Preview Of Star Trek For 2022: What We Are Most Anticipating

After reflecting back on the year that was, we now take a look forward to the new year. There is a lot to look forward to in the world of Star Trek in 2022. In no particular order, the following are what the TrekMovie team is most excited about…

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

2022 will see more Star Trek: Prodigy, along with new seasons of Picard and Lower Decks, all of which are highly anticipated. But the Star Trek Universe is about to get a bit bigger with the arrival of the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, a brand new series set on board the USS Enterprise under the command of Christopher Pike. Anson Mount returns to the role following his run in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery along with Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. There is a new cast, some playing familiar roles like Dr. M’Benga and Nurse Chapel. The series is designed to be different from the two other live-action Paramount+ shows, with a lighter tone and more traditional episodic “planet of the week” format, designed to satisfy old-school Trek fans.

Star Trek: Resurgence

Also coming this spring is Star Trek: Resurgence, a brand-new adventure game set within Star Trek’s 24th century Prime Universe. It’s been a while since the last launch of a PC and Console video game, so this is a big deal—and the focus on story and the pedigree of the team behind it make this a potential highlight for the year.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition 4K Update

His Trek film famously rushed to theaters for its 1979 theatrical release, the late Robert Wise worked with Paramount on a Director’s Edition with a new edit and new special effects for a release in 2001. Two decades later, Paramount has brought the team back together to bring Wise’s vision into the HD era with a new 4K Ultra HD edition, including newly rendered visual effects and updates. The 4K TMP will debut on Paramount+ first, and we just can’t wait to see it.

The return of Playmates Toys

In Star Trek’s heyday of the 1990s, Playmates Toys dominated with a constant stream of affordable and collectible figures and toys spanning the franchise. But that all came to an end in 1999, except for a brief return for the 2009 Star Trek movie. In 2022, Playmates will return with a new line promising “attention to brand detail, authentic portrait sculpting, and new product innovations.” Details are sparse but Playmates is expected to be offering kid-friendly toys and figures tied to Prodigy, other new shows, and legacy Star Trek.

Mission: Chicago

In 2022, ReedPop (who runs the Star Wars Celebration events) is taking over the Star Trek convention license in the US and is set to hold their first new “Mission” in Chicago with a four-day event starting April 8. Working closely with ViacomCBS, the event organizers promise “celebrity guests, exclusive merchandise, and exciting announcements.” It is expected that ViacomCBS will use this event as a showcase and opportunity to make some news about their Paramount+ shows and possibly even Paramount feature films. The only caveat is there are only a handful of guests announced so far, and the latest COVID wave could have an impact on this, which is coming up in just a few months.

Star Trek: Picard: Second Self

In May, Pocket Books is releasing its next Star Trek: Picard novel tie-in, and this time it is set to bridge the gap between season one and season two, which also arrives in early 2022. Written by the always reliable Una McCormack, Second Self will focus on Raffi Musiker, who finds herself torn after the events of season one, trying to decide if she should return to Starfleet. The novel promises espionage and intrigue and could help add some context to Raffi and other characters before season two.

Alien Spotlight

IDW Publishing is returning their gaze to Star Trek aliens with a planned series of extra-long one-shot comics, each focused on a different iconic species. The first issue is due in February with a focus on the Klingons, and tells the story of Kahless, the legendary Klingon warrior and founder of the Klingon Empire. Future issues later in the year will focus on the Ferengi, Vulcans, Trill, and others.

To The Journey: Looking Back at Star Trek: Voyager

The team behind a series of popular Trek documentaries is following up their 2018 DS9 doc What We Left Behind with a deep dive into Star Trek: Voyager. Work started in 2020, and following a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign in early 2021, the team went back into production to shoot more interviews with the people who made Voyager and beyond. The doc promises some surprises, and based on their track record, this should be a highlight of the year assuming they hit their goal of a late 2022 release.

