Watch: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ TV Spot Offers Hints To Second Half Of Season 4

Following Thursday’s mid-season finale of Prodigy, Paramount+ will bring back the second half of Star Trek: Discovery’s fourth season on the following Thursday, keeping the non-stop Star Trek going in 2022. And there is a new TV commercial to promote the return of Discovery. We also have a couple of new Discovery-related promos from Paramount+.

Discovery is back on February 10

The following 30-second television commercial includes a mix of things from the first half of the season, along with a few shots from the mid-season trailer from a month ago as well as a few new bits. It also emphasizes positive media reviews for season four.


Sea monster?

Most of the new elements are quick character shots, but there is one new element that stands out. There is a shot of a Federation shuttlecraft headed towards what can only be described as a sea monster.

Stamets climbs Paramount Mountain (with Soji and Uhura)

Paramount+ has started up a new version of its 2021 “Climbing Paramount Mountain” campaign. There are a number of TV spots planned for big events over the next few months, with the first one released aired during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game. Each commercial includes a variety of individuals from Paramount+ series, with the latest one including Discovery’s Stamets (Anthony Rapp) along with Picard’s Soji (Isa Briones) and Strange New Worlds’ Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding). This first spot had everyone singing, which may explain why it included Star Trek stars who are also Broadway stars.

The commercial isn’t available yet online, but the spot was also released on social media (although cropped as a square).

Paramount+ celebrates black history month with Sonequa and Tunde

February is Black History Month, and Paramount+ has released a “Black Voices” promo on social media which includes Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green and executive producer/director Olutunde Osunsamni talking about how Discovery is important for showing Black representation.

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Looking forward to the new episodes – but I seriously hope lead sound designer Tim Farrell and the team comes to their senses and ditches that Jetsons ‘wibbly wibbly WEE’ tape fast-forward sound effect for the spore drive.

It’s just…uncool. It’s cartoonish. It doesn’t really work.

Who approved that? It completely takes me out of the show every time.

I mean, I’ve kind of abandoned hope that they will make their space shots anything other than chaotically busy / dusty / hard to follow, but can they give us this ONE THING? :)

The spore drive itself has taken me out of the show and I stayed out for 2 years. I gave it a chance again by watching end of season 2 onward, and I have to say my dislike for DIS went from contempt to mild annoyance, which at least is an improvement, relatively speaking. I profoundly dislike Burnham and in the last episode I saw from season 4 (which may not be the last aired, I can’t recall), everyone was taking breaks amid crucial action moments to talk about their feelings… Absolutely idiotic. The final straw was when my favorite and almost only character I like in the show (Tilly) left… I’m not even going to talk about the Burn in season 3. My mastery of the English language is way insufficient to adequately describe how much this was nonsensical. Science fiction still needs to make sense and this show has too many elements that don’t. I’m going to watch to the end of season 4, and I recognize the show has improved, but the overall impression I get is that the ones responsible for this show don’t know what they’re doing and have no sense of direction. This is my opinion, and I’m not taking away from the majority who like this show.

The spore drive in concept was one of the few things I really liked. It’s new and different, and its risky and experimental nature was enough for me to overlook canon issues. Unfortunately, the show itself has never really lived up to the promise of the series’ concept. It’s had fleeting moments of greatness, but they’be been too few and far between.

Still hoping a new showrunner will arrive at some point and ditch all the soap opera melodrama and weepy, overly emotional performances (that I do not attribute to the incredibly talented cast).

“Wibbly wibbly wee” is the perfect way to describe that sound. But after four seasons, I think it’s probably locked in for the entirety of the show at this point.

I actually find it fun.

There were a lot of fun sound effects in TOS.

This definitely comes across as older fans taking themselves and the show too seriously.

Just because we’re no longer the 6 or 11 year olds that most of us were when we first encountered the franchise shouldn’t mean that we deny fun to the generations to follow.

(And I’m an old type who was thrilled by the cute Horta in The Devil in the Dark in first run.)

I think the visual language and feel of “Discovery” has always seemed off and really doesn’t fit with either the OG Trek shows, let alone the other Paramount+ shows. And that goes beyond the weird Klingons and reimagining of the aesthetics of the Trek universe to the point they redesigned Pike’s/Kirk’s Enterprise and put droids everywhere.

Picard comes the closest to feeling like it exists in the same universe, but even it feels like it has more in common with Lower Decks and Prodigy than Discovery. Across all of the shows minus Discovery, everything from the ship designs to the computer displays and the sounds they make share the same feel as what you expect from Star Trek.

There’s an argument to be made for Discovery deciding to try new things, stake out their own thing, and define their own territory of Trek. But all of those differences don’t work for me, and some of them are just really dumb IMO, like the detachable nacelles and programmable matter which are story concepts I’d expect on a Power Rangers spin-off more than Star Trek. It just takes me out of the show trying to reconcile it with everything that came before it.

Man, Trek fans love to pick on the things that don’t matter.

I got to see the original sets of the 1960s Enterprise. With all the advancements we’ve made in electronics since the show left the air in 1968, to recreate an Enterprise that too closely resembled that would truly seem cartoonist. Discovery was a concept ship from its beginnings, now its in the 32nd Century. Programmable matter is in development right now in the 21st Century. I’d imagine that in 11 centuries, they’d have gotten it to work. Obviously no one from 1966 who conceived of the 1701 Bridge could have imagined touch screen interfaces or any of the technologies we take for granted. The tech designers for Discovery had to try and imagine what technologies would be common more than 11 centuries from now. I think they have done a fantastic job keeping things advanced enough yet relatable for us. I’ll grant you that the Klingon redesign was a hot mess.

Isn’t the first show with the moon from the end of the episode Choose to Live.

Burnham, Tilly, and Mama Burnham were on Book’s ship for that mission.

At the end, they look back at the species that had been in cryostasis in the artificial moon ship and see pods or small ships moving en mass towards their new home.

That was my first thought!

that’s right. fixed.

Far-flung guess and all, but it wouldn’t shock me if those giant creatures are the perpetrators of what’s been going on here. It could hit Book pretty hard to realize that this is the only way they can exist, that they’re an endangered species, etc

More likely, they’re just spooky local inhabitants of a planet that an away team needs to land on for x reason. Discovery has always been rather liberal with the budget, haha.

dear god, these paramount mountain clips are awful!!

They’re almost cult sci-fi so bas they’re riveting though.

It’s the whole “what are we doing here?” vibe that sells it.

“WOW”- Micheal Burnham
bullying white males is not very Star Trek 😡


White supremacy is not very Star Trek.

Also, to you I say “WOW.”

It’s more that where all equals and should be able to work together.


I looked it up and 1883 is not so much about black cowboys, it is about Tim McGraw and Faith Hill colonizing the Americas. I feel misled by the promo.

Faith Hill can colonize me any day of the week.

Let me guess, having to save the whole galaxy again?

Why does the discovery sound like a Tribble tripping out on drugs when it uses the mushroom drive? Oh… lol. Nvm I think I just answered my own question.

Wow, sea monster? really?


Truth be told, I always thought it would be fun for the Enterprise or some ship to visit a world that still had dinosaurs or something like that. But not in the weird way VOY did it.

There has been a short trailer airing on Pluto TV for a while. It only has 2 lines of dialogue, and I don’t know if those are new or old.

I hate that stupid cartoonish noise the Discovery makes when it engages the spore drive.