Grudge’s Backstory To Kick Off New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Comic Mini-Series

IDW is returning to Star Trek: Discovery comics in 2022 with a new mini-series spotlighting different characters. The first issue of Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 32nd Century will finally tell us all about Book’s mysterious cat.

Adventures of a 32nd cat… and more

Today IDW Publishing announced they are planning on exploring the far future of Star Trek: Discovery with a new four-issue miniseries, Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 32nd Century. The new series reunites Discovery supervising producer Kirsten Beyer and comics veteran Mike Johnson who collaborated on IDW’s previous Discovery tie-ins, including The Light of Kahless, Succession, and Aftermath. Covers and interior art is being done by Angel Hernandez, who worked on the Discovery tie-in Successionn and Captain Saru one-shot.

“Discovery’s arrival in the 32nd century opens up a whole new universe of adventure for the crew, from the feline to the Saurian. It’s a blast telling stories eight hundred years in the future of Star Trek, where we really have never been before, exploring different facets of their lives,” said Johnson in a statement.

Each of the four issues spotlights a different character, with the first focusing on Grudge the Cat, promising a “flashback tale of her first meeting with Cleveland “Book” Booker” which “sets the stage for a trajectory establishing Grudge as the greatest feline spacefarer of all.”


The following issues will focus on Ensign Adira Tal, Lieutenant Keyla Detmer, and science officer Linus.

“It’s no secret that Star Trek: Discovery’s television series has an amazing cast of characters, and being able to translate those characters and their stories into the comics is a real treat for not only the fans, but also us as well,” said editor Heather Antos. “Diving deeper into Queen Grudge’s mind, to Adira’s relationship with Gray and more, Star Trek: Discovery – Adventures in the 32nd Century gives readers an incredibly detailed perspective of these fan-favorite characters.”

In addition to the A covers by Hernandez, each issue will feature a retailer incentive cover by Aaron Harvey. No date was provided for when the series will kick off but it will likely be after the new Star Trek: Alien Spotlight series begins in February.


Reminder: Book of Grudge coming in January

Earlier this year we reported that Hero Collector was working on their own book all about Grudge. Originally set to be released earlier this month, the 96-page hardcover Star Trek Discovery: The Book of Grudge is now set to be released on January 4. You can pre-order Grudge’s book at Amazon for $14.95.


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Hey I have an idea, why not actually develop the character in the show.

Like, what makes her a queen and stuff.

Grudge has been a bit of a disappointment from initial expectations. They introduced her with some flair of mystery suggesting that she was more than she seemed, but all available evidence suggests that she is just a normal cat.

My lawyer will be in contact to discuss damages resultant from the rolling my eyes just took.

I am really curious about Grudge’s backstory and hope it will all be explained sometime in the show. Gorgeous cat.

This all seems like an in-joke that no one in the audience is a part of. I think the creatives involved with the show have in their minds deeper stories than what they actually show on screen. This is evident with the rush with the Adira/Grey story that is somehow supposed to resonate but falls flat because the time time was never put into it to bring us along. Reminds me of the disconnect with the Airium death story… would have been much better if she had been fleshed out before that final episode. You see this with also how they handle other concepts that they are involved with and have developed more behind the scenes but NOT on screen such as Kovich (sp?), Aurellio and even Mirror Georgiou to a degree. What is onscreen is what counts. The production is too “inside baseball” with deeper stories in their minds than what they put on screen. This is why the show often feels hollow and rushed with heavy emotion about things the audience hasn’t connected with. Pretty sloppy.

The Episode Airiam died was great. For me it was the only actually good Discovery Episode so far.
Not because she died or something. I dont really know why, but the entire runtime of this episode I was on the edge of my seat. It was just exciting…. and this was a suprise, since at this point I was already someone who was “not a fan” of discovery at all. Also, after this episode this excitment never happend again.

Maybe it was because it was the first time the show actually took its time to look into a character a bit deeper … at least that was how I saw it.

It was a great episode. Moving. Emotional. But it was all built up in that episode with little groundwork. Seemed like a missed opportunity to build in advance. It was less forced than other story threads but this show feels like it doesn’t connect with its audience with the time it takes to build stories. Sloppy.

Absolutely agreed, but then I can’t help myself to ask the question if they have so much ideas and plots about other characters why don’t they just push Paramount+ to make the seasons longer like 20 episodes? Instead they relegate these stories to comic books.

Because the episodes are expensive. I think I remember on a reliable podcast I listened to, they said it costs Disco $10-12 million an episode. Not chump change. Heck, with the strict covid protocols in place it probably costs more now, no idea. The days of 20+ episodes won’t be returning any time soon.


The cat has a backstory.
This is what Star Trek has come to now.

I’m worried too!

I dunno…. what might Fandom do or how might we react if they take Grudge down a path such as it’s one of the species that ISIS (from TOS: Assignment Earth) is from? That could have far-reaching implications, depending on what species that is, should the writers go that way with it. Hmmm…………..

Exactly! Discovery constantly lowers the bar.

Does Heather Antos truly believe Grudge and Grey are “fan favorite characters?” I mean no disrespect to Antos, but I’ve never seen any indication of that at all. Grey seems to have largely been a big miss with fans due to the actor’s lackluster performance and the general pointlessness of the character, and Grudge is just a cat. I’m sure both have fans because tastes differ… but “fan favorite”? Grudge and Grey? That’s like calling Bryce a fan favorite.

I do like Grudge because I do like cats, but I liked Spot too. The Gray and Adira thing has been dragged out too long and I no longer care what happens with them to be honest.

How about Owo getting a great background story?

It’s a bit sad the cat is getting more development than the bridge crew. She clearly has a better agent.

A comic about Linus?! OMG!! I am SO getting that!! lol!!