Podcast: All Access Anticipates A New Kelvin Movie And Forges Disco’s “Rubicon” With Guest Lisa Klink

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 79 with Lisa Klink - Star Trek: Discovery "Rubicon" - TrekMovie

[Discovery review with Lisa Klink starts at 27:22]

Tony and Laurie are joined by Matt from the Shuttle Pod to talk about J.J. Abrams’ announcement that the 2023 Star Trek movie is moving forward with the Kelvin crew at the ViacomCBS—now Paramount—Investor Day event. They also talk about the Strange New Worlds trailer that came and went and how Prodigy composer Nami Melamud is scoring for the upcoming series set on Captain Pike’s Enterprise. The news segment wraps up with the latest on the international rollout of Paramount+ and the international release of the docuseries The Center Seat.

Then Lisa Klink joins the podcast to review Star Trek: Discovery episode 409, “Rubicon,” offering up her insight both as a Discovery viewer and as a writer on three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.

The podcast wraps up with LeVar Burton urging you to read banned books, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart in Super Bowl ads, and a Star Trek-themed Wordle.


Star Trek 2023 Movie To Reunite Kelvin Crew, Production Set To Start By End Of Year

ViacomCBS Rebrands As Paramount, Highlights Star Trek And Global Streaming Expansion

Composer Nami Melumad Talks About Her “Cinematic” Score For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Offers Clues For Species 10-C

Treksperts Briefing Room podcast 

Star Trek: Explorer magazine


Lisa: LeVar Burton tells you to read banned books

Tony: Shatner and Stewart in Super Bowl ads

Laurie: Trekle (Star Trek Wordle)

Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments, and please post your suggestions for topics we should cover in the future as well as guests you’d like us to have on.

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I kind of assumed Rhys was the head of security now, since he’s the tactical guy.

One of the things that struck me about this most recent episode is how beautiful the VFX was. The shot of Disco cloaking and jumping, the interior of that planetary ruin, the nebula inside the DMA, the battle between Book’s ship and Disco…. it was beautiful.

Totally agree! It was a particularly beautiful episode to look at, even more so than usual.

Disco has had beautiful VFX ever since Season 2, but this week was on a whole other level.

Don’t you ‘ford’ a river, not ‘forge’?

Correct. But we are sort of forging our way through the episode? Work with me on this… :)

How can I find the Star Trek wordle game link they were talking about?

Link is above in the Trekbits section!

Let me guess. This new Kelvin movie will feature a threat to the entire galaxy. Kirk will have to race against time and a devious madman driven to mad madness, and face betrayal from those he trusted. Will he uncover the dark secret at the heart of Starfleet? The fate of the future is at stake!

you know, i think i’ve seen that film before……

Off topic, but speaking of the new Kelvin movie, I was just watching WW84 and I saw WW and Trevor visited the Air and Space Museum. C’mon, no quick shot of the Enterprise in there?

I haven’t seen WW84, but based on the title I’m guessing it takes place in 1984? The Enterprise was probably displayed in a completely different space back then from where it is now.
I wonder: Would Warner Bros. need to ask Paramount for permission?

well ya, sure, but just be cool and do it anyways lol

Like, I know in a million years it would never happen, but a quick shot of Steve being like, oh hey, thats a cool ship, can I fly that, and Diana being like, lol, maybe someday.

i hope the cast of the next movie take points instead of big salarys to help balance a lower budget so they can at least get decent production values.

Thanks again for the podcast. Great to hear the views of Lisa Klink; I love when you have guests like this on the podcast.

I did a complete re-watch of Voyager last year and I’m sure I’m one of many who found a new appreciation for the show (I hadn’t watched since it originally aired in the 90’s). I loved the characters and their mission to get home but in particular Captain Kathryn Janeway, who I rapidly came to admire and ended up being in compete awe. Leader, diplomat, counsellor, tactician, humanist and top scientist in her own right, she was like Kirk, Spock and Picard all rolled into one. Brilliant series and I’m glad it’s undergoing a bit of a renaissance.

It is funny how a little bit of time and insight can eventually change perceptions of a show or movie (especially when compared to the newer stuff). For the record, I always loved Voyager even when it first premiered, but it was never my favorite either. At one point it was my fifth favorite show, ie, dead last when it came to all the classic Trek shows. But now it’s currently my third favorite in the franchise after rewatching a lot of it the past few years including a complete rewatch of it last year as well.

Voyager has garnered a new appreciation with both a lot of new and old fans. Sort of what happened with DS9 which people originally hated more when it started but grew to love it by the time the show was over.

I’m always been a big Voyager fan, but I’m especially enjoying watching one a week along with the Delta Flyers podcast. And yes to Janeway, all the way!

I said I was going to give that a listen but never have tried it yet. Unfortunately the only Podcast I listen to is literally just All Access every week. I look at a ton of Trek Youtubers but you guys are the only podcast show I listen to, and I mean that for ALL podcasts, not just Star Trek. But I do plan to start and wished I did that when I rewatched Voyager last year.

But yeah I think Voyager is great. Yes flawed, but they all are, let’s not kid ourselves! But it’s really the show that’s focused the most on exploration if that’s what you mostly watch Star Trek for. I think it’s another reason more people appreciate it today. Many took it for granted back then.

And I love those characters so much and yes Janeway is just an amazing Captain. I was drawn to her from the very first episode (“It’s not crunch time yet, Mr. Kim. I’ll let you know when.”) and why I’m so happy we have her back in Prodigy now. I’m still crossing my fingers she’ll show up in live action too at some point. I hope you’re reading this Mr. Kurtzman!

I love Voyager fiercely, but I do think that Voyager’s clunkers may be the worst clunkers of the TNG-DS9-VOY era. But it’s been fun getting Garrett & Robbie’s take on them. I can’t believe we are the only podcast you listen to!

Lisa’s time on Voy saw the show at its best

Very much enjoyed this glimpse of the perspective about this show from another show’s writer. Great stuff. Also Nhan is the Security Chief we need! Did we ever find out who Book is named for? I need to hear that story before the Federation buries him under the brig.

Glad you enjoyed it. Loved getting Lisa’s perspective! Agree about Nhan.