Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 408 With New Photos From “All In”

Star Trek: Discovery returns from hiatus this week with the eighth episode fourth season. We have details and some photos to get you started.

“All In”

The new episode is titled “All In” and based on the mid-season promo and synopsis, it could be a reference to a bit of gambling. The episode debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, February 10.


Following a hunch, Captain Burnham tracks Book to an old haunt from their courier days and gets drawn into a high-stakes competition for a powerful weapon.


Oded Fehr as Admiral Vance

Oded Fehr as Admiral Vance and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Doug Jones as Saru and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Doug Jones as Saru and Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

UPDATE: Chelah Horsdal as President Laira Rillak

NOTE: If/when more images or videos are made available, we will update the article.

Mid-season Promo:

The following 30-second television commercial includes a mix of things from the first half of the season, along with a few shots from the mid-season trailer from a month ago as well as a few new bits.


More Discovery and Picard ahead

The fourth season of Discovery will continue with weekly releases until the season finale on Thursday, March 17. The final three episodes will overlap with the first three episodes of the second season of Star Trek: Picard, which debuts on Thursday, March 3.

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on CTV Sci-Fi Channel in Canada, where it’s also available to stream on CraveDiscovery will debut on Paramount+ in 45 countries around the world in 2022.

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I’m very much looking forward to seeing where the back half of the season will go.

I’ve been rewatching the first half season with one of our teens. It’s definitely standing up to rewatching. The episode Stormy Weather is particularly good, likely to go in the Best of Trek lists.

One thing that’s struck me though is that it’s increasingly bizarre that the writers are continuing to rely on walk-and-talk conversations in corridors and that eschew the TNG boardrooms.

We need a reason in universe to know why people are walking around or take a turbo lift when they can site-to-site transport.

Is use of the transporters somewhat limited inside the ship and if so, why?

It could be as simple as getting enough movement or as not entering a space without permission from those already there. As it stands now, it’s bizarre.

We need a reason in universe to know why people are walking around or take a turbo lift when they can site-to-site transport.

Maybe it shouldn’t be too much people because too many transporterbeams at the same time could interfere and cause accidents… maybe there is a limited number of posible transporters at the same time. Or maybe it costs too much energy. That would be like using a car to the supermarket close to your home.

On the other hand one could ask why they still use to walk for maybe hours on planetary missions instead of using transporters. Ok, transporters sometimes don’t work, so they use shuttles which sometimes crash. But then they still walk and walk… don’t they have vehicles like bikes or hoverboards from the 22nd century onwards? At least in the movies since Star Trek Nemesis they got it right, even if it appeared ridiculous. (Or ST V and VII if you include riding horses).

A semi-legit reasoning would probably be the monitoring of energy consumption. I’d imagine that in the 32nd century it still takes a lot of juice to zap you from one place to another, so there are protocols in place to force you to walk to the head instead of transporting in.

A snarky reasoning, the ships health and fitness protocols can override a transport request. If you haven’t taken enough steps in the day, the Richard Simmons protocols kick in because your fat @$$ needs to exercise….

Great, that is my Head Canon form now on!

this is the trouble of setting the show way too far in the future. if the science is sufficiently advanced, the characters would be doing nothing but laying in a recliner and doing everything with their minds lke the Talosians or worse, the humans in WALL-E.

Why in my day, we had to wait for the turbolifts, and push buttons, and we liked it!
And it took weeks to get to the other side of the galaxy.

That is the same exact thought I had the minute they said they were going so far into the future.

Others have already pointed out some possible technical reasons (or medical reasons).
It could also be habit. Discovery’s crew grew up in a century where site-to-site transport wasn’t common and people just had to walk.
Of course, the real reason is more production and story, not in-universe. While probably not too expensive, beaming someone from one place to another still involves VFX. Also, having people walking around while having a conversation is probably more “kinetic” than having them stand or sit around a table. Discovery doesn’t like slowing down so when people just stand and talk we often end up with a spinning camera.

As for your option “not entering a space without permission from those already there”: We’ve seen a few occasions of people just barging into a room in the middle of someone else’s conversion so that can’t be it ;-)

I think it’s the same reason why Archer and his crew mostly took shuttle pods to planets 90% of the time when they could’ve just beamed down and save them a ton of time, because in the 22nd century it was still new tech to them (and others were still questionable about it).

With Burnham’s crew, it’s still a 23rd century habit to just take a turbo lift because it’s what they are still used to doing I imagine. We do see them use site to site transport , especially in emergencies, it’s just not something they feel they always have to do either.

So I don’t think it’s that crazy. Some people just prefer to do things the old way even if they take longer. I have an uncle that still reads the newspaper every day even though 90% of us read the news off our phones or computers these days. It’s a much smaller example of course but it goes to the same issue, some people are just comfortable doing things a certain way that they grew up doing or take a bit longer to fully adapt.

