Listen: Culber And Owosekun Plan Their Next Moves In New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Audio Logs

This week, Paramount+ released two audio logs on their Star Trek Logs on Instagram account, bridging the gap between last week’s episode “All In,” and Thursday’s “Rubicon.”

Culber is ready to reach out to Book

The first log features Wilson Cruz dictating a log for Dr. Hugh Culber, coming to grips with the guilt he showed in “All In” over Book’s betrayal. The good doctor now plans out on how he can reach Book to help him, and come to “acceptance” and “process the loss of Kwejian.”


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Owo back in the ring

“All In” featured Joann “Ow Wow” Owosekun showing off her boxing skills. Oyin Oladejo dictates Owo’s post-episode log revealing how much she knows about boxing and how she knew how to win in the match on Haz Mazaro’s Karma Barge.


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Twitter Spaces Replay

Today Paramount+ held a Twitter Spaces event with cast and crew talking about “All In.” On hand were executive producer Michelle Paradise along with Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham), Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Stamets), David Ajala (Book), Shawn Doyle (Tarka), and Oyin Oladejo (Owo). You can listen to a full replay at

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These are so, so corny.

Corny? Yeah, I see that. Still, I like this concept. Allowing viewers into deeper access via personal logs could be an excellent way to do something DISCO has been bad at: showing the viewers character development, and giving access to who the crew is. So many of the bridge crew we see a lot, and yet know so very little about, despite being in the 4th season.

Not nearly as corny as the ra ra Starfleet approach to seasons 1 and 2

I believe that’s Joann “Oh, Wow!” Owosekun… ;)

Had high hopes for Owosekun, turned out that fighting in the ring was her jump the shark moment, more corny dialogue and hammy acting.