A Woman’s Trek

Deep Space Nine star Nana Visitor is currently hard at work on a new book for Hero Collector called A Woman’s Trek, set to come out sometime in 2022. The book will take a frank look at what it’s like for the women who have worked on Star Trek in front and behind the camera throughout the franchise. Visitor has been conducting a series of honest, hard-hitting interviews that are also being filmed for a potential documentary as well, working with the same team behind To the Journey.

Nana Visitor interview - TrekMovie

The Orville: New Horizons

Yes, it’s technically not Star Trek, but we here have embraced it as part of the family and we have been waiting for a long time for The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s loving homage to The Next Generation, to return. Jumping to the Hulu streaming service (and Disney+ Star internationally), the third season is being branded The Orville: New Horizons; producers say it’s “more ambitious” and “much bigger in scope” than before. The 10-episode third season kicks off on March 10.

2023 Movie News

We are still waiting to hear about what’s next for Paramount+’s growing Star Trek television universe. There’s a possible Starfleet Academy show, maybe the Section 31 project will finally move forward… but the news we are most starved for is about the big screen. Since the release of Beyond in 2016, Paramount Pictures has had a series of stops and starts with various Star Trek feature film projects. However, they actually staked out a movie release date in this year,  setting a film to premiere in December 22, 2023. Producer J.J. Abrams has hired WandaVisions’s Matt Shakman to direct with a script co-written by Captain Marvel screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet, which is reportedly already completed. The new studio chief has touted the importance of feature films for the Trek franchise, and indicated that multiple films are in the works. If this is all going to become a reality, we should learn much more in 2022 about the holiday 2023 movie, including who is in it and how it fits into the larger Star Trek multiverse.

What are you looking forward to?

Sound off below for your most anticipated Star Trek for 2022.

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I’ve been keen on a Pike-led Enterprise since I first saw The Cage decades ago, so SNW is firmly at the top of my list for 2022.

With the possibility that the Academy series might be set in the 32nd century, I’m intrigued.

On the movies, I just can’t get interested until there is word that production is happening. I feel we’ve been reliving the 70s, when there were frequent rumours of a show being revived, but nothing materialized until TMP was almost missing its committed theatrical release date. I believe something will eventually emerge, but when and with which creative team I’ll believe when it’s in production and 6 months from scheduled release.

So, I have to say that I was surprised that you put movie news at the top of the TrekMovie list. While I recognize that this site is literally called TrekMovie, I find it surprising how seriously you are taking each announcement.

Well yes it is in our site name but it’s a bit more significant because for the first time since BEYOND they have actually set a release date. Also the favorable comments from the new studio head all add up to this being a serious thing. So this project is further along than others and being taken seriously, although that doesn’t mean it’s going to 100% happen.

Mr. Pascale,

I, for one, really appreciate your focus on the next movie, and I also agree with you that this seems much more real this time given the new merged studio and it’s brand new management team seems to have their act together, and the new studio is much more financially stable versus four years ago when bankruptcy was at least in the conversation. So I think comparing this to the previous on-again, off-again movies misses this key point. That former studio mgmt team was indecisive, was cash poor, and were the clowns that botched the marketing of Beyond — they are gone now (thank goodness).

Keep up the good work. Thanks

Will the new movies use an existing Enterprise design or will we get yet another iteration?

Agree with you 100% about the next movie. It’s really hard to get excited when we been jerked around for 5 years now lol. I know there are some people here who has faith (of the heart) this time it’s REALLY happening due to changes inside the company, but yeah we have heard all of this before too. The Tarantino project was DEFINITELY happening. How can it not? Even if Tarantino doesn’t direct it himself, the studio really really wants a Star Trek film with his name on it somewhere…and then poof! ;)

Yes a premiere date for it bolds well, but I’ll still only believe it when they announce the cast and a filming date. Not a day before then. The fact that they already moved the date without a single announcement of what I just mentioned doesn’t feel too positive either. And lastly they announced the director and writer months ago but not a single peep from either of them since. When the first Kelvin movie was announced you had JJ Abrams, Kurtzman and Orci talking small tidbits about it constantly in the press even when they were still just writing it. All those articles are still here on Trekmovie dating back to 2006.

But it’s been very very quiet with these new guys.

I recently received a call about doing some on-set work in early 2022. A movie is, in fact, happening.

So there’s a script? An actual script? If true that would be awesome news!

That’s good news. I still won’t overly think it until there is actual casting and a filming date though.

I think like most fans, I’m excited for SNW the most! It’s still crazy we haven’t even gotten a trailer for it yet. To The Journey definitely second on my list. Orville is third I guess. The others I’m curious about but since I’ve never read many books or played any of the games it’s more of a passing interest.

But it is really cool to see Playmates making toys again. That company was part of my childhood and I would buy a lot of Trek figures and ships. And such great quality at that. It’s really a shame the Kelvin movies didn’t have a stronger merchandising line up when the first film came out and kind of killed off the toy line from that point on. So it’s nice to see this side of the franchise coming back.


(nuff said)

Looking foward to:

Definitely SNW… I very much like DSC S4. It’s become wonderful Trek now. But a return to the one and only true Enterprise is definitely way more exciting :-)

PIC S2 is also a highlight. In a way it’s a chance to start anew and improve upon the less than stellar S1.

I’m also looking forward to finally being able to watch PRO on P+ in Europe…

Hoping for:

P+ should announce and introduce a new format: a series of live-action streaming movies releasing at least twice a year (First Contact Day and Star Trek Day come to mind). I would call that format TREKBUSTERS. Set in different eras, that movie format could explore many lost and brand-new opportunities without having to commit to a full series format: Pre-ENT Ringship Enterprise, Excelsior, Stargazer, Titan, Voyager-J, or even adapting some novel series such as Vanguard.

My second hope is that we may at some point get a time travel show, exploring different eras of Klingon, Vulcan, Borg, T’Kon, Iconian etc. history… But that’s even more unlikely :-)

i’d love a new TNG movie, a deep space nine movie or even a film that had both casts. But its a fan dream and it won’t happen. Its like wanting season 5 of Enterprise or a continuation of TOS with a new cast, it isn’t happening.

“or a continuation of TOS with a new cast,”

While not being a “continuation”, SNW is the closest thing we could get. It’s direct prequel to TOS. It’s the original Enterprise! So yeah, I think we are getting that, sort of…

ENT S5… I think it’ll happen, just not being called ENT S5… They may eventually do a FEDERATION series, with Archer as Admiral or President and Shran getting command of the NCC-01 Refit :-)

New TNG movie… nah… but a reformed S3 of PIC may do the trick…

If SNW has proven one point is that these PTB are actually listening and we may be getting more of those “fan dreams” than you could even imagine…

Agreed. I would love to see a TNG or Deep Space Nine movie (even one with both casts). Michael Dorn and Colm Meaney were already in both. Or as mentioned by Garth Lorca, another season of Enterprise. However I also agree with you both it is unlikely.

I would really like to see a re-boot of DS9. That was my favorite Star Trek, along with TNG.

I’d be happy with a Star Trek series that’s on par with DS9 or at least within spitting distance. I really can’t stomach what they’ve done with Star Trek, and that’s coming from somebody who slogged thru almost all of Voyager and Enterprise, so my tolerance levels for Bad Trek are fairly high. It would be great to see some of the best old characters – Kira, Janeway, Worf, Garak – back in action but only if they can hire some decent writers.

I so agree!

P+ has committed to two new movies per month going forward. At least a couple per year should be Star Trek.

Is this going to be the first year ever that we are going to get new Trek series pretty much continuously throughout the year? We know that Prodigy and Discovery will take us through March or April. Picard season 2 is happening after that. Then Strange New Worlds? That would take us through August when the next season of Lower Decks is expected. That would go through September or October. Then a new season of Discovery or Prodigy?

