‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Teaser Poster, ‘Khan’ Connection, And More Details Revealed [UPDATED]

Following the TCA Paramount+ presentation earlier today where executives outlined plans for Star Trek and other shows (see earlier report), the streamer held a number of panels for individual upcoming series, including the highly-anticipated Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Strange New Worlds cast beam in from season 2 set

On hand for the Strange New Worlds virtual panel were executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, and Henry Alonso Myers, along with series actors Anson Mount (Pike), Ethan Peck (Spock), Rebecca Romijn (Number One), and Celia Rose Gooding (Uhura).

The panel kicked off with confirmation that production on the second season had begun, with Ethan Peck still in costume.

Teaser poster and official synopsis

Paramount+ released the first poster for season one with the panel. It shows Captain Pike on horseback with the USS Enterprise above, and the tagline “The frontier Is waiting.” The scenery evokes Pike’s home in Mojave as he looks up at the ship and alien worlds.

Regarding the new poster, Alex Kurtzman (via Decider) said it represented how Strange New Worlds “speaks to the final frontier when it was at its infancy.”  And the new art showed the “spirit of adventure” present in the show.

Paramount+ also released an official show description:

STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The series will feature fan favorites from season two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY: Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

There are also comments from those attending the virtual panel that some clips were shown, however, Paramount+ did not release those to the rest of the media or the public.

Tying into Star Trek lore and canon

The topic of Star Trek canon came up with the team revealing there is something tied into the lore of the franchise they included based on a pitch from the actors.

Goldsman also reconfirmed they are trying to stay as close to Trek canon “as possible.”

Khan connection

There was some discussion on the characters including La’an Noonien Singh (Christina Chong), now confirmed to be related to the infamous Khan Noonien Singh. From The Hollywood Reporter:

“She’s related to Khan, for sure, and, uh, and the deal will unfold…” Goldsman said. “We don’t want to bring folks into the show to be splashy. We want to dig deeply into characters that are part of our ensemble and then, obviously, we’re open to getting our arms … but right now, what you see is what you get.”

More character details

Celia Rose Gooding explained that Uhura is working on finding herself as a curious cadet.

Anson Mount talked about how exploration is an important part of Pike’s character, tied into his family.

Mount also talked about what it meant to him to be working on the show, with a little nod to the first Star Trek captain.

Jess’ Tube

When the season one release date (and second season order) of Strange New Worlds was announced two weeks ago, actress Jess Bush (Christine Chapel) celebrated by sharing an image of herself along with Christina Chong  (La’an Noonien-Singh) from the set of the show, revealing a Jefferies Tube from the USS Enterprise.


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Season one of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will arrive on May 5th. It will stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America and Australia. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada with additional international availability to be announced at a later date.

[NOTE: The original version of this article has been updated to include more media coverage, swapping out some of the live tweets when more detail has become available.]

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Can’t wait to order this as a movie poster. Just awesome!

Me too. I have just the right spot for it.

There is a much higher resolution version here now…



Aw man, look at that poster! Awesome!

It’s great. Reminds me of the old Bantam paperback covers.

By gum, you’re right! I was wondering why it looked vaguely familiar.

Somewhere, James Blish is shaking his head in amazement at how long this franchise has carried on. During the post-cancellation lean years of the early Seventies, there wasn’t much for fans to look forward to aside from his prose adaptations of the original episodes. They helped to keep the flame alive.

Those Blish adaptations not only helped keep it alive, they helped it grow a little brighter, or at least it seems to me from my own limited personal experience. I first discovered Star Trek as a kid in the ‘70s, when the original series could be found in reruns, before there was much of anything else; the animated series existed, but I believe I had already missed it, but found the original show here and there.

In those pre-home video, pre-streaming days, though, one couldn’t just put on a show at one’s leisure and watch it all from beginning to end whenever one wanted; one had to wait for episodes to be shown, a situation exacerbated by being a kid who didn’t necessarily control the family TV, and I wouldn’t see every last episode of the show until sometime in the ‘80s.

In the meantime, though, at some point in the mid-to-late ‘70s (maybe Christmas ‘78? Not sure…) some family member gave me a copy of The Star Trek Reader, a hardcover collection of three of the Blish volumes totaling 21 episode adaptations, and it let me experience versions of many classic Trek stories long before circumstances let me finally watch the actual episodes. I saw each of the movies as they came out, but while I discovered the original episodes as fast as I could it wouldn’t be until sometime in the ‘80s when I’d finally seen them all, but in the meantime the Blish adaptations – the 21 stories in that one book, anyway – helped fill me in on the gaps and the past adventures that had molded this crew I was now following on the big screen (to this day I can’t quite recall whether I’d actually watched “Space Seed” on a TV screen prior to seeing Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but I still knew the basic story thanks to the prose adaptation of the episode).

I’d dearly love to have posters of the cover art for some of the numbered volumes.

Those were great books! I remember those being in our school library despite being well used even in the 80s. And then I bought the sets on the 25th anniversary releases!

Putting all the Blish volumes into 3 volumes for the 25th Anniversary made all kinds of sense, and after just having the odd one over the years it was a big deal to finally have all of them in 3 books. So much cool stuff back then in late 91/92 with that 25th logo everywhere, the sliver cover starlog celebration magazine, the bubble gum cards, the reissue model kits (with the 25th logo), the various posters (esp Tom Jung pre Generations), the Kirk starfleet academy DC annual, Unification novel, and of course all the Trek VI stuff (starlog magazine, DC comic, novel, posters etc) ..

Thanks for the nostalgia, which I totally grok. :-) I used to live in Huntington Beach, CA, a small city about fifty miles south of L.A., which was the only market showing TOS at the time. The weird thing was that the only TV in our house where we could pick it up, depending on the weather and the ionosphere and God know what-all, was an old black-and-white clunker in the garage that still only produced static on about half of my attempts. The Blish books, while no substitute for the show itself, were an easy-to-access alternative.

The most interesting of the adaptations were the early ones, collected in the first two volumes, which were often based on early-draft scripts and were thus often notably different in some key details than the finished episodes. In his adaptation of “Balance of Terror,” for example, the Enterprise is depicted as being a slower-than-light ship, and Stiles as well as Tomlinson ends up as a casualty in the conflict. And I thought his version of “The City on the Edge of Forever,” in which Blish endeavored to retain the best qualities of both Ellison’s original draft and the aired version, actually worked surprisingly well.

(On the other hand, his decision to strip away the framing story in “The Menagerie” to do just a straight-on adaptation of “The Cage,” while understandable, was a real disappointment. I had really been looking forward to that one.)

Okie dokie, where can I buy a copy of that poster?

If I can get a hi res pic of this, and the poster isn’t for sale, I’ll just print my own.

If I were writing it, I’d retcon Pike to have grown up in a city in Vasquez Rocks.

Oh, absolutely!

Wow that’s a nice poster. I am still only cautiously optimistic about this show. I’ve been burned by both Discovery and Picard, but so far everything they said and showed about SNW sounds perfect. And this poster is just, wow.

Same here about the cautious optimism, VZX, same here.

See that’s the thing. The ONE part of Discovery that didn’t burn me WAS Pike. So I am cautiously optimistic for this. Also, this is the only Trek show coming out because the fans demanded it.

I think that it’s the best poster that we’ve had in the Kurtzman era.

So many have seemed to be knockoffs of fads in television posters from the past decade.

If this is an indication that Paramount’s movie promotion folks are taking a hand in streaming promotional materials, this could be a good sign for things to come.

