‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Showrunners Offer Clues On Janeway, Chakotay And More From The Rest Of Season 1


The midseason finale episode of Star Trek: Prodigy (“A Moral Star, Part 2”) introduced a lot of new elements into the show, including the real Admiral Janeway. We have some commentary from the showrunners and more to help sort it all out.

Admiral Janeway goes on the hunt

The introduction of Admiral Janeway was a big surprise and in a series of interviews, executive producers and showrunners Dan and Kevin Hageman have confirmed she will be back and playing an important, but surprising role for the rest of the 20-episode first season. Dan tells Fanbyte:

It’s not going to be the Admiral Janeway Show, [but] Admiral Janeway is on the hunt. We always talk about the movie The Fugitive, and [how] not all antagonists are bad guys. Sometimes they’re tough ladies.

Kevin follows up:

You could say that she becomes the antagonist over the next ten episodes. For anyone who’s a fan of Voyager, this is going to be a fun next chapter for Janeway and Chakotay.

Speaking to Cinemablend, Kevin Hageman goes into more detail on why Janeway is taking on this role of the hunter: :

When we were creating the twenty-episode arc of Season 1, we knew The Diviner was going to be taking a step out, and there needed to be a new sort of antagonist. And Dan and I were like, ‘We have Hologram Janeway. We’re in the same space that the real Janeway could be there.’ And so we were suddenly talking about [how] she could become the sort-of antagonist for the back ten [episodes.] Sort of like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive, right? Where you love Harrison Ford, but you also love Tommy Lee Jones hunting him down and doing his job.

Kevin Hageman explained more about what is driving Admiral Janeway:

I think the search for Chakotay will continue. It’s definitely something on the top of the mind. It’s the main motivation for Admiral Janeway. She wants nothing more than to find her First Officer.

Speaking to Screenrant, Dan discussed the inherent issue with this pursuit now that it has been revealed that the Diviner has hidden a Starfleet-destroying Trojan Horse weapon on the Protostar:

I think we just loved that idea where [the Protostar’s crew] just got themselves together where they can do a mission, but now they’re being tested greater than they’ve ever been tested. You’ve got Admiral Janeway on their tail trying to get them because that’s where the answers to Chakotay lie.

At the same time, they have a weapon [that can destroy Starfleet]. They can’t go to where they want to go. They can’t go to Starfleet. They can’t get caught by Janeway. What happens? That’s the next ten [episodes].

Admiral Janeway in episode 110

Mulgrew on Starfleet teamwork

The weekly lesson from Kate Mulgrew for “A Moral Star, Part 2” focused on teamwork.

All about Medusans

And in another lesson video, Angus Imrie (Zero) explains Medusans.

Speaking of Zero and Medusans, composer Nami Melumad confirmed that Zero’s theme contains elements of music from the TOS episode “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”

Good news for Australia

Fans in Australia have been wondering when episodes 6-10 will show up on ParamountPlus down under, and it has finally been confirmed those episodes will be available on Friday, February 11.

Star Trek: Prodigy will return later in 2022 with the rest of season one.

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How many different uniforms will they come up with for the same era? Prodigy, Lower Decks, Picard flashbacks…
I’m thinking live action is the most canon

Just look at the Memory Alpha page for the 2350s to 2370s uniforms. TNG has all of these shows beat by a country mile for number different uniform variations. Starfleet is pretty accepting of different uniforms for different ranks, stations and divisions… much like our actual Navy of today.

This is simply not true. Previous Trek was pretty consistent about Standard uniforms. Older designs were only used for background actors due to budgetary reasons.
And using this version of the combadge makes absolutely no sense unless Janeway and the Dauntless are from an alternate timeline.

You need to go back and watch those series again, dude. Pay attention!

Yea, it was weird how “all over the place” the uniforms were for the duration of the Berman-era shows. Anyone who is claiming that today’s uniform changing is somehow a departure from the Berman-era is simply not a very good student of Star Trek production history.

What was “all over the place”? Alternate timelines, possible futures, flashbacks and budgetary reasons aside, there were 3 main standard uniforms

1) The collarless TNG uniform
2.) The mandarin collar TNG Class A uniform & DS9 Class B jumpsuit
3.) The First Contact greys

It’s amazing how long the monster maroons lasted… gazillions of different uniforms in the TOS / DSC / SNW era, now quintillion TNG / Post-NEM / PIC uniforms,,, and in between 100 years of basically wearing the same uniform, with only the sweater worn under disappearing :-)

But I love the variety of Starfleet uniforms… It’s a bit like soccer jerseys… there are new ones every season…

I like Admiral Janeway’s uniform.

I’ve always wished they would merge the TNG/DS9-era uniforms with the style of the maroon coats of the TOS film-era.

