Podcast: All Access Teams Up With The Shuttle Pod To Analyze The ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Mid-Season Finale

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 77 - TrekMovie

[Prodigy review starts at 22:32]

Tony and Laurie are joined by The Shuttle Pod‘s Kayla and Matt to sort through all the news about Strange New Worlds (and the clip we can’t see yet) Picard, and Discovery, and give some updates on the Section 31 and Starfleet Academy shows in development along with the latest on the 2023 Star Trek movie, thanks to some comments from Simon Pegg. Then, the group reviews Star Trek: Prodigy‘s mid-season finale, “A Moral Star, Part 2,” with a little help from Tony’s nephew David. (Ani’s been busy, but we’ll get her back when Prodigy returns.) They wrap up with a look at Captain Pike’s horses (plural, please), and a TNG tribute via ukulele.


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Matt: Mary Lou, the forgotten horse of Captain Pike

Laurie: Neil Shurley singing original song chock-full of TNG episode names

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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Anthony, your nephew is awesome!

& Everyone, thanks for another enjoyable podcast.

Thank you very much. This was a fun one to record. And yes my brother has created excellent progeny

Ha! :)

I still wonder how many kids — and how many adults, for that matter — get confused between the words “prodigy” and “progeny.” This recent episode might have helped a bit, I guess, but every time the Diviner said “progeny” in those first nine episodes it made me imagine some kid out there looking at the show’s title and trying to find an “n” somewhere.

Great podcast and thanks. I love these team-ups and you should do more often. How about you all get together to discuss your thoughts on SNW when it debuts?

thank you. They are fun to do but it’s a bit challenging to make happen and due to schedules especially with the timely nature of this podcast related to news and episode reviews. But hopefully we will continue to do periodic crossovers and believe we did a couple last year and I’m sure we’ll do more this year

Thanks Tony

What’s happened to the older podcasts? Most of the podcasts feeds only start the shows from 2021, with over 50 missing


That happens periodically when the podcast feeds hit a limit. I’ll look into extending it.

This is why I download and archive all the podcasts I really care about … such as this one!

That’s awesome to hear (read).

Okay not sure what feed you’ve been subscribing to, but if you subscribe to the All Access podcast (not the combined “TrekMovie.com Star Trek Podcast Network”), it has all back episodes now. The combined TrekMovie feed seems to be hard coded to only keep the most recent 50 episodes. The individual show feeds (All Access and Shuttle Pod) go back a ways now.

Laurie, I agree with both of your unpopular opinions. I finished a Voyager rewatch last year and found the thing with Chakotay and Seven was much better-developed than I’d remembered.

And then, I just recently finished a DS9 rewatch. The less said the better, on the subject of the Dominion War.

Ha! I’m so used to being alone in these opinions. I hope we do end up on the Shuttle Pod at some point discussing this, because I have many things to say about Chakotay and Seven. The Dominion War thing… I find so many fans think it’s the best of the show and the best of the franchise, and in a way, I don’t want to argue against that. But wow, I don’t even REMEMBER some of those episodes, and I’ve watched all of DS9 more than once. I tend to pick earlier episodes for my rewatches.

My feeling is that that are a few good episodes mixed in there (“The Siege of AR-558” is solid), but overall the entire arc just doesn’t work for me. I’m in a tiny minority in feeling that, though. Glad to have some company! :)

That’s the thing for me too.

I know that I saw them all, and more than once, but while certain key scenes stick in my memory, I don’t have the same recollection of episodes.

Yes! Same here. I remember some random scenes but not episodes, and the more they got into war strategy and political intrigue, the less I remembered. I did love some of the more self-contained episodes that came earlier, like Home Front and Paradise Lost, but we’re in still in season 4 there.