I actually made a post about this in another thread. This is how I see the next year going (but prepared to be wrong as usual) starting next week:

  1. Prodigy episodes 6-10
  2. Discovery 8-(13?)
  3. Picard season 2 (which as stated was announced for February but maybe it will be bumped to March)
  4. Strange New Worlds season 1
  5. Prodigy season 1 second half 11-20
  6. Lower Decks season 3
  7. Picard season 3
  8. ??

This is everything that’s been confirmed so far. Assuming everything on that list is on time then in theory we are looking at a new show every week until early 2023. This may not happen as shown and they can take breaks between shows but I have a feeling 2022 will have the most Star Trek content we have ever gotten.

And we know Prodigy has been confirmed for season 2 and basically sounds like both Discovery and SNW are getting another season as well, so 2023 will probably be filling up pretty soon too.

That list has me excited. Thanks!

The only thing I would question might be the order. It would seem that SNW might end up in the summer based on that order, especially if Picard is pushed back to March as you said it might. I doubt they would want to do that. So maybe SNW is Sept, and then Picard S3 is Nov-Feb with a holiday break (and the animated shows run in the summer before)?

Or maybe we will have several weeks in April-May when we have both Picard S2 and SNW eps at the same time?

You’re welcome!

And sure that’s possible, but I don’t think streaming really has the same issue of holiday/vacation breaks. And I think the point is to keep people on the hook all year long. But you’re right, they could air PRO in the summer and it would make sense as kids will be mostly home then. They already said SNW would air in the Spring, but yes that’s before all the changes made, so who knows. I would love it if both Picard and SNW ran at the same time though! I think we all would. ;)


I’m looking forward to 3 things:

1. Strange New Worlds

2. Star Trek XIV News

3. Spending saturday mornings listening to All Access Star Trek. I really enjoy listening to both of you. You make me laugh and keep me up to date on Trek news.

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year, KevinB! You made my morning. So happy you enjoy the podcast!

What i wish for is a 4th Kelvin timeline film, or Deep Space Nine and Voyager remastered in at least 2K res like TOS and TNG. What i’m anticipating is Picard season 2. Waiting on the news of Disco season 5 i still have hope the show will get better.

I too would like to see a fourth Kelvin movie with the same cast. I think the cast had just started to grow into the characters and the interrelationships between their characters in Beyond. I know a lot of fans did not like the movie but do all of the fans like all of the movies. Star Trek and Star Wars fans in my opinion are probably some of the most critical in the world. No studio can produce a hit with every offering. With a good script I think this cast could produce a good film. As far as television Trek, I do not like Paramount’s TV Star Trek. Picard was never a favorite of mine and I do not like Anson Mount as an actor. I have seen him in other features and just do not like his performances. I guess what I am trying to say about the TV side is that so far Paramount has not given me a reason to subscribe to Paramount+. I also feel the same way about the film side. I have been a fan of Trek since the first show in 1966, but if I am honest my excitement about another movie has dimmed due to all of the delays, cancellations and hype over the movie. Whether I see it or not(that is if it even gets made) will depend a lot on the characters involved. If you are going to make a Star Trek movie after an extended break, then I would suggest it would be better to use known characters rather than a completely new cast. Just think what would have happened to Star Trek if Kirk, Spock and McCoy had not been the focal characters of The Motion Picture. Would we even be having this conversation or would Star Trek just be a faded memory.

I think for me it definitely has to be SNW. I would even go as far as to say that casting Anson Mount as Pike was the best casting decision ever made by Trek and SNW should be a hoot.

Yes, awesome casting, but Nimoy I think is in level by himself in that category.

I just find that promo shot of Mount in that awful uniform as just so uninspired, it feels cheap as hell, like all new trek. You look at the promo shots from TOS, and the uniforms look GOOD, unlike the ill fitting, strange ripoff SNW seems to be giving us. It’s pretty much the only show I’m even marginally interested in, and everything I’ve seen is it so far has seriously tempered my optimism. If 2022 trek resembles the past 5 years of it, then I won’t be tuning in, like I haven’t since 2020. I miss intelligent and engaging writing, and cool looking ships and uniforms… Is it so much to ask for?

