Podcast: All Access Star Trek Drinks In ‘Picard’ News And Savors Part 1 Of “A Moral Star” From ‘Prodigy’

Al Access Star Trek podcast episode 76 - TrekMovie - Prodigy "A Moral Star, Part 1"

[Prodigy review starts at 24:31]

Tony and Laurie dive deep into the new Star Trek: Picard trailer, then talk about the latest comments from the showrunners about season 2, season 3, and the possibilities for the future in the new issue of SFX Magazine. They take a quick look at sound editing award nominations for Discovery and Lower Decks, a lifetime achievement award for Doug Jones, the new toys you can pre-order from Playmates, Kate Mulgrew’s roles as Janeway and Mirror Janeway in Star Trek Online’s “Shadow’s Advance,” and a preview of the upcoming 4k remastered Star Trek: the Motion Picture Director’s Edition.

After the news, they review Prodigy‘s “A Moral Star, Part 1,” digging into the story, the characters, and the best lines while lamenting the fact that they have to wait a week for part 2. They wrap up this week’s episode of the podcast with a music teacher who does “quirky” arrangements of Star Trek themes on TikTok, and one of Patrick Stewart’s very first appearances on TV.


Analysis: Final ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2 Trailer Reveals An Adventure In Timelines… And Guinan

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Showrunners Explain How Q’s Time Travel Turns Season 2 Into A “Wild Ride”

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And ‘Lower Decks’ Nominated For 4 Golden Reel Sound Editing Awards

Doug Jones To Be Honored With Inaugural Make-Up & Hair Stylists Guild Chair Award

First Wave Of New Playmates Star Trek Toys And Figures Now Available For Pre-Order

Kate Mulgrew Leads Star Trek Online “Shadow’s Advance” – Watch The Launch Trailer

Preview Of 4K Remastered ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Director’s Edition Reveals A New Level Of Detail

Tony Randall in Gremlins II


Tony: Music teacher does “quirky” arrangements (TNG theme / Star Wars Imperial March)

Laurie: Patrick Stewart on Coronation Street in 1967

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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So I have a weird work-around to listen to these podcasts. The newest episode never loads for me, but when a another episode is posted, I am able to load and listen to the second newest one.

It’s an odd problem I only have with Trekmovie podcasts. I can listen to other podcasts, like NPR News Now, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, etc, perfectly fine.

Anyway, I look forward to this podcast when I can! I absolutely loved this most recent episode of Prodigy, my only complaint is that I have to wait a week for part 2.

This came up before, right? What app are you using? There’s no reason TrekMovie podcasts should be any different… so weird.

Yes, I use the regular iPhone podcast app. It is weird. But I just have to be more patient to listen to the podcast is all.

That’s what I use as well. What is the problem you’re having? Maybe you’re trying first thing, right as it goes up? Would you mind trying it now and letting us know if you can play it?

Regarding an anthology series, would the new video wall technology possibly make the notion of doing stand-alone episodes in different Trek eras more affordable and thus feasible than it previously would have been?

One would think so.

It also means that some of backgrounds for the AR wall might be reused with a bit of tweaking.

They now have backgrounds for Vulcan and with be building a repertoire for the major planets.

They also have a growing number of sets in Toronto that can redressed.

Yes it can help but there is a limit to that. It’s hard to imagine being able to use the AR wall to recreate something like a bridge set for example. Plus

I feel like they’d need some kind of conceit for an anthology show that would allow them to reuse sets. The AR wall helps but there are costs associated with that as well and as Tony said, you can’t use it to make a bridge set.

Through the magic of time travel Sulu, Archer, Worf, etc all gather around the fireplace at Chateau Picard to tell tales of adventures in their youth? And it just so happens that every single one of their stories involves a ship that looks either like Pikes USS Enterprise or the USS Discovery. Bam. Don’t need to build any more sets. Green light it tomorrow!

I’d pay a lot to watch that show!

It would be really interesting to know how much the AR wall has been used for interior scenes vs. planet scapes and outdoor environments. Some of the new Boba Fett series has very elaborate interiors like a nightclub and sections of Jabba’s palace that seem like they might use the technology.

