Podcast: All Access Star Trek Pushes The Button On The ‘Discovery’ Mid-Season Finale

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 72 - TrekMovie

[Discovery talk and review starts at 07:14 ]

Tony and Laurie round up all the Jonathan Frakes interviews that came out last week and talk about his upcoming gigs directing Strange New Worlds and Picard and appearing on Lower Decks and his special attachment to Discovery. They remind viewers that Discovery is going on hiatus, but fear not: Prodigy starts up again next week. After a quick preview of the upcoming The Book of Grudge and a look at Commander Eva (yes, Eva) Nilsson’s Discovery log entry about Zora, they review episode 407, “…But to Connect.” They wrap up their last podcast episode of 2021 with good wishes for the new year, and a fun photo of Jonathan Frakes as Captain Marvel at a White House party in 1980. Happy New Year, listeners!


Jonathan Frakes On His Future With ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘Strange New Worlds,’ And ‘Picard’

Interview: Nana Visitor Is Writing A Star Trek Book That Goes Where No Woman Has Gone Before

Preview: ‘The Book Of Grudge’ Takes You Inside The World Of A ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Cat

Listen: Nilsson Talks Zora And Reveals Her Full Name In New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Log

The Ready Room with Doug Jones

TrekMovie’s The Best Of Star Trek 2021 


Tony: Happy New Year!

Laurie: Picture of Jonathan Frakes as Captain America at the White House lawn party in 1980

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Amusing how in this Discovery episode Stamets tries to hide their conversation about disconnecting the computer just as the astronauts in 2001 do with Hal, but more played for a laugh here.

Strengths and weaknesses? What exactly are the strengths again? You say character stuff. The Trek I knew used characters in service to the story. Now the ‘stories’ (such as they are) are in service to the characters. I prefer how TOS Kirk dealt with a rogue computer – he shut it down! But not on ‘Touchy-feely Trek’: the captain and other higher-ups have to kowtow to it and massage it, despite it directly disobeying an order and putting billions of lives in peril. That’s why it’s hard to take this show seriously. It’s not drama, adventure or science fiction; it’s pure soap opera. It jumped the shark long ago, unfortunately. I’m hoping that SNW, which will be under some obligation to tell a story in 50 minutes, will have no room for the frivolous hugging, cheers and tears of Discovery.

So, let me get this straight: would you have Data killed once he went rogue, as in, for instance, “Brothers”? What about Star Trek: Insurrection? Just cheking…

The difference being the computer in the original Star Trek had only tried to kill them, whereas this one had saved their lives on multiple occasions.

Captain America, not Captain Marvel. :-)

Oops! You’re right. Fixed.

That 1980 Hulk costume is hilarious. It looks like he has a giant green feather duster on his head.