See New Images From 4K Version Of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition’

Last month, producer David C. Fein shared a few images with about the updated and improved version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition. Today, the article was updated to include more details about work on the new 4K edition, including our first look at some of the newly re-rendered Director’s Edition scenes.

Working from new scans

David Fein’s comments:

Using scans of original 1979 photography plates-including some intended to be used but were omitted at the time–our team is digitally recombining these elements to present them as they were originally intended, and with a clarity and quality unimagined. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Two years ago, we interviewed the film’s visual effects supervisor, the legendary Douglas Trumbull, who mentioned that the original 65mm film elements that he and his crew shot could possibly be hiding in a Paramount vault somewhere. Based on Fein’s comments, it certainly seems like they found something.

Teases of new CGI renders

The Director’s Edition introduced a number of changes to the film’s visual effects, some of which were complete replacements, while others were enhancements of an existing shot. Fein shared images of the new versions of five of these scenes. Sadly, the images he shared aren’t 4K resolution, but you can still see a clear improvement from the older 2001 versions of these shots. Note that these are work in progress and not the final versions.

The revised Vulcan landscape and statues

Kirk’s loving look at the Enterprise, now with enhanced window reflection

V’Ger attacks the Enterprise, complete with lens flare

V’Ger sends a probe

In the heart of V’Ger, a walkway is formed to bring the creator to V’Ger.

The new 4K version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture  – The Director’s Edition will debut on Paramount+ in 2022.

Keep checking TrekMovie for more updates about this very cool project.

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Very exciting to see these – it’s looking great!

Damn is that not the best looking starship in all of Trek or what?
It is amazing how everything looks detailed, functional and clear… yet in the 32nd century everything looks like a blob.
Makes me long for the DC comics to be made into a CGI show detailing Kirk’s second 5 year mission, TWOK uniforms/action/adventure, TMP ships.

same thought. beautiful design by probert. masterful.

Damn is that not the best looking starship in all of Trek”

Yes, yes it is…

No Ship, Trek or otherwise, will EVER beat the 1701 Refit.

1000% Agree

I can not agree with you more.

Another agreement. Loved the original but the refit was beautiful.

Though I like the refit, I’m still partial to Matt Jeffries’ 1964 original. Sue me.

Looking up lawyer, now.

As for me, I’ll save the court costs and respectfully disagree with Mr. Hall. I think the refit looks more elegant and modern, yet not ridiculously modern.

Me too. The refit is great but I think I always preferred the cylindrical nacelles as carried over to the Discovery rendering.

Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I liked the rotating moving lights on the front of the nacelles on the original versus the no light front of the refit nacelles. Always thought that the refit should have had glowing nacelle caps (as for some reason I think the interior facing sides of the refit do).

Well I like the TV show version rather than the pilot, but otherwise I’m with you.

I agree it probably is the best looking. It’s always been weird to me it’s never been shown on any of the shows like the way the Excelsior or Miranda class ships over and over again. Always thought that was odd. That and the Enterprise E has only just been shown on the big screen.

We didn’t see it until just very recently in Short Treks and Lower Decks. And of course those are animated form, so not quite the same.

I think the omission was all due to the partition of the movies from TNG, since the last two TOS films, V and VI, were filmed during TNG’s run.

You’re right though, it’s a weird omission considering the many Miranda, Excelsior, and Oberth ships that were seen in TNG and DS9. Of course, the reason those were used were that they were available. Just about everything used for the films, including the refit Enterprise sets were used for the TNG production.

At the least, they should have offered some sort of in-universe explanation why some of the Constitution class ships weren’t used anymore and the similar Miranda class ships were.

As for the refit, I agree with everyone else. That ship is perfection in shape and proportions. They took the original Jeffries ship, which is a classic and somehow made it even better.

I think it’s a studio stipulation that the movie Enterprises only show up in the Movies and the TV enterprises only on TV. The one exception being the Enterprise D in Generations, which was immediately destroyed to make way for the E.

Otherwise a ship as powerful as the ENT E surely should have been involved in battles during the dominion war.

Roddenberry had actually decided that the Constitution could not show up on screen again during TNG season 1 as the Stargazer was intended to be Constitution Class when first devised. When it was discussed with him they came up with the idea to use a new design because people may have confused it with the Enterprise.

Later, the Berman era had stipulations that ‘hero ships’ could not pass the show lines. For example, the Intrepid Class only appears once in all of DS9 but was assumed to be a frontline vessel. The Sovereign is viewed as a tactically oriented vessel, but never appears once in the Dominion War. There were concerns if it was seen in a Fleet shot people would assume it was the Enterprise and question why it was not in a more active role in the episode and where Picard and Co were.

Or so I read ages ago.

That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

I personally think the real reason is they didn’t want all the new ships to be shown up by the refit Big E and her sister ships.

My in-universe explanation for the lack of Constitiution in TNG era is – this class was developed as a short run of powerful, versatile ships used ofr exploration. By 2360’s the ships were already either lost somewhere on the frontier (exploration is dangerous) or exploited to the last screw and bolt. This would mean that after 30+ years of service the ships had to be scrapped purely due to the amount of wear and stress on the hull and inner components. Starfleet, until the Borg and the Dominion war, was not that pressed to recycle this class. And by that time the remaining ships were either turned into museums, or taken apart entirely. Giving them a complete overhaul to push them into battle and not be destroyed in literally 3 seconds, would require resources that Starfleet didn’t have during both conflicts.

I like your explanation. If you were to look at TOS virtually all ships in service at the time were constitution class and the Enterprise was supposed to be one of the few if not only one to finish it’s five year mission. So maybe none of the connie class ships were serviceable enough to continue service after that time whereas the excelsior classes were.

Also, the Enterprise was to be retired after only 20 years (really?) of service. Maybe the newer class ships were built to last in service much MUCH longer and were built to be refitted much easier.

A lot of the literature at the time (Mr Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, FASA Trek sourcebooks, etc) had it where of the twelve original run of Starship class vessels, only the Enterprise returned fully intact after her 5 year mission (thus her legendary status and her symbol becoming that of the whole Starfleet). We did see the Constellation, Defiant lost. Exeter lost her crew. Some think Republic was a Connie.

That is actually not a bad explanation for how Enterprise became a thing by the TNG days.

I guess that means the Hood and Potemkin both got aced at some point after the M-5 war games debacle.

That’s still a fan theory and it always seemed a little silly that the Enterprise was the only ship to return from its five year mission. Most fan theories are cheesy and only serve to make the universe smaller by making the characters larger than life within the show itself.

I don’t think it weird at all. There is what I think is a very good reason for that. If they showed a Constitution class ship in an armada, original or refit, it would be instantly recognized by most as the Enterprise. I think the producers of the shows just didn’t want to deal with that. They could use the other models but not the Big E herself. In fact, the reason those other class of starships appeared was also a show production reason rather than an in-universe reason. They had the models and it was easier to just use them than create new classes of star ships that were 80 years newer for those large armada and battle scenes. The only time we saw a new design was when the ship was integral to the episode’s story.

I think you and the others are right about the practical reason why the refit Enterprise model wasn’t used (or Voyager for that matter).

Still, that ”rule” was broken on the original show in many episodes, where the Enterprise model was used (since it was the only Federation ship model they had) and on DS9, where a Galaxy Class ships showed up during the first encounter and the war with the Jem-Hadar.

Of course, Greg Jein and the other model makers had a quick remedy if they needed ships fast. Buy AMT model kits and kitbash them or modify the existing studio models of the Reliant.

I have never liked how the two pylons attach to the lower part of the ship. They look like they are stuck on with no thought of creative invention. The pylons’ connections to the nacelles work somewhat, but the connection point to the lower section looks very cheesy, and just doesn’t work for me. Never has. This has always been a major flaw–at least to me–of most of the designs of the Federation ships, especially the Enterprise. When TREK came to the movies, I thought the movie designers would have solved this dreadful aspect of the Enterprise design, but they didn’t.

I always loved the way this movie (the Director’s Cut in particular) portrays Vulcan. The ruins are spectacular, alien and really get my imagination going.

I always loved the star walkway to the heart of V’Ger as well.

I love the hexagon walkway formation scene as well, but I sincerely hope they redo that sequence to be at 24fps instead of doing it on twos (only animating every other frame essentially making it 12fps). When they made the DVD Director’s Edition they thought that would somehow make it match the 1979 effects better, but it didn’t because pretty much all of the original effects were done at 24fps.

They are putting it on a streaming service first? That’s kinda retarded. No one is going to subscribe for that who isn’t already on the service for other Trek content.

I’m just hoping they will put out a BD of it. I don’t have a 4KTV and don’t plan to get one for quite some time.

Please don’t use that word. It’s offensive.

ML31… please find another word to describe your displeasure with a movie’s release. The one you chose to employ is offensive and outdated.

Also, I love that they’re complaining about this when they don’t even have a way to watch it in 4K.

It just proves that Blu ray and DvDs are becoming less prominent. They think they can make more money by putting it up on streaming first. I’m not saying BD are going the way of the CD anytime soon, but its no longer the dominant format either.

And this is just becoming the new normal and more proof how important streaming is now. Disney+ recently released IMAX enhanced Marvel films last month on that site. AFAIK, there isn’t any plans to do it on any BD. HBO Max just released a remastered Sex and the City in 4K on its site as well back in February. It’s eventually coming to Blu Ray but not until next year.

This is just par for the course now and will probably become more common in the coming years. The studios see where their bread is being buttered today and all acting accordingly. When you now have feature films being given same day releases on streaming sites released mere weeks after their theatrical releases, this can’t be a shock.

But it is odd there is no plan to release on BD at all yet. I assume it will happen eventually though. It’s just not a priority either.

Probably want to get a few more TOS fans hooked on Paramount+ before doing that. That would make sense to me, and would be the best motivation for remastering the older shows in 4K – Paramount+ exclusives.

That would be foolish. The sets and costumes of the older shows were not constructed for 4K resolution.

This has more to do with having exclusive content for Paramount+ than anything else. This remaster will have an exclusive window on Paramount+ before the 4K Blu-ray and digital releases on Vudu, Amazon and elsewhere.

Paramount+ is (desperately?) in need of exclusive content in much the same way Peacock is. For most on Trekmovie it’s unlikely they can name five original series currently on Paramount+ not related to Star Trek or anything upcoming that’s exclusive to Paramount+ in the next four months other than this remaster of ST: TMP (and the same can probably be said of most Paramount+ subscribers).

I want to say when they first started talking about releasing the DE in 4k they said it would not be released anywhere but Paramount+ and no other digital release.

I think it was Star Trek Day.

They won’t want to leave money on the table by making it exclusive to Paramount+.The announcement was a bit of smoke and mirrors.

No special features on streaming…

Hi ML31, please take care with the insensitive word choice there. This isn’t an early episode of South Park.

I don’t get it. If you don’t have a 4K TV, what does it matter what format they release it? They only way you could possibly enjoy it in hi res would be at a friends house or in the theater anyways.

What an incredibly offensive thing to say. Bigotry has no place here.

Shame on you. You have offended the PC Police.

Offensive language aside, this post is a perfect example of what is wrong with our entire society: an undeserved sense of entitlement. Creators and makers constantly strive to put out new content and enhanced material. And all folks can do is bitch and moan. Even when they have zero stake in the product.

do not use that kind of language. final final warning


Wow, all of this looks stunning. TMP is by far not my fav Trek movie but it’s always been the most visually stunning.

And, off topic slightly, but I still think the big bad from DIS Season 4 will end up being an evolved version of V’GER.

In regards to V-GER, I always found it amusing that the entity had access to all knowledge and could recreate whole star systems from scratch… but didn’t know how to dust.

V’GER has been on my Mind since Picard season 1. I was so sure we were going to find out the ancient alien AI race the Romulans were terrified of were the ones responsible for upgrading Voyager. Now I’m thinking about DIS Season 4. I don’t know why I keep coming back to this, I guess it’s just a hunch I can’t let go of.

TMP has grown on me. I rewatch about every year or two and re-evaluate. I watched all the movies in order during the pandemic and I really enjoyed it this last time so I’m excited for this.

Me too. I know TMP is a VERY slow burn but the plot is actually one of the better ones of the Trek movies. I think the real issue people have with it is that there really aren’t any action sequences and that it is too cerebral and even though it was made as the answer to Star Wars it is actually the exact opposite of that.

Cerebral? LMAO. Folks don’t like it because it is two hours of characters staring at / gasping at images on a screen. The plot and dialogue do not challenge my brain to it’s limits; does it to yours?! haha.

A computer becoming alive and self-aware that starts to have existential issues and tries to merge with its creator DOES make me think. A lot.

It’s no big deal according to ST: Picard. Turns out V’ger was wrong, just needed a better chip.

exactly this

What is more complex to you? a probe sent from earth in the 20th century being discovered by an alien race, amassing so much knowledge that it becomes self aware, growing in mass that it becomes so large that it becomes 1 AU in size, storing entire solar systems in its database, etc… Or a movie about laser swords and people who can do the kessel run in 12 parsecs?

It’s recently occurred to me that a sequel to TMP could be a good idea for the next Star Trek movie (since Trek’s powers-that-be currently seem to be stuck for ideas).
Set it during the PICARD era, with the main storyline being a classified Starfleet Intelligence mission to go deep into the Delta Quadrant and find TMP’s “machine civilisation”. Basically a futuristic sci-fi version of “Ice Station Zebra”. The starship is cutting-edge (slipstream drive etc). Complications include the fact that during the past century, Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31 have managed to decrypt some of the information downloaded from V’Ger at the end of TMP — only a fraction, but enough to be game-changing — and it includes signs of a Borg connection to the million-of-years-old machine civilisation, which is one of the main triggers for the secret mission. Or the decrypted material includes potential details of the location of that civilisation, but no Borg stuff; the downloaded data has provided a wealth of strategic intelligence about the rest of the galaxy, but gaining access to the advanced civilisation that upgraded V’Ger could also give Starfleet and the Federation a massive technological advantage.
You can either have completely new characters in the lead roles (imagine George Clooney/Jon Hamm/Matt Damon as the starship captain, for example) or Picard, Seven and Janeway drafted due to the alleged Borg angle. In both cases, also have a big-name Hollywood star as the Starfleet Intelligence agent leading the mission, who may or may not reveal the Borg connection and/or the V’Ger angle to the captain until much later.
This could be spectacular as a big-screen movie, especially in the hands of someone like Christopher Nolan or Denis Villeneuve. Those guys would also give the film the necessary gravitas and intelligence. So you’d get the best stuff from TMP but with character dynamics that aren’t so “cold”. It would also enable a bit of mystery about the machine aliens even if our heroes eventually find them — you don’t want them to be depicted as Transformers, which could easily happen in the wrong hands (the way TMP showed the “bright light” alien probe that invaded the bridge was far better — incredibly advanced, and utterly alien). Less is sometimes more.
Imagine the machine civilisation’s artificial planets and megastructures on the big screen — if handled right. It would need to be overwhelming, awe-inspiring, humbling, with the film’s lead characters (and the audience) realising what they’re seeing is so far beyond their own civilisation’s capabilities that V’Ger was just the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine the possibilities.

Star Wars is for children.
Star Trek is for grown ups.
All ages watch, obviously.
But the two franchises lean in those different directions of demographic

Star Wars has more cartoonist elements and more outlandish characters.
You don’t generally see a walking dog as a central character on Star Trek, nor a an old guy shooting lighting from his hands and screaming, powerrrrrrrrrrr!! like it’s a big budget panto show. (Haha)

Star Trek is more about ‘us’ and asking big questions related to humanity

Star Wars has lots of stuff behind the action but it’s not so obvious and is less front and centre. There is generally less talking and more action and the films are more visual.

