Get A Closer Look At The ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Starfleet Uniforms

This week may have two brand-new Star Trek episodes, one of which is season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Picard, but there is still much more to come in 2022, including the series debut of Strange New Worlds in May. And now we can get a nice, close look at the new Starfleet uniforms for the highly anticipated series set on Captain Pike’s Enterprise.

Strange New Uniforms

We got our first glimpse at the new design of the Strange New Worlds USS Enterprise uniforms last fall, and there hasn’t been much since then. However, thanks to a nice display on Star Trek: The Cruise—which set sail over the weekend and is still ongoing—we can now see the uniforms in detail. On display were uniforms for Captain Pike, Number One. Spock, and Cadet Uhura.

There were also information cards with more details (noted under each uniform below). Uniforms are designed by Bernadette Cross and Gersha Phillips. All the photos were provided by friend of the site Marina Kravchuk.

Captain Pike (Anson Mount)

Captain Pike uniform

Uniform details (from display card):

Starfleet Duty Uniform, Command Division, circa 2259
Authorized for wear by those personnel specializing in the command and control tasks aboard starships as well as ground and space-based installations, along with Starfleet Command’s upper leadership hierarchy. The assigned division is represented by the uniform tunic’s gold color, with the officer’s rank denoted by stripes on the tunic’s sleeves.

Lt. Commander Una Chin-Riley “Number One” (Rebecca Romijn)

Number One’s uniform

Uniform details (same as Pike)

Lt. Spock (Ethan Peck)

Spock’s uniform

Uniform details (from display card):

Starfleet Duty Uniform, Science Division, circa 2259
Authorized for wear by personnel assigned to any of the numerous science-based disciplines typical of a starship’s crew, along with similar tasks performed by officers detailed to starbases and other permanent facilities. Examples of typical specializations include biological studies, technicians including sensor and other computer-based information collection and analysis, medics, nurses, and surgeons. The assigned division is represented by the uniform tunic’s prevailing blue color, with the officer’s rank denoted by stripes on the tunic’s sleeves.

Cadet Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding)

Uhura’s uniform

Uniform details (from display card):

Starfleet Duty Uniform, Operations  Division, circa 2259
Authorized for wear by those personnel specializing in the communications, engineering, security, and tactical functions aboard starships as well as starbases and planet-based installations. The uniform tunic’s predominant maroon color indicates the assigned division, with the officer’s rank denoted by stripes on the tunic’s sleeves.

A closer look

Looking closer at the uniforms reveal some fine details, including how division insignia are woven into the shoulders and arms.

Detail on Captain Pike’s tunic

Detail on Uhura’s tunic

Detail on Spock’s tunic

The men’s trousers also have subtle stripes.

Detail on Pike’s trousers

The female tunic extends longer to form a skirt, worn with leggings that do not have the same stripe as the men’s trousers.

Detail on Number One’s tunic and leggings

The unisex boots have an angled toe, fabric back, and zipper on the inside seam. They also include a Starfleet insignia on the heel.

Captain Pike’s boots

Number One’s boots

See the uniforms in new Paramount promo

A brand new Paramount+ promo features both Rebecca Romijn and Ethan Peck in their Strange New Worlds uniforms.

Find more Strange New Worlds at

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Love these uniforms as much as I love the ones from season 2 of discovery and the short trek episodes and as much as I love the normal season 1 and two dsc uniforms and the season 4 dsc uniforms and the lower deck and prodigy and picard uniforms they are all so very cool looking

I can’t say I like them as much as the ones from S2 of Discovery. They just look so obscenely casual.

Much like other Star Trek uniform of the mid 23rd century
not to mention Starfleet is not a full time space military branch for the federation most of the time they are the space exploration and scientific research and diplomatic branch of the federation

Interesting season 1 looks to be set in 2259 a year after the events of the season2 dsc finale epilogue wonder if I am correct in thinking each season will be in a different year aka season 2 being in 2260 season 3 2261 season 4 2262 season 5 2263 season 6 2264 and season 7 2265 which would bring us to the year Kirk took command

I don’t think you can make the assumption though of a one-for-one year to season relationship given there are only 10 eps per season.

They are doing it with lower decks season 1 was 2380 season 2 2381 and season two of picard starts in 2400 with season 1 was mainly in 2399 and season 3 of discovery was 3180 and season 4 3181

Yeah they have done it with LDS, PIC and DIS so far but it’s probably not etched in stone either. It can probably change if they are telling a particular story. The old shows were basically set in a different year every season as well, but sometimes it got tricky with all the season finale cliffhangers that started the story right up again the next season and not a year later but no one thinks about it too much ;).

Not really. Lower Decks started to compress its stardates in season 2, and Mike McMahan said the series won’t get to the flashback scenes in Picard, no matter how many seasons they end up doing…. And Picard is jumping 1.5 years in season 2.

