‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Mid-Season 4 Trailer Reveals More Action, New Aliens, And Old Friends

Last week’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery was a surprise mid-season finale. And at the end of the episode, Paramount+ ran a promo for what is to come for the second half of the season when it returns on February 10. As per custom, TrekMovie has all the screenshots and our analysis to break it all down. The following moves some things around to group what looks like related shots together, and of course, there are some SPOILERS.

Book and Tarka go it alone

Episode seven ended with Book and Tarka stealing an experimental Spore Drive and going rogue, jumping away to enact Tarka’s plan to destroy the DMA even though the impromptu galactic council voted to try for diplomacy instead. The trailer starts off with Book’s ship coming out of a spore jump at an unknown planet.

 Book’s ship dodges asteroids as he talks to Tarka about the plan…

Book: How long do you need to build the weapon?
Tarka: Twenty-four hours should do it.
Book: This will stop the DMA, no one else has to die?

Other shots in the trailer show Booker and Tarka’s journey together including more of them on his ship, his ship flying through a spinning ring, and walking together on an unknown planet together.

And there’s also a random shot of Tarka opening a hatch to work on some conduits, possibly for his super weapon.

Discovery sent to hunt them down

UFP President Rillak tells Captain Burnham: “Book and Tarka must be stopped, whatever the cost.”

Later Rillak sets the stakes, saying “If Booker and Tarka succeed, they risk provoking a highly advanced species capable of destroying us all.”

On the Discovery, Burnham and Mr. Saru discuss the mission…

Burnham: You think I am too close to this?
Saru: I believe that there is no one else that can possibly correct his path.

Captain Burnham briefs her crew: “This isn’t an easy mission, but it is critical that we succeed.”

Later her rally speech ends with “Let’s get to it.”

And the crew reply in unison: “Aye, captain.”

Gearing up for battle

There is a shot of Culber, Detmer, Burnham, and Saru in tactical suits doing a corridor hero walk.

The same group can later be seen walking through a dark alien forest with phasers ready.

A frontier bar brawl

Admiral Vance says: “Booker is outside Federation territory…”

Cut to Michael and Owosekun walking into an alien bar following an Andorian as we continue to hear Vance in voiceover saying, “You’ll be without a weapon, without a badge, without authority.”

Michael gambles with an unknown alien as we hear her voiceover say, “There may be some surprises.”

Book can also be seen sitting at the same table.

Later Burnham punches an unknown human as Book and Owosekun watch.

Owosekun does some boxing in the same location.

Species 10C comes for a visit?

In voiceover, Saru says: “Something is coming. A lifeform,” over a shot of a Vulcan ship.

Presidents Rillak and T’Rina on the Bridge of the USS Discovery along with Saru, Michael and a pedestal device.

Rillak is also seen on the bridge as the ship is taking damage.

Dr. Kovich warns, “Whatever we think we know about species 10C, we’re wrong.”

Rillak, T’Rina, and Earth Defense Force General Ndoye walk through the shuttle bay at Starfleet HQ with Burnham, Saru, and another Starfleet officer.

The trailer ends with ominous music as the group look up at something.

More familiar faces return

There are some glimpses of a few more returning characters cut into the trailer, including Rachael Ancheril’s Nhan who hasn’t been seen since season three, now in the 32nd century Starfleet Security uniform along with a new minimized Barzan breathing apparatus.

Mary Wiseman can briefly be seen returning as Tilly, sharing a drink with Vance at Starfleet HQ before an explosion.

Tig Notaro will be back as Jett Reno, who tells Adira “This is where I get to say I was born ready?”

Moments with the found family.

There are a handful of other quick character beats, including Stamets and Culber sharing a moment, along with the pair of them with Adira. However, there are no shots of Ian Alexander’s Gray, who was seen leaving for Trill with Adira at the end of episode seven.


Ship and booms

And finally, here are some random shots of ships and explosions…

Watch it

Paramount+ has not posted this trailer online, however, some fans have done so, so here it is…

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The Borg. and this time there may be no stopping them..


Here’s what it currently says on TVTropes’ “Made of Explodium” — “Star Trek was famous for using a minor version of this trope constantly. Whenever a ship gets hit, control panels on the bridge spray sparks everywhere.”

I think it’s safe to say Trek is no longer using a “minor” version anymore. Someone should update the page to say, “In later shows, it seems Starfleet ships are made of nothing but explodium.”

And, somehow, rocks laying on the floor of the bridge after said explosions.

Many of us see the “rocks” as what programmable matter looks like when it loses coherence.

Not sure that it’s a design improvement. At least dumb matter keeps it’s shape.

LOL… “Explodium.”

Species 10C is really funny. In Germany, school classes are given with the a number for the age group and the first letters of the alphabet for the individual classes. If there are three classes in year 10, the third one is called 10C.
Those weirdos. I’ve always known they were up to something. But a Dark Matter Anomaly? Only six months before their final exam? :-)

Und die C war immer die blöde Klasse ;)

I hope the will reveal that Detmer went to the class 10c of the Wim-Wenders-Gymnasium in D-dorf.

I don’t believe that. All members of the crew went of course to the class 10c of the Waldorfschule ;-)

Lol, you got a point there – that would explain a lot

Woo Hoo! Nhan is back! She was a really great character in S2. I love her! I love the starfleet soldiers. I hope she takes over as Security Chief. But knowing the writers who still won’t tell us who the engineering chief is…..probably will have to rely on head canon.

Pity about her yum-yum comment though. I always think of that whenever she is mentioned.

I only remember that when people get hung up on it haha. That was a pretty cringy line, but that was also two seasons ago.

Honestly I forgot she even existed and as a result, didn’t even recognize her in the trailer. But then, I keep forgetting there is even a bridge crew on this show, too.

Detmer was born for that hero walk.

Kinda strange that Disco hasn’t had a season 5 announcement yet…

I wonder whether there is wrangling going on with cast contracts.

Maybe discovery gets destroyed or moved to a different timeframe (Calypso) and the crew / ship change hence a new show?

Since they have mentioned the new Voyager that often, I assume they use the Voyager-J to jump into another galaxy and get stranded there. Voilà: we get “Voyager – The next generation”.

I suspect that the disentanglement from the relationship with Netflix is holding things up.

I would expect an announcement after the hiatus and once Paramount+ rolls out to more countries in the coming months.

Discovery is Paramount+ most watched show so it doesn’t seem like there is any question of renewal.

The other thing is that with Picard and SNW moving forward to produce additional seasons, there isn’t the same urgency to get a fifth season of Discovery into production quickly. S4 was in production for 9 or 10 months due to COVID impacts. The cast may wish for a longer break before returning to Toronto.

Maybe they all die at the end of s4 to make way for SNW and a new Kirk series staring Bill Shatner





I haven’t watched the newest season yet. Question, have they shown the interior of any 32nd Century Starships yet? It occurred to me just now that despite the retrofit to the Discovery its interiors still date back to the 23rd Century.

We get a bit of a hallway shot at the start of the 3rd episode “Choose To Live”, which starts off on a different federation ship, but given the short scene and limited room, it was probably a light redress of existing sets.

More than likely.

They look excactly like the Ships in the 23. Century

That’s unfortunate. If anything, they should look like Starfleet HQ.

Excelente serie será que algo de lo que se muestra en el seriado será realidad

I’m very sad the show get out of Netflix

I’d be happy just with Burnham not whispering every single line melodramatically.