‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Offers Clues For Species 10-C

The big mystery for season four of Star Trek: Discovery has been the dangerous DMA (Dark Matter Anomaly), which was revealed to be artificially created by an unknown alien intelligence residing outside the galaxy. Starfleet has designated the makers of the DMA “Species 10-C,” but nothing is really known about them beyond their obviously vastly more powerful technology. Today we got a few new clues, thanks to executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise.

10-C is something we haven’t seen before

There have been a lot of theories regarding Species 10-C since the DMA first appeared. Theses have ranged from V’Ger, to the Kelvans, to the Borg, and beyond. However, it appears that 10-C may not be so familiar. During a Paramount+ Twitter Spaces event today, Michelle Paradise talked about 10-C, indicating it was a species created for Discovery:

It’s been quite a journey and it was very interesting for us in the [writers’] room to create a species somewhat unlike any we’d seen and to build mystery around the species. And I can say that in the episodes to come, yes, we will learn more, and the mystery will only deepen… It’s unlike anything we’ve done on the show before. And it’s unlike a species we’ve seen before. And it felt important to us to really dig deep with that and explore that in a way that felt right for our show and right for Trek, specifically in the world of Trek.

Seeing as how these same writers came up with something unexpected for the big mystery of season three: namely the source of “The Burn” turning out to be a frightened Kelpien child trapped on a planet made of dilithium, coming up with something unexpected should probably be expected. And it sounds like it may be something entirely new to Star Trek, which is only fitting, since the producers jumped the show into the 32nd century to move the series beyond all known franchise canon.

There are five more episodes left in the fourth season and even though a fifth season was just announced, Paradise confirmed they are wrapping up the Species 10-C arc in season four, saying:

Yeah, absolutely. Yes, we will absolutely know the full scope of it by the end of the season.

When it came to identifying the source of the DMA, even the Vulcans were stumped

Tarka just needs a friend

Another mysterious new part of season four is the genius rogue scientist Ruon Tarka, played by Sean Doyle. The actor was part of the Twitter Spaces event, he spoke about what is motivating Tarka:

I would like to say that the thing about Tarka is that he’s dealing with his own sense of loneliness, and loss. And his entire mission for the season is about trying to fill that hole. So he doesn’t see himself as an antagonist, obviously. He’s struggling to do what he considers to be the right thing.

Tarka teamed up with Book to go against the Federation to build a weapon to destroy the DMA. The actor talked about how this partnership actually means a lot to Tarka:

I think he’s discovering that he has what he considers to be a friend. And when Book, in the final scene they have in [“All In”], refers to him as a partner, I think that’s a very big moment because I feel as if Tarka has always been the odd man out. He’s always been lonely. He grew up in an environment that people didn’t get him [on Risa]. And I think connections to other people have been very rare in his life. And so I think he sees this as a burgeoning friendship, as well as his own focus on his mission.

Shawn Doyle as Ruon Tarka and David Ajala as Book

Listen to the full event

Earlier today Paramount+ held a Twitter Spaces event with cast and crew, primarily talking about last week’s episode “All In.” On hand were executive producer Michelle Paradise along with Sonequa Martin-Green (Burnham), Doug Jones (Saru), Anthony Rapp (Stamets), David Ajala (Book), Shawn Doyle (Tarka), and Oyin Oladejo (Owo). You can listen to a full replay at Twitter.com.

Keep up with the Star Trek Universe at TrekMovie.com.

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Star Trek now has its own Tony Starka.

It’s not bad. Definitely interesting so far.

I hope I’m still as intrigued at the end of the season as I have been throughout it.

Prediction: 10-C is responsible for the Galactic Barrier as well.

That’s an interesting idea! I wonder if the end of the season will see the dismantling of that barrier…

Ooh, I like that! I’ve never really liked the idea of the galactic barrier, so it being dismantled would be pretty cool.

Maybe it’s Galactus from the Marvel Comics

I suspect that would make Paramount very, very happy. :)

It’s not an upset baby Q? C’mon guys…

Season 5’s big reveal…season 5!

Could it be the Kelvans from the Andromeda Galaxy? I don’t keep up with people’s theories and haven’t watched the current season yet.

They literally just said the species was created for Discovery.

I’d like to see the Kelvans again, but not as part of this story.

I keep thinking about Sybok …

Very thoughtful.

Yep. They could be the same people who imprisoned that “God” dude. Honestly I would love for them to confirm something from TFF.

It’d be awesome if Sybok showed up on SNW. I’mma not hold my breath on that, though.

I like everything Michelle Paradise has to say about 10-C. I really hope they can stick this landing. I wish I could say I have faith they will, but my open mind remains and hopes they will.

You gotta have faith. Faith of the heart.

It’s a new thing, not a deep cut into continuity. People here often claim they want something new, so here it is.

I’m going to toss something out to the LitVerse readers here.

So, SPOILER warning for those who haven’t read the post Relaunch Litverse books and might wish to.

The clues so far are making me think of the Caeliar (introduced in David Mack’s Destiny trilogy) and/or some of the aliens Kirsten Beyer introduced in the later Voyager Full Circle books.

Omega particles were the great quest of the Borg, but they were the base technology of the Caeliar. Also, the Caeliar were an advanced species trying to reach out to similar species in other galaxies.

Voyager Full Circle also includes species that want to leave the galaxy and cross the galactic barrier.

So, while I don’t think we can necessarily expect a name call out as was done with Control in season two, I’m thinking that this may be a remix of some of the more powerful new Litverse aliens. After all, Paramount owns all the IP from all the tie-in books and can mine them as it chooses.

I’d really appreciate Denès take on this for TrekMovie.

You know the Caeliar also employed Dyson Spheres to house their star system. If I recall correctly the 10C system was said to have a barrier around it.

Right, not just the Dyson sphere but hiding the system in galactic phenomena such as nebulae.

For myself, best episode this season.
Good conflict with Book.
Character development for Saru and a satisfying cliffhanger(ish) ending.
SMQ needs to get stronger in her role as Captain. And her whispering her dialogue is frustrating.
She’s a petite woman. Either get her all buff like the actress in the Terminator. She’s just not physically imposing (enough for me, anyway)

Pretty weird that her being physically intimidating would be a requirement for you to accept her as a captain.

The article picture looks like a reflection of the DMA in an eye of species 8472….

“There have been a lot of theories regarding Species 10-C since the DMA first appeared. Theses have ranged from V’Ger, to the Kelvans, to the Borg, and beyond.”

Aren’t the Borg gone by the 32d century? I don’t watch Disco.

Shawn Doyle was in “Frequency,” a good kinda-sorta time travel movie, but without the time travel.

Not sure if the Borg being ‘gone’ has ever actually been mentioned in canon.

There is a Borg Cadet learning about Miles O’Brien in the future scene on Lower Decks season 1.

There has been no mention of the Borg at all in the 32nd century.

And also no klingons on the 32nd century. I think they are still holding back the Borg for PICard.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the alien race that created the planet killers from TOS Doomsday Machine

They do seem like they could plausibly be related, don’t they?

I just want to know who is Species 10-B and why do they have the letter designation as if they are aware of other species that are similar in some way…

They gave the species the designation 10-c because they don’t know the real name, one species more than capable of creating the dma are the iconians after all they not been seen for thousands of years when there first gateway was discovered in TNG.

Didn’t Vance say that the Federation had spoken to the survivors of the Iconians and they said it wasn’t them?

It’s probably an advance race that need something to survive and the Federation make a deal to help them find planets lifeless to use and save lives

I can’t imagine a civilization that advanced would need the Federation’s help with literally anything. Granted, I didn’t see the scared-Kelpien-kid plot twist coming, so I’m not sure I’d put it beyond this show to drop the ball in a fashion like that.