Watch Opening Teaser And New Title Sequence For ‘The Orville: New Horizons,’ Now Arriving In June

The third season of The Orville is on our list of most anticipated things for 2022, and today Hulu announced they are moving the premiere date to June 2nd for Seth MacFarlane’s homage to Star Trek: The Next Generation. They also released an exciting new sneak peek.

Watch how New Horizons kicks off

Hulu is calling season three The Orville: New Horizons and it comes with a brand new title sequence. Today they released a sneak peek showing that the season starts with action, revealing the opening teaser of the first episode along with the title sequence with a new theme. The sequence reveals what appears to be a fierce battle between the Planetary Union and the Kaylons.

New Horizons moved to June

Originally the third season of The Orville was going to start next month. Along with the sneak peek, creator Seth MacFarlane announced today the premiere was moved to Thursday, June 2nd due to challenges with the pandemic.

Here is the full statement made on social media

According to the official synopsis from Hulu, The Orville: New Horizons “finds the crew of the U.S.S. Orville continuing their mission of exploration as they navigate both the mysteries of the universe and the complexities of their own interpersonal relationships.”

The New Horizons ensemble cast includes Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, J. Lee, Mark Jackson, Chad L. Coleman, Jessica Szohr, and Anne Winters.

And in case you missed it, in December Hulu released their first official image from the show.

(Photo by: Michael Desmondl/Hulu)

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Wow. Talk about an upgrade. This looks excellent.

I had forgotten just how much I missed this show. That was fantastic.

Certinly looks like they have dropped any pretense of this being a “homage” to TNG. To each, their own, I suppose.

Oh, for crying out loud.

Come on, I mean that is exactly what they are going for. What planet are you living on?

Exactly, but with second rate actors, cheap looking special effects, and Star Trek-derivative music. It reminds me of like a bigger budget version of Star Trek Continues — updated to copy TNG and other Berman-era Trek of course. So they might as well just admit that now. It is what it is.

Nothing wrong with this, but it’s not my cup of tea. If some fans like it, cool!

I caught a couple of episodes when it was still Fox, and that was enough for me. And for those who love it, great.

To extend the benefit of the doubt, this was a four minute clip, but it looks and sounds exactly like TNG in it’s entirity. At some point when this was in development, Fox had to have gotten a sign off from Viacom that this was satire or parody, to avoid the TM infringement lawsuit. Granted, it’s behind a paywall at Hulu, but how is this not a TM infringement now?

*yawns* *stretches* *yawns again*

LOL, you are quite the intellectual, eh dude? :-)

It’s NOT like TNG… It’s like all traditional space operas combined. The colors used to be TNG but the plots were “borrowed” from lots of series: DS9, VOY, ENT, SG-1, even SeaQuest… It’s all of this coming together on one little ship… That’s why I love it…

The plots may be borrowed from *Galaxy* Quest as well.

“by Grabthar’s hammer…. what a savings.”


I kinda liked the show’s first season. Thought it should lean more on the comedy aspect because that was its “schtick”. It was what separated it from TNG. And unlike the Secret Hideout Trek attempt at comedy, Orville gags in that first season mostly landed. Then came the 2nd season. Where they leaned nearly 100% away from the jokes. They still threw at least one in each episode. And most of those gags still worked. But it had moved away from what made it different. I was no longer impressed with the show as it was merely a TNG clone at that point. Been there. Done that. I probably would have kept watching had it stayed on Fox but moving it to Hulu means I’m done. Not going to subscribe to Hulu for that show. Pretty sure they will get a much smaller audience on Hulu than they ever got of Fox. But small audiences on streaming are pretty commonplace so I guess that doesn’t matter. If the discs ever make their way to Netflix I might put them in my cue. But if not, I honestly don’t feel like I missed anything.

Seeing the comedy in the first season just made me think of what it mistake it was that Secret Hideout didn’t reach out to Seth to make the Trek animated comedy. He was a fan and he has shown he can have great fun with the property judging by what he did with the original Star Wars trilogy.

Anyhow, that’s just my two quatloos.


“So they might as well just admit that now. It is what it is.”

It is what it is… traditional Star Trek reborn, traditional space opera reborn. MacFarlane wanted to make something like this in Trek’s future. He didn’t get through at CBS. So he took it to Fox and made his own show. Just like JMS did back in the early 90s after Paramount rejecting his space station show for Trek… He made B5 and then Paramount came up with DS9 ..

But wait… if history repeats itself we will be getting an Orville-esque Trek show soon… SNW?

JMS pitched B5 as a Trek show?

Except that JMS did something quite different (and pretty original for it’s time) from formailc Star Trek, unlike MacFarlane, who basically copied it and made his own TNG.

Exactly. Nothing wrong with that AND it is MY cup of tea.

Harrumph. Harrumph. etc.

[[Harrumph. Harrumph. etc.]]

“Harrumph! Harrumph!”
“I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy.”
“Give the governor a harrumph!”
“You watch your ass.”

Funniest western ever.

Wow… Exciting! And they truly got the turbo shaft right :-) Even with 2022 FX, a turbo shaft is just a turbo shaft and not a Tardisized Coruscant…

I don’t anything about the changes but this looks like an entire fleet of ships going to harbour what’s left of humanity… Galactica in opposite directions? I could be wrong…

Clearly it’s a dream from one of the kids, but it’s a cool sequence.

No, I was refering to the large-sized fleet towards the end of the title sequence. That had a certain Galactica feel… But maybe it’s just my imagination running wild…

Ron Moore’s Galactica’s space special effects are vastly superior to these. These crappy effects are not even in the same ballpark as those, and those are like a decade and a half old.

I disagreed with you on other points, but here…. hmmmmmm…


That’s an odd comparison. BSG was a gritty sci-fi drama. The Orville is a pulpy retro sci-fi comedy, or dramedy if you like. Different tones, different styles.

@One Lion: The Galactica aspect is not about SFX but the potential plot… A huge fleet of ships could carry the remnants of a fallen Earth after another Kaylon attack…

The FX remark was about the turbo shaft compared to DSC…

That being said. I’m not even thinking of NuBSG but a potential “revival” of Old BSG through such a plot on The Orville. After all, this is a revival of old traditional space opera…

I wouldn’t call that 2022 effects but….

Yeah those VFX were really bad in places!

Given that it’s a throwback to 90s sci-fi with a lighter tone, that might be intentional.

Yea, pretty lame effects — like a video game sort of space animation look.

Just like the prequel trilogy of Star Wars?

Good analogy!

Interesting. I consider these SFX really really good. Maybe it’s because I prefer the more “comprehensive” style over the wibbley wobbley FX of modern series. Too ech his own, but those FX are my all-time favourites…

I agree with Garth Lorca. I really dislike the Discovery-style FX where the ships are so dark, and the wobbliness so acute, that you can never appreciate the FX themselves.

I suspect that’s part of why people have enjoyed Prodigy; you can actually appreciate the artistry of the world-building shots.

Given it’s a four minute teaser, I wonder if the effects are actually finished.

Given that the show was supposed to premiere very soon (even though it has been pushed now) and the season has been in production since before the pandemic started I would guess that the effects are probably pretty final. They have the whole season to finish, after all. If they are still working on the opening shots then the show is in trouble (VFX-wise).

I don’t know what it says about me, but one of the biggest takeaways for me was also that they know how to do realistic turbolifts! The other takeaway was that this looks great! I’m looking forward to the new season…

That you give a great elevator speech? :-)

Awesome! I love that kind of humor.

I love how realistic it was that after a falling turbo lift he ended up on the top floor of the ship.

Perspective! At least the turboshaft didn’t send him into a giant computer core factory on Coruscant…

I have to admit that I have only seen a few episodes of The Orville and that was years ago but the geography of where he was on the ship was hard to follow.

Wow pretty impressive increase in production values over S1 and S2 on network TV! The move to Hulu has really helped raise the look and feel of the show.

Unfortunately, with this latest delay, they will be off the air for well over three years – I am sure the hardcore fans will be happy to wait for S3, so let’s hope the casual fans wil come back too.The more science fiction, the better.

Hopefully, enough fans will be willing to sign up for Hulu, although with 5 Trek shows now available year round, The Orville MAY have to carve out its own identity going forward.

I don’t think I’ll be seeing this one given that a Disney+ streaming subscription is the only option in Canada.

It might make sense to add Disney+ and drop something else for the summer, but that’s a subscription we’ve been avoiding.

Thanks TG47 for the heads up about D+ up here! I too will probably have to skip it as am more likely to pick up Apple TV for a month or two to watch For All Mankind.
Btw, earlier this year I saw our friends south of the border were offered the ESPN, Hulu D+ bundle for less than $14 a mth. Not bad.

Seems the shuttles no longer look like a Honda Odyssey minivan. :)

You say this like it’s a good thing.

So AVIS have replaced that model from their fleet…

Why can’t new Star Trek have CGI like that?! Where you can see the ships!!!! & long space sequences

Because the lighting and proportionality is absurd.

Isn’t it supposed to be absurd?

Correct. And I thought I was the only one here to see just how crappy these special effects are. Thank you!

Yeah; I agree. The CGI presented here is much more eye-pleasing than the “realistic” approach in stuff like The Expanse of Galactica. It’s simply what I expect to see…

Sorry but the average video game has better special effects then this it’s pretty bad.

Actually, I found the battle to be extremely busy and hard to follow.
The title sequence has longer sequences but they, too, are busy with lots of colourful nebulas and other ships/stations filling the screen.
Whereas Discovery’s space scenes seem to be quite dark quite often, I found a lot of shots here to be overly bright.
I do agree in the sense that I would probably enjoy a title sequence with lots of beautiful ship shots more than the current title sequences on Discovery and Picard. It’s a different style.

One thing I did notice was that The Orville seems to have ditched the model photography look they were going for in the beginning of the show. Maybe they did this long ago, I only saw a few episodes in the beginning.

Do you consider 90s Trek’s space scenes to be too bright? I’d say the Orville’s CGI is a pretty natural progression from that aesthetic versus Discovery (I still hold the battle at the end of Disco season 2 as one of my least favorite of all the shows – now THAT was busy!)

I like the title sequence a lot but the “sparklers” were weak for special effects. From the first second the ship looks like a cardboard cut out. I expected better CGI. All of this being said I will still watch June 2nd.

I totally heard a Wilhelm scream during one of those explosion sequences.

I like the new arrangement of the theme used in the opening. The “old” one wasn’t doing it for me.

Actually I prefer the old version. The new one is interesting but inferior. I also liked the original DS9 version a lot over the redone theme from S4, let alone ENT’s “upgraded” song from S3…

Wow very impressive indeed. Maybe it will be worth the 3 year wait. I’ll definitely check it out now that I have Hulu again. Bummer it’s not coming out next month.

It looks great. But I was counting on it to fill the void of me skipping Picard. Now I’ll just have a big sad void in March and April. Oh well, at least we’re getting a great Orville eventually.

I have to confess that I’m confused by the statement explaining the new premier date. Is it code for “we had some post-production delays that are COVID-related (or can be blamed on COVID)” or is it network-speak for “we at Hulu have sadly realized that we will have no flagship productions once the current broadcast season ends in May”.

IIRC, principal photography on about half the season was completed prior to the pandemic. I’m honestly surprised that there has never been a discussion of having a split season ala Discovery.

I’m not sure if it’s true but I once read that they shoot The Orville pretty much out of order to work around everybody’s schedules. This could mean that they had shot quite a lot of material before the pandemic, but just individual scenes from a bunch of episodes, not a complete episode.

Not code, just the reality of shooting anything over the past couple of years.

Looks great. Now THIS is what space scenes should look like. C’mon, Season 3!

I hope the next Star Trek feature film has awesome effects and action like this…I’m sure the fans will whine bitch and complain any way.

Expect a HULU price increase before June! I just got a feeling about that…

Like snow in the arctic, Disney and price increases are a sure thing.

Every time Orville releases video, I am grateful that Kurtzman doesn’t produce cheesy Berman era fan service.

Me too!

Yeah, he produces cheesy fantasy shows, I’ll take cheesy Berman era fan service over that anytime, KTHX

I like Kurtzman but still prefer Berman two to one easily.

No, he produces content for Paramount+. For Kurtzman it’s just a job. He lacks the passion of peers like Seth MacFarlane, Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau or Scott Gimple who each have a deep understanding of the genres in which they work and the content they produce. They’re not just content creators and producers, they’re also fans.

Kurtzman is a producer, not a creator, His only job is to get the right people to create! McMahan, the Hagemans, Matallas… those are guys who need to be fans. Kurtzman is a suit, nothing more. He needs to raise the money for the IP, his creative vision is of no importance.

But then, you are the pro and you know all of that better than I do…

Actually, Kurtzman (together with the studio, of course) is the one making the long-term strategic decisions of which shows to develop and where to take the franchise as a whole. So I wouldn’t say his creative vision is of no importance.

But that’s ultimately the point: strategic vision to move the franchise forward. It’s a business focus, not a creative focus. He worked with Bob Orci for years but Orci was always the one who expressed the passion for their work.

You nailed it. That’s the distinction: producer vs creator. He keeps the machinery going and he does that well but he doesn’t have the creative vision or passion of his peers.

But his lack of vision may be a good thing. It gives leeway to individual creators such as Matalas, MacMahan or the Hagemans to deliver their own distinctive creations. Without a creative “godfather” who wants to rule everything with his ego… such as “no conflict” GR or “keep it clean” Berman, Trek might be better off on the long run.

He was off to a bad start as Fuller, Berg/Harbarts and even Chabon did not really deliver a cohesive product, but things are getting better now within each corner of the Star Trek universe. I’m cautiously optimistic, especially because there is no overlord in town forcing his creative ego upon the individual artists…

Kurtzman could hire MacFarlane for a next Next Gen or Scott Gimple for The Walking Borg… He is free to do whatever audiences demand because he’s not bound by his own creative vision.

But that also works against a franchise like this. He doesn’t have to drive it all but he has to understand the source material and what makes it work at its core. The most successful showrunners deliver shows that are praised by fans and critics alike.

Producers in TV ARE creators.

Not necessarily. Televised uber-franchises are still a fairly new thing and new structures may be necessary to lead such an endeavour. You then get a head-producer who pulls the industry strings and hires the creative “sub”-producers… Paradise for DSC, Matallas for PIC, MacMahan for LDS or the Hagemans for PROD. Technically, Kurtzman may still be a producer but it’s not his job to run the creative flow of the individual properties. Those tasks are delegated to other artists. And I think this is a fairly good model IF Kurtzman is able to get the right people for the job…´That WASN’T the case with early DSC or PIC but it seems to be getting better every day…

But it’s not like he’s Spielberg only checking in on a show every few weeks to fulfill his EP credit, or a line producer, or even just at the Rick Berman level of creative involvement (which we know still affected everything, even DS9 only got away with so much). Alex Kurtzman’s background is as a writer, plain and simple. He also comes in to direct these shows whenever he chooses – he’s clearly very very involved creatively and intent on keeping his stamp on his fiefdom, even if his attention is getting more divided. Considering his choices of showrunner for all the live action shows (Terry Matalas hopefully breaking the curse), he isn’t exactly a discerning delegator. I suspect the animated shows are more free to do their own thing simply because Kurtzman feels less at home in the medium.

I can assure that is not the case at all. Some are, most are not. Notable exceptions are Ron Moore, Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Vince Gilligan, Seth MacFarlane and, of course, Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Looks like a somewhat gifted amateur did the special effects over a few weekends with a few bucks raised from Kickstarter, and then a clever musician did a sideways version of Jerry Goldsmith’s TMP music — different just enough to avoid a lawsuit. And is that pre-teen like a facsimile of Jake freaking Sisko or what? LOL

“Into the Badlands”, “The Terror: Infamy” and “Preacher” all had visual effects produced by FuseFX when I was at AMC. They did a lot of great work. They’ve also produced visual effects for “Lost in Space”, “Snowpiercer” and “Loki” over the past couple of years in addition to “The Orville” for which the visual effects team earned an Emmy nomination. The effects supervisor, Brandon Fayette, has worked on everything from Star Trek to Star Wars.

As for the main title theme, it was composed by Bruce Broughton who has an extensive career in television and film which goes back decades.

So, yeah, not a bunch of Kickstarter amateurs with a musical assist from a marginally talented composer. As for the kids, you’d have to watch to get a better sense of how they fit into all of this.