Spare me with uniforms. The show starts in less than 9 weeks and we haven´t even got a teaser trailer. It is really getting ridicilous…..

Jesus, dude. That is one of the most entitled things I’ve seen anyone post here.

Why do you so frequently attack people that you disagree with? It’s getting old.

And “where is the trailer” is kind of an obvious comment to make given we are getting so close now. Totally weird how anyone would take offense to that opinion?

I don’t, so your point is moot. I don’t care if people disagree with me, nor did I indicate I agree or disagree with anything so I have no idea where you’re coming from on that. The comment I posted is a valid one–there are a lot of entitled fans here–and getting worked up because a trailer isn’t available on one’s timetable IS entitlement.

I thought personal attacks were against the rules here?

Season 2 of Picard hasn’t even started yet. Did you really expect a SNW trailer before then?

Personally, I was half expecting a Super Bowl commercial for it.

The insatiable need (and unreasonable expectation) to have all content immediately! We have had a teaser. And who really cares? We’re getting at least 2 seasons of the show, so chill.

The dude’s excited and wants a trailer given we are only 2 months out? Perhaps you need to chill…just saying? :-) IDIC

You’re right… My bad. We’re all chomping at the bit for the trailer! It was just the “spare me with the uniforms” comment; the good people at this site work hard to bring us all sorts of interesting news!

And you are right on that part of it. No worries! We’re all excited, obviously!

I have not been this excited about TV Trek since the DS9 premiere.

LOL. Come on, man. After your comment to me above?


I don’t think you’re alone with that frustration but it hit me for the first time a week ago they are probably doing it this way to give Picard the limelight in the marketing since it’s coming so soon. I think the strategy is to just market whatever show is on now of course and rev up for the next one. They don’t want people too focus on SNW until the next show is released.

When you look at it that way, you become more calm lol. And now that Picard will start so soon then we will probably get our first trailer a few weeks later now. And once the marketing starts it will probably go into overdrive like they do Discovery and now Picard.

So its coming! For now, let’s focus on Discovery giving us (hopefully) a solid fourth season finale and Picard coming out of the gate strong this week! I have a feeling there is going to be tons to talk about in March with these three shows. :)

Wait seriously TM?? You removed my link to the video footage? Um, why??

I wish you guys will just TELL US what is ok to post and not to post since nothing I posted was out of bounds and was posted publicly on Paramount’s site weeks ago. So what was the problem? No one is going to get into trouble for that.

It’s just frustrating when you’re just trying to share things with other fans here. Or just post it yourselves. I’m sure they would appreciate it since not many have seen it.

And not a single response. It would at least be nice to be told why?

Did you post SNW footage from the Paramount investors meeting? Paramount has been very clear that they do not want that available online.

The investors meeting is posted online on the official Paramount site. They posted it a few days after the event for anyone to stream it. It’s 2 hours and 19 minutes long. Type in Paramount and investorsevent you will see it. The footage is there for all to see. The part I posted is around the the 53rd minute of the video. It’s barely a minute long.

What you’re talking about is they didn’t want the TRAILER available online which is redacted from the video I’m talking about. The stuff I posted is up on their site and all over Youtube now. If hey didn’t want that shown, they would’ve just redacted that like they did the trailer as well.

Again if they don’t want us to post certain things, FINE, but at least explain what they are. It’s frustrating because this is the third time this has happened and like the other two times no one just tells me why it was pulled and they clearly read the boards.

I got shut down once for daring to gripe about Orville posts on a Star Trek site ;) lol

Copying any footage from ANY part of the investor meeting including screenshots is disallowed, anything online is considered pirated. There was a warning at top of the meeting making that clear. Obviously, if it was allowed we would have reported on it long ago. Please give us some credit.

I don’t think you’re alone with that frustration but it hit me for the first time a week ago they are probably doing it this way to give Picard the limelight in the marketing since it’s coming so soon.

It’s not like there are too many Trek shows playing at once, and that one might cannibalize from another. Surely Paramount would be too wise to get into *that* situation.

I know how you feel but I rather the problem is too much Trek being made then no Trek at all; which would’ve been the case for the last 5 years if we still only had the movies to wait for….and still waiting.

No one wants that void again I think.

Those of us in international markets in which there’s no P+ don’t even know whether the show will be available here. I can only assume the worst, which is that it will join DSC S4 in the limbo universe of dumb Paramount executive decisions

Uniforms are looking great.

Boy, they’ve really captured the flavour of TOS with these uniforms! Nice.



I’m just happy the Enterprise will be flying again.

Uniforms are amazing!

The hockey fan in me likes them a lot.

What’s hockey got to do with it? Seriously, just asking. Are these like hockey uniforms or something?