That poster is awesome 👍! I cannot wait to see if ViacomCBS will make this available to buy. I really would love to hang it up on my wall. I’m so excited for this show. The Enterprise is my first love 💖!

I have been a Trekkie all my 42 years now and I owe that all to my Mom. Our favorite episode of TOS to watch together was “The Devil In The Dark”. She loved the Horta and watching Spock mind-meld with her. My Mom passed away at the end of December of last year (2021).

There were two Star Trek shows coming up that she was very excited for and those were Picard season 2(she absolutely loved Q and Picard going at it on TNG.) and Strange New Worlds season 1. She loved The Menagerie two-parter from TOS a lot. She was very excited, as am I,
to finally see the Enterprise come back to the small screen after being off of it for decades now and she was excited too to see Captain Pike as her Captain again because she liked him. Unforeseen circumstances took her away from me.

But I am still very excited to see Strange New Worlds (Picard too.) and it premiers on May 5th, which is 5 days before what would’ve been my Mom’s 61st birthday. It’s nice that I can honor and celebrate her with the return of the Enterprise 💖 🖖 .

Sorry for your loss.

Thank you 😔🖖.

So sorry for your loss. I hope she is there with you in spirit when you watch the shows she loved.

Thank you 😔 and she is. My love of Star Trek comes from her. She loved the shows so much. She watched the older shows up until Enterprise ended. The newer ones she didn’t have too much of a chance to watch because they’re not on regular TV anymore.

She did watch Picard with me and she loved it, especially bringing back Seven Of Nine the way they did. She thought that was great. She loved seeing Locutus return too. She watched the Short Treks cartoon with the mama Tardigrade trying to get back to her babies, she thought that was really adorable and it reminded her a little of the mama Horta.

She watched Discovery season 1 and she enjoyed some of it. Michael Burnham was a hard character for her to swallow. She didn’t know why she acted the way she did and I had to keep telling her it was because she was raised on Vulcan. My Mom also had a tough time with the serialized format of Discovery too.

You miss one show and you miss the whole story and she didn’t care for that. The last new Star Trek show we watched together was Prodigy and she absolutely loved it! The animation blew her away! She loved seeing the return of Captain Janeway and we both fell in love with Rok-Tahk, the Brikar girl.

And we both fell in love with the ship, the U.S.S. Protostar, too. I have many memories of us watching Star Trek together that I will always treasure. She’s up in Sha Ka Ree (Vulcan for Heaven.) waiting for me so that we could be together again. Or Sto-vo-kor(Klingon for Heaven.), if you love the Klingons.

My Mom loved the Klingons, Worf, Kahless, Martin, she loved them all. Except for Gowron, his eyes looked bugged-out to her. She could never get past his eyes. She loved K’ehleyr too.

She felt so sad for Worf when K’ehleyr was killed by Duras. Every time she watched that episode she got choked up when Worf screamed over K’ehleyr’s body. Thank you for your kind words and live long and prosper, amirami🖖

My Mom got me into Star Trek too. When I was a little kid I loved Cop shows and one of them was TJ Hooker. One day I was bored so I walked into my Mom’s bedroom and she was watching TOS. I asked, “Mom, what are you watching?” And she said, Amit, look who is sitting in that center chair? The rest is history :)

Peace and long life Johnny Angel!

Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. I’ve only been watching TJ Hooker for the past year, thanks to MeTV,and I enjoy some of it. William Shatner really chews up the scenery in it, doesn’t he😄?

He’s definitely not like Captain Kirk in it, that’s for sure. My Mom and I both loved William Shatner immensely ourselves. I still do and always will. Peace and long life to you, amirama 🖖!

Take care and I look forward to chatting with you in the future. My thoughts will be with you and your family!

Take care to you and I look forward to talking to again in the future too and thanks for your kind words and thoughts 🖖.

And yes, he absolutely does chew up the scenery. And heather Locklear… WOW!

🤣. Yes, Heather Locklear goes without saying. She was so young on that show. I love the action scenes though in TJ Hooker. The car chases are outrageous!

I just started watching The Fall Guy too. I’ve never seen it before until last month and the car chases, stunts and Heather Thomas are all I really needed to see in order to be hooked. Oh, speaking of William Shatner, I just discovered a show of his that he did back in the ’70s called Barbary Coast with Doug McClure. Have you ever seen it?

If not, it’s pretty good👍! William Shatner and Doug McClure are trying to clean up the crime and corruption in San Francisco in the late-1800s. It’s a good show and William Shatner is pretty funny in it too 🖖.

From myself as well, sorry for your loss. My own mother passed in 2020, and I miss her every day. My family enjoys the franchise well enough, but has always regarded my love for it , I think, as kind of an amusing quirk. You’re lucky to have been able to share a love of TOS with yours (including “The Menagerie,” still IMO the best Trek movie ever made).

Thank you. My Mom was a Trekkie in her own way that’s why she was able to share in my love for Star Trek with me. She knew the shows and the characters and the movies. Those were what she loved.

I love all of that plus the books and comics and soundtracks etc etc. My Mom had a Horta figurine (she absolutely adored her! Me too. I have the same figurine.) and a Guardian Of Forever 3D model. She had the whole TOS and TNG series. We watched Star Trek every night on Heroes and Icons since we started getting the channel two years ago just about.

My first episode of Star Trek that I ever saw was “The Trouble With Tribbles”. I was 5 years old. She came home from work and knew Star Trek was coming on and she wanted to watch it. At the time, I fell in love with the Tribbles because of their purring.

I didn’t know who the guy in the middle of the pile of furry things was but I loved the Tribbles. And I have memories like that for the Gorn in Arena and Miri and the Onlies in “Miri”. “The Devil In The Dark” was our favorite episode to watch together. My Mom cried every time Spock would do the mind meld on the Horta and when she said “No Kill I” so they wouldn’t hurt her for protecting her children.

My love for Star Trek came from her. Over time, it’s grown immensely because the first time I laid my eyes on the Enterprise, she became my first love(and she still is.). But my Mom got my infatuation with Star Trek started. As I got older, I wanted us to share in something together that we could both enjoy and love and that was and is Star Trek.

I’m an only child. I lost my daughter 14 years ago to pneumonia. Watching William Shatner in the movies when he lost David, Captain Kirk’s son, I was able to relate to it and carry on. I had just started to make peace with losing my daughter and then my Mom dies.

It’s tough ‘cuz of how close we were and it hurts. But thank you for your kind words, Michael Hall, and live long and prosper 🖖.

My condolences on your loss as well, Michael Hall. I got lost in reminiscing and I’m sorry about that. Live long and prosper 🖖.

Sincere condolences on your loss.

I’m glad you were able to share so much Star Trek with her before she passed.

Thank you, Blondie-Wan. I just wish she had the chance to see the Enterprise back on TV again. As much as she loves Jean-Luc Picard and couldn’t wait to see Q, when I told her that ViacomCBS was finally going to bring the Enterprise back to TV every week, her eyes lit up. She asked me who was the Captain and I told her it was going to be Pike from The Cage.

She said that might be interesting. I just wish she had a chance to see it. But the stars have aligned in a sort of neat way because Strange New Worlds starts on May 5th, 5 days before my Mom’s 61st birthday. So I get to honor her and celebrate her with the return of the Enterprise 🖖!

Sorry to hear about your loss. I am glad that Star Trek gave you both such happiness and shared experiences.

Thank you. That’s what Star Trek does best, One Lion. It brings joy to everybody. I have memories and experiences that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

My Mom gave me the 2nd greatest gift in life I could’ve asked for, next to giving me life, of course. And that was introducing me to Star Trek and allowing me to fall head over heels for it. She bought me whatever I wanted for Star Trek. Books, comic books, soundtracks, card games, figurines, whatever.

She could’ve said enough but she didn’t and so she fell deeper in love with Star Trek too. Thank you again for your kind words, One Lion, and live long and prosper 🖖.

Wow, no, thank you for this awesome reply, dude!!!

Sorry for your loss.

The only real bummer here is linking a character to Khan. I think it pretty obvious what they are trying to do here. But I think it could be accomplished in other, more subtle ways rather than reference the Big Bad from the best feature film made.


True, but they’re pretty locked in with nobody knowing what happened to Kahn, so it’s not like they can go and unfreeze him and then pretend it didn’t happen. It could be cool that we know what happened to him and she doesn’t…

True but that is not what I think they are going to be going for. I thought it was obvious but imagine if Hitler had great great grandchildren. That would probably still be a burden they’d have to carry. (Although I think such attitudes go against the “enlightened” society that Trek is supposed to be set in. In such a world no one would hold family history against a person. Unless they were Klingon.) That is the angle I think they are going for. Not that they are going to find Khan and unfreeze him.

Yeah, that’s literally the idea I just pitched to you. I hope this is the case because, short of her being a time traveler I can’t see any other way of them pulling this off.

See, I don’t want that story to at all. I don’t think it would work. Plus, I think Khan is way too far removed time wise from the family tree for such a thing to still even be an issue. And even still, given what we know about practices and customs in the Trek future, it wouldn’t be an issue in their society. So I’m REALLY hoping that is not the angle they are going to play. But it’s hard to think it won’t otherwise why create the Khan link to begin with?

Never say never. They could unfreeze Khan, have some adventures, refreeze him, and then pull a Discovery and say its all classified. I hope and pray I am wrong but who knows.

Final episode. Khan is found and unfrozen!. takes over a federation ship. then Pike vs Khan (spock is on vulcan. uhura on leave). ends in nebula battle. Khan is defeated (at great cost). his memory wiped. put back in BB cryo..all classified. But guess what ..khan cloned himself in the transporter and then froze himself. but we wont encounter Khan 2.0 until Picard s3..

I wouldn’t put such idiocy past Secret Hideout. Look at what they did with the Guardian of Forever…

I think it’s great. Trek’s past is too problematic to persist as is so recontextualizing for modern audiences only makes it better. The future is female, after all.

Well, Khan was a bad guy, so… what’s the problem that can’t persist?

It’s important to retell the old stories with a more politically correct cast and storytelling methodology. “Space Seed” and Wrath of Khan are sexist and removing all connections to Kirk the character — a completely unacceptable character in the 21st century — will bring the best elements of the old crap into the future for a modern, worldwide audience. Pike has been embraced by the new demo (a modest white dude who is happy to share his privilege and be an ally — thanks, Discovery writers!) so using him to purge the Kirk figurehead from the franchise and the association with the original Enterprise is a brilliant move. It allows all those classic stories to be retold, only better.


Backing out slowly…

…backing right out with you. Good Lord.

The Improv just called, and they said to tell you that your audition tape was rejected.

Yeah, it sounds pretty cheesy at this point, but it’s possible they came up with something that justifies it. I’m dubious, but I’m gonna try to keep an open mind.

I think the storylines for that person are already pretty obvious. Let’s hope they don’t go the obvious route. But I’m not holding my breath.

Feel the same way. Sound a bit ridiculous but maybe it will be something interesting.

The big question is whether SNW maintains the complexities surrounding Khan’s depiction in TOS. Space Seed made it clear that during the TOS/SNW era, humans regard Khan as a controversial historical figure but not actually a villain. In fact, Khan is regarded as *one of the good guys* of the Eugenics Wars, with both Kirk and Scotty admitting admiration for him.

So La’an serving in Starfleet and using her full family name wouldn’t necessarily be viewed as something negative by her contemporary humans; it would be like a 21st century Navy ship having a descendant of Julius Caesar on-board. (Speaking of which, Eugenics Wars-era Khan is actually a better man than Caesar, who did commit massacres and launch wars of aggression. Khan is explicitly described as doing neither of those during his time in power on Earth).

If SNW goes with that, it would be realistic and make sense. However, based on Goldsman’s comment “She’s related to Khan, for sure, and, uh, and the deal will unfold…”, I suspect they’re going to show things as fine for a while but La’an’s genetically inherited “superior abilities and consequently superior ambition” causing problems later on. I guess it depends on whether Goldsman etc are planning to eventually turn La’an into an all-out villain or portray Pike and/or higher-ups in Starfleet finding a way to constructively channel La’an’s skills and instincts. (Maybe she ends up transferred to Starfleet Intelligence or something).

Wait a minute…I’ve just realised the parallels with GoT’s Dany — who was depicted as initially well-meaning but whose ambition and inherited “problems” eventually got the better of her. I hope SNW goes a different route with La’an, or if the plan really is to make her “SNW’s Dany”, they handle it with much more intelligence and nuance. Since this is Star Trek, hopefully La’an story arc will have a more positive outcome too.

I just recently re-watched Space Seed. I saw nothing like you said. Just because there were some good side effects that doesn’t mean they were on board with him. For example, Mussolini got the trains to run on time. A good thing. But does that make him controversial or is he still seen as an evil tyrant? Khan was definitely not a controversial figure. He was seen as a VERY bad guy in history. I think there was zero doubt about that. It doesn’t matter that under his rule there were “no wars until he was attacked.” That is good but it still doesn’t change he was a terrible person.

Space Seed episode transcript:

[Briefing room]

(A large picture of their guest in on a screen)

KIRK: Name, Khan, as we know him today. (Spock changes the picture) Name, Khan Noonien Singh.

SPOCK: From 1992 through 1996, absolute ruler of more than a quarter of your world. From Asia through the Middle East.

MCCOY: The last of the tyrants to be overthrown.

SCOTT: I must confess, gentlemen. I’ve always held a sneaking admiration for this one.

KIRK: He was the best of the tyrants and the most dangerous. They were supermen, in a sense. Stronger, braver, certainly more ambitious, more daring.

SPOCK: Gentlemen, this romanticism about a ruthless dictator is

KIRK: Mister Spock, we humans have a streak of barbarism in us. Appalling, but there, nevertheless.

SCOTT: There were no massacres under his rule.

SPOCK: And as little freedom.

MCCOY: No wars until he was attacked.

SPOCK: Gentlemen.

KIRK: Mister Spock, you misunderstand us. We can be against him and admire him all at the same time.

SPOCK: Illogical.

KIRK: Totally. This is the Captain. Put a twenty four hour security on Mister Khan’s quarters, effective immediately.

The only way I can see that this can work out with out SERIOUSLY breaking canon is if this new character is a distant distant descendant of Khan from the 1990’s. And one that is so far down the Khan lineage that she should have like no genetically engineered capabilities whatsoever.

Agreed, 100%. They just can’t resist going back to that same old well.

agree – so far that’s my only concern w/ this show

Spock never said in Space Seed “Khan, you know, I once served on this very ship with a descendent of the ruthless earth dictator a few years ago…you wouldn’t happen to be said ruthless dictator would you?”

So once again we get to retcon Spock either being willfully ignorant or silent. Yay.

Holy crap! I didn’t even think about Spock serving with her. Even if they do nothing with her heritage that right there makes it a very bad idea.

Fabulous. This show has some potential. Would love to see the classic uniforms again.

There’s always season 2, or 3, or . . .

That is the most beautiful poster I have seen in quite some time. It perfectly captures the ship and the captain. Simply awe inspiring, how Trek used to be.

“Goldsman also reconfirmed they are trying to stay as close to Trek canon “as possible.”

If they actually tried that even a little harder with Discovery, that show may have had different a faith in terms of where it is today (but not complaining ;)).

But this is why it’s always harder with prequels, especially something like Star Trek when a century of stories has already been laid out for decades. That said, as long as they are TRYING this time, I think most fans will be fine.

And yes that poster really does look amazing! I am super excited for this show!!

I tell you, I don’t mind if they put a little “body english” on it if it makes the story better. As was said in the featured tweet above. Just so long as they don’t chuck everything out the window. Like Star Trek Discovery did multiple times.

They obviously learned their lesson from that in a big way. We talked about this a thousand times already but we know people wasn’t upset with Discovery because it conflicted with so much canon, they were upset about it because they purposely wanted it to conflict with canon by just avoiding it completely. And it back fired tremendously.

With SNW, I think they are going the opposite route. I’m still curious what, if anything, will stick around in this period like the look of the Klingons, the Discovery uniforms, etc? I wonder if they will still try and inject some of those early elements or just wipe the slate clean like Picard, Lower Decks and Prodigy did because it’s clear all those shows basically went back to classic Star Trek canon and totally avoided what Discovery did in terms of the look of that show in the beginning.

And for the record, I don’t think they have to wipe the slate clean. They could’ve still used a lot of those elements on Discovery. It was just a mistake of the highest order to avoid the TOS aesthetics completely when you’re trying to win over fans who were skeptical of it being a prequel in the first place….partly for reasons like that.

I dunno. I gotta say, I was absolutely upset with Discovery due to it conflicting with canon so much. It seriously soured me on the show more than anything else about it. There was no reason to change the Klingons so drastically. Having a suit that can travel through time belongs in the 32nd century, not the 23rd. Kirk is the person who is supposed to discover time travel. I could go on and on.


But even with the Klingons, before the show aired many fans were throwing out theories we were seeing just one house or faction of them. If they showed the Films/TNG era Klingons with those, people would’ve been fine with it. As I always say, if you just show ONE example of what people know, then they will relax. They just wanted it acknowledged they still existed in some form.

But when it was very obvious they were suppose to be all there was, then that was the mistake. Again, its not that they brought in something new that was the problem, it’s the fact they wiped out everything old in its place in a 50 year old universe. Just wasn’t going to fly. It’s still mind boggling they even tried.

We won’t even talk about the time travel suit lol. That says it all. But again, in a POST-Voyager timeline, it would’ve been fine. Prodigy has a ship that has a protostar for a FTL drive which is insane when you think about it lol. But because it’s post Voyager, people just think, ‘wow, cool!’ You put something like that pre-TOS, you only get more eyerolls.

I said from the beginning when Discovery was announced to be in the 23rd century that it was a mistake because most sci fi writers don’t want to limit themselves. They want to go wild with the technology, especially in the world of Star Trek when you could do anything. People said placing it in that era would ‘limit’ the magical tech and it didn’t at all. Now Discovery is in a century where it can literally create any magical tech it wants and now people just think ‘wow, cool’. ;)

And trust me, SNW is going to have crazy tech like Discovery did (no spore drives though), but the show will look more in line with canon overall so people will be bitching less about it. Discovery just gave people too many targets. ;)

Yeah, I mean I guess if we look at the DIS Klongons as a different subsect of the species then I guess it’s fine? But maybe throw in one or 2 Worf era Klingons in there to show that?

And yeah, it’s TOTALLY mind boggling that they tried to wipe away 50+ years of canon in a show that is meant to help launch a new streaming service. I mean, looks guys, you need us WAY more than we need you right now. Shape up, will ya?

Prodigy having a ship with a protostar for an FTL drive is even more problematic? Did the 32nd century just forget this existed? Why is dilithium sooooooo important so far into the future? Like in the 23rd century we had space suites that could fly through time but in the 32nd century ships blow up because they are reliant on dilithium. Like, WTF????? They are getting everything ass backwards.

I can only hope SNW will learn the lessons of Discovery and not give us 32nd century tech in the 23rd century like DIS did.

Yep. Moving Star Trek Discovery to the 32nd century didn’t do them any favors. The problems with the show still remain. Bad ideas. Bad characters. Bad writing. And yes… The fact that they were still reliant on dilithium when spore drives were actually conceived of 900 years earlier is just dumb. It’s like 1000 years later we still rely on wind and horses. It’s mindbogglingly foolish. Not to mention that they are relying on a group of people 900 years behind the times to save them all from universe ending events. Would you put a guy from 1100 behind the wheel of your car? Their head would explode.

In their defence the TNG Starfleet/UFP seemed set up to fall. I’d assume that the UFP turned inward, stopped exploring and everyone decided to play holodeck. Everyone ended up thinking that they had unlimited power and did not have to work. Colonization of other worlds frowned up, why leave the oh-so-superior paradise of the UFP? A false belief that everyone loves the UFP and they don’t need to defend anything and can even just throw kids on starships, all other aliens will just want to be like the glorious UFP. A belief that the UFP is uber-superior to all aliens and there is nothing to learn from the stars and other civilizations, that all others should want to be perfect like them. A nice analog to the fall of Rome.
Makes total sense why the Federation would fall and then end up being saved by TOS Starfleet types from an era you had to work, learn, make alliances, combat enemies, and energy was seen as a valuable commodity.

I’m not a huge fan of a story about the fall of the UFP. But it’s not the worst idea one could come up with. If done right it might be downright interesting. But the real problem was they went so far into the future in a foolish attempt to out run canon that they made it so our crew were so far behind everyone else that its just idiocy that they even be allowed to touch anything. And the tech just doesn’t look like 900 years from the other time. It feels more like 300 tops. 3 centuries after Pike still feels a little bit of a stretch to think they would still be reliant on dilithium even that far ahead but it’s not entirely unrealistic. And while there is still a pretty big learning curve the culture shock to our time traveling crew would be less extensive.

But this has all been said before. Star Trek Discovery has made so very many bad decisions it buries the few good ones they made. It’s actually very hard to even recall the good ones…

You make some good points. I remember how disappointed I was when Enterprise premiered, and instead of all the ships and tech looking like director predecessors to TOS tech, they instead looked like primitive versions of TNG tech.

I was not a fan of yet another Klingon redeaux. Honestly they missed a golden opportunity to show different kinds of Klingons right off the bat. In that opening scene with members of all the houses there could have been TOS Klingons, post TOS Klingons and even their new version in there. To me, such a MAJOR change just suggested strongly to me the show really was a reboot in spite of everything producers were telling us. It’s like telling me someone you are giving them a new car and then you hand them over a horse and buggy.

PS… The time suit belongs in a comic book movie/tv show. Not a Star Trek.

That would have been awesome and made the Klingon Empire more exciting/interesting.

Every new iteration of the franchise gets to change the Klingons — GR started the process, and it continues with every new production team. We don’t have to like it.

It is what it is.

