing the Trek audience in a way UPN never could (with Netflix and Amazon subsidizing them), and Paramount+ is cutting out the middle men again.

it’s perhaps frustrating for those of us who may have spent thousands of dollars over the decades, but it’s been the reality for a long time that to watch new Star Trek, you have to pay something.

ViacomCBS new content policy might have had wiggle room for Netflix to continue with Discovery under a non-exclusive licence.

So this wasn’t the only possible outcome.

Paramount+ knew that they would be at the point of renegotiation with Netflix going into season four and greenlit production before the new deal with Netflix was in place.

The fact that this ran down to the wire sounds as though one of the parties felt like it had to put the other under pressure instead of coming to a win-win.

My guess is that Netflix wasn’t interested in buying non-exclusive rights for a reasonable fee and ViacomCBS in the end just exercised the buyout clause in the original agreement.

I’m happy to pay. My money is in my hand. Take it. But they don’t want my dirty Australian money. Pretty much every surprise in Lower Decks season 1 was spoiled for me before I got to see it. I wonder how much of Discover Season 4 will be spoiled by the time they let me see it on the Paramount Plus service I’m already paying for.

When are they making this series and what will it be called?

they’re banking on the most successful and best Star Trek show ever made being able to draw in big new subscriber numbers.

I don’t think it’s wise to think that TOS will bring in big new subscriber numbers.

Ha! Nice ML, and true.

Think they might struggle to do that now they have angered the international fanbase

I’m really hoping you are being sarcastic right now.

Yeah, Poe’s Law is strong in this one

most successful and best Star Trek show ever made being able to draw in big new subscriber numbers. Smart play. Real fans should want to pay anything to watch this flawless gem.”

I aplaud your sarcasm, Sir. Hats off.

I had a feeling this would happen once the Netflix acquisition news was announced. But it’s still disappointing. I feel bad for all international fans who won’t be able to watch the show now.

Well that’s annoying.
I’ll wait for Picard then.
Netflix in general doesn’t like to pay for too many seasons of ‘original’ shows because it has diminishing returns for them.
I wonder whether this buyout was in the Netflix deal all along as an option.

Possibly. In the long run I think it’s good that Discovery is no longer tied to Netflix. It disproves the doubters that claimed the show wasn’t sustainable without their funding and you have to assume that it gives them much more creative freedom in terms of doing crossovers between the various series. I can’t deny that I’m still pissed off that I’m now going to have to wait to watch it and try to avoid spoilers.

“It disproves the doubters that claimed the show wasn’t sustainable without their funding” 

Wow I didn’t think about that at all until you just mentioned it. That’s been the number one talking point with all the haters out there and the big conspiracy every year that Discovery was really getting cancelled the next season because Netflix stopped paying for it. And of course that was eye rolling in itself because the only thing we were told about that deal was that Netflix paid for the rights to run Discovery and that was all during the first season. There was no information if they paid anything beyond that.

I remember having an argument with one of these weirdos back on this board when Picard started and kept going on about it like it was a fact. I also remember telling him he wouldn’t last long on these boards and he was gone two months later lol.

I just don’t understand these types of people? You can certainly hate the show, I don’t care one way or the other, but the conspiracy theories with it were just ridiculous. Now it’s been FINALLY proven how ridiculous it was.

And I might be wishful thinking on my part, but since they are buying out Netflix for the show, maybe it infers the show will go on for several more seasons too. It’s only four seasons old but for streaming shows, it’s already getting a little long in the tooth lol. But maybe it will go several more seasons now. I hope so and I don’t even love the show, but been rooting for it since day one.

It does suck so many of you have to wait now. I think overall this is good news, but short term they royally screwed it up for their loyal fans.

You would hope so. I mean they might go and cancel it after this season for all we know but then you’d have to ask why in those circumstances would they bother buying Netflix out? It would seem to imply that they see a value in Discovery and those characters and settings that were introduced in the series so you would hope that it bodes well for the future.

