Preview ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 409 With New Photos And Trailer From “Rubicon”

The back half of season four of Star Trek: Discovery continues this week on Paramount+. We have details, photos, a trailer, and a clip to get you started.


The new episode titled “Rubicon” features the return of Rachael Ancheril as Nhan. It debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, February 17.


Captain Burnham and the U.S.S. Discovery race to stop Book and Ruon Tarka from launching a rogue plan that could inadvertently endanger the galaxy.


Shawn Doyle as Ruon Tarka and David Ajala as Book

Shawn Doyle as Ruon Tarka and David Ajala as Book

Doug Jones as Saru and Wilson Cruz as Culber

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Rachael Ancheril as Commander Nhan

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Rachael Ancheril as Commander Nhan

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and Rachael Ancheril as Commander Nhan

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham, Emily Coutts as Detmer and Rachael Ancheril as Commander Nhan

Doug Jones as Saru

Patrick Kwok-Choon as Gen Rhys

Shawn Doyle as Ruon Tarka and David Ajala as Book


A trailer is available on and social media.


The latest episode of The Ready Room featured a clip from this week’s episode (at 29:22).

Behind the scenes

Over the weekend Rachael Ancheril shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the bridge crew.

Twitter Space event

Shortly before the episode arrives on Thursday Paramount+ will be hosting a Twitter Spaces event with the cast and crew.

New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Fridays where Paramount+ is available around the world. In Canada, it airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel on Thursdays, and streams on Crave on Fridays. Discovery also streams on Pluto TV in select countries in Europe and is available as a digital download in additional international territories.

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Back in my day we called what the crew is wearing “Dress Uniforms”.

Forgive me if I’m beating a dead horse, but I HATE these uniforms…

The horse called and is ok with the beating on this one.

Glad Nhan is back. Liked her a lot personally.

Same here. Kill off Michael and replace her with Nhan, and it would be a much better show.

Interesting, looks like some 32nd Century tech has allowed the Barzans to no longer need their large special breathing apparatus, there is still something attached to Nahn’s head near her right ear, I’m assuming that has replaced the older apparatus.

Anthony & the TrekMovie staff:

This article mentions / advertises a live P+ event hosted by a CinemaBlend staffer and featuring several core DISCO cast members and Michelle P.

I am offended! Isn’t TrekMovie a big deal?

Why isn’t the TrekMovie staff hosting live events, and other creative engagements with NuTrek cast members (particularly the kind that lets readers submit Qs or interact in some other way)?

You’ve got tons of loyal fans, loyal trolls, loyal trek lovers and haters that daily look for any reason to read everything you post on TrekMovie.

CinemaBlend may have tons of eyeballs but TrekMovie readers drink the hard Trek koolaid… we are hardcore Trek influencers and spreaders of the narrative… we buy the Trek models and action figures (mint in-box Spock anyone?)… we memorize episode synopses and verify stardate consistency across Prodigy episodes… we figure out ways to address “the needs of the many” in daily life….

CinemaBlend readers don’t do that.

We advocate for this brand (Trek and TrekMovie). I have done my own unscientific look into the Demos of the commenters and readers here. It’s impressive: outstandingly global audience, very educated, exceptionally diverse, strong presence with people 40+ and growing presence with people 20+. Strong male audience numerically but very vocal and engaged female audience as well.

If you told this crew of TrekMovie readers and commenters that you were having a live event with Doug, SMG, Oded, Erinright, Book, Owo, and Stamets, in 48 hours we could probably get you a thousand plus eyeballs (a pair in the same head counts as one) doing our own word of mouth marketing in support of your own event marketing.

Is the daily readership large enough to convince P+ to let your team quarterback an event with talent from one of the NuTrek shows?

Ugh. I hate when people say “NuTrek.” It sounds so ridiculous.

It is lame beyond belief. And I say that as someone who detested the first season of “Picard” and the first three seasons of “Discovery.”

I fail to understand why people who detest a program feel the need to repeatedly state that they detest said program. Logic suggests one would keep scrolling because they are uninterested in the subject matter. This gives rise to questions regarding their motivations, suggesting they may simply be engaged in what is colloquially known as “trolling”.

For the same reason people who love a program feel the need to repeatedly state that they love said program: because they wish to express their opinions.

And for the record, I have loved the fourth season of Discovery.

Management is clearly capable of speaking for themselves….I’ve always been under the impression this is more or less a labor of love, and not an official media website. Then you scroll down to the bottom of the page, and there’s this: is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp. or the “Star Trek” franchise. STAR TREK® and its various marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. 2022 © CBS Studios Inc./Paramount Pictures Corp.

That should answer the question.

If you stay up incredibly late like I do, it debuts on (your) Wednesday.

Of course, you put yourself at risk of a vitamin D deficiency if you do, so it may not be worth it. Either way, I know what I’ll be doing at 2am a couple of days from now.

