Jonathan Frakes Talks Directing John de Lancie And Brent Spiner For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

Turns out there’s even more from Jonathan Frakes’ latest round of interviews following Star Trek: Discovery episode 406, which he directed. The former Next Generation star and veteran director is revealing more about working on Star Trek: Picard season two… and three.

TNG Reunion on the set of Picard

Jonathan Frakes directed two episodes of the second season of Picard, which brings back John de Lancie as Q as well as Brent Spiner playing a new member of the Soong family. Speaking to Collider, Frakes talked about what it was like for him to reunite with those two along with star Sir Patrick Stewart on set:

I had an episode with John de Lancie, who played Q on our show, and Brent Spiner now plays another character on Picard, and Patrick and I. The four of us are sitting there and it was like a weekend had passed, but it had been 35 years, or something like that, since we had started this show together.

He also spoke of the mini TNG reunion with CinemaBlend:

I have a scene with [de Lancie’s Q] and Soong, who Brent [Spiner] plays on Picard. And it’s one of my favorite scenes of the season.

CinemaBlend also reported Frakes will “share a scene with de Lancie,” indicating a possible return as William Riker, as he did for season one. But TrekMovie has confirmed he was just talking about directing the scene, not acting.

John de Lancie as Q in season two trailer

de Lancie’s Q is “complicated”… like the Borg Queen

Jonathan Frakes had a bit more to say about working with de Lancie on season two of Picard (via CinemaBlend):

He’s beautifully cast as Q, and Q is one of the most complicated villains, arguably, with the Borg Queen. It’s always a pleasure to work with John on and off the set.

As it so happens, the Borg Queen will be part of season two, played by Annie Wersching. This morning, art director Kit Stølen shared a photo from the set of Picard, revealing they use an image of Wersching’s Queen as a “PLEASE STAND BY FOR ASSIMILATION” test pattern for their camera monitors.

Picard season 2 (and 3) is more about the crew

Mr. Frakes also gave an overview of what we can expect in the upcoming seasons (via Collider):

Season two of Picard explores a little more of the crew that Picard found and is with. Season one was sort of a coming to reintroduce Picard to the world, and the vulnerability, and the choice to be retired, and the demons that still haunt him. And season two is more inclusive of his crew. The characters that we came to know as they were introduced on season one and then became part of the family. That family now functions as a unit in a way that most shows, when they develop. Season two and three become seasons where they really get their footing as a cohesive ensemble.

He has previously confirmed he also directed episodes for season three of Picard, which is currently in production.

Jeri Ryan (Seven), Michelle Hurd (Raffi), Evan Evagora (Elnor) and Alison Pill (Dr. Jurati) in the season two trailer

The second season of Picard wrapped production in the fall of 2021. It was originally announced to be debuting on Paramount+ in February, but with last week’s announcement of Discovery going on hiatus and returning in February, it seems possible (if not probable) that season two of Picard will be pushed back a few weeks at least.

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Also, don’t forget to mention, many Hollywood studios are contemplating delaying returning to work because of the Omicron variant.

Deadline Hollywood reported on this.

Unfortunately, Whoopi tested positive. Maybe Picard is taking a break due to Omicron? Really hope Whoopi have a quick recovery.

Season 2 was filmed before she got Covid.

Is she not participating in Season 3? I haven’t read either way. Still, hope a quick recovery for Whoppi. And everyone to be safe and healthy.

Good point. I hope so!

She dies in the first episode.

Spoilers man!

Oh God. No please.

“the Borg Queen is also back for season two [of Picard], played by Annie Wersching”

On the series “Timeless,” Annie Wersching’s character killed a character played by Susanna Thompson.

so that’s how you get the gig…

I remain hopeful for the next season but I didn’t think Picard was a show that needed to exist and watching Patrick Stewart doddering around was painful to watch. It seems that the showrunners destroyed the optimistic, evolved 24th century that Roddenberry wanted to create. I hope it will return to that vision of the future, but I fear it won’t.

