‘Shatner In Space’ Documentary Coming To Amazon Prime Video

In October Star Trek’s William Shatner made history by flying into space on Blue Origin’s second human flight. In December you will be able to go behind the scenes on Shatner’s life-changing flight.

Shatner in Space  

Prime Video and William Shatner announced that Shatner in Space, a one-hour special, will premiere on Prime Video on Wednesday, December 15. The announcement was first made by Mr. Shatner during a virtual panel on Sunday night for CCXP, the world’s largest fan convention, in São Paulo,

Glen de Vries, Adurey Powers, William Shatner, and Chris Boshuizen on Blue Origin NS-18 (Prime Video)

The special details the events before, during, and after Shatner’s life-changing flight—which made him the oldest person to ever travel to the cosmos—and the growing friendship between the Star Trek icon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, whose dreams of space travel, like many, were inspired by the original Star Trek series.

William Shatner (Prime Video)

“My time in space was the most profound experience I could have ever imagined,” said Shatner. “This special documenting my journey gives a dramatic view of that experience and my hope is that it inspires the world to see we must go to space to save Earth.”

William Shatner (Prime Video)

Shatner in Space debuts on Amazon Prime Video on December 15 in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, with additional territories launching in early 2022.

New Shepard launch (Prime Video)

Find more Star Trek documentaries at TrekMovie.com.

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Oh, for crying out loud.

I’ll be tuning in.

Any PR is good PR, I guess.

I wonder if they’ll include the bit where Bezos completely blanks Shatner to spray champagne with the girls.

I hate Bezos.

No wonder he was hugging Jeff Bezos

A documentary about nothing. I do like Shatner, but his sermon at the end was a little much. And maybe someone can tell me why there wasn’t anyone to greet him when they landed. Bezos had his camera hungry girlfriend/wife/whatever there… And from what I remember the other crew members had their people too, so why wasn’t there anyone greeting this 90 year old man, except Bezos who stood there with his fake expression of interest, listening to Shatner’s monologue, only for the PR bull…? Shatner is divorced now but he has 3 daughters… Why werent they there?

I agree this “documentary” is a shameless PR stunt, I’m not rushing out to subscribe to APV to watch it. That said, and speaking as someone who isn’t horribly critical of billionaires and their toys, the recovery crews showed up when it was safe for them to do so, shortly after touchdown. As to why Shatners kids wern’t there, who knows? Maybe he’s pissed them off, too.

“…we must go to space to save Earth.” Yes a very laudable and poetic thought, and I used to believe that too. But why exactly must we go to space? To colonize other planets? Mars or Titan can’t be colonized to any scale or degree to “save Earth”. Unless we’re talking Terra-forming but we are decades (centuries?) away from this. So then “to save Earth” we’re talking extra-solar planets? Ok well then we’re certainly centuries away from that and playing with tin-cans on 50 year old rocket technology is not what’s going to get us there. So, realistically to have any impact on saving Earth, we’re talking decades upon decades… Guess what, climate change is going to make things very complicated way before then. So Mr. “look-at-me” Bezos, maybe you should spend your billions on that, and World hunger while you’re at it, instead of this show-of-mirrors marketing BS. This is 2021 and the way the World is going, smart people need to be pragmatic and leave this space travel BS for later generations. Yes I believe in it still, but priorities have changed. People need to wake-the-F-up…

A little shocked at the cynicsm on display in these comments. The guy who played Captain Kirk went to motherf—ing SPACE, and y’all don’t want to see a documentary about it?!? Nuts.

No, not really. His grand adventure lasted a few minutes, and it’s still basically proof of concept for near earth spaceflight. Those asteroids in the vicinity of Mother Earth are loaded with rare earth commodities, I get that Bezo’s and Musk want to be the wagon trains to those motherlodes. I don’t need Shatner to wax poetic about that.

Love Shatner. Don’t need to see a P.R. BS doc about the “Dr.Evil” looking d@uche and his d@ng rocket.

funny that you mention Dr. Evil – the rocket looks like a giant W***i…

I’d like to see a documentary about it by someone other than Amazon. I’m sure this will just be talking about what a great guy Bezos is.

@Bryant Burnette:
I used to be shocked at the cyncicism and negativity by so many people here.But after awhile you may realize this is actually the way things are here. It as if many thrive on saying hateful things, even hateful things about Star Trek on a Star Trek website. Perhaps they are from the mirror universe. It would explain a lot.

I’ve been negative here plenty myself, so I get the urge. Cynical? Boy, I hope not. And I hope I never get to the level of cynicism I’ve seen on display in this particular instance.

Well, he didn’t really. He just went up a little higher than airplanes go, then landed a few minutes later.

That’s one way to look at it, I guess.

I’ll be watching it for sure.

William Shatner probably didn’t agree to go to space unless he got a documentary out of it. Just when I thought that we moved on from his intergalactic ego trip ……grrrrrr…..

Shatner is the perfect ferengi…

If Shatner wants to milk a little more PR from his flight more power to him. He’s doing more at 90 than most people will in their lifetimes.

George Takei probably won’t be happy though.

I’d actually like to see it but I’m not going to subscribe to Amazon Prime for it. Unless Netflix gets a hold of the disc looks like I’m missing it.

Cannot wait to watch this, William Shatner who played the greatest sci-fi character ever actually went to space. Amazing what a legend.