I wonder if Nhan will be permanent or just a guest star for one episode. I hope it’s the former.

Given that Discovery often has problems giving its series regulars something meaningful to do I’m not sure how helpful it is to add other permanent characters.

Of course you you right. I sometimes think why do they have so many regulars and they don’t use them more efficiently? it seems such a waste to me. It’s a thankless job – especially for the bridge crew.

Well, the bridge crew are officially credited as co-stars, which is even below guest stars of the week.
My guess is, the bridge crew actors enjoy the steady income (even if it’s not too much) and the increased visibility the show provides them while being free to pursue other roles should they come up.

Ancheril was main cast on season two of Nurses, a Canadian show that NBC picked up.

There’s no word on a third season, but that would be a priority unless Discovery promoted her to main cast.

Thanks. I don’t follow what’s on tv these days( expect for Star Trek obviously)

It’s not such a bad thing to have regular bridge crew instead of the extras of the week on TNG.

As I’ve mentioned previously, most of the Canadian actors in the bridge crew seem to be using their roles in Discovery as a base income and a way to get profile for other projects.

Not being fully booked on Discovery might be a plus.

Patrick Kwok-Choon who plays Gen Rhys, for example, is the narrator for advertisements for a major car manufacturer and for Bell Canada for ads running during the Olympics, as well as doing guest roles on other Canadian produced shows and the odd made for television movie.

We’ve seen less of Ronnie Rowe Jr who plays Bryce this season as he’s a lead in new CBC/BET+ historical drama The Porter about the unionization of train porters.

Not sure that it’s cool with TrekMovie policy, but I’d like to share the CBC trailer for The Porter here.

In addition to starring Ronnie Rowe Jr (LCdr Bryce of Discovery), it also features Alfre Woodard, who played Lily Sloane in Star Trek: First Contact.

I think that it’s very cool to see actors who are contributing to representation in Trek’s imagined future also working to expand the presence of Black history in television drama.

Every week I watch this show in hopes of finding something that looks like Star Trek. From my viewpoint, all I see is bad costuming, terrible dialog, mostly bad acting, and nothing at all that looks like “boldly going where no one has gone before!”

I continue to be so disappointed.

I mean, that all sounds like Star Trek to me. :p

You just described 60 years of Star Trek. :)

But yet, you watch. Every week.

This show looked like it was starting to turn the corner last season, But so far this season has been extremely disappointing. I like the Idea of an advanced species “Mining” our galaxy in the way that it is presented in the show. Its a very Star Trek Like concept. I also didn’t mind the whole Dilithium burn caused by an abandoned lonely child concept, however i felt it would have been more plausible had it been confined to a few lightyears or sectors of space and the over all story told on a smaller scale, not an entire season. Same things goes for the DMA story line.

For the most part, I feel Disovery has failed to tell an interesting story over a season long arc since its inception. They stretch concepts out that should only last a few episodes and the stuff thats left inbetween is filled in by over acting, terrible dialogue and a lot of lines of the characters stating how Progressive and enlightened the they are instead of actually testing and examinating how enlightened and proressive they should be like Star trek historically does. Case in point in the first episode of season 4 on the butterfly people planet, they asked why michael still gave them the dilithium and michael’s response was “Because we’re the Federation, that’s what we do” I cringed for days after that line. Discovery’s dialogue is damn near close to season 1-2 of TNG bad.

Anyway, Its not imposible for a Star Trek show to Tell a good season long story. But it seems like its impossible for Discovery to do that, and Even Picard to an extent. there are too many hands in the pot and not enough of a unifying vision to make that show coherent, just look at the unnessacry amount of producers in the opening credits. No wonder its as bad as it is.

If you disagree with me, that’s fine. Someone has to watch this show in order for them to keep renewing it every year, so i realize I may be in the minority. But I’ll stick with Lower Decks and Prodigy, Prodigy being the show I was sure would really suck but some how ended up being the best Trek Show on right now.

Right on and I agree 100%. Modernizing Trek does not have to mean sloppy. Look how Prodigy is holding together a season-long arc. Done so well.

I hope that Strange New Worlds turns the corner, but with the introduction of a Khan relative, my hopes have almost gone down the drain on that. Why did they need to do that?

Anyway, let’s keep up hope. Noone would have thought that Russel T. Davies would retake the helm of Doctor Who so maybe, just maybe, one day we can get Ron Moore, or Ira Steven Behr, or Bryan Fuller, or any of the best of Trek from the past. My fingers are crossed.

Pretty sure Bryan Fuller’s chances of being involved in any way (beyond collecting residuals) are done. He’s developed quite the reputation for being difficult to work with since Discovery. No one would deny his talent, but he’s left too many shows over creative differences now.

Ron Moore has said he isn’t sure what he would do if he was given a Trek show now and I’m not sure if Behr wants to run a show again. Manny Coto and Naren Shankar might be options though.

I do wish they’d air these previews at the end of each episode.