Watch: Full Replay Of TREKtalks Telethon Featuring Dozens Of Star Trek Celebrities

The TREKtalks live streaming event to benefit the Hollywood Food Coalition ran for over eight hours, with back-to-back panels of Star Trek creatives from both in front of and behind the camera.

Highlights of the smooth, well-produced event—and there were many—were the writers’ panel (Jeri Taylor, Brannon Braga, Bryan Fuller, André Bormanis, and Lolita Fatjo), the directors’ panel (David Livingston, Jonathan Frakes, Olatunde Osunsanmi, Jim Conway, and David Carson), and the guest stars panel (John de Lancie, James Cromwell, Elizabeth Dennehy, Jonathan Del Arco, and Noah Averbach-Katz). There were also touching moments when the Deep Space Nine cast talked about losing Aron Eisenberg and René Auberjonois, Tony Todd described the emotional intensity of making “The Visitor,” and Jonathan Frakes told the Trektivism panel how much it meant to his mom to hear that Kitty Swink had survived pancreatic cancer.   The event wrapped up with a solo panel from Star Trek: Voyager and Picard star Jeri Ryan.

You can watch the full replay of the entire event below… (see HERE for full schedule)


The event organized by Roddenberry Podcasts and the Trek Geeks Podcast Network brought in over $61,000, with $30,000 coming from a matching donation from Rod Roddenberry. John Billingsley was also adding $10 to every $40 donation to bring it to a round $50. Donations are still being accepted.

Support the Hollywood Food Coalition

The Hollywood Food Coalition is a charity located just a few blocks from the Paramount studio lot, where Star Trek has been filming for over 50 years. The coalition provides a hot, nourishing, multi-course meal for all comers seven nights a week. Plus, they have a number of programs to provide food and resources with 100+ not-for-profits in the Hollywood community. You can learn more about the Hollywood Food Coalition or donate now at

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Having them talk with Jeri Ryan was a nice way to end the event!