Star Trek is more talky.

TMP is basically more talky than Star Wars, taking inspiration from Star Wars by being more visual, making it a unique Star Trek film because its both visual and talky in more equal measure.

TWOK is way more talky than visual but that only goes to prove the point that Star Trek has never been about visuals at the front, but about themes, character.
Star Wars is opposite in that it is a visual franchise first, and behind that you will find the themes and ideas.

I agree completely.

To put it another way, Star Trek is the very definition of science fiction. Star Wars really isn’t science fiction. Other than being set in space, there is really no attempt in the slightest of even trying to relate it to science or technology in any way, shape or form. Its pure fantasy that happens to be set it space.

Star Trek is based in science and technology, Star Wars is based in religion. Star Wars has a lot more in common with Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter than it does Star Trek. I always found the comparison between the 2 ridiculous. Now there is nothing wrong with either of them, but they are night and day different.

As George Lucas said himself

Star Wars is space opera.

Star Trek is optimistic science fiction.

Star Wars is not boxing itself into rules or attempting to make logical sense. It makes no sense that spaceships can literally go around an entirely galaxy within a few hours for example. It’s pure fantasy and escapism.

Star Trek traditionally has been far more concerned with actually basing itself within an actual possible future that we may actually experience as a species. Sometimes it skirts loosely on reality (but you have to when you start imagining a future that is 200 and 300 years away!) but it’s firmly focused on keeping things within the framework of realism and not total fantasy. It’s unfortunate that recent iterations of Trek have seemingly veered more towards Star Wars in terms of style and science (or lack thereof).. that’s my opinion though, and I stress that!
I mean we could say, why does Trek have SOUND in space!! But that would be taking things too far.. it’s all escapism at the end if the day. Non of it needs to be taken too seriously. Real life is stressful enough as it is.

Personally I love both franchises quite equally and lean either way depending on my mood I suppose.

It waa made as an answer to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, not SW.

Hmm I guess we’ll see the finished product, probably looks better in actual 4K than a still, but a couple of these look good, while Vulcan looks a bit washed out and one looks more like it is from a video game.

I seems counterintuitive that they would release images that are supposed to advertise a 4K restoration using less than SD resolution….

It looks like the color balance is off, the reds have been reduced in the principle insert and the background plate has had all the matching red tone removed. Vulcan is a desert planet orbiting a much older star than Earth – instead it kind of looks like a lazy, hazy mid-day in New Mexico.

I thought the director’s cut under Wise’s supervision, got a lot right. All Paramount had to do is upscale that – instead it looks like they “fixed” the directors cut…

Maybe it’s just the way the images were captured but to me it kind of looks like the lighting is blown out. Looking forward to seeing it when it finally appears on blu-ray….been waiting 20 years.

wonder if they will fix the obvious film clip insert in the window of the travel pod showing a standing kirk and scotty as they travel to the enterprise?

I would like to see an updated visual for the earth. Especially now, we know the visual of earth from space is so much more stunning.

As long as they don’t forget New Zealand and/or having earth spinning backwards… ;-)

Can’t wait for this to come to Paramount+. I’m going to make a viewing party out of it. Well a virtual one anyways #ThanksCOVID

Those shots of the Enterprise are absolutely stunning. I hope it looks good on my 4K TV.

What is the average cost of a 4k TV today, about 45″ diagonally? Does there have to be some kind of special internet connection to get 4K reception to it? I’m not technologically up to current info in this area but it certainly would be fun to see. I’d enjoy seeing TMP refined in that way and other 4K broadcasts. Also, I’ve briefly read there is 8K, is that even available to consumers?

Prices for 4K TVs with a screen size of 43 inch start below US$ 300. However, if you go for a really cheap model you will probably not benefit from the better color reproduction that HDR technically allows. Basically, cheap TVs tend to have lower brightness than more expensive models, and lower brightness means less contrast between dark and bright colors. So you may want to check out a few models to compare picture quality. At the same screen size, the price will probably be lowest for simple LED TVs, more expensive for QLED TVs and most expensive for OLED TVs.
8K TVs are available now but if you are only interested in a screen size of about 45 inch I don’t think you would be able to see a difference between 4K and 8K (at a normal viewing distance).

As for your internet connection, Netflix commends a steady internet connection speed of at least 25 megabits per second or more to stream 4K content. If you connect the TV via wifi and not via network cable you also need to make sure to have a good wifi signal.

You can get a 4k TV for $400 or even less these days. Generally Internet connection would require between 15 and 25mb a second download which is on the low end in most areas.

8k videos are on YouTube right now.
Tv’s are available and becoming more widespread every year.

Unless you were to be looking at 100″+ screens I can’t imagine 8k would be needed for home viewing.

I’m not sure how they could improve picture quality beyond 4k at this point, in terms of tv viewing for the standard home?

Supposedly the next step now would be for smart tv’s to be better in terms of user interface and how it can be used in relation to the Internet, to develop inbuilt surround systems that would eliminate the need for a dedicated sound bar system.

After this we would begin to maybe see TV’s that enable true 3D and virtual reality, which is still probably a few decades away at this point, but is certainly possible IMO.

Maybe 8k and more is possible but how it would actually make any difference to 4k is not entirely clear to me, it seeks overkill for a home viewing experience.

irony is they battled to get those stunning v’ger shots in time for the ’79 premiere.
but the film actually needed to cut them back to stop it slowing down the pace.

I was thinking recently about a short extension to the Kolinahr scene by seeing Spock going through the emotion purging. Of course, it would be all CGI but we’d see quick montages of Spock ‘casting’ out his emotions with edited voice overs from any of the characters readings that would fir the scene, concluding the line from the tv series..’I am in control of my emotions.’ The scene would better explain Kolinahr especially with viewers new to Trek and Spock’s character transformation accepting himself WITH his emotional half self by the end of the movie. All of the drama with the backdrop of the Vulcan volcanic backdrop climaxes to the blaster beam and ceremony commencement with the Vulcan Masters.

Is it me or does the 4K Enterprise have that aluminum shine that the Kelvin Enterprise also has. Also, the picture of the initial plasma energy attack forgot the strobe light at the bottom of the ship.

Wouldn’t it be nice to restore the original Vger probe bridge scene with CGI where the guard is zapped. Reading the recent Making of book from a few years ago, Wise stated he was sad to see that scene go due to the lack of time.

Since its been 20 years since the original DE came out and all this upgrade work has been or will be about a 3D IMAX version. The movie is perfect for first person experience from the beginning of the KIingon ship flyover to the reverse construct of that scene with the Enterprise flying into warp.

Can’t friggin’ wait!!

This looks absolutely STUNNING. Wonderful when a creative team who clearly love the material are asked to do a project like this. A real labour of love.

So is anyone else hoping if the TMP remaster gets a ton of views that P+ will reconsider an HD remaster of DS9 and VOY? I would put TMP on repeat if it helped achieve that particular goal.

I have thought that ViacomCBS might use this movie as a test case to see how much money they can make from a remaster now that physical media has lost a lot of its former glory.
I don’t know what they’re paying for this remaster but it’s most likely a tiny fraction of what it would cost to remaster DS9 and Voyager.
As for putting the movie on repeat once it’s released on Paramount Plus: The service is looking to attract new subscribers or prevent people from cancelling their subscription. So if you’ve been a long-time, constant subscriber your views will probably count less. You’re not who they are trying to reach with this.

That makes sense. I was just seeing all these metrics for Squid Game and Wheel of Time where they mention the total hours streamed, so I thought I could boost Trek by putting it on repeat. :)

I’m certainly not suggesting that you shouldn’t watch it at all. ;-)
But from a financial standpoint, Paramount Plus would probably prefer it if 10 subscribers watched it once rather than you watching it 10 times. And they’d be even happier if it were 10 new subscribers…..