Oh definitely. The previous head of P+ had mentioned that they had a licence renewal point after season three built into the original agreement.

A little off topic, but can anyone tell me if the P+ service is any better than it used to be in terms of quality, interface, features, menus and the like? There’s a good chance I may sign back up after a two-year hiatus to check out SNW, and would like to know if any of the gripes I’ve read here have been addressed.

Still terrible on my phone and PS4. Not bad on my laptop/desktop computers but still not nearly as polished as it should be. The PS4 app is very close to unwatchable for me.

Oh, damn, I don’t like to hear that. Right now we have it as an add-on to Prime, and I was thinking of dropping it and signing up on its own and watching via the PS4 app, but I haven’t had any experience with the PS4’s standalone Paramount+ app. If the PS4 P+ app is that bad, we might just stick with watching it through the Prime app.

The interface is still dated, but at least most of the apps have visual scrubbing now. AppleTV app still has some bugs. The most frustrating things across the board are the woeful AI and the Keep Watching feature that leads you straight into an episode rather than a TV season playlist.

It used to glitch all the time for me. But since I turned it back on a few weeks ago I haven’t had a single glitch. So I guess that’s better.

But… I pay for the commercial free version but there are still commercials in front of what I want to watch. P+ tells me their promos don’t count as commercials. I call bul***it on that. It’s an ad. I don’t want to sit through promos for their crappy line up to get to the one thing I subscribed for. Pretty crappy behavior.

Thats disappointing and a slap in the face of all international fans who counting down the hours already.

This is a disgrace. I’ve had enough. I want to watch and share with my Star Trek family across the world, the stories and discussion that new content brings. I want to read features and opinions from websites like this, and various YouTube content from the likes of trek yards. I want to do that now, with all of you, not avoid spoilers for 6 months. I still haven’t seen short treks series 2 here because no one bothered showing. Season 4 should be boycotted until we all can watch it

Spot on

Yes, start messing fans around days before a season’s launch well CBS/Paramount it will be Paramount – (minus)

You hit the nail on the head, Sir. We are no longer able to be part of the conversation when it’s happening.

Well that ends my engagement with the show. I’m not interested in being forced to cower from the internet and into dodging inevitable discussions about a show when it’s freshly broadcast, and most importantly the spoiler dodging. Ho hum!

Very disappointed! feels like we have gone back decades now.

Will now have to miss Friday’s Podcast review

Sooo does Paramount+ broadcast in HDR?

Yes, on limited devices.

This is just disappointing and heart breaking! We were in the midst of arranging a viewing party… I don’t know what to say, this is just devastating three days from release😥

Really feels as if as Paramount is doing everything they can to encourage international fans to just download ripped copies.

Paramount + isn’t even available in Japan. Disney + is though. Hmmm… I wonder if “Picard” will continue on Amazon Prime.

I live in the US, but I still think the timing of this really sucks. It’s a disrespectful way to treat the VAST international audience. Yes, Trek fans are known for our loyalty, but that doesn’t mean that abusing the international audience is in your best interests, Paramount.

So hang on… it’s being released this week, but now only in the USA until sometime in 2022?

United States and Canada.

This is bad news for fans of Discovery

I’m a fan of Star Trek so I’m not affected :)))))))))))))

I’m fine with it moving from Netflix to Paramount Plus. Long term, we will reach a point where we hopefully have all Star Trek on the same service. But I am bitterly disappointed that we won’t be seeing it until early next year. It’s not the 90s anymore. Shows should be released to everybody, legally and ethically, at the same time, regardless of where they are. Nothing I can do about it, but this really hurts.

Don’t forget the caveat that it will only be on Sky so a hell of a lot of people will not have access unless they get Sky or watch terrible quality via Now.

Wow, bad show for international fans!