I’ve always felt that the site-to-site transporters are only in important/high-trafficked areas of the ship. Like you can transport to the Bridge, or Engineering, or the Mess Hall, but you couldn’t transport to some random spot on Deck Six . . .

“ One thing that’s struck me though is that it’s increasingly bizarre that the writers are continuing to rely on walk-and-talk conversations in corridors and that eschew the TNG boardrooms.”

Maybe that’s why this show feels so tired and out of gas now?
Or is it just with SNW and Prodigy this show is like the Star Wars sequel movies with the Mandalorian on its way?

I really hope Disco will be able to stick the landing. Every single season began with promise and then to completely collapse near the end. Maybe this time they will get it right? Please break the pattern.

Since no such pattern exists, I’m not worried.

If you look objectively the argument can be made that this series tends to run out of steam toward the end, a pitfall of a serialized series which focuses on a specific threat each season. You can still enjoy a show and see where it faltered (ask fans of the Flash or Walking Dead who are fiercely loyal but are quick to point out when they feel something isn’t working).

Season 2’s ending was an improvement over season 1 but season 3 doesn’t end as strongly as season 2 (and season 3 was attempting to follow and close too many threads).

A resolution to a season doesn’t mean that it ended well, just that the story was put to bed.

I think the only season that ended poorly was the first season. Season 2 ended brilliantly and Season 3 as well, although the Su’Kal element was a total curveball!

I think Season 2 as a whole primarily served to correct a lot of elements introduced in season1 and that led to an uneven season. The resolution was ultimately to remove Discovery from established canon and tie up loose ends.

I’m a fan of Su’Kal. I hope they do more with that character. I love that actor, and he could really push the envelope of this series.

I agree all 4 seasons so far have been great in my opinion. No collapse at the end. LLAP fellow Trekkers!

Yep that’s my problem with the show too. I haven’t been happy with a single ending to this show yet. I think season 3 had the best (or at least most logical) one out of the three but that’s not a lot to write home about.

I’m really hoping this season turn around for me, especially since I’m enjoying the season now as a whole. Again, I felt the the same way for seasons 2 and 3 until we got to the big reveals and finales.

news on broadcast in Europe? always on Pluto tv?

As I understand it, markets without Paramount+ will have it available on Pluto but some regions may still not have access to it.

ViacomCBS is a big company but they lack the global reach and resources of Disney which means a lot of people miss out on their favorite shows.

God the spore drive sound effect is stupid.

What an insightful and intelligent contribution.

In all fairness, he’s not wrong.

It’s never really bothered me to be fair. I don’t really notice it.

I like it.

I’m sorry, do you need a 1000 word dissertation on why sound effects that sound like they are from The Three Stooges are ill-advised and incongruous with a big budget tv drama that otherwise takes itself very seriously?

You won’t get one. It’s a hilariously stupid sound effect.

Agreed. It’s like… that Jetsons flying car sound, combined with a tape fast-forward sound. It always takes me out of the moment.

I definitely don’t dig the “multi spin and then jump up/down into frame” visual either, though they’re probably not going to change it this far into the series.

I think I would have come up with something a bit more…weird, but believable. Like, some sort of organic, Escher painting illusion, “space folding / dissolving” thing, and a sound effect that had some sort of weird, choral, Ligeti, 2001 soundtrack combined with a deep bass note. (Always room for the Blaster Beam in a Trek show :)

The first time I saw the spore drive effect was when I began to question the judgement of the “Discovery” producers (and a few hiccups aside I had quite liked what I had seen up till then). The spinning outer ring, which totally destroyed the illusion of scale, I found utterly preposterous, and the spin/drop effect (never seen from the POV of the main viewscreen IIRC) just came off as silly. All told, just a very poorly thought-out visual effect. Between that and killing-off the great Rekha Sharma by having her go to toe-to-toe with a giant space slug, my enthusiasm for the show took a nosedive.

“Sound effect” is superfluous in your comment, Ian

Come on Paramount+, launch in the UK!!!! You said Early 2022, it is!!


As an aging, hair-challenged male, I have a man-crush on Oded Fehr’s hair.

I’ll second that…

There’s also a promo trailer for the actual episode out there. Looks good.

Damn. Doug Trumbull passed.

Hopefully I’m not disappointed again.

Shocking i this episode. Though I half expected Book to hand over the prize to Burnham. Now she knows just how high the stakes are, that he didn’t. I’m amused how the changelings spieces has changed to. Suddenly they went from having little or no hair, to long flowing hair. I guess even they have to be diversified as well. How can they change a people that were the embodiment of non binary characters. They had no male or female secs, they just were. All in all it was a good story. I wonder if Burnham will really has what it takes to be the Captain. Would she really give the order to kill her companion Book?