‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Wins Make-Up Guild Award, Doug Jones Honored With Chair Award

Star Trek: Discovery was front and center at the 10th annual Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards held at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday night. Not only did the show win, but Doug Jones was honored with a special award, presented by Sonequa Martin-Green.

Jones honored

This year, the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild introduced a brand new award: The Chair, to recognize performers for their lifetime of achievement. The inaugural winner was Star Trek: Discovery star Doug Jones (Saru). Sonequa Martin-Green (Capt. Burnham) presented the award and spoke eloquently about her co-star:

I am blessed to witness his magnificent heart, his depth of talent, his generous wisdom, his masterful physicality. He brightens everyone’s day. He makes every moment better. Watching him changes you. He once said that he embraces the pain of his work because it ensures authenticity when embodying that which is other. “Without the discomfort,” he said, “there would be nothing unique to behold.” We have been swept away to lands beyond our imagination because of this. We have been touched forever by that artful sacrifice. He is a phenomenal actor, a true artist, a warrior, and a genius of the mind and body. He is a legend. And he is an angelic gem of a human being. I love him dearly.

Jones showed his trademark grace, telling the crowd, “I kind of feel guilty for accepting an award for basically sitting in a chair while you guys did all the work.” He expressed his appreciation for the members of the guild, saying, “it takes a village to make a monster,” adding “some of the most talented hands in the world have been all over me… and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.” He also expressed his thanks saying he was cast in so many of his iconic roles through the recommendations of makeup artists. This included Discovery, attributing getting the role to Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page. Jones said he was “dressed as a silly prince from a Disney movie” because of the assembled artists, saying, “You have made me feel like a prince, all these years… and tonight with this, you have made me really feel like a king.”

Doug Jones at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards 2022

Discovery wins

Later in the evening Star Trek: Discovery picked up the award for Best Special Make-Up Effects for Television for the work in the fourth season. Discovery won over competition from American Horror Stories, Impeachment: American Crime Story, The Witcher, and This is Us. The award went to Glenn Hetrick, Rocky Faulkner, Nicola Bendrey, and Chris Burgoyne. All but Hetrick were there to receive the award. Discovery (and Picard) have been nominated by the Guild before, but this was the first win.

Chris Burgoyne, Nicola Bendrey, and Rocky Faulkner at the Make-up Guild Awards 2022

Martin-Green teases rest of season 4

In a red carpet interview, Sonequa Martin-Green talked about what is to come for the rest of season four of Discovery:

You are going to see things you have never seen before, honestly. Like literally never seen before in the entire franchise. You will see later what a big tease that actually is.

When asked if she has had a chance to meet all the other Star Trek captains, Martin-Green singled out one holdout:

I just recently met Kate Mulgrew, who I hadn’t met before. I love… I met Mr. Shatner himself. And Sir Patrick… he is so lovely, is he not? But I haven’t met Avery yet, so I look forward to that.

Sonequa Martin-Green on the red carpet at the Make-Up Guild Awards 2022

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Well deserved.

Nice! Jones seems like a real good egg.

Green’s line reminded me of Shatner addressing Lucas at the AFI awards: “It’s ‘George’, right? Can I call you ‘George’?” (Lucas nods.) “Thank you. You can call me ‘Mr. Shatner.'”

I LOVE Doug’s outfit! To me this doesn’t feel like a silly Disney prince but an upgraded version of Kirk’s green Captain’s tunic from TOS :-)

Doug’s outfit is insane and lovely.

Even considering that hyperbole is Hollywood’s native tongue, that’s a stunning tribute from Martin-Green!

We’ll never know what Doug Jones is really like, since he’s a good enough actor to portray himself however he likes. But he certainly seems like a very, very nice man.

That man is a legend. We should be very grateful to have him on Trek these days. I vividly remember his Abe Sapien beack in the original Hellboy flicks… so entertaining… And he led the first genre picture since LOTR 3 to win a best picture Oscar in “Shape of Water”… And he is simply adorable… That sort of alien cuteness I also loved in Carel Struycken…

We are very, very lucky to have him for Trek! Like Leonard Nimoy, he has an otherworldly beauty that makes him born to play an alien. :-)

There are a few souls out there that seem above reproach, Mr. Jones seems to be among them. I’m good accepting that who is is publicly is also who he is privately.

And what about meeting Bakula?

Only mentioning four out of five is a tiny bit awkward. If only it had been seven of nine… 😉

Or Chris Pine. Last time I checked, he too is also playing a Captain in the franchise and looks like he’s coming back as well. But I bet hardly anyone even considered him with that question. ;)


Sonequa Martin-Green mentions about meeting previous Trek captains. But no mention about Scott Bakula who played Captain Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise?