Listen To Tilly And Adira’s Star Trek Logs; Showrunner Talks About Keeping Tilly Close To ‘Discovery’

Last week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery featured a pivotal decision for Tilly. Now, showrunner Michelle Paradise has shared some thoughts on what this all means for the future of the character—and we can hear directly from Tilly as well, thanks to her new official Star Trek log.

[SPOILERS for last week’s episode]

Keeping Tilly close

After the release of “All is Possible,” in which Tilly left the USS Discovery to take on a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, many fans have been concerned about her future, but they got a bit of reassurance from the actress in a series of interviews last week. Co-showrunner Michelle Paradise has also weighed in on Tilly’s future, telling TV Line:

She is definitely still in the world. I expect that we will see her again, for sure. We didn’t send her far, far away. We’re keeping her close.

Mary Wiseman as Tilly

Listen to Tilly and Adira’s Star Trek Logs

On Tuesday, Paramount+ released an official Star Trek Log of Mary Wiseman as Tilly, recorded as she headed to Starfleet Academy for her training mission during “All is Possible.” She talks about trying to find her path and looking forward to teaching and working with the cadets.


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They also released Blu del Barrio’s first personal log as Adira, this one set after Tilly left the ship.


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Best wishes for Tilly

Paramount+ is using social media to help fans send a message to Tilly at her new assignment at Starfleet Academy.

Wiseman and del Barrio joke about spin-off

There has been a lot of speculation that Wiseman’s exit from the USS Discovery could be setting up a possible spin-off show. Mary Wiseman and Blu del Barrio got in on the fun, with Blu proposing a spin-off of their own.


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Tilly has turned out to be my favorite character. Her vulnerable strength and integrity demonstrates how true strength of character can be expressed without flamboyance or ostentatious posturing.

Beautifully put!

Agreed! Great analysis of Tilly!

Well said dude.

You’re all too kind… Thank you.

The plot point of removing Tilly from Discovery seemed very odd, as she has been an integral cast member. What do people make of this?

Is she being set up to lead the Starfleet Academy series that was de facto announced recently?

Is her departure a plot point that will be addressed as the season goes on with her likely ultimately returning to the ship?

Is Mary Wiseman actually leaving the show as a regular, despite rather opaque pronouncements that she is still “staying close”?

She probably wants to spend more time with her child.

I think it’s patently obvious why: she’ll be getting her own show soon. They made that clear in her final episode.

They’re being coy, to maybe milk the audience’s enthusiasm for Tilly? Not quite sure. It’s not cut and dry like Georgiou who is patently not coming back unless she gets a spin-off.

And off-topic, but still on the subject of Michelle Yeoh – anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer for “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once,” please do so. Bonkers and gorgeous original American sci-fi, with Michelle Yeoh at the center of it all (and Ke Huy Quan, acting again!) I never would have imagined that out of all the greats in the 80s and 90s, Yeoh would be the one to emerge from Hong Kong action stardom to have the most varied and delightful US acting career, but it warms my heart that she has.

The movie looks awesome and weird. Can’t wait to see it.

I’m flabbergasted they’ve seemingly written her out the show. She is kind of the heart of it in some ways, and her warmth and exuberance is a necessary counterbalance for other more stoic characters. I’ve decided that Adira bores me. Adira is sweet but far too stiff and doesn’t convince me as someone with a Trill symbiont.

Adira is a very poor Tilly substitute. All of the awkwardness with none of the charm.

Totally baffled by the decision to remove Tilly from the main cast. Makes absolutely no sense in terms of her arc, she’s spent 3 seasons developing her leadership skills now she’s had a sudden change of heart? Very poorly handled.

This smacks of the poor narrative planning that has plagued this series from day one. Why hasn’t anyone mentioned a spore drive before? Send them to the far future! Why hasn’t Spock mentioned a sister? Ultra-high security reasons! How can a crew catch up with 1000 years of technological developments in one month? They just can!

Now Burnham’s in the chair, they want Saru as Number One, this leaves Tilly demoted with nowhere to go. So, they’ve just written her out 🤷‍♂️

How is it that so many of you don’t realize she’s getting her own show? That’s why we had that Starfleet Academy episode.

Fake out or super bad decision by The Powers That Be?

Random observation: Mary Wiseman said in one of the interviews this week that Tilly would be back with different hair. If what she meant is the what’s shown in the poster, it looks great.

It also seems that her rank insignia and badge/multitool has been tweaked.

Tilly is my favorite character! All the characters on Discovery are all wonderful actors and do their job to the max. Tilly is my fav because she is beautiful, funny, more realistic than the other characters to me. Please do not get rid of Tilly! She knows her stuff as far as her character and even though she has some quirks she still gets the job done .. and I relate to some of her quirks. Please keep her! Long Live Tilly!!

Not my favourite character at all but her exit seemed to be a bit meh, no bite to it and just a sudden change of direction…we all thought Saru was leaving last season, we all thought Culber was dead, giorgiou/mirror giorgiou etc.

She’ll no doubt be back in a few weeks like nothing has happened, this show doesn’t really do subtlety very well

They made it clear including Wiseman herself in interviews the character or actor isn’t leaving the show and will see her again this season. Not sure why people are confused on this? Think of it when Nog left to go to Starfleet Academy and came back again and again.

I never thought Saru was leaving. And they told us straight up Culber was coming back. Thus ruining what drama the event might have carried. Weisman has said she’s coming back the very day the show aired.

You are correct. Subtlety is a concept the writers seem to know nothing about. But the list of concepts the writers seem to know little about is a rather long list indeed.

Um. I haven’t seen the new season of Star Trek Discovery yet, but from reading online summaries, it was Kovich who offered Tilly a post at the academy?

As in the “mysterious character no one knows anything about played by an actor/director known for playing disturbed bad guys on film and TV”?

Yeah, that won’t end badly at all.

All I’m saying is that by this time next week Tilly’s split open carcass could be hanging off a wall in a dark cellar somewhere in space — where no one would have heard her scream…

Kovich is not all that mysterious this season. He seems to be the head of counseling for the Federation. Tilly is quite safe.

I’m just not sure one cast someone like Cronenberg to play someone who is benign.