USS Titan Kicks Off Hero Collector’s ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Starship Model Collection

Hero Collector continues to expand its offering of models tied into the new Star Trek Universe with the announcement of a new range and the reveal of Captain Riker’s ship.

 Titan joins the fleet

Hero Collector’s latest range of die-cast Star Trek starship models is based on ships from Star Trek: Lower Decks, the animated comedy that was just picked up for a fourth season. Hero Collector’s Star Trek: Lower Decks – Official Starships Collection promises to capture the starships featured in the series with hand-painted, highly detailed models, with each accompanied by a profile magazine packed with behind-the-scenes info and interviews. Like with other Hero Collector starship models, each ship in the Lower Decks series will be mounted on a detachable display.

The USS Titan in “Kayshon, His Eyes Open”

And to kick off the collection Hero Collector has revealed the model for the USS Titan (NCC-80102), the Luna-class ship commanded by Captain William Riker introduced in the season one finale. The Titan was first mentioned as Riker left the USS Enterprise at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis and it became the primary setting for a series of Titan novels, but Lower Decks was the first to bring it to the screen.

Hero Collector Lower Decks USS Titan

Hero Collector’s die-cast model promises to replicate the Titan’s design “with faithful precision,” It measures roughly 9 inches long, which is in line with Hero Collector’s existing range of replica ships from Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard.

Hero Collector Lower Decks USS Titan

The Lower Decks USS Titan model retails for $54.95 and is expected to arrive at the end of March. You can pre-order it now at

Hero Collector Lower Decks USS Titan

And for more Lower Decks you can pick up the previously announced USS Cerritos XL Edition model. This larger model retails for $79.95 and is due to arrive at the end of January. You can pre-order it now at

Hero Collector USS Cerritos XL Edition

According to Eaglemoss the Hero Collector Lower Decks Starship Collection will continue to expand, including the USS Vancouver, the Parliament-class ship introduced in the episode “Cupid’s Errant Arrow.”

Lower Deckers celebrate 2 upcoming seasons

The news that Lower Decks was getting a fourth season and confirmation that season three was coming this summer was celebrated by showrunner Mike McMahan along with stars Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome on social media.

Here is Mike retweeting Jack’s initial tweet about the news…

And here is Tawny sharing the news and more pictures…

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The Titan such a cool ship (with an even cooler captain). I never thought I would see it in canon and yet here we are! It sounds like we will see it again on the show next season too!

And so happy LDS is picked up for a fourth season. Well deserved! That show will probably go 5-6 seasons minimum now. Great time to be a Star Trek fan!!

Because I haven’t been keeping up on novels: Is the Titan as shown in the series the same as it was depicted on, say, book covers?

It’s taken some creative licence but yes, it’s basically true to the look from the book covers and ST online.

Thanks. It’s nice that they’re drawing on non-canon sources.

I can’t figure out exactly how many starship lines they have now that aren’t included in the main subscription, which I’m assuming is over, but they never emailed me about that. Are the Disco, Picard, Lower Decks all separate subs now? Are they even doing subscriptions for these with how expensive they are?

Does one save money/ship through those ‘subscriptions’ ? Why not purchase a-la-carte, that is the ships /items that one wants instead of getting stuck with something that is not wanted or interesting. Reminds me of Columbia house music subscription and charging full price for a record you never wanted.

why is the hull soooooo purple / blue? and they couldn’t add any more detail to the perimeter / side of the primary hull/saucer? i was gonna pre order this when i heard it was coming now i’m gonna wait to see reviews on youtube

also do you think there will be an XL? they typically do that…announce a ship for pre order then after pre order is over announce there will be an XL version too