Podcast: All Access Star Trek Achieves Sentience With “Stormy Weather”

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 71 - TrekMovie

[Discovery review starts at  26:19]

Tony and Laurie start off with the news that Star Trek: Discovery will be taking a surprise mid-season hiatus,  then round up the latest tidbits about Star Trek: Picard. They discuss the upcoming (and imminent) departure of  five classic Star Trek series (TOS to Enterprise) from Amazon Prime and Hulu and will soon be found only on Paramount+, go over a new interview with Mike McMahan about Lower Decks, and talk about new sets, uniforms, cast members, and guest stars on The Orville: New Horizons, which arrives on Hulu in March.

Then it’s time to talk Discovery! (20:06) They chat about the new comic series that’ll kick off with Grudge’s backstory and remind American fans that TrekMovie still has a special Christmas giveaway of the Discovery 3 seasons collection. After a quick discussion of (and great appreciation for) Wil Wheaton’s interview with Jonathan Frakes on The Ready Room, they jump into their review of episode 406, “Stormy Weather.”

They wrap up with a look at a Star Trek-themed optometrist’s office, the 21st- century version of Retinax V, and a fascinating interview with everyone’s favorite Benzite, John Putch.


‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Taking Mid-Season Hiatus After Next Week, Returning February 2022

Patrick Stewart Gets Serious And Evan Evagora Gets Hugs From Whoopi For ‘Star Trek Picard’ Season 2

Dave Blass (production designer) on Twitter

Set Images From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 Hint At A New Ship And More

All 5 Classic Star Trek Series Leaving Amazon Prime Video USA In January

All 5 Classic Star Trek Shows Leaving Hulu In January Too

Mike McMahan Hopes ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3 Will Surprise Fans

First Look At ‘The Orville’ Season Three Features Some New Faces On The Bridge

6 Takeaways From A Set Visit To ‘The Orville’

Grudge’s Backstory To Kick Off New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Comic Mini-Series

Christmas Giveaway: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ 3 Seasons Collection

The Ready Room interview with Jonathan Frakes


Tony: Star Trek-themed optometrist 0ffice and FDA approves eyedrops replacing glasses

Laurie: “Bringing Benzites to Life with TNG’s John Putch” at The Companion

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the great podcasts!

Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for listening!!!!

Happy holidays folks! It’s good that Paramount is thinking of you and the podcast with the broadcast schedule. 😂 This season is very enjoyable. Definitely agree the Grey and Zora storylines have both finally become interesting. Although I’m less concerned about the ship turning into a helicopter parent than y’all seem to be. Zora seems inherently curious like most of the crew so space exploration feels like a good fit. Although I do wonder if eventually we get something like that episode of TNG when Data resigns from Starfleet rather than be dismantled for science. Can’t wait to see where they go with this. Speaking of seeing, anyone else get Eye of Sauron vibes when they showed us the rift?

Happy holidays! And yes, lots of ways to go on this one for sure…

Here’s my Picard theory: there will be at least 4 seasons. Remember that originally producers said they had a three season plan? Then they hired Terry Matalas and Akiva Goldman says the time travel idea in came from him. I’m guessing they are going to return to the original plan after a time traveling, alternate timeline season. I’ve heard both Stewart and Burton both say that all of the original cast will be back eventually. LaForge is all but confirmed for season 3. Yet, Gates McFadden has up until recently lamented she hasn’t gotten the call. They could have waited to the last minute as they continue to shoot season 3 (which we know includes a late 24 century Starfleet ship) she’s been MIA on twitter for longer than a month!!! She just returned to the twitterverse on Christmas Eve. But I also suspect that they may be saving her for the fourth and final season. If Matalas brought in time travel it might have created the need for an additional season to their original 30 episode saga. That means the stories and characters imagined for that last season get pushed back until season 4. I remain hopeful that we will see Crusher (probably both of them), Worf, and Sela before the end of a four season series.

Happy Holidays to Tony, Laurie, and all the Trekkies who come to the site. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you and Merry Christmas. And Happy Holidays

Thank you so much, and happy holidays!!!

Best wishes to all!

Merry Christmas Trekmovie and all our fellow members here! A nice little Christmas video of our favorite franchise:



Fantastic!!! Merry Christmas!

I just wish Ian Alexander was a better actor. The character’s arc has the potential to be powerful, but it’s ruined by Alexander’s approach.

I would’ve agreed with you 100% a week ago. I think in this episode, he finally felt like an actual person and not just an accessory. I thought he did a really great job in this one. I had no interest in the character at all until now.

I’m on Team Laurie with this one; I’ve had virtually no use for the character up to now, but thought he worked like a charm in this episode.

I quite enjoy your podcast. Keep up the good work! Guess you’ll get a little break not having to do Prodigy and Discovery at the same time. Although, I think they would be better off going straight through than having a hiatus. But they didn’t ask me. :-) BTW, I caught the Frakes slip about next season too. Not sure why they are keeping that a secret. Oh well, the industry is what it is.

Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it. I agree that for the SHOW, the hiatus isn’t great, but for us, it’s terrific! And yes, CBS does love their secrets. They even try to re-secret things we know about, like Whoopi.

Do you guys think that these abruptly announced show disruptions are potentially harming anything in terms of turning off viewers? Or are they just minor annoyances? Would be interested in hearing your take on this on the podcast.

Thanks for the weekly discussions and Happy Almost 2022.

I personally think it harms the show, especially when it’s a brand-new one like Prodigy and for a younger audience. Both shows are serialized, which makes it worse! I don’t think this is their top choice for a roll-out plan! Happy almost 2022 to you too!

(I was telling Tony, I remember the first time I heard the phrase “mid-season finale.” My husband and I were watching 24 and both said, “WTF IS A MID-SEASON FINALE?”)

thanks for the feedback. I do think it hurt PRODIGY as that show was just building up some buzz and momentum and only aired four nights. As for Disco, I don’t think its a big deal TBH as it has an established base, but they could have communicated it better.

Hopefully there is some kind of thing at the end of the episode this week so casual fans who don’t read all the Trek news are given a head’s up that they are going on hiatus for 5 weeks.

Thanks to you both for your thoughts. I find myself getting really annoyed that these seasons are seemingly arbitrarily stopped literally in the middle with no advance notice. I hope that this is not the new normal. Between this and the brouhaha created when Paramount+ suddenly announced that Discovery was leaving Netflix and would not premiere outside of the U.S., the Paramount Trek press office seems really off its game recently.

I thought of a funny theory about DMA. a theory which I hope is wrong. What if there is Sybok trying to break free while struggling with “god”?
Happy holiday!

Might be Lucien.

“Friend Burnham…!”

considering Sybok is the show’s star’s other adoptive brother … it would make sense sadly

I don’t think anyone is planning to bring Sybok back… then again, there was a random tribble racing through the corridor.

This would be hilarious. (Lucien, I mean.)

I vote yes! If not on Discovery, then on Lower Decks.