Judge Q Magically Appears In EXO-6 12” ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Figure Line

New licensor EXO-6 debuted last year focusing solely on making highly-detailed 12″ Star Trek figures and impressed us enough to make our Best of 2021 List. We were especially impressed with their first two releases: Data and Picard from Star Trek: First Contact. Today they revealed an upcoming figure for another iconic Next Generation character.

Judge Q

Star Trek: The Next Generation launched in the fall of 1987 with the two-hour pilot “Encounter at Farpoint” and the introduction of what would become one of the series most compelling, recurrent, uninvited guests: Q, the seemingly all-powerful judge of mankind played with an aggravating irreverence by actor John DeLancie. Q ultimately appeared in eight episodes of TNG, continually bedeviling Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard and bookending the show with his appearance in the two-part series finale “All Good Things.”

EXO-6 Judge Q figure

Since then Q has appeared in other Trek series as well as the Star Trek World Tour, a number of Trek video games and… My Little Pony? (the Discord character DeLancie voiced for the popular animated show is remarkably Q-like). 2022 is shaping up as a big year for Q as he’ll not only be appearing in season two of Star Trek: Picard on Paramount+, but he’s also getting his own high-end collectible 1/6 scale action figure from EXO-6.

EXO-6 Judge Q figure

EXO-6’s upcoming Q figure features the character in his red-and-black ceremonial robes and chain-of-office as he appeared in “Encounter at Farpoint,” with a remarkable likeness of John DeLancie that captures all the Q character’s arrogant mystique.

EXO-6 Judge Q figure

The figure also comes with eight interchangeable hands so you can show Q snapping his fingers to alter reality as we know it, gesturing floridly to deliver a witty putdown, or clenching his hands in rage at Picard’s human stubbornness. Will you be able to pull off Q’s hat and hood to reveal his hairdo? And will he ever have a throne to sit on? Only time will tell…

EXO-6 Judge Q figure

The Q figure is expected to ship this spring and retails for $205. It is currently available for pre-order until February 4th for a $20 non-refundable deposit—after that, even an annular confinement beam won’t guarantee you’ll get this figure. Ordering and additional info is available at the EXO-6 site and Facebook page. You can also pre-order it at Entertainment Earth.

What’s next for EXO-6

EXO-6 will continue to expand their line in 2022 with a number of releases. These include TOS “Mirror, Mirror” Spock and  Star Trek Voyager Holographic Doctor figure. Future releases for Star Trek: Discovery and more are being planned. Visit EX0-6 for more details and pre-order reservations.

Find more Star Trek merchandise news and reviews at TrekMovie.com.

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That is an incredible likeness! Spot on!

I agree that it looks quite good. I haven’t been as impressed with some of the other releases.
However, there is a note in the pictures that this is a prototype so the final product may not look the same.
Since I don’t collect these anyways it doesn’t really bother me.

I have the first four figures they released, and the final products for each of them were better than the prototypes

that’s an amazing figure. It’s not $300 amazing but it is indeed awesome

Buy it keep it in it’s box, sell in 10 years

Usually I’d agree but it seems Star Trek is the only property where the value doesn’t increase.

That said I’ve got one of the Master Replicas FC Phasers signed by Patty Stew so I’m wondering how much that will go for one day.

They went overboard on the facial lines — DeLancie has softer facial features than this figure represents. Most problematic, there is a severely exaggerated “triangle” of lines on on both side of his face, starting from beside his nose, and expanding to each side of his lips.

the detail in the skin texture is amazing

This helps to make up for the weird likeness of the Janeway figure they put out.

Because, you know, the trial never ends..

I’m more curious what is coming from Playmates Toys, now that they have the master toy license again. Those I can probably afford when they come out.

Agreed 100%!