Sorry but for such a big company the FX look pretty bad in that mini trailer. Looks like 20 year old FX.

I would have to disagree. The effects are intended to reflect the needs and requests of the showrunner. They wanted a very specific look for this series. Back in the old Sci Fi channel days, the effects for BSG, Stargate and Farscape all had a much different look and feel from series to series and that’s by design.

You mean like 90s FX? On a show that’s specifically calling back to 90s sci-fi TV? Huh.

Yes, exactly. People can list all they “resumes” of SFX staff they want here, but the eyeball test tells the truth. This looks sort of like if 30-year old Babylon 5 SFX were updated and done in 4K…an animation sort of look which doesn’t ring as true as the SFX on Discovery, or even BSG 15 years ago.

These days, the quality of effects depends less on the company doing them and more on the time/money spent. I often see VFX reels where the same company does outstanding work in one production and then work that looks pretty cheap in another.
Exaggerating a bit here, but if you want twice the number of effects shots in half the time chances are the result may not look as good.
The rebooted Battlestar Galactica had some pretty impressive VFX shots in its day but it also had some pretty crappy shots, especially towards the end where I felt they were trying to do too much. Its sequel “Caprica” went on to have some terrible VFX (but not all of them). I suppose those were probably the same people responsible for the VFX, but working on a tighter budget/schedule.

A fair assessment and astute observation.

Smart use of the vfx and management of the scarce resource by the showrunner make an enormous difference.

Superman and Lois is a CW broadcast show that’s getting a lot of kudos for its cinematography and vfx in comparison to other television superhero shows. There are lots of erroneous reports that it has a bigger budget, but the writers and others involved attest that it’s the strict discipline of the showrunner Todd Helbing in choosing where and when to use the vfx that makes it possible.
Experience gained on other shows makes a difference.

I haven’t seen Superman and Lois so I can’t comment on it. But especially on a very limited budget it makes a huge difference whether you spend your money on getting a few shots really well or whether you go for quantity over quality.
I will say that modern Trek (both the Kelvin movies and the new live action shows) often seem to lack that discipline. Sure, they have a much bigger budget and can afford it to an extent but still I sometimes find myself thinking: “Just why?”

You are both spot on and that lack of discipline due to massive budgets can sometimes work against a series. We’re seeing that not only with the current generation of Star Trek shows but a lot of streaming series in general across virtually every service available.

Great points!

I love how Seth borrows something from Star Trek and makes it slightly different but recognizable. For instance in this scene I saw this twice. This kid is running down different hallways and Seth too. You know how in the original star trek and even Next Generation and Voyager, you would see people doing this crashing around when explosions hit the ship. I swear it used to look like someone slightly off camera jumping off a ladder and then flopping on the ground. At least that is what it looked like back in the day. Well, as the boy and Seth are running down the hallways I believe I saw two people smack themselves off a wall. It made me chuckle a little bit as it reminded me of the old shows.

Okay, the special effects are so subpar, here’s what it reminds me of…..Remember, in Galaxy Quest, where the special effects were amazingly realistic (for the time) during the entire adventure with the cast in space?
Then, at the end of the movie, the cast were rebooted into a new TV series, where the effects were better than the cheesy ones they had on their old show, but still not as realistic as what they had just gone through in space? This 4 minute clip reminded me EXACTLY of the special effects on the rebooted Galaxy Quest TV series. Cheesy, amateurish and nowhere near good enough.
Pretty sad when a film from 1999 beats you with more realistic effects (during the adventure in space part).

Seems well paced.

CG looks like it’s from a CG animated production. Not necessarily bad but just what I felt watching it. Bit like Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Awesome! Although, I hope Disney would release season three on home media formats in time for Christmas.

Can we also get seasons one and two on Blu Ray? I’m forever annoyed that they only got an SD DVD release. I mean, I can always watch them on Hulu, but there are certain shows that I want to have in my own personal collection. Orville is one of them. But it seems such a downgrade to pick it up in a non-HD format.

That seems a common (although not universal, I will admit) thing with shows produced for streaming. You want it in HD? You must subscribe! (And hope you don’t have any issues with your connection when you want to watch!) Otherwise, enjoy your SD scraps.