What? A large number of fans are thrilled to see him for two more seasons, and he is very excited and grateful to be an executive producer, to be working, not to mention to do some acting. At his age this is great, to be able to spend time with his STNG family, with the new crew. He can’t do the same things he did 20 years ago. It is a blessing he was invited and he is back because he wanted to have one more ride with the franchise.

I just love this new attitude by Alex Kurtzman, not bringing legacy characters/actors as special guests for one episode here and there. I really like his push to bring beloved captains and favorite characters, along with the new (amazing and talented) crew.

Has been a lot of weight and pressure for Discovery. But every year, the franchise is getting better, like the old days. We may not have the same DS9 or STNG Season 4-7 glory, of course, but the amount of simultaneous productions is just awesome. I am so grateful to see Stewart on board producing a new show for everyone. Same with Mulgrew. It gives me a lot of joy to see them again and Kurtzman receiving them with the hands wide open.

So well said. Thank you for making me smile today.

Yes! Wonderfully said. I often call myself Star Trek: Picard’s biggest defender. This show is doing some really interesting things not previously seen in Trek. It’s got its problems, sure, but it is a valuable entry to the franchise.

This is a joke right?

Discovery has become dreadful. Touchy-feely Trek. Hugs, cheers and tears. Soap opera hogwash.

Seriously? You are just being sarcastic, right?

his age was part of the plot and, yes., they went dark with the post ‘nemesis’ era but only so picard and co can make things right in the end.

We have had nothing about Guinan…hope they did not change their minds and decide she was not needed.

This would be a perfect time to explore Q and Guinan’s history.

She’s 100% in S2.

For one episode yes

“Brent Spiner playing a new member of the Soong family”

Can we please be “done” with the Soongs?


Apparently not – might be interesting if he’s playing Karen Soong, known throughout the galaxy for harrassing mid level managers of Ferengi trading outposts, and singlehandedly driving the Orions underground.

LOL. I would like to see a Soong family reunion, all played by Spiner. Like ‘A Fistful of Datas’ but on steroids.

Attack of the Clones…..oh, wait, wrong franchise.

Easy to get them mixed up these days.

Yeah its clearly just a lazy way to get Brent in it even though all his TNG characters are long dead. Just say he’s YET ANOTHER Soong – and they all have the exact same face.

I’m a bit ambivalent about season 2. Season 1 got off to a strong start but as it progressed it got a bit muddled in the middle and then it missed the landing.

So, yeah, we’ll see how it goes but I’m less inclined to ride out a season if I start to lose patience with a season.

I still remember how excited we both were after that first episode. Everyone seem like on a high from it….only to be a huge downer by the finale. :(

I know there are still ton of people who felt burned over season 1 is still skeptical about season 2 and I can’t blame them. But I do hope with the pandemic delaying things and a new show runner they really improved it for season 2. Fingers crossed.

Why do they keep dragging Spiner back? It’s getting increasingly pathetic now.

Agreed. He should have been flashback Data in Picard S1. End of. Unfortunately since Generations – everything has ben about either Picard or Data.


Never doubted it of course but so good to hear! He’s going to be back next season on LDS too!

We can never have too much of Riker! Get him on Discovery and Prodigy!

You forgot SNW. (Wenn schon, denn schon) I want a Riker in every iteration of Star Trek. It has to be done.

Ah yes SNW too of course! We have to get Riker on EVERY STAR TREK SHOW!!!! I don’t care how they do it! Its what the fandom demands!!!!!

Omicron variant.

sounds so ‘trek’

Yeah, sounds like the title of an episode.

Surely another trailer wouldn’t go amiss?

Q is not a villain. As seen at the end of All Good Things. Later Q episodes ditched that and made him antagonistic Q again. I hope Q in Picard S2 is there to help like he was in AGT and not just “Im back ! Im Q and im Encounter At Farpoint Q again for some reason….”

Not to be the fly in the ointment here, but wasn’t Q’s closing line in AGT’s “the trial never ended”? It seems to me there’s nothing that could stop them from going all Thanos on the Federation if sufficiently provoked….