Remember that promo shots in general are styled a LOT. There’s stuff you can’t see like clips and safety pins in back to tighten up fabric, special angles and poses to minimize unflattering aspects, mini combs to fluff up hair, lighting tricks, wardrobe steamers nearby so they can de-wrinkle anything, etc.

While we live in the age of Photoshop, in the 1960s all commercial photography was hand-airbrushed or dodged/burned in the darkroom to get rid of wrinkles, seams and shadows. I guarantee that whatever TOS photography you’ve seen has been edited.

Lead actors / cast get their uniforms entirely custom-tailored by the wardrobe department. They’re as close to a perfect fit as you can get.

I don’t really see any problems with the uniforms we’ve seen to date on Discovery from a quality perspective, and it’s hard to judge SNW’s uniforms based on one relatively low-resolution internet trailer.

I mean, if you want to see sloppy uniforms, there’s dozens of fan films where the cast are wearing off-the-rack cosplay costumes that haven’t been tailored to fit or didn’t fit in the first place. Bags and sags and wrinkles all over the place!

You might not like the design and that’s your prerogative of course, but it’s not cheap.

I myself wasn’t a fan of those weird asymmetrical collars, which are thankfully gone.

I’m neither here nor there on the current SNW designs, which to me seems a little too close to a baseball jersey or cycling top with that semi-raglan sleeve design, with the patterned yoke and the V neck. Most visible on Nurse Chapel’s outfit. Plus there’s a shape mismatch with a V neck on top and crew-neck T shirt underneath.

But I’m guessing as we progress through the series we’ll see some evolution towards a more detailed version of the classic TOS design.

I personally would love to see something more like the ST:Beyond high-collar design, but bringing back the laser-textured patterning and vibrant colours from the 2009 version; or something more like the 2009 version, but with a crew neck on the coloured overshirt, so there isn’t that weird mismatch of V-neck and black undershirt mock-turtleneck.

Yeah well said, I definitely am just not a fan of the design, I’m sure they’re quality garments at any rate. But I really would love to just see the TOS uniform done with modern resolution standards in mind – not an interpretation of the uniform, like the Kelvin timeline films and Disco, but actual, authentic, faithful re-creations of the original uniforms, with better quality fabrics and a metal Starfleet delta, like the Beyond uniforms without the high collar. That’s it, that’s all they have to do. Instead they keep trying to change it.

Yeah, that would be interesting to see.

The hyper-detailing on costumes in general as a trend from the early 2000s onward is an aesthetic choice, for sure, ostensibly to make things seem more dimensional and real, less “cartoonish”, and to show off just how sharp your theatre’s Barco 6K laser projector is.

It’ll be interesting to see when, if and how filmmakers dial down the detail levels once this “look” is no longer in vogue. Once audiences have been used to a kind of look it’s hard to go back, though.

Could you do a new Superman film with Christopher Reeve’s simple, almost 2D costume? It works for those first movies because of the emotional and tonal character of the film. There are no shades of grey, just good vs evil with interesting character moments. Technically the lighting is a lot flatter and brighter due to the way film stock worked back then – you couldn’t shoot low light as well as we can today, so the palette was more limited.

Part of the problem with Reeves blue suit was it had to be a different shade of blue from the blue screen in back of him. There are times when it just looks off to me. But still, Donner made a fantastic film.

that was fixed with the dvds, blu rays

I have the upgraded BD. They did their best but it still looks off to me.

henry cavill actually wore the reeve suit to audition for MoS and got the role.
nick cage also wore it when tim burton was planning to direct a ‘superman’ movie in the 90s.

I’m not anticipating any news about the beginning of production on Trek 14 for theatrical release. There’s little to suggest the studio isn’t doing much beyond looking at concepts that can be made for around 100MM.

