Podcast: All Access Star Trek Ruminates On Where ‘Discovery’ Is Headed After “The Examples”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 70 - TrekMovie

[Discovery review starts at  21:43]

Tony and Laurie are both interested in the PC/console game Star Trek: Resurgence coming out this spring, so they talk about that as well as the latest images from the Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition 4K, which also arrives next year. They talk about William Shatner being officially designated as an astronaut and the documentary about his trip to space, which premiered just this week. Then they take a dive into the business side of Paramount +: Heather Kadin’s departure, Aaron Baiers’ promotion, the launch of new live channels—especially the Star Trek one, of course—and the news that Star Trek: Discovery is their most-watched original series.

Spoiler alert: The next few topics of discussion (starting at 10:15) come from a panel this week at NYC’s 92nd Street Y, where Alex Kurtzman hinted at the show’s long-term plans and Olatunde Osunsanmi dropped some unexpected intel on what’s behind the season’s “big bad.” The podcasters also discuss Michelle Paradise’s reassurance that Tilly will be returning, and dispel a few rumors. After that, they review the newest episode of Discovery, “The Examples,” which they both enjoyed. They wrap up the podcast with a look at more of Leonard Nimoy’s legacy (which involves a trip to space), and a new Michelle Yeoh movie.


‘Star Trek: Resurgence’ Adventure Game Coming To PC And Consoles In Spring 2022

See New Images From 4K Version Of ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition’

William Shatner Gets Official Astronaut Wings As ‘Shatner In Space’ Doc Is Released

Heather Kadin Exits Secret Hideout After 12-Year Collaboration With Alex Kurtzman [Deadline]

Paramount Plus introduces live channels including Star Trek channel [Variety]

Paramount+: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, ‘iCarly’, ‘Infinite’ & ‘A Quiet Place 2’ Top Most Watched Originals List [Deadline]

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Producers Talk Season Four Character Arcs And Adversary

Listen To Tilly And Adira’s Star Trek Logs; Showrunner Talks About Keeping Tilly Close To ‘Discovery’


Tony: Adam Nimoy donates Spock ears to Air and Space Museum and Julie Nimoy provides LLAP pendant to go up with Blue Origin flight

Laurie: Everything Everywhere All At Once trailer starring Michelle Yeoh

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Enjoyed the cast! Oh, and thank you for the news on paramount+ now having a Star Trek channel, I would have likely not known for months as I don’t browse their offerings, ever :) This thing is going to be a god-send.

I only found out thanks to my phone lol. My Google feed listed an article about it the day it went up. I was pretty excited about it and actually watch it nearly every day. Unfortunately it’s only Enterprise and TNG on right now. I been watching them both whenever I can but I hope they add all of the shows and even movies in time. It’s just started though, so see what they do with it.

The Sphere Data versus… ? Love that.

Interesting discussion about what the fate of the Borg are in the 32nd century. Also, what is going on with the Klingons? Are they still around? What is their relationship to the Federation?

Good question. Where are the Klingons?

Heck, where are the bridge crew?

On the bridge?

I think those questions can be answered in a new spinoff of Disco. I have many questions like that too.


Everyone keeps asking, “why did they have to do the experiment in the middle of a crisis?”

My head canon says two things. First, he wanted to do it on Disco because he knows more about it than he leads on and he needs the Disco to further his plan. Second, everyone is desperate for answers. People are Impatient and fearful of what could happen next. Stamets and Doyle’s character are mirroring the same impatience and fear we went through in 2020. They need to know an answer quickly to their problem, but in science, taking shortcuts may have consequences.

That’s how I read it.

Thanks for the feedback. As we say on the pod, very often there are ways to headcanon your way out of these things with a line of dialog. We did our own headcanon on the pod as to the question of why on the Disco, because Tarka has some unknown agenda related to the ship and/or its crew. As to why they couldn’t just wait an hour until the rescue mission was over, sure you can say there was urgency, but they literally were taking R&R last week. So that becomes more handwavy at best.

Very good point!

Thanks for the round up and good to hear that Jet Reno will be back this season. I’d love to see her in the Chief Engineer role and elevated to “Scotty” type status when it comes to her role and how often she appears.

From interviews it sounds like the main hurdle is Tig Notaro’s availability. The producers try to feature her as much as possible.

Understood and thanks.

Tony & Laurie,

Am I missing something about no one online seeming to speculate that the “DMA” looks like, and now since it IS an intelligence of some sort, indeed VGER? (see “The Heart of VGER” image on Memory Alpha)
Would enjoy hearing your thoughts!

Check out the review article on the last episode. Several people have speculated about a possible V’ger connection in the comments.

Thanks for that! Very interesting comments…I had not read the comments section before on the individual episode articles. And wow are there some big time haters of the writers/storylines of Disco.

Thanks for the question. Actually, we brought up V’Ger as a possible theory a few weeks ago on the pod, but both of us sort of hoped it was something new. At the time it seemed less likely due to them saying DMA was natural thing, but now that is out the window so I guess V’Ger is back on the suspect list.