They have used it more on Star Wars for interior scenes. To be honest they are further along in how they use the technology. But hopefully Trek can catch up. But there’s just a logistical limit. Again I just don’t think you could do a bridge or much of a bridge because of the interactive nature and people sitting behind consoles and that kind of thing.

Also using the AR Wall set may save money on FX but it is still expensive. They have to rent it out (it actually is run by Pixomondo and it’s located in a different part of Toronto from from the SNW and DISCO stages). So its not the big money saver that using the disco sets was for short treks.

Actually Tony, Pixmondo and William H White Studios have a second AR Wall faculty going up in Toronto for short term bookings.

This one is going in the new development on city land, close to Pinewood.

I read something about that but I don’t really see how that changes the point. Using the AR wall, any AR wall, is still a cost and a bit of a hassle because it’s going to be outside their main stages. It’s not a magic wand where they could just shoot things on the cheap like they did with short treks.

So is Picard ending in Season 3?

that is discussed in the pod and we will have an update on the site about it today.

I think the diviner is Chakotay. Listen to the diviner speak about duty to Gwin.

I don’t think its really accurate to say that Chakotay always does the right thing. The man betrayed his oath and became a terrorist. Frankly, I find it surprising that they let him stay in Starfleet after Voyager got home.

Two things! Thing one: I don’t think you can judge him based on the actions he took before the show begins and then ignore the seven years that came after. (Otherwise, Neelix is still a selfish scavenger, Tom Paris is a reprobate, The Doctor has no understanding of human behavior, etc.) Over the course of the show, Chakotay had one of the strongest moral compasses on the crew. And two: The Maquis were labeled terrorists, but they had a righteous cause, and Trek was always a little murky about whether they were bad or good… bad tactics for a good cause is usually where they netted out, I think. But I stand by it: Chakotay always does the right thing, or tries to.

Whatever they thought about the border treaty, killing Cardassians was not an acceptable way for them to handle the situation. All the Maquis accomplished was helping to make the Cardassians desperate enough to get into bed with the Dominion. Chakotay swore an oath to Starfleet long before the Maquis existed. He attacked the Federation and their allies, and helped spark a war. Neelix grew over the course of the series. By Fair Trade, he realizes that he is no longer a selfish scavenger. Chakotay never comes to terms with his past as a member of the Maquis. He never shows any regret for betraying Starfleet. If the Maquis hadn’t been destroyed, he probably would have gone straight back to them as soon as Voyager got back to the Alpha Quadrant. Of course, this isn’t just a problem with Chakotay’s character. The show’s decision to mostly ignore the fact that a third of the crew were enemies of the Federation after the third season meant that Voyager never really had a chance to explore the reasons that any of the characters had for joining the Maquis.

Interesting take on the character. There’s always been talk of the missed opportunities by having the main (Maquis) characters take to Starfleet so quickly, but the idea that Chakotay is still a terrorist who’d dump Starfleet in a hot minute after returning to the Alpha Quadrant is a new one. I don’t feel the same way about the character, but it’s still an interesting take.

Thanks again for the round up. As a Brit I’m very familiar with “Coronation Street” which as you say has been running for decades, but I had no idea Sir Patrick had been in it. His good friend and long time theatrical collaborator Sir Ian McKellen also played a character in the show, fulfilling a long time ambition to appear in this British institution. Sir Ian played a character called Mel Hutchright and appeared in 10 episodes in May 2005.

I think my mom used to watch it, too! (I grew up in Canada and we got a lot of British shows. I used to watch Doctor in the House, Man About the House, things like that.)

Wow Laurie. Those shows you mentioned bring back some memories.

I loved Doctor in the House, but it traumatized me personally when it come to getting my blood pressure taken! There was one episode where the doctor wasn’t listening or paying attention and the patient kept trying to tell him to stop squeezing, and… well, now I hate getting my blood pressure taken. (Also I suspect the show wouldn’t hold up that well, I remember a lot of grabbing of nurses.) I think we used to watch Robin’s Nest, too. And of course the great Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which was big in America as well.