Preview: ‘The Book Of Grudge’ Takes You Inside The World Of A ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cat

Cleveland Booker’s cat companion Grudge was introduced in season three of Star Trek: Discovery, and this queen feline has continued to play an oversized role on the show. Before she gets her own comic book later in 2022, Hero Collector has a new book coming out in January all about Grudge the Cat—and we have a first look preview.

The Book of Grudge

Star Trek: Discovery’s colossal queen of a cat, Grudge, is ready for her closeup in The Book of Grudge. According to Hero Collector, Grudge herself wrote the book with the assistance of human writer Robb Pearlman. The hardcover offers up Grudge’s musings on life, humans, Michael Burnham, dogs and much more.

From The Book of Grudge

In a promotion that appears written by the self-assured cat herself, Hero Collector promises: “Sharper than the sharpest claw and more stunning than a phaser blast, The Book of Grudge delivers not only Grudge’s snarky purr-sonal take on everything from space travel to the proper care and training of various alien species, but also includes Star Trek-inspired quotes, and haiku meditations on her most favorite things, including napping and people (as long as they’re far enough away).”

From The Book of Grudge

Caving into demands to offer her wisdom to the world, Grudge turned to dog lover Robb Pearlman, a New York Times bestselling author, for assistance. She was assured by Book and her agent that Robb would be the perfect fit due to his humor as seen in his previous books Fun with Kirk and Spock and Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom.

The Book of Grudge spans 96 pages and includes illustrations and photos of (a very, very impatient) Grudge taken on the Discovery set.

From The Book of Grudge

The Book of Grudge will be published on January 4, 2022. It is available “meow” for pre-order at It’s priced at $14.95 ($19.95 in Canada).

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Why does Eaglemoss keep putting out crappy cash-grabs lately? They’re better than this.

It’s ‘the Star Trek Money Game.If it wasn’t a cat and instead a tribble on the show, it would be a book about a tribble.

This is not a money grab. It won’t make money. A tribble would have been a better direction to go. They could have given it a personality and had it constantly getting in trouble. This cat story point adds no flavour and is desperately forced. Almost as forced as Grey’s acting. But at least that character got written out tonight. How did he even get a call back for a second audition? Anyways, the Grudge stuff is not even played out because it never really played.

Don’t think we should have to worry about spoilers in a merchandise article!

agreed, UNCOOL!

When has Eaglemoss NOT put out cash-grabs?

It did a great job with both its graphic novels and its ships. They had value and the graphic novels and ship magazines were worth reading. But a book about pictures of Grudge is nonsense.

No. This is too much. First they wanted to make the cat a thing, by calling her a queen… but they did nothing with that in S3. We got nothing for all the hype. Now they’re pushing it even more with a book and what was the last thing, a magazine or something? Get over it. I love cats, but it’s just a cat.

Hate to break it to you but “Queen” is a common term for female cats, particularly breeding ones.

Honestly, the writers didn’t need to do anything beyond calling her a queen. Any cat owner knows that their cat is, by default, either a king or queen. I suppose you could call a bit of an inside joke for cat owners.

Others said it, but I never thought the name Queen was anymore than showing how endearing Book is towards her and that he’ll do anything for her. They made it very clear the guy is a huge animal lover. ;)

I’m not sure what you mean, Silvereyes. It was pretty clear, throughout the season, that the “queen” motif was just to show how much he loved his cat. There was never going to be more to it than that–she’s a cat.

Well maybe I misread this then. Everyone who answered my post seems to think so. Just seemed to me that they wanted to put the cat in the forefront as if to imply she was more than just a cat, like Isis in that TOS episode. I understand how cat owners think their cat is a Queen and how they’re attached to their animal. I own a Queen myself, a 21 year old tough as nails Queen.

Yeah, I absolutely get your idea. I had to think of Isis too and was of the opinion she would turn out to be a shapeshifter of sorts and a hiding alien monarch… Maybe this is still going to happen when least expected…

Grudge takes her place alongside the greats, including the likes of Garfield Arbuckle and Henri le Chat Noir…

Spot got more character development than this cat. Where is her book?

Spot got more character development than this cat.

As did Porthos the beagle. The Discovery production team seems to think that just having a cat and saying “Look, it’s a cat! She’s a cat queen! Isn’t that cool? Look – it’s a cat!” is going to make it a beloved character.

There was an amusing scene where the cat appears on Discovery’s main viewer when it’s on Book’s ship, but that is the only thing I can recall it did anything other than just sit there. I may be forgetting other stuff, but it gets to the point that Grudge really is just background furniture like Picard’s fish was, and not a beloved character like the Trek folks want it to be.

I’m old enough to remember when Linus was going to be a beloved character. Sigh.

I like Linus, but he is used more as a running gag than a recurring character with personality development.

This book is bad idea of marketing a minor character in the show.

$14.95 for a book about a cat? And there wasn’t any other character they couldn’t do a full book about….Owo, Detmer, Rhys, or the random communications guy?

“The book of the random communications Guy’


I dig it

Oh, thank goodness my compulsiveness stops well short of this…!

Omg, I just realized that it’s a book about Book’s cat. So Book has a cat that has a book. Hilarious. Was that the reason they made this?

I guess they did it after the proposed spin-off show “The Book of Book” didn’t move forward because of Boba Fett :-)

Who cares honestly? It’s just a cat. It doesn’t do anything, it just sits there. It doesn’t even have a personality.

Stop trying to make fetch happen. This is annoying as I suspect that Grudge is only a “thing” in the production teams’ head. It has zero real world traction, it has no spark, there is no charm there. This is not a fan fav cult thing. Crickets. Again, stop trying to make fetch happen.

This book looks like someone’s lame Tumblr but they hit print and now are selling a hard copy.

Wait… 96 pages?! This is a poor man’s attempt to do Grumpy Cat… just 10 years too late and minus a cat that can convey anything funny with just a photo. Even the name “Grudge” is trying to slide into the DMs of the concept of Grump Cat. Just sad. And that they keep going at it. It’s like beating a dead targ. So tone deaf. Read the room… the concept that got a giggle in writers’ meetings when pitched never resonated with the audience. Let it go. You’re embarrassing yourselves. So obtuse.

Some of you really need to get a sense of humour. This is just a light hearted take on a minor character. You’d be all over this if it was Spot and not Grudge…

1) No one here needs to get a sense of humor. Stop gatekeeping. 2) No one would be all over it if this was about Spot. It would still be a cheap cash-grab, and many would still denounce it.

This is STV style of marketing. You are supposed to buy anything anointed with the word Trek.

I can’t believe Zora gave coordinates to Grudge’s home planet!!

It’s silly and cute, and cat-loving Star Trek fans will enjoy it. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it.

Watch it be a hit book.