In the long run this will probably work out better for them, but in the short run it looks really really bad. The international viewers have been jerked around so much when it comes to the new Star Trek shows in terms of where and when to stream. But it also says how much bigger these streaming wars are becoming, it’s just sad the consumers are the ones who are feeling the effects of it. Why would you do this now? And the fact Netflix isn’t bothered that one of their biggest branded shows that was suppose to air in just days says a lot as well. Money talks unfortunately.

And if they are going through the lengths to get Discovery this way I have to think they are pushing to get Picard and Lower Decks from Amazon in time too. If so, in the long term this should be better for international fans but it’s going to be a mess getting there.

If there is a good business reason for making such a late breaking decision and messing up the Netflix international audience, P+ should come out and say what that reason is. If it is just due to incompetence or mismanagement, then that is unacceptable.

It sounds as though the clock ran out on negotiations with Netflix for a non exclusive licence. I wouldn’t take that as incompetence, but it does suggest that one of the parties engaged in some brinkmanship.

ViacomCBS executives had mentioned in previous interviews that they had options when Discovery came up for renewal of its licence.

It sounds like Netflix wasn’t interested in a licence that isn’t exclusive and ViacomCBS policy since the merger is that no new content will go to other streamers with exclusive licenses that prevent ViacomCBS from showing its own IP.

Some damage control PR would be in order here if that is what happened, because otherwise ViacomCBS is going to get a ton of flak for months.

Yeah that seems plausible, that said as Ian says below, some damage control PR would be good to see.
Of course it is understandable to see P+ bringing Discovery and all the Trek small screen properties “in-house”, just like they are doing to the movies.

While I did not subscribe to Netflix International in Japan exclusively for Star Trek: Discovery, it was the very first show I watched. Binged watched all three seasons. Even watched two seasons on cable. Oh well, I don’t know if P+ is even available here. Money isn’t the issue, time is. Netflix was convenient.

So far, Paramount+ is limited to very few countries. They’ve basically cut off most of their audience outside of North America with this move. The talk is that P+ will roll out in 2022 in more markets. I don’t know if Japan is among them. But it’s probably going to take a long time until they reach the global coverage that Netflix has. So depending on the country, some people may have to waits for years.

Of course I’m sad that I won’t be able to watch on Friday. But that’s not the end of the world.

I truly hope, however, that P+ will be somehow available without getting the Sky package. I want a normal internet-based streaming site, not an additional decoding device as Sky normally requires.

I truly hope they will offer such web-based streaming, just like Disney+, Netflix or PrimeVideo… or P+ in the US…

If not, then I’ll wait for the Blu-Ray… No Sky smiling at me… not even if Q is involved :-)

I tried out Sky Ticket for a short time several years ago. That was working through a web browser. Didn’t like it, have stayed away from Sky ever since.

Yeah, I know Sky Tocket, but P+ won’t be available that but only part of the SkyQ package. The only option would be a Sky-free individual P+ site for Germany…

I did some quick search and found several reports claiming that Paramount Plus will also be available directly to customers via their IOS/android app or through smart TVs that have a P+ app. So allegedly, you won’t need to get Sky to get P+. Let’s see. I’m definitely not interested in getting Sky Q or whatever it’s called.

In principle, I get it. Netflix is a competitor actively trying to pull eyeballs away from CBS and MTV etc. and keep butts on sofas instead of in cinemas playing A Quiet Place II and Clifford. Hoarding valuable IP instead of selling it to hasten that bleeding makes sense in the long term. But good god, that must have been one helluva messy negotiation with Netflix. Surely saving that battle for a season 5 and having SNW be the carrot for Paramount+ internationally would have been the smarter move?

Could we offer them a trade? A hundred gross self-sealing stem bolts for them to keep Discovery on Netflix?

There are a lot of people on here who need to learn what VPNs are and how to use them.

When I lived in Australia and Korea, I used them all the time. But I also heard sites like Netflix is cracking down on them more now and finding ways to stop them from being used. I’ve seen people on Reddit complain about it.

