Kirk’s Mirror Uniform, K-7 Space Station, And More Star Trek Memorabilia Up For Auction

Another big collection of Star Trek memorabilia is going up for auction later this month with dozens of screen-used props, costumes, and models from the TOS era and beyond.

Star Trek history up for sale

Heritage Auctions is holding another auction of Star Trek memorabilia on February 22nd. The Star Trek Hollywood & Entertainment Signature Auction includes a total of 75 lots, primarily from Star Trek: The Original Series, but also a few from the TOS movies and even some from the unmade Phase II series. There are also a handful of items from the TNG era as well. This Star Trek auction is curated from a number of different collectors.

“The items come from numerous collectors and represent the best of the best in terms of condition and significance,” says Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President Joe Maddalena. “They represent decades of collecting and make up a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The tunics alone would be impossible to find in one place, and this is an extraordinarily special auction of which we’re immensely proud.”

Costumes are a focus of the auction, including three screen-used Mirror Universe uniforms from the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror.” The William Shatner “Captain Kirk” (3) Piece Alternate Universe Ensemble has an opening bid of $30,000, as does the Leonard Nimoy “Spock” (2) Piece Alternate Universe Ensemble. The George Takei “Lt. Sulu” (3) Piece Ensemble has an opening bid of $10,000.

Mirror Spock Ensemble (Heritage Auctions)

And there are many more TOS Starfleet uniforms, including the tunic worn by Majel Barrett’s Number One in the pilot “The Cage” (opening bid $4000). There is also an original Klingon costume from “The Day of the Dove,” and Subcommander Tal’s from “The Enterprise Incident” (both with opening bids of $3,000).

Subcommander Tal uniform (Heritage Auctions)

Among the most recognizable props in this event is the model of the K-7 space station re-created for the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations.” Modelmaker Greg Jein had a long history with Trek, dating back to 1979’s The Motion Picture and he received his lone Emmy nomination for “Trials and Tribble-ations.” The opening bid is $20,000.

K-7 Station from DS9 (Heritage Auctions)

There are a number of props included in the action including a “Thrall” Weapon from “Gamesters of Triskelion” (opening bid $,3000), Ricardo Montalban “Khan” Signature Left-Hand Glove from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (opening bid $2,500), and a Klingon Disruptor Weapon from Star Trek: Phase II (opening bid $2,500).

Phase II Klingon disruptor (Heritage Auctions)

Also up for auction are a few signed posters, prints, cast photos, and sketches. This includes unit production manager Mel Efros’ on-set production bible from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (opening bid $600).

Star Trek IV production bible

The auction will be held on February 22nd and bidding is now open online. Prices are expected to well exceed opening bid prices for many of these items. Recent auctions have seen items go for many times their minimums, with some items selling for six figures in 2021.

For more information or to bid visit the official Heritage Auctions site.

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What a pitty, I’m not a millionaire. It would all be mine!!!

Where is Indiana Jones when we need him? (“this belongs in a museum”)

I was just thinking — seriously — that these things belong in a museum and not in private hands.

I feel that way about a lot of things.

Me too. Should be in a place to be enjoyed by all.


I was just going to type that!

I was fascinated to learn that the K-7 miniature was originally a NASA study model acquired for use on the show, since it fit into the TOS aesthetic so well. I’d love to have it, of course, but there are places in the country you could probably buy a modest house for what it will wind up selling for.

Did it say “K-7” in the original episode?

The very first line of “The Trouble with Tribbles” is Spock’s “Deep Space Station K7 now within sensor range, Captain.”

I think he was referring to the original miniature itself. And I think the answer would be, no — that detail was added, along with Cyrano Jones’ scout ship, to the model that was re-created for “Trials and Tribbleations,” the one going on auction here.

The original model did in fact have these markings, but they are very hard to make out given the film grain and window lighting in that part of the station.

The original does have K-7, actually; you can see it in a few of the screenshots at Trek Core.

Thanks, all! Always wondered about that.

OMG they have Spocks Yosemite whisky mug. #NEED

There is a fine line between having these in a museum (somewhere) so fans and public can view these items and then there is the private collector who keeps these items for person viewing (ownership) and treats them with loving care to preserve them. What amazes me most of all is that any of these items are still around, not to mention in good shape too.

I’ve posted on these before as to my bittersweet feelings when I hear of these auctions. I’d thrilled that these items still exist, but then to know that they will just all go to the personal collections of a few very rich people and never be seen much again by anyone else makes me quite sad :( .

The provenance of that K7 re-creation is very questionable… Who knew that TNG’s The Most Toys predicted this whole realm of nonsense so well. Hint, the top cone is not screen used nor “restored”. It’s re-manufactured long after the fact and doesn’t even match. Those who know about this item, know the sad history…. That said, it’s even more sad that fools would waste money on squirreling away these items, and disgusting at the people who grift and scam and benefit from them — indeed they do similarly belong in a museum like a Smithsonian or those that are at the Star Trek Tour in Ticonderoga.

Yup. Evidently someone who deems himself a “Star Trek Gatekeeper/Super Producer” had it in his possession briefly, removed the cone and sold it separately then had a new topper produced so the station could AGAIN be sold as “restored”.

I want to buy Dr Helen Noel’s uniform

Alright, I’m hoping this thread is dead so nobody bids against me, but here’s my wish list by importance…

-Spock ears, duh
-Khan’s glove. Gotta have.
-Rand TOS uni – with the boots and everything, like omg!
-TVH production bible – where else can you get such an important document from such a great film??
-Space the final frontier doc…probably nothing more historic
-Salt creature mask – the first monster from the first episode! Like wow
-Sulu and/or Marlena Mirror Mirror unis
-Enterprise set buttons
-Naked Time “hazmat” helmet that could never protect anyone from anything
-Kirk Bread and Circuses shirt / Romulan uni

I’ve registered to bid, hoping for the best, although I realize the odds of a poor person like me scoring any of these is slim…here’s hoping it goes to this massive TOS fan 🤞

I was sooo close to getting Spock ears, but 10k/12.5 with bp would’ve been the next bid and that’s my limit…did I make a tragic mistake? Should I have tried? I can’t imagine a more iconic piece of Trek history