Podcast: All Access Star Trek Reprograms The Holodeck For “Kobayashi” On ‘Prodigy’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 73 - TrekMovie

[Discovery talk starts at 07:48 / Prodigy review starts at  10:47]

Tony and Laurie start with the news that Star Trek: Picard season 3 shut down this week when 50 people on the production team tested positive for Covid. They talk about how that might affect the production schedule for season 2 of Strange New Worlds, then discuss more Picard tidbits from Jonathan Frakes’ latest round of interviews. After a quick recap of Star Trek: Discovery‘s trailer for the second half of season 4, they review the brand-new Star Trek: Prodigy episode “Kobayashi,” which they both unabashedly loved. Ani and David (Tony’s niece and nephew) give their Prodigy review, and Tony plays clips from his interview with the show’s writer/producer Aaron J. Waltke. They wrap up the podcast with a little audio from the Cameo that Blu del Barrio bought from Anthony Rapp as a Christmas present—for themself!—and a Deep Space Nine Q&A Twitter thread from Robert Hewitt Wolfe.


‘Star Trek: Picard’ Production Paused After Multiple Positives For COVID; Patrick Stewart Not Among Them

Jonathan Frakes Talks Directing John de Lancie And Brent Spiner For ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Mid-Season 4 Trailer Reveals More Action, New Aliens, And Old Friends

Interview: Writer/Producer Aaron J. Waltke On “Kobayashi” And What’s Next For ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’

Aaron J. Waltke on Twitter


Tony: Blu del Barrio bought themself an Anthony Rapp Cameo for Christmas

Laurie: Robert Hewitt Wolfe answers Deep Space Nine questions

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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I just enjoyed the fact that NuTrek in this episode really embraced and used the original and golden eras of Trek to its advantage in a positive way. Up until Lower Decks, it felt like Nu Trek was trying to be different and avoid canon or bend it to fit the NuTrek narrative. This is the best episode of Star Trek since the Lower Decks season 1 finale and before that Enterprise in 2005 – for me.

I actually feel that ‘NuTrek’ all the shows have tried to use canon as much as possible. At least from Picard on. It was really only Discovery that felt like the odd man out because it changed SO MUCH in terms of the look and yes changed canon by having a Klingon war at a time there never was one. I mean EVERYTHING about the Klingons felt like big canon changes and why so many fans had problems with that show. It’s no wonder they threw that show so far into the future.

But with all the other shows, I feel the complete opposite. They learned their lesson on Discovery and has really adhere to the visual look and style of the classic shows, especially LDS. But Picard fit in to the TNG era just fine, it’s just been updated because 20 years had past. But in terms of looks and canon, seems fine. But I know others think the universe is ‘darker’ but that’s not really a canon issue, just a change in tone. LDS and PRO has really captured the look of the 24th century directly since they are closer to the Nemesis timeline. The Klingons are another great example. They look and act exactly like the TNG era Klingons on both shows. No weird four nostrils or bald heads anywhere. They corrected all the mistakes Discovery did IMO.

With all the canon callbacks in LDS, it makes sense that it would be closer in visual style to the TNG era. Also, since the look is quite stylized it still gives them some wiggle room.

If you take Prodigy on the other hand, the outside may look familiar but the inside doesn’t really fit any established Trek era.

Picard has definitely updated the look as well. The difference is just less jarring if you compare 2020 Picard to 2002 Nemesis than if you compare 2017 Discovery to 1960’s TOS.

It will be interesting to see if Strange New Worlds will stick to the visual style established by Discovery or how much they’ll change it to bring it look closer to TOS.

But yeah it’s pretty much the same in Picard, just updated as it should be. But everything about the universe fits in the TNG era. Prodigy the ship was experimental, that’s why it looks different, just like the Defiant did in DS9. And now we know it’s from the future, so it makes even more sense. It was bugging some people Janeway had a different combadge from Voyager’s version for some odd reason and now we know why. ;)

But Janeway herself, the unfiorms, Klingons, the Enterprise D and on and on are all exactly the same from that period. Look at what they did with the TOS characters in the holodeck. They could’ve had Spock and Uhura wear uniforms closer to the Discovery/SNW look. It was 100% as we remembered them. That’s what I’m talking about.