Damn, those updated VFX look really good. I’m guessing this is a dream sequence of Marcus’ of the Kaylon attack from season 2, and not another Kaylon attack. I can’t believe it will almost be over THREE years since season 2 ended. I’m actually surprised season 3 is still happening given that length of time – but I’m not complaining! Hopefully The Orville will do well on Hulu, and we’ll get multiple more seasons, without a 3 year gap b/w them ;)

It’ll be a pleasure seeing real Trek return to screens.

Warning for gatekeeping

That opening scene, combining music and fx, feels like the opening of Star Wars Ep III.

I got that vibe, too.

Serious question… I watched an episode or two of this show first when it came out and couldn’t get into it. I kind of liked MacFarlane when he did a guest spot on Enterprise, and he seems like a sensible fellow when I hear him talk. However, I couldn’t figure out if this show was serious, a spoof, or a comedy a la Family Guy. Shows evolve, is it worth revisiting? If it is a spoof/comedy a la Family Guy I don’t think I would revisit it.

Thank you

I think it would be worth revisiting. Of course, I have been a fan since day 1. (And as a frame of reference, while I don’t hate them, I have never been a huge fan of MacFarlane’s animated shows.)

As far as evolution, I feel like season 1 was more of a comedy with huge dramatic elements, where as season 2 didn’t abandon the comedy, but had even more of a shit towards the drama. (I wonder if Seth had to play up the comedy more in Season 1 to meet network expectations.)

I think a good comparison to Orville is M*A*S*H. It was pitched as a comedy. It definitely has comedy in it. But as time went on it became more dramatic and could have some really deep things to say. Still, there was always a bit of comedy.

Now I just hope that, come the eventual last episode of Orville, there’s nothing about Mercer having trauma related to a noisy chicken in the back of a shuttle… :P

There seems to be a vocal group who moan about this being nothing more than a cheesey Trek rip off… To them, I say, “I’m not the biggest fan of Discovery or Picard… But I don’t go piss in your pool, can you stop coming over to piss in mine?”

You want to give Orville another chance? Awesome. I hope you come to love it, and thus have even more in your life you can enjoy. And if not, that’s okay. Not everyone has to like the same things.

Follow through watching Seasons 1 and 2. The show dials back the broad humor as it finds it’s feet. More than worth the effort.

It’s worth coming back to. A lot of episodes are still rather trite, but as has been said by others, the humor gets dialed back. MacFarlane is not a charismatic actor for live action, his being the lead is a mix of ego trip and genuine Trekkie joy on his part, but every character has gotten more interesting as the show has progressed, and it even gets rather exciting and epic by the end of season 2.

I don’t know… starships in this clip look and feel like miniature models. There is no feel to how heavy and big they are.

Man, there wasn’t a single joke in this clip. I hope the rest of the episode is funnier. Its fine for them to have dramatic moments, but they shouldn’t forget that this is supposed to be a comedy. If they go full drama, then this goes from being a hilarious homage to TNG to a second rate TNG clone.

It’s been renamed The Orville: Mew Horizons.

So it gives them licence to change the tone, but also borrows the name from Peter David’s TNG-era Star Trek: New Horizons books series which was the first tie-in series to centre on an original ship, captain and crew. This can’t be a coincidence.

Love it. Really hope they get a Season 4

I am very curious.
Why has it taken so long for the show to return? It has been almost 3 years.

I think there was always going to be a delay when the show moved to Hulu, and then Covid happened. also reported way back in 2020 that the show was being filmed cross boarding – or by location instead of by episode. So when covid hit, even though half of the shooting was complete for S3, none of the episodes were done. I guess this also prevented different directors being brought in for different episodes. It must be a little confusing for the cast as well to make a season of shows this way, but it must save on costs and it it sounds like it might be more like making a long movie. As for post production, it is also taking a long time. I am not sure why.

Now that is one kickbutt main title sequence. I hope Disney would release season three on home media formats in time for Christmas.

The VFX are so divisive, I wasn’t expecting that debate to be so varied here.