Wow. Not cool from Paramount+, feel bad for the international viewers. Has Netflix been promoting season 4? Can you imagine? You are waiting months and they pull the plug one week before the season begins!? Yikes. Wonder how many people already paid their Netflix subscription for next week, for Discovery.

Wish soon they can launch all these shows, on the same day, platform, worldwide. No limitations and delays. Hope this incident helps them figure this out. They will be losing viewers and momentum. Now international fans will have to wait, unnecessarily. :P

(one day, not one week, writing very late last night)

I’m really upset. I would like to say so many things but … what good would it be? I am in Italy. we fans outside the US are just extra income and are used to taking what comes without being able to say anything. I get mad and then I think I’ve waited 10 years to see the last few seasons of DS9 and VOY, and I resign myself to the same old disappointment. Star Trek trains you to patience.

Oh so they expect us to subscribe to yet another service? No, not happening. This will be the first season of DSC I will either be tempted to ‘obtain’ somehow or miss.

The ironic thing is I remember the beginning of these streaming services everyone was saying how now with streaming everyone can watch everything at the same time all over the world. Look at it now. Greed and money taking precedence over everything else again. It reminds me of kindergarten children holding on to their toys and not sharing them with anyone else.

What a slap in the face and incredible disappointment! I was so excited for Friday night when I would sit on the sofa and watch Discovery. They just vaporized all the joy and excitement. Sorry, but I am just so sad right now. .

I completely understand ViacomCBS wanting to have full control of Star Trek’s distribution, especially now that Paramount+ is international, but as others have stated, the timing here is just atrocious. It would have made a lot more sense for ViacomCBS to announce this, while also announcing that Disco will premiere internationally on Paramount+ on Thurs just like in the U.S. Waiting until next year is such a slap in the face for non-North American Trek fans.

I’m not sure if ViacomCBS particularly cares, but this move is going to lead to a ton of overseas pirating, and I honestly can blame people if they do pirate! Truthfully, if I couldn’t watch Disco (or any other Trek) legally in my area, I would absolutely resort to pirating it.

Europe has like 30 countries and they’re only planning to launch it in like 5 countries. So that means for people living in The Netherlands, like me, we very well could be waiting for years to see the show legally.

I also live in the NL. All traces of it are gone from the search string. They had even updated the graphic yesterday.

Nope, not gonna pay for a 4th streaming service.

I live in the UK. I have Paramount plus. I also have a VPN. Now I can get rid of Netflix. Then in Jan I can unsubscribe from my VPN and Paramount Plus as it is coming, free, to Virgin Media.

This is only an issue to people that do not know how to use the internet.

Most Trekkers I know know how to use the internet.

I´m done with Star Trek now.
Greetings from Germany

So that’s New Zealand audiences screwed. Off to Putlocker it seems.

IS THIS A JOKE?!? I was expecting to see the start of the new season in 2 days, now I am informed that I have to wait months a get a new streaming service?! TWO DAYS BEFORE ?!? Who comes up with such stupid strategies?! I suppose when the next Star Trek movie is supposed to be seen in cinema, the audience in Europe will be informed two days before too, that they have to wait months…ok, back to the roots! Looking forward to see the new episodes on Video-CD or Super-Video-CD, like ENT 20 years ago!

Should see official Trek’s post on instagram… hundreds of ppl replying with promises to pirate the show LOL
Reap what you sow, cbs.

Will just encourage people to pirate it on some illegal streaming service.

I guess some Ferengi must have taken over Paramount with the rule of aquisition #47 in mind?

No. It’s always been about money.

I was really looking forward to season four of Discovery. I know this isn’t a popular opinion but it’s still my favourite of the new Trek shows. How dare they take the entire shown down from streaming the day before the new season was due? Even if they wanted the show for P+ that isn’t due overseas for months…couldn’t they have let DSC s4 have a limited run on Netflix? There’s no way I can justify the money for yet another streaming service. Alas, I’m going to have to rely upon old fashioned DVDs and, ahem, a VPN.