I wouldn’t say they obviously learned their lesson. Season 2 and 3 of Discovery continued their altering of Trek lore. And the most irritating part of that was… They didn’t even HAVE to! They could have just made up something new and done the same thing with that new thing. But instead, they decided to bastardize something from Trek past. And every time they tried they just made it worse.

And yes, running 100% from the TOS aesthetic was also a HUGE mistake. That said, from my perspective, had the show been better it was a mistake I actually could have handled. I would have never been good with the look, though. But I could have begrudgingly accepted it if things were better.

Exactly, ML. Big maybe, though.

No, I was talking about the other shows after Discovery mostly. They didn’t tear down what came before and really embraced the past classic shows instead. I don’t have a single issue what they did with the other shows in terms of their look at least. That’s what I mean, they got the message after Discovery and kept the others in line with Prime canon for the most part.

Discovery will probably keep having its issues. I do love it being in the 32nd century if nothing else.

“…It was just a mistake of the highest order to avoid the TOS aesthetics completely when you’re trying to win over fans who were skeptical of it being a prequel in the first place…”

Absolutely agreed, Tiger. Just watch Mandalorian or Boba Fett. No matter what you think of the shows themselves, you are automatically transported back into that Star Wars ‘world.’ It’s perfectly done aesthetically, imo, and goes a long way towards ingratiating older fans into new productions.

Personally, there was nothing more jarring when watching DSC S1, E1 and seeing how drastically different literally everything looked compared to all earlier iterations of Trek. And this was supposed to be taking place BEFORE TOS? I have to admit, the show started out with a strike against it for me from the get-go because of that.

So true about Star Wars. And boy Book of Boba Fett was AMAZING in this weeks episode, but yeah waaaay off topic lol. But that’s the difference, they honor the SW universe 100%. These shows fits in with all the previous films like a glove. It’s amazing.

Even with the prequels, I know people were bothered by the initial aesthetics but it was still very much SW and we learned that the changes was part of the plan later in how the galaxy became more frayed after the Empire took over.

But with Discovery, they really took it to extremes and it really did a disservice to the show from the beginning. I remember people complained about Enterprise and it’s true to that show a little, but the difference was they were TRYING at least. Even if it still felt more advanced in some regards, it felt like it belonged in the Star Trek universe and was definitely on the primitive side compared to TOS and certainly TNG. You would not mistake the NX-01 for being a more advanced ship at all.

But Discovery, besides the fact it looked and acted more advanced like something in the 25th century, it just felt like a completely different universe altogether. And something people even now question being part of the Prime universe. You know I never did, it’s 100% Prime but as I also say they should’ve called it a reboot on day one and it wouldn’t had the opposition to it that it did unfortunately.

I think Fuller just wanted a complete reboot from the beginning but he wasn’t allowed to make his own universe the way Abrams could with the Kelvin universe because they knew fans wanted to go back to the Prime universe. But they wanted to go back so it would feel familiar again after being away from it for a dozen years and nothing about Discovery did. It was a huge mistake to make it a TOS prequels show.

Not defending anything, mind you, but that’s really an inapt comparison. STAR WARS has always had its own high-tech/grunge aesthetic, independent of our world, which makes it possible to duplicate its visual style and tech forty years on without it looking ridiculous. Trek is supposed to be taking place in our own future, not in a storybook fantasy of a galaxy a long time ago and far, far away. You can certainly argue that the Discovery producers could have massaged the look better than they did, but any TOS prequel would have faced the same conundrum of being visually appealing to modern audiences while believably tying in with a sixty year old mid-budget TV space opera. The modern STAR WARS producers simply don’t face that kind of challenge.

Which is why many said maybe you should just avoid a pre-TOS prequel altogether seeing how out dated TOS looks today and just keep moving forward and focus on a post Nemesis setting since you can make that as advanced or different as you want it.

The argument was ‘nah, this is the perfect era to go back to and people will get over it looking different from TOS. It’ll be fine!’

Uh huh! Worked wonders, didn’t it?

Yes, I’m familiar with that argument, having seen it (for one thing) coming any number of times from your ownself. And the Enterprise blueprint-carrying nerd who inhabited my skin forty years ago would have surely and vehemently agreed, better believe it. These days, though, what with climate change and COVID and tribalism imperiling the bright future that silly little TV space opera had taught us to believe in, I’m more inclined to just shrug. ☺️

Hopefully SNW will do it better justice. And as hard as I was on Discovery first season, I also said many times in season 2 it at least felt like they were trying more and I was perfectly OK to see where it went in future seasons in that time period. But it didn’t happen. I think they felt as far as fandom was concerned it was never going to get out of the perceived hole it put itself in.

Well, in a real sense it already has. Most of the people posting here seemed to be at least okay with the look of Pike’s Enterprise on Discovery, especially compared to the godawful production design of the Kelvin films (admittedly the lowest bar in the Alpha quadrant). Reveals from SNW seem to suggest that they’ve tugged the look yet closer to TOS. (Ethan Peck’s makeup looks amazingly similar to that for Spock established in “The Cage,” which I think is awesome, though others disagree.) We’ll see.

Definitely agree. SNW seems like the perfect do-over to get things right (or at least better) in this period. And based on the small examples so far, no complaints from me. But as I said, I thought what we saw of Pike and the Enterprise in season 2 looked fine. I honestly thought by the end of the season the Discovery crew would be wearing the Enterprise uniforms to signal the change closer to TOS canon…not quite lol.

And I still wonder will they incorporate any of the stuff Discovery did in season one or will this be basically another reboot so to speak? Maybe we’ll get a trailer before the show actually airs to know. ;)

IMHO it doesn’t have to be hard, so long as you have a staff member on board who is an expert in canon. It’s actually pretty simple to get around canon issues, and not with stupid things like, oh we broke it but its classified so it’s ok.

Agreed. They need some sort of Trek expert, or two or three of them, on staff to tell them “that doesn’t work that way” or “If you do that you are ignoring this thing.” Or “That device doesn’t make sense for what has been established for this time frame of Trek.”

Where do we send resumes? Talk about a dream job.

With the exception of DS9’s “What You Leave Behind”, the last episode of every Star Trek series (TNG’s “All Good Things…”, VOY’s “Endgame”, and ENT’s “These Are The Voyages…”) has provided a glimpse into a decade or so in the future of each series’ crew.

Assuming for a moment that the final episode of Star Trek Strange New Worlds (whenever it may happen) adheres to that, and given that it is a prequel to TOS, there is a chance that that series might conclude with showing Kirk taking command of the Enterprise from Pike.

Furthermore, it would be cool if the final shot of Strange New Worlds recreated the first shot from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, with Kirk and Spock playing three dimensional chess.

One Problem. AS much as I would love that. I would want more after that.

It would become a circle that takes you back to where it all started.

Well you never know. Unlike every other Star Trek series, the pilot of TOS was not Kirk’s first day in command of the Enterprise. Maybe they could do a season or 2 of Trek with the new Kirk in command leading up to TOS. We could get a recasted Gary Mitchell.

Ah, but then it could not end with the chess game.

I think Commander Kirk should be introduced towards the end of season 7, and the finale should end with Pike leaving the Enterprise and Kirk being promoted to captain and taking over. Ending with Kirk and Spock playing chess and talking about logic and emotions would also be cool.


Or, if you really want a fangasm… When Kirk takes over he speaks about bringing along his good friend, Gary Mitchell.

Agreed. But if they do it, they need to do it right. They should reference his adventures as a lieutenant on board the USS Farragut and such. Also, IIRC, Kirk was never a commander, I think he was promoted directly from lieutenant to Captain, making him the youngest captain in Starfleet history.