There are some posters who just hate The Orville and will use any opportunity to trash it. Just like some people will use any opportunity to trash certain Star Trek shows.
The clip doesn’t really offer much besides VFX so that’s what people are mostly talking about.
I haven’t seen anything from season 2 (I don’t think it’s broadcast where I live) so I can’t say whether the clip shows an improvement over previous episodes. Most people in this thread who are looking forward to the show seem to think so. They are the ones who will watch the show so if they like what they see then I think it’s all good.

Yeah. Seemed pretty nitpicky, the VFX are a little better than were displayed in the big battle in season 2, which was solid, IMO, and the ambition and scope have increased. The Orville VFX are very very in keeping with what Berman era visuals would look like now, if you ask me.

Ignore the posters who say the VFX suck -they are obviously trolling. They have nothing better to do than spoil the mood for everyone else. Quite pathetic if you ask me.

I quit posting here months and months back owing to issues with mods and certain posters, but Dvorak’s comment is so far off I just can’t resist chiming in one last time. I really like THE ORVILLE most of the time. And I was taken with the show’s original approach to VFX, and with a lot of how the show has looked in spite of the TNG-heavy aspects (which I abhor on TNG, VOY, ENT and here.)

But anybody who can’t see that these new VFX shots are OTT cartoony isn’t trolling, he/she is just exhibiting good taste. I’ve written professionally about VFX for 30 years and cinematography for 20 years, and while this new ORVILLE footage is obviously nowhere near as ghastly as the insipid ‘space’ visuals on DSC, it is still a big step back away from the mo-con look first established. I had been worried when first hearing that the third season was going to be much bigger visually than s2, because I didn’t see the need — play to your strengths, stay personal! — and certainly couldn’t see the capability to do so properly; this clip dismays, but also tells me that getting Hulu won’t be a priority for the foreseeable future.

That’s it, back to being done here.

Each to his own I guess. Nice to see you back. You should stick around( I’m glad my post brought provoked you , you were a strong poster :)

Well, if it’s an improvement over season 2 then all The Orville fans can be happy.
The people who hate the show probably don’t hate it because of the quality of its effects. So even if the effects were better it wouldn’t stop the haters.
Just based on this clip, would I personally want Trek to adopt this style of VFX (as some commenters have suggested here)? No. Some of it does indeed remind me of the battle sequences in DS9. But on steroids. (And that’s not my personal preference.)
That said, am I fully happy with the visual style used on the current Trek shows? No again.

Right, because some of these VFX and cinematography criticisms don’t even make sense. Yes, it’s cartoony and over-the-top and old-fashioned. That’s the point. I mean, might as well criticize Young Frankenstein or Mank or The Lighthouse for being shot in black-and-white. “This looks like something from 70 years ago! LOL”

Primarily from people who don’t like the show.

I’ll pass.

Fantastic! After all the wait (due to the pandemic) we get so many Star Trek and Star Trek-related Sci-fi for everyone’s taste, including (hopefully!) TOS and TNG-inspired shows with Strange New Worlds, Lower Decks and The Orville in older Trek style. IMHO Lower Decks is the animated Star Trek version of The Orville…

If I want Orville news (hint: I don’t) – I’ll go to

Missionlog has fallen into this orville nonesense as well. There’s no Star Wars news here, nor BSG, Stargate, etc…nor should there be Orville stuff.

Years ago, Trekmovie used to have a regular column featuring news about other sci-fi shows (like BSG and Stargate) but they had to give it up for time reasons. I actually enjoyed that column because it gave a quick overview without requiring a lot of effort.
I you don’t want Orville News you can always just skip the few Orville articles Trekmovie does. The headline and teaser picture are pretty clear so it’s not like the site rick-rolled you.

I remember that column. Yeah, that was a good one-stop place to get all the sci-fi/genre news.

slippery slope my friend, slippery slope ;)

No, a slippery slope would be if this site suddenly went off on article after article of non-Trek news to get clicks. That’s not what that weekly column (column, singular) was.

We cover the show because of the various obvious Star Trek connections and because we like it and we want to and we will continue to do so. Thank you for the feedback. We know every article isn’t for every reader but that’s why we produce more Star Trek content than any other website. Thank you for being a loyal reader. Topic closed

Always good to know what the ships look like without having to wait for the Eaglemoss release or a Twitter post.

Special effects look cheesy. Zero interest in this!