They were going to do that in Generations before they scrapped them at the last minute. Search for the Playmates Generations toys to see what they would have looked like.

They’re all equally canon.

There is something in the animation of Admiral Janeway that reminds me of Genevieve Bujold. It’s 90% Kate Mulgrew and 10% Bujold.I really like that vibe…

She totally does! How wild.

Glad I’m not the only one who sees it. Maybe it’s just the age or maybe it’s a deliberate easter egg. Super meta..

As long as she isn’t acting 10% wodden… ;-)

My favorite show of 2022 so far. I can’t wait for more Prodigy. They set the bar very high, here’s hoping they stick the landing.

I also hope the focus stays on the kids and not on Janeway/Chakotay. I love watching the character arcs on all of them.

Its interesting that the guy on the bridge looks a lot more like a traditional Tellarite than Jankom Pog does. Maybe its just because Jankom is still too young to grow a beard, and he has a weird haircut.

Interesting how Kirk, Picard, Sulu and Pike (Kelvin) all achieved full Admiral in their careers, but Janeway only made Vice Admiral?

One might wonder if her deal with the devil — the alliance with the Borg against Species 8472 which condemned at least tens of millions of innocent lives in the Delta Quadrant to assimilation — might have prevented her in Starfleet Command’s eyes for getting promoted to full Admiral?

Given that, I am guessing opinions about her when the Voyager returned probably ranged from giving her a court martial, to promoting her to full Admiral, so one might postulate that the Vice Admiral promotion was likely a compromise?

Nobody would have survived an all-out invasion from Species 8472; she potentially saved the entire galaxy.

I think some of them are also just vice or rear Admirals. It’s just that they got called Admiral, despite the exact type of Admiral they currently were. My guess is that Janeway will also just be called Admiral in the show/in universe. I’d say that the emphasis on the Vice comes from the marketing materials that spells out the full rank.

Kirk and Pike only made Rear Admiral, Sulu just captain.

All flag rank are referred to as Admiral in conversation (except Commodores), just as all general officers are called General.

You have to check rank insignia to differentiate.

Similarly both Lieutenant-Commanders (like Data and LaForge) are called Commander in conversation.

It’s all consistent.

All of this. Plus Janeway’s career is not over. It’s apparently 2384 which means they’ve only been back 6 years.

It’s because she’s a woman. Humans are still sexist.


This is great news! Can’t wait to see more of her when Prodigy comes back. The hunt is on!

Prodigy was a big surprise for me. Never thought a kids show would appeal to me… but it most certainly did!

I agree with some others here, it’s not really a kids show at all, it’s for the whole family. All ages will find something to love, it’s a great intro to Modern Trek. Very sophisticated plotting and rich characterization, I was blown away. Every episode was a delight. I’m salivating for the second set of episodes.

As much as I love Lower Decks, Prodigy is superior( for me anyway) Well done to the Prodigy team.

I’ve only been able to see the pilot episode on youtube since the show hasn’t aired yet in Germany.
I had no expectactions (except the show being too childish) and was really surprised in a pleasant way. Looking forward to see more.

Have no fear! Janeway is here! She will fix the problem as she always does!

In this case, she might be causing a problem. If she is pursuing the Protostar, she may well expose Starfleet’s ships to a dangerous computer virus.

So let’s assume Janeway finds Prodigy and her ship gets “infected”. They could both be stranded away from the Federation.
Then again, I would suspect you can wipe an infected computer if you know what you’re looking for. Do Starfleet computers come with a “reset to factory state” button? ;-)

Something like that – see TNG’s “Contagion” and ENT’s “Divergence” ;)

Q: “How many Janeways do you wanna have?”
A: “Yes!”

Lol! Yes indeed!!

Love the Prodigy kid arc with them escaping to the frontier for a better life, exploring the universe, learning about Starfleet.
Could totally do without the Starfleet/real Janeway time travel stuff thrown in for the adults. Even the Dauntless remake, wasn’t that a fake ship? I think is easily the worst part of the show, impossible for the kids to follow. And quite frankly kind of hard to follow for most who found Voyager to, well, not be the best writing (quite frankly horrid scripts).
Why doesn’t time traveller just go back in time and fix his mistake or go back further?

Hard for kids to follow? I read what Waltke said in the other thread and he spilled things I myself didn’t pick up on! Maybe I’m getting older and not paying as close attention as I used to but I honestly did not see a couple of the things he said were set up.

If I had to pick my biggest disappointment with Prodigy is that they seem to have ditched the STEM to play TNG and it sucks because they didn’t have to! The new characters, environment were great, and having the hologram teaching about Starfleet/the Federation was all good!!