Better than from Cadet to Captain :-)

Well if you want to get technical it was Cadet to First Officer THEN Captain. :)

I think if the show goes on long enough the obvious last episode is Pike getting promoted to Fleet Commander and Kirk taking over. I think most folks see that.

This is what I have always assumed. The series finale will show Kirk taking command and relieving Pike of his command. And I will bet any amount of money it will not be Chris Pine.

Yeah, that’s unlikely, heh.

“there is a chance that that series might conclude with showing Kirk taking command of the Enterprise from Pike.”

The Menagerie states they have never met in person… so there’s that…

Not so… Kirk said he met Pike when he was promoted to Fleet Commander. Presumably the time he took over the Enterprise.


Oh my… memory doesn’t serve… my sincerest apologies…

What’s with the horse?

I guess it’s a throwback to the 60’s when tv westerns were still popular and TOS was promoted as a “Wagon Train to the Stars”.

Exploration and colonization of the final frontier is back!?!?! Can it be?!?!?

Pike was an avid horseback rider like Picard and Kirk were and owned his own horse in The Cage. They are probably just playing up to that.

And maybe we’ll see his horse on the show. Can’t remember the name of it though.

Pikes horse was named Tango.

thank you! I couldn’t remember the name of the horse. It was driving me nuts!

Yes, thanks!

Maybe its Tango.

Pike had Horses as seen in the P
ilot. The Cage.

In The Cage, there’s a scene where the Talosians build an illusion around Pike’s home on earth, called Mojave (presumably a city built in the Mojave Desert), where Pike liked to ride his horse (don’t remember the horse’s name). I’m assuming that’s supposed to be Pike riding his horse in the poster.

Mojave seen in The Cage/The Menagerie is green, and if this is Mojave in the poster, they’ve retconned it to still be a desert, since turning desert into grassland is not now considered environmentally friendly.

The horse’s name is Tango

What does a cowboy need with a starship?

To go round up space cows.

Pike said in The Cage he owned a couple of horses back in the day.

The horse’s name is Tango. The horse is referenced and seen in the Cage, Star Trek’s original pilot.

It’s a Star Trek/Mr. Ed crossover!

Wagon Train to the Stars baby!!! Warp speed!!!
This is the Trek I’ve been waiting for!

@ Cmd. Bremmon – yup, me too….even though I’m looking on it as being set in an ‘alternate/mirror universe’ to the characters of the original TOS show, as opposed to seeing it as a supposed ‘prequel’ to it.

Less chance of being annoyed by anything in it this way, too.. ;)

I have kind of taken up that approach to every Trek since (and including) ENT, especially once so much time has elapsed IRL and TV storytelling has shifted so considerably. It does free me up to enjoy these things without adhearing to a more dogmatic approach where I feel like I’m training myself to find flaws.

Agreed! I really, REALLY hope they don’t mess it up.

Yeah, except… Star Trek was NEVER “Wagon Train to the stars.” That was just the pitch Roddenberry gave in order to manipulate the network. The show that aired was not Wagon Train-like at all.

It was in respect to going to new locations every week and having guest stars, unlike say Gunsmoke, which was usually set in and around one location (Dodge City). But yes, it was just shorthand for a frontier travelogue adventure show — but in space. He could have just as well said Have Gun Will Travel or Rawhide to the stars.

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with using Wagon Train as a metaphor. It’s not totally off-the-mark.

The wagon train mythos is actually objectionable to a lot of people.

Especially as it was part of a strategic agenda by the US to drive the British traders and the Indigenous peoples out of Oregon and Washington.

Americans don’t hear much of the other side of the story, but north of the 49th parallel we understand that it was one of the drivers for the establishment of British Columbia as a colony with local government and its eventual merge into Canada.

So, it’s much more informed to go with the frontier symbolism while dropping the wagon train.

Wow. Talk about a wet blanket. It’s just line used to sell a show. And it’s not entirely inaccurate.

Yeah it was just a pitch line. I don’t think it matters. We all know this, westerns was the #1 type of shows on at that time. Roddenberry was just trying to convince a skeptical group of TV executives why they should give his weird sci fi show a chance and convince them that people could relate to it. We don’t have to read into every little thing, but of course being Star Trek fans, we’re very good at it. ;)

Well, I don’t think it’s just Trek fans who do that…

Ha, thanks for the history lesson, I know the story. But you’re falling into the trap of an etymological fallacy. Explaining the origin of a word or term does not explain its entire history and should not be judged solely on that origin.

It’s much more informed to take into mind the specific context with which Roddenberry pitched his show. That too is a part of history, albeit far less significant than colonialism. Deep down, this particular usage is objectionable to no one; it was in reference to a TV show that was popular at that time. To pretend otherwise is disingenuous.

I tend to agree but that sort of thing has been taken to absurd extremes. I once used a word here that sent a number of people into a hissy fit. The word was not disparaging or derogatory and was used in what everyone I know of says is an acceptable context, including a person I know who is very VERY close to a situation the word was once used to disparage.

That’s the world we are living in now. Hopefully things will get better.

Bingo, you hit the nail on the head.
Exploration and colonization are now seen as negatives which is why it was thrown out of Trek.
The “final frontier” however offers the chance to tell stories of exploration and colonization minus all the historical baggage with adventure, survival, danger, conflict, struggles, etc. That’s what TOS had, colonies, people trying to survive an often dangerous nature, trying to build new life and learn more, new friends, new enemies. There was no time to play holodeck because the galaxy is just too exciting and that was if you had enough dilithium crystals to not end up stranded somewhere out there.

ds9= ‘gunsmoke’ in space.
maybe Voy was ‘wagon train’.

VOY was Have Gun, Will Travel

VOY would have been good had it been Have Gun, Will Travel in Space versus TNG Snoozefest Part II.

I bet that’s Pike on Horse back Goes with what we saw in The Cage. I can’t wait.

Exactly my thought as well.. Very nice reference… and it also goes full circle with GEN where we see Picard and Kirk on horseback as well…

Where is the trailer? I want a trailer. Maybe the Super Bowl?

I hope. But that’s an awfully expensive ad for a Star Trek show.

92 days until the release of the Star Trek Strange New Worlds show premiere.

No information about availability in Europe.
No information about the start of Paramount Plus in Europe since August.

Is ViacomCBS going to do the Pluto TV stunt again?

Being a UK resident, it’s concerning. UK was apparently going to launch early 2022 and there has been zero news.

La’an: Mr. Spock, if anyone ever finds out that I’m genetically enhanced, I’ll be banned from serving in Starfleet!

Spock: Do not fear, Captain Pike and I have classified your records and all personnel are banned from speaking or speculating on your heritage on penalty of treason.

La’an: I… don’t want to sound ungrateful but you can just do that?

Spock: I’ve had a lot of practice (winks at camera while a small photo of Michael Burnham sits ominously in the background.)


Hi Captain Spock,

You might not remember me, but I served with you long ago on the Enterprise when Captain Pike was in command. I heard rumors that you found my ancestor Khan Noonien Singh some years ago and imprisoned him on some barren planet. I want to warn you that he should not be left unsupervised. Stories of his resourceful vengefulness still haunt my family even after centuries. Please keep him regularly monitored by Starfleet law enforcement so that he doesn’t, I don’t know, brainwash hapless victims with mind controlling worms or steal top secret Federation terraforming technology, or whatever.

La’an Noonien Singh.

(Spock deletes subspace message)

LOL nice!