Star Trek to fans: F-You!!!

I’m just gonna pirate it. I don’t even feel bad about it now.

Money first!
First you destroy the spirit of Star Trek.
You made Discovery a dumbass action show.
Picard is an overblown nonsense show embracing tools which can create anything you imagine.
Lower Decks is too fast paced but fine.
Prodigy is way to dark to show any of my four kids.
And now you dividing the star trek community into US star trek and rest of the world star trek and why? Because of the money.
Shame on you.
This isn`t Star Trek anymore. This is just another money greeding franchise.

So it is time to be honest. I swallowed all the things you did to Star trek for the sake of star trek. But this is over. No upvote on Netflix anymore, no positive rating for those shows on metacritic anymore, no good reviews on amazon, no thumbs up for any star trek game and please, please give us an opportunity to vote for your new Paramount+ in Europe too. Better would be to allow reviews. We will love that!

You betrayed us. This we wont forget! #Betrayal111721

As of today, I am reading this website daily since 4 years. This is the first time I feel I have to comment. You totally speak out of my mind! No comment has described all the mixed emotions I am having so accurately.
I have accepted so much, because it was STAR TREK. But treating the fans this way is really a shame. And it shows really what this franchise is all about: EARNING MORE AND MORE MONEY AND DISRESPECTING THE PEOPLE YOU GET IT FROM.
Not to mention the dramaturgical side with decreasing quality. Discovery has more and more become a show for – pardon – teeny girls, with dialogues at such a low level. Far away from many philosophical questions of the “old” series. Yes, the old series (before Discovery) had all their flaws and some pretty dumb episodes, but all in all, from an intellectual perspective, they all play in a different league.
This so-called science fiction which is in fact more magic and fantasy. No credibility in characterizations, plots and a leading character so overacted and so empty of content and interior depth – this was hard to swallow.
So I always had mixed feelings about Discovery, and if I listen to my heart, I can now say that I have never really accepted it as “real” Star Trek. It just never felt like this. So this current situation comes partly as a redemption for my soul. I can accept it will be never part of my internal canon.
I can arrange with Picard (partly), I love Lower Decks, and as I am living in Germany I had no chance to watch Prodigy. And of course Short Treks Season 2. Thank you, Paramount/CBS for disrespecting and disregarding overseas fans!
@Wehmut: Thank you so much for your words. The German meaning of your nickname – melancholy – describes exactly my emotional condition.

This is just another money greeding franchise.”

Sure it is. The sheer number of shows they are producing shows it’s all about money and nothing else. There is a good episode of “Corporate” (a lesser known short-lived Comedy Central dark comedy series) about this (S03E01).

Of course, pre-2009 Trek was also about money, but at least there were people with vision and wanting to tell a story.

As a UK fan, to find this out just before the US release is utterly disgraceful!

It just goes to show that Paramount don’t give a toss about their international fans, we are always just a second thought compared to the favourable US fans.

So if UK users now want to watch Discover Season4 and don’t have Sky Q we then have to subscribe to yet another streaming service at extra cost! And have to wait a few more months for it.

Funny they didn’t announce this at Destination Star Trek London last weekend! Really poor timing!

I openly say that i will pirate it. I really dont care for moral in this Case.

Well…. Shit happens

Absolutely devastated and disgusted with this, I will probably never watch Disco again as they have used something we love for paramount own business / profit making. Us viewers should not be used in this way. I was literally counting down to Friday and it’s not like we are not paying customers.

Absolutely disgusting behaviour from Paramount- especially doing it so close to release date.

That’s why I started paying for a VPN again! I am not paying for P+. Sorry, but like, you already have my Netflix money. All these streaming services are too much. There just replicated cable.