Discovery took HUGE liberties on everything. The only way you would know the show took place in the 23rd century is because someone told us it did. Otherwise, it could’ve been in the 25th or 26th century and you wouldn’t have blinked.

It’s a holodeck episode, which generally sucks but….. I liked it!!! Congrats because that’s an accomplishment!
Loved having Spock and Uhura teaching lessons.
Only let down was the non functional simulation bridge that didn’t really fit the era politics nor awesomeness of the Kobayashi Maru scenario. Why would you fly a bunch of civilians in a hotel to the Klingon border on patrol in an era of universal peace? They should have used the TWOK bridge and said the test is grandfathered, plus kids might actually learn about functional visually attractive command centres where the commanding officer can actually spin around to interact with crew and information screens.

Anthony, interesting point about the galactic core. This being another animated season, maybe the Protostar will run into Lucien!

Ha! Lucien seems like a better fit for Lower Decks.

Thanks again for all the news and happy new year to Tony and Laurie. Can’t wait until Prodigy is available to fans here in the UK.

Great to hear interviews and comments from the writer and producer on Prodigy. Do you think you might be able to do same with some of those involved with the new seasons of Picard and SNW?

Hi Scott, and happy new year. We are always trying to get writer interviews and hope to do more for sure.

I wasn’t happy and I was cranky before I watched this because I was so disappointed with waiting for more Disco. This episode changed that immediately. I’ve watched it three times. I didn’t see any spoilers or photos before it aired and it blew me away. I have officially switched gears back to Prodigy. What an amazing episode. To hear Rene as Odo again, just hit my emotional button.

As far as why the Enterprise-D bridge was chosen, my head canon says the computer chose a random modern bridge and it selected a galaxy class bridge, not necessarily the D. And the scenario hasn’t changed because A) it really happened sometime in the 23rd century and is a case study for a real no win situation B) Klingons are still a threat even at peace. C) It’s a rite of passage to take the test and tradition keeps it the same.

Yep I kind of felt the same way. I didn’t mind Prodigy coming back, but I was now invested in Discovery’s story line and wanted to keep going. But that instantly changed after the last episode. Now I’m totally focused on Prodigy again! And like you I seen it 3 times too!

As far as your theory about the bridge, I originally thought the same and it was just suppose to be another Galaxy class ship. But then on my second viewing, I caught that Spock tells Dal on the Klingon ship he knew a different Captain on another Enterprise (it’s Kirk for anyone not paying attention…yeah KIRK) who was as stubborn as he was. So that had to be the D in order to use that line (hell, now I’m wondering if they used the D JUST to use that line lol).

And I didn’t have an issue with them still using Klingons either. And did we forget they did become enemies again during the Dominion war so you never know. But I imagine if they did update the test, they would probably use Romulans or even the Borg (btw, I laughed how similar Dal became obsessed trying to pass the test like Boimler got with his test and the Borg simulation ‘I, Excretus’).

Ah! I didn’t think about that Spock line. You’re right. It’s the D!

Yep! :)

when Dal blows up the ship by accident when he’s on the Klingon ship, the debris shows the NCC-1701D registry

Maybe they picked the D because it’s the only ship in the fleet that can still get defeated by century old Klingon ships (including fully manned Connies taking on new versions that can fire when cloaked)?

So I have been having trouble with Trekmovie podcasts. Not sure if it’s just me. I can play other podcasts just fine, but I can’t play Trekmovie.

Maybe we can help. Can you provide some more details? Which podcasting app do you use? What are the problems you’re having with trying to play our podcasts? Can you not even listen to the embedded version above?

I just use the podcasts app for iPhone. I did try the embedded version above and that did work, but it was difficult to rewind, etc. I actually have been having this problem with Trekmovie podcasts for about a year. Some episodes work fine, others not at all. All the other podcasts I listen to work fine. Thanks

That’s so odd. I listen to most of my podcasts (including ours) on the iPhone app too and it works fine. Have you tried on other platforms, like Spotify or Stitcher?

Ok now it works.. It is odd. This happens when I try to play an episode one day, it never plays, then a few days later I try again and it plays fine. This only happens with Trekmovie for me.

Thanks, Tony and Laurie, for your help, though. I think I’d rather keep to the iPhone app since its convenient for me.

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with it. So weird that it’s only ours! I hope it works from now on.

Can we have new CGI series based on Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and the Movies?