I’m more excited about Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The 4K Director’s Edition, to be honest. Happy 2022, everyone!

Glad I’m not the only one! Well, *technically* I’m more excited about Strange New Worlds, I guess, but if I could only pick one thing from the entire list to actually happen, it would be the TMP director’s cut upgrade.

Here as well but I am hoping that they put out a BD of it. So far there is no word on that whatsoever. If it is just for streaming then I’m not interested whatsoever. I want a Blu Ray. HD. No need for 4K.

Only SNW holds any interest at all for me. If only the same people weren’t behind it as the other feeble offerings.

Bingo. What worries me about SNW is that the problems with Disco and Picard have to do with showrunners and writers. They simply aren’t any good. Unless there’s a different creative team working on SNW, why wouldn’t it have the same issues? The three lead SNW actors are well cast but they can’t rewrite the scripts. Maybe they should try.

I’m looking forward to most of the new content as well as, TMP The Directors Edition but I really want 2022 to be the year we get the announcement of remasters for Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Yeah I second that for DS9 and Voyager. It just seems to be the right thing to do. If the studio are making money on the new shows then surely they can take on a short term financial hit with putting out DS9 and VOY on HD. It will be an expensive project but it seems right that they’d invest in this to future proof those two shows for the next several decades or whatever it is.

With disc sales continuing to decline they’d have to put it on Paramount Plus / streaming services (at first anyway) but they can still make the money back after several dozen years I’d think. Make a few Star Trek movies make there money back there.. there are ways!

I hope they bring back Sofia Boutella as ‘Jaylah’ to replace Anton Yelchin (who sadly died) in Pavel Chekov’s Navigator/Security/Tactical officer position at the Helm.

Ditto! She’d be fun as the new “baby” at the helm.

I say have Star Trek run into the Empire of Star Wars!!! LOL

Pretty telling that Picard Season 2 doesn’t make the list for the site editors or most of the commenters. I know Season 1 was a mixed bag, but with Betty White passing, it makes me realize that we likely don’t have much time left with Sir Patrick, so I’m looking forward to seeing him on screen as Picard as many times as possible before all good things come to an end.

Patrick Stewart is still in incredible health for an 81 year old man. He still seems to walk mostly unaided for one and still seems quite switched on in a mental sense. Of course we don’t know the exact details of his health as that’s private to him but it’s great he’s still working and happy to play Picard again for us fans.

Thought the same thing when i heard of Betty White passing. Also made me think that they should have some fun with William Shatner while he is also very active.

The list is essentially picking one thing per category and the copy makes it clear picard season 2 is highly anticipated. If you listen to our weekly podcast we talk about it all the time and how we’re very much looking forward to it especially from things we’re hearing about it and the new showrunner. It’s only that snw is something new and even more geared towards fans that makes it the most anticipated season coming up in 2022

After watching the wretched Picard S1, they should let Sir Patrick go quietly into retirement and not sully our memories any further.

The new trek movie (cast announcements:kelvin//prime actors, title/early teaser trailer):

all other concerns are secondary. you understand..

You’re not…… holding your breath now….are you?

Breathe deeply, it’ll be a while.

LaVar Burton, Grand Marshall of the 2022 Rose Parade. It’s all good!!

I’m most looking forward to the 4K UHD release of the remaining movies 5 thru 10.

Any word on when that’s coming?

There were rumours of Feb 22, but no announcement has been forthcoming

SNW by far. I just hope it’s more like the old Trek and less like current Trek.

How about likable or at least tolerable characters for starters and a lot less crying. And a new writing staff.

You’re right about the crying. How many times did Kirk cry? When Spock died, maybe? And Picard cried after the Sarek mind-meld and being torturued by a Cardassian, but I think that’s it. And Sisko cried as Benny Russell, not sure about Janeway or Archer. My point is the crew of the previous Trek shows did not cry or have as many “kumbaya” moments of sharing their feelings. The Disco crew does not have the “feel” of the older Starfleet crews I knew, they are much less formal. But, that’s just my very humble opinion.