LOL great story! In all seriousness though, If Spock does find out about Khan and his (former) existence in the 90’s through La’an pre – Space Seed, then why did Spock not immediately recognize him and warn Kirk when he was thawed?

Maybe La’an’s attitude about her family is that there were a lot of them and some where good people doing good things. Just like most families.

why did Spock not immediately recognize him and warn Kirk when he was thawed?

Good point about Spock. As for Kirk, maybe I was reading too much into things, but I think it was implied in Space Seed that history buff Kirk did recognise Khan but was waiting for Khan to “show his hand”, since Khan was clearly hiding his identity.

At least Spock sr. warned Spock jr. in Into Darkness about Khan.
By the way: check “cinema sins” on youtube about that and also “How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended”: “My name is Khan”. “Yes, and I am Kirk and this is Spock”. “I SAID MY NAME IS KHAN”. “aaaand (what’s the point”?)

Brilliant! Nicely done :)

Come to think of it, you could take this further:

Admiral Rajinder Noonien Singh, Starfleet Intelligence: Ah, there you are, Jim. Come in, take a seat.

Kirk: Thank you.

Rajinder: Good to have you back. Congratulations on the demotion. Thanks for the whales and all that.

Kirk: Er, thanks.

Rajinder: Right then. Down to business. I’ve read your report on that messy Genesis Device affair. I’d like to double-check some facts with you.

Kirk: No problem. Go ahead.

Rajinder: Let me get this straight. 15 years ago, you met my illustrious ancestor Khan Noonien Singh, had a personality clash, and dumped him on Ceti Alpha V.

Kirk: It was a bit more complicated than th–

Rajinder: During your second 5-year mission followed by your time at Starfleet Command, not once did you bother to check how Khan was doing. While your hair was mysteriously turning from blond to dark brown, Ceti Alpha VI blew up and devastated Ceti Alpha V, killing a bunch of Khan’s people, leaving the rest having to survive in the scraps, and to add insult to injury Khan’s wife also died, a former Starfleet officer no less.

Kirk: Sometimes people feel like changing their hair colour and–

Rajinder: Khan was understandably a little irritated. You had another violent disagreement with him, and you eventually managed to remotely lower the Reliant’s shields. Instead of simply beaming Khan and his crew into the Enterprise’s brig and, incidentally, also beaming the Genesis Device off the Reliant, you proceeded to systematically dissect that ship, causing the deaths of everyone on-board, losing the Genesis Device, creating a highly unstable new planet, and temporarily albeit indirectly causing the death of Captain Spock. Am I leaving anything out?

Kirk: I guess that’s one way of looking at it.

Rajinder: And you’re claiming *Khan* was the villain of the story?!


I’m glad we have a Trek series with an Enterprise.

I will admit, it is a little strange to have four shows currently on the air and not one of them has an Enterprise on it. ;)

lol, not an Enterprise, THE Enterprise!

Some call it the ‘Discoprise’ so it’s all relative I guess.

LOL I know :). But in canon It’s the NCC-1701. No bloody A, B, C, D, E, F, or NX-01.

Yeah but you know some ‘fans’ lol. I agree with you though,

I got into Trek with TOS so that will always be my first love, and my extension, the 1701.

Same. TOS is not my favorite show anymore, but it’s the show still closest to my heart because I grew up with it.

When I was a little kid I was a cop shows fan, which included TJ Hooker. So it was Shatner that got me into Trek, which means TOS :)

The Shat got you hooked on Trek through TJ Hooker :-)

Here to. TOS will likely always be the best show for me. Not just because the three mains were perfect characters that complimented each other. Not just because I liked it was a child and when I grew up the shows took in deeper meanings. But as the first show and the one I grew attached to it will always have that advantage over everything that comes after. DS9 was darn good. And always will be to me. But TOS is still the king.

I personally think the Trek world is plenty large enough to have shows not reliant on the Enterprise.

“Tango” the horse!

I guess this confirms the Discoprise. And not the Enterprise from TOS. Was hoping for the original design but i didn’t expect it.

We been seeing this version not just on Discovery but in Short Treks and a shot of it on Picard as well. It’s been made clear this was now the official Enterprise going forward.

True. Just wish we could go back to the original. There’s nothing wrong with it. Its still even today the most realistic Enterprise ever designed.

I think they would worry it would feel too dated for new audiences. And I have to agree and you’re talking to someone who has a model of the original Enterprise sitting in the room I’m typing from.

But it would’ve saved all the ‘25% difference’ idiotic remarks (sigh).

I think there can be a happy middle ground. You don’t have to take the original 1701 out of the Smithsonian and film it. I get it’s not the 1960’s :). Just make a few adjustments to the model shown here.

The Neck of the ship needs to be longer. The struts between the nacelles and the engineering hull need to be much thinner, straighter, and not at an angle. Remove the blue lighting from the nacelles. Stuff like that. You can still have it look modern but much more like TOS 1701. This one looks too much like the 1701 refit.

See to me it looks more like the TOS 1701. The dish is what makes it look closer like the original IMO. But I know its all very subjective.

Yes, I was very happily surprised the dish looked like a satellite dish and not a glowing lamp like the refit. They did a good job there. But the big 100% major difference for be between the 1701 and the refit is the way the struts are so much wider and angle back and such in the refit version. And they kept that for this version. Also, as mentioned, the neck.

Yeah, agreed.

As much as I would love to see a recreation of the original I am realistic enough to know that such a thing just wouldn’t fly today. But they CAN put something together that evokes the original. Have a lot of hints in the PD towards it. What they did was a step in the right direction but IMHO they didn’t quite go far enough.

Straight nacelle pylons (which makes more sense and is sturdier anyway) and the one impulse deck (some used to have TOS engineering right there) and it would have been perfect! Ironically isn’t that what the display in DISC had?

I was hoping for that as well but was never going to hold my breath. To be fair, I do like this design. It is orders of magnitude better than the JJprise which is just HORRIBLE. But this ship is just too derivative of the 1701 refit rather than the TOS 1701, aka the REAL Enterprise.

I was hoping we would see it conform a little more towards what we saw on The Cage. But Secret Hideout has often not learned from their mistakes. So I’m not surprised.

This show set 4 years after the cage in 2258 so they could not move it closer to it and it is a discovery spin off so it has to keep the same look and feel to the designs

Fine. Then they should move it more towards what we saw on TOS. It doesn’t matter it was a Star Trek Discovery spin off. Star Trek Discovery made the mistake. SNW had the opportunity to correct it.

And again (seems this always needs to be said) I’m not saying duplicate the TOS set 100%. It can be changed and updated for modern audiences and still maintain links and general feel of what it was on TOS.

Please adhere to the important canon please. Like I’m not sure how this new Khan can be related to TOS Khan, but please let it still be the belief that Khan died in the 1990’s. If you want to break canon like women can’t be captains, rock out.

My head canon on that was that it wasn’t that women couldn’t be captains but LESTER couldn’t be a Captain because she obviously didn’t have the mental make up for it. I like to consider what Kirk said to just be a slip up.

Awesome poster. The cast are looking great as earlier versions of several TOS characters. Nothing like having the original USS Enterprise 1701 on the air once more.

… and this is indeed nothing like having the original USS Enterprise 1701 on the air once more.


I’ll give the Discoprise this much: it does at least look good. It’s still not the “real” 1701, but it’s legitimately beautiful, unlike the Kelvinprise.