Remastering Deep Space Nine and Voyager is like recreating those shows from scratch. I don’t think people understand how labor intensive and expensive that would be. Every shot needs to be recreated, every edit. Every piece of music and foley needs to be located and added back in a new mix. Even if you go and scan in the film negative in 2K res. Its not finished it isn’t like the final cut negative exists on that film it doesn’t, it exists on videotape. Then the Special Effects aren’t on film they are digital files, who knows if they even are still usable. But even if they are they have to be rerendered and textured for HD.

What’s all this 20 years talk since the Director’s Cut release? Has to be a typo. It was just released a few years ago, I clearly recall the extreme excitement when first reading about the project on, and then getting the DVD on release day. I still have the DVD in pristine condition. Seriously, it wasn’t 20 years ago…

TMP is not only one of the my favourite Star Trek films, but also one of my favourite films of all time.. can’t wait for the new release!

Hard to believe indeed. Almost as long as the time between the original release and that DVD.

I was thinking the other day that a version with Stephen Collins removed from it entirely would need to have another face and voice digitally inserted to create an entirely new version of Will Decker, and I wondered who could possibly be chosen for such a task. Then it struck me. The ideal candidate was there all along. Jonathan Frakes. He turns up in everything else, so why not.

This is going to get me off the dime to upgrade my 1080P projector to 4K…and the 4K region free blu-ray player…and the new Atmos/etc receiver.

How long after its Paramount plus release will it be released on 4K blu ray

i hope they do that for all the movies

I hope this is a big enough success for them to consider a director’s edition of Star Trek V – maybe not with crowds of rock monsters but at least a grading pass on the space scenes.

only the shots taken from ‘voyage home’ should stay and maybe the first shot of klaa’s BoP
they need new ship shots to replace the sub par OS style shots

What about Star Trek VI. What version are we getting. There are 3 cuts. Theatrical, special home video version not in HD, Directors Cut on DVD and in HD but not on Blu Ray.

Excited for this but definitely hoping these are early work in progress shots. As someone else mentioned, either here or on another site, the color timing doesn’t look correct, grain doesn’t appear to have been matched and lighting is ramped up to the point of looking blown out. It’s a bit over the top. The effect of the probe scanning the enterprise looked quite a bit better in the original DE DVD for example…this version looks far more like a 3D app generated effect. Maybe it will be softened when the grain is added but right now it’s all a big too ‘perfect’, if you catch my meaning. Fingers crossed they’re not modernizing it as this version will likely be the last update for another 20 years.

Yes, the pictures are work in progress. And rest assured they will make it blend with the existing footage, like they did with the DVD version. The folks doing this project (same team as in 2001) are massive fans of the film, and very particular about following Wise’s wishes when they did the DVD version with him, and know getting it right matters.

Yes, I knew it was the same team but from these shots it was a bit worrisome. I’m relieved to hear these are still early WIP shots. Been waiting for so long for this. Now just have to wait for the physical release. lol

Lens flairs are not an enhancement. Everything else looks great though!

Darn it, I wanted to own a blu-ray of this (regular HD blu-ray; it’s good ’nuff for me and I don’t want to have to keep upgrading my collection) and not have to subscribe to yet another streaming service!

I just hope they completely fix some of the glaring special effects issues with the Klingon battle scene and the shuttle pod going around the Enterprise. Some of the matte lines are so annoying.

The USS Vengence is the best looking ship. Fight me!!!

I don’t get what was with the giant hole in the saucer or why the hull plating looked so fake. That being said there was hints of greatness, had to gave her a TMP touch with a good Aztec hull pattern, attractive markings, some visible phaser ports, torpedo launchers, got rid of the giant unnecessary hole. And a scale more inline with the Excelsior vs. Ent and allowed the Big E to last more than 5 seconds in combat (what is this, TNG?) and could have been enjoyable.

Nice if they could cgi the red uniforms in and cut some of the dumb statements out like in Sickbay kirk tell Bones”Tricorder”