Personally I don’t have as much of a problem with the tears than I do with the fact that every time they did it, as an audience member, I did not feel what the character was feeling. Meaning those moments were unearned and perhaps even over emoted. If the moment felt genuine then a character’s tears can be totally justified and the viewer can be drawn in it with the character. But so far on Star Trek Discovery there has been none of that. It’s always forced.

It’s odd because other shows are able to do it. I just watched the final season of Lost in Space and the emotion in that final episode was completely genuine. I found myself thinking, why am I connecting with these characters but not one from Discovery? What are the LiS writers doing that the Star Trek Discovery writers aren’t?

Can’t wait to see anything Trek on the big screen! Christmas 2023 we should be in for a treat.


Strange New Worlds is first on the list. But “excited” is just too strong. I look forward to it with cautious optimism. Optimism that became possible due to Star Trek Prodigy not only not sucking but actually being above average! It showed that, unless Prodigy was just pure accident, (and it might be) that Secret Hideout is indeed capable of making at least mediocre Trek when they try!

PS… Also looking forward to (hoping, really) improvement in streaming tech. It still sucks to have to watch stuff on streaming services for a handful of reasons. It seems that there is always something from failure to forward or rewind, to closed captioning getting in the way of images, to software glitches, menus that are not intuitively obvious… The list just goes on and on. It’s just annoying because every time one issue is fixed another one pops up. It’s got to get better, right?

Really looking forward to finally getting some more Orville. It started out a litttle derivative but got better by each episode. So I hope, it can finally really stand on it’s own this time. It would be fitting, since season 3 was the sweetspot for a lot of trek shows.

As for P+ offerings, I will have look at SNW, since Pike was pretty much the only good thing to come out of Discovery, but pretty pessimistic about it. It’s the same thing they promised for every other Season of their shows and they just got worse and worse.

Strange New Worlds is the most promising of the new shows. It is most like my favorite Treks (TNG, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, Voyager and the Original). Discovery was a real disappointment. The biggest problem was the cast (except Michelle Yeoh who was fantastic!!!). They came across as a the ship of the mental misfits. All the crew would talk about feelings, and want to have group hugs during battles. Tilly was the Reginald Endicott Barclay III, but unlike the Barclay, she was promoted.

Also cartoon star treks are nice for the kids, but I am looking froward to someone developing a Star Trek that I can enjoy, similar to the ones that made the series one of the greatest sci fi stories of the past 55 years.

I do like the new shows in general even if I have my issues with a few of them, but I agree with you and hope that SNW is closer to classic Star Trek is and more standalone adventures with 90% less crying. ;)

I just got TOS on BR so I can finally watch with the original effects and not the cheap plastic CGI on the streaming services – and it’s just so, so intelligent, so refreshing to see ADULTS handling things like ADULTS without CRYING and still managing to joke amongst themselves. That’s the mark of good writing – being able to have credible people behave like professionals, not acting like spastic immature teenagers in charge of a starship. I seriously think Trek peaked in the 60s.

TOS is still too old to be appealing for a great many people under about 35 or 40 today. I’ve tried to watch it myself and it doesn’t hold my attention to see it through. I love the TOS movies but the TV series is just too old for me. It’s a bit like watching an old stage-play or something and everything is slower and big on hammy acting which was more the standard for TV of that era I know.

Crying isn’t the problem mind, but it’s probably the amount of it that is. Its not realistic to have a professional starship crew that is too sensitive. You wouldn’t stand a chance in the military like that. They’d have you thrown out as you’d be deemed a danger to yourself and your teammates. I mention the military because starfleet has basically been compared to a military, albeit one that is purely defensive and passive in nature, similar to a futuristic NATO alliance or something I guess.