It’s an acceptable update that fits better with the design lineage of Starfleet ships from the NX-01 up to the refit Constitution class. Still a beauty. I hope they brighten the space shots up a bit to show her off.

Discoprise’s bridge looked way better as well.

The SNW bridge is exactly how I pictured it if they updated it to today’s times. It looks amazing IMO.

It’s amazing how a smaller space filled with activity and information displays is more visually stunning and functional as opposed to a giant space filled with blinking hard drive lights and someone sitting in a chair before a giant door directly behind them.
It’s like the commanding officer would want to rotate their chair to talk to his crew and review info before making a decision as if that would be of value on a starship.

And still it is bigger than the TOS-bridge. Plot twist: The TOS-bridge was actually the battle-bridge! :-)

“The Frontier is Waiting”

I’m so excited for the return of Star Trek!

Can’t wait for Strange New Worlds! Here’s a thought though, given all the new shows and possibilities, do you think that at the end of SNW we could see Kirk coming onboard and taking over and we take off into a TOS2.0?

Having lived through Star Trek The Original Series original run in the 60s, I’d love to see the old episodes completely remade with new actors and effects. It would be cheap in a way if they retold all the original stories updated for today. Puritans won’t agree but if SNW runs 5 or 6 seasons,TOS2.0 could be ready to go for the 60th anniversary!

If Strange New World succeeds and last several seasons, I would not be surprised to see Kirk show up. Several people here have opined that they don’t want to see that happen, but I would not mind it.

I’m almost certain Kirk will show up far sooner than that. ;)

I’d bet on Season 2. Kirk and Spock’s friendship has to start before he takes command of the Enterprise otherwise their deep connection with one another makes little sense.

Bingo! TOS has always implied they were friends first before they served together on the Enterprise just like he and Bones were, it was just never stated outright. And why there were so many ideas about them meeting in the Academy together first.

So yeah, if Kirk shows up before then, it will actually fit into canon just fine and show how he and Spock became friends. They would just have to do it outside the Enterprise.

This exactly. They need to have an adventure together which makes them bond at a friends level more than an officer level where the bonds of friendship can come before the bonds of command. And yes, they have to try and get McCoy in there some how too because he and Kirk share the same bond Kirk and Spock do and that needs to be explained.

I am a huge TOS guy. Own the series on BD. Have seen it tons of times. I have seen nothing to suggest Kirk and Spock were friends before Kirk took command of the Enterprise. To me the implication was that Kirk and Spock got to know each other after he took command. Especially so when you take into account Spock being on the ship with Pike.

Not necessarily. I don’t think there is anything canonical about how long Kirk was in command at the start of the Series. And there is nothing saying that the three seasons was three years. I think Kirk meeting Spock as his first officer and their relationship develops from then on makes perfect sense.

If he does it’s a sure sign that they know the show isn’t working. It’s why Spock showed up in S2 of Star Trek Discovery.

…of course they will. They won’t be able to resist.

They brought back Data, Q, the Borg Queen and the GOF. You really think Kirk isn’t showing up by season 2?

This brain trust? The same people who now has a Khan relative serving on the ship? I wouldn’t be shocked he was in the first season finale.

That is just lazy writing from my perspective.

why new actors with old stories?
better new actors with new stories set aboard the OS enterprise.

and the fx upgrades for the OS box set is pretty good.

Tango,you ‘ole devil…..

So a descendant of Khan coincidentally serves on the very ship that is going to discover his sleeper ship. The Star Trek Universe just gets smaller and smaller.

Yes, that is one aspect I am not happy about at all. It’s a big universe, like you said. To me that is just creatively bereft, and I hope is not a pre-cursor to (more) weak storytelling as a whole from these showrunners.

At this point, it wouldn’t even be a novelty. Like discovering that Ensign Lincoln in maintenance is a direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln. Cool story, bro, but no more meaning then being a great bar story.

I take it this new Singh will be played by Brent Spiner.

Spiner plays all Soongs, not Singhs… The only thing in common is that they are called Noonian.

But then, of course, that may be a lot more than a coincidence in-universe. What if PIC S2’s Soong that gets the superblood capsule is the “father” of Khan and the original augments?

Loved the poster. Beautiful to look at and I love the concept and ideas that have been used in it’s creation. Very nice “lift” of Mojave as depicted in “The Cage” in the middle right of the poster. Top marks all round and bodes well for the series.

Man, IMHO the Enterprise looks awesome. I know some would have preferred to see the old 1701 from TOS, but I for one do not mind seeing some basic upgrades from that beautiful original AMT model kit I treasured as a kid.

I think they must have made some modifications to the version we saw in Discovery S2 because it looks different. I think it was Tiger2 who said they made some changes to the saucer section. I think they also did some work on the nacelle struts. No matter what, it look good.

Can’t wait for May 5th!

My only changes would have been straight nacelle pylons and a single impulse deck (I love the crystal on the refit E).

I really love that refreshed design. The pre-movie 1701 is finally a beautiful ship, instead of a silly prop.

It’s easily the best “new Trek” design since Star Trek VI TUC including the Kelvinverse Enterprise (though the Kelvin I think was ok).

You mean to say you don’t miss the TNG Hilton?????

I think I speak for a lot of readers when I say don’t get started and let’s leave that on Veridian III where it belongs.

I miss it! But it was great to see it back as a simulation on Prodigy! Another reason I’m loving that show so much. :)

Is anyone else just a little, tiny bit disappointed that they don’t have the same actress play both Number One and Nurse Chapel? ;-)

Cautiously optimistic but the Khan obsession is getting to be a bit much. He was a character from a single original series episode and the subject of one movie. That was fun but can’t the creative team move on from that?

So. Unoriginal. You have the WHOLE GALAXY to deal with. And you’re coming back to Khan. Again. Small universe syndrome.

This right here sours the whole thing for me.

Please no more khan, it is just as lazy as the newest Star Wars projects endlessly referencing original trilogy characters and concepts.

Give the audience something new, that is at least true in spirit (optimism) to what has come before.

One (and change) episode with Luke and it’s “endlessly.”

I jest, sort of. The difference with SW is that they’re filling gaps. Stuff people have wondered about. Do we really need to know more about Khan’s extended family?

When it comes to strange coincidences, it is unnecessary. But filling gaps like the eugenic wars or “what happened between Space Seed and Wrath of Khan” might be interesting.

Agreed! A Eugenics War miniseries might be interesting.

Zero interest in Life on Ceti Alpha V, but that’s just me.

How about Live in Ceti Alpha V? ;-)

If anything the sequel trilogy not featuring Luke as the lead was a mistake. He is the main character. He could then have trained his successor and at the end like in episode 9 passed the torch. They literally only had Han, Leia and Luke as a bait and switch to get old Gen X’ers like myself to buy tickets. Fooled once not getting fooled again. I parted ways with Star Wars after episode 9. Disney Star Wars isn’t Star Wars. The only way they could get me back is if they make a Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker series. For me its always been about Luke, that is why the new EU is garbage and i don’t read any of the comics or books. The old post return of the Jedi era was superior in every way to Disney. With the exception of the black fleet trilogy and the crystal star.

Being a lifelong Star Trek fan since the TOS Premier Sept. 66′ as a 9 year old, I am looking forward to ST- SNW as going back to an old friend and seeing a worthy cast carry the Enterprise into bold new adventures without too much straying from ST canon. I’ve enjoyed past shows and movies to varying degrees but this is exciting enough to bring out that 9 year old in me.
Live Long and Prosper!