Given how often Starfleet gets into battles, they should have shaped themselves into a military mindset a long time ago. TOS, DS9 and TNG all maintained that balance in a believable way.

You may not have seen a lot of TOS, but frequently it would start like this: the crew is placidly doing something like scanning a new nebula for science reasons and then the giant space amoeba attacks or there are Klingons off the starboard bow.

The science/exploration part of Star Trek was often in the background and the story starts when a crisis hits. So, we need characters who are good at handling one crisis after another, generally involving phasers set to kill. These people can’t be crying and hugging all the time.

DS9 was great in its own way. I see TOS and DS9 as the pinnacles of Star Trek thru the years. TNG hasn’t aged well, VOY and ENT were painful but wow, the new shows are worse than I could have imagined. I’ve finally given up trying. I know we’ll never have a TOS like show again but could we return to DS9, with well-crafted, compelling and likable characters (even the villains were likable or at least fun to watch!) and gripping plot arcs? And I totally agree about the hugging and the crying. Geesh.

Frankly I didn’t even like Yeoh on Disco. The only characters that were okay: Saru and Jett Reno. That’s just not enough, especially when the writing also sucks. Picard was even worse. I did like how they revitalized Seven although I’m confused about when she became a lesbian. Not objecting to it, just seems shoehorned weirdly in.

PS, I forgot: the Romulan siblings were also good on Picard. On Disco, I liked the Ash plotline even though the big twist was telegraphed with all the subtlety of a bat’leth through the skull.

I’m most looking forward to the next season of Lower Decks – that show has had the best hit-to-miss ratio of P+ era Trek for my money. It seems like every time I think I’m in love with the live-actions shows, I get kicked in the teeth (looking at you, PIC S1), so I’m waiting for the reviews on the new seasons of those.

Amen! Love Lower Decks!!!!

Really hoping Picard improves next season.

Disgusting, please get that Orville trash off our viewscreen.

I’m looking forward to Strange New Worlds, but we really don’t need that “old school fans” descriptor for fans of Star Trek. Instead, it’s the shmegeges who have memorized DS9, but ‘can’t get through TOS’ that are the subset of fans to be siloed.

Disgusting, please get that Orville trash off our viewscreen.

You mispelled PICard.

Sounds like you should be the one that is siloed.

Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have worth to others. You honestly didn’t have to say anything at all, it’s not like YOUR opinion is going to change the course of a Television show or franchise. Go take your toxicity to some other dark corner of the internet, where you can whine about what others like and dislike and how it gets your underwear in a wad.

Your negativity is not welcome here and is quite intolerable. Heck, I don’t like Discovery and what they’ve done to Picard, but at least I tolerate others that like them. You can’t even be bothered to be civil: you want to section off what kind of “Star Trek Fans” are appropriate or not.

Frankly, I think we could do with less of YOUR type of fan. The fandom would be better for it.

“Anson Mount returns to the role [of Captain Pike] following his run in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery along with Ethan Peck as Spock and Rebecca Romijn as Number One. There is a new cast, some playing familiar roles like Dr. M’Benga and Nurse Chapel.”

Hey, Number One and Nurse Chapel are supposed to be played by the same person.

You forgot the computer’s voice ;-)

I’ve finally given up trying to like Disco or Picard. The writing. Is. TERRIBLE.

I’m hoping against hope that SNW might be the exception. I hope it has different writers and showrunners. Please. Let Star Trek be good or at least tolerable again.

Looking forward to the 2022 efforts of They have come out of the gate at a gallop in the 1:6 scale action figure space with quality and speed, shipping 4 museum-grade figures within weeks of pre-order, including First Contact Data & Picard and Voyager’s Janeway and EMH. Pre-orders have been taken for Mirror Spock and previews have been presented for several more, including Judge Q and Locutus of Borg for 2022! There are expectations for 14 plus releases in 2022. This crew is just getting started and is already turning heads. The intent is to finally do Justice to Star Trek in the 1:6 space and they are making it so!