Love those details!!
I hope we get some female characters in proper pants, I’m not in love with these being plain leggings, but it’s fine. The cut and color blocks and the whole design otherwise makes up for it a lot, as does the footwear. I have some jackets with the same kind of, um, side panels?? I guess they’re called, like that and I really like them..

You aren’t seeing it. They’re wearing the exact same sin tight “leggings” as the men. The only difference is they provided a longer top to avoid sexualizing the women. It pays homage to the original uniforms while being progressive in design.

The sensible thing to do would’ve been to give the women pants… like they wear in The Cage. They could’ve had a canon rationale not to have goofily gendered uniforms in the year 2022. These female uniforms are probably at the insistence of Akiva Goldsman, you know, the guy who was pushing for incest in Picard and who always has sound judgement.

What are you talking about in the last bit sounds like something made up by a certain group of YouTubers if you remember season2 of discovery commander Nhan wore black leggings under her uniform also if you take a look at other images shown these are optional female uniforms number one and LT Erica ortegas are wearing the other uniform with the v neck top and pants

I am glad they appear to have the optional pants for practical reasons. Exploring planets, fight scenes etc. in dresses might make things a bit difficult. I still want to see M’Benga’s medical tunic and Chapel’s medical outfit. Hopefully their close-ups are forthcoming.

Her outfit looks to be a white version of the dress seen here

A little too bland for my taste. They probably were so afraid to deviate from the original show–thanks to the screeching reaction of vocal fans to Discovery, that they held their creative energies in check. Sad.

I like them! Yeah, a bit casual but who are we kidding so was the original uniforms. And sorry to say this but if Discovery had these uniforms in season one, it probably would’ve been easier to keep it in the 23rd century. But same time, I can’t really imagine these uniforms on that ship either. They come off so bubbly, cloying…and happy. Nothing about Discovery felt that way first season. ;)

first season.”

First season?????


They’re gorgeous. I want to wear the commamd uniform so bad.

It seems the uniforms in the Paramount+ promo don’t have the tiny insignias on the shoulders. Perhaps an earlier variant before they shot the season? Even in HD they’re not visible in the promo.

yes they were there

Just awesome!!!!!

They look good on mannequins but let’s see how they function on living, moving people. The short clips I’ve seen make them look…well, frankly, not good. TOS uniforms look better to my eye. The black around the collar is important, it can’t be too thick a la STID, can’t be too thin like these sometimes are, particularly in the Pike promo shot.

Also I made this comment yesterday on the Picard post, but Starfleet has a real uniform problem in general. The issue with making a zillion different Starfleet uniforms is…well, how are we supposed to feel attached to any single one? It’s like, TOS had one uniform. TNG had two. DS9 had two, and VOY had one. ENT had one. Discovery has now at least two, three if you include the TOS variant. Picard has half a dozen. Lower Decks has a couple. It’s like they’re cosplaying Starfleet, everyone gets their own take. The result is that it cheapens any single design, because there are 50 of them to choose from. How are you supposed to feel like a fleet when everyone’s got their own uni?

And to drive it all home, Gizmodo made this very same point today:

I tend to agree. It helps when uniforms are a little more… well, uniform.

24th century had several changes tmp maroon monsters without the turtleneck undershirts which were used from 2300-2359 and the season 1 and 2 jumpsuits which were used from 2360-2365 the season 3-4 they had a two piece that had a seam down the center were used from 2365-2367and then seasons 5-7 had a solid version of the uniform top minus the seam down the center which were used from 2367-2370 then they were changed and there was two versions of the 2370-2372 a jump suit version and two piece version and then they changed again in 2373-2379 and a new set of uniforms came in in 2380-2383 and another two variant uniform were in service till 2385 when another new uniform design came around in 2385-2390 and then another uniform came in 2391-2399

The 23rd century had several uniforms from 2239-2293
those blue uniforms from discovery were the main Starfleet uniforms In use since 2239-2257 with only only certain ships having the normal 3 color uniform turtleneck tops in gold,grey,tan which would be out of main use and replaced with gold blue and red with black pants version of the standard blue Starfleet uniform in 2257 and they were replaced with gold blue and red v neck tops with black crew neck undershirts with optional dress and black leggings for the main Starfleet uniforms from 2259-2270 and then Starfleet changed the uniforms again and were used from 2271-2280 and then from 2281-2293 they used the monster maroons with turtleneck undershirts

I agree. Especially the late 24th century is a mess now with Lower Decks, Picard and Protostar all doing their own thing.

Heels on the boots?
They killed Kenny. Okay, I laughed at that.

I do not like these. You do not need the Starfleet logo embedded in texture in uniforms. It makes them look gaudy (and unnecessarily expensive to produce). I also do not see why the women’s uniforms should be so different from the men’s.

Expensive to produce? They are all replicated!

I don’t know what you mean by the women’s uniforms being different from the men’s? Are you just referring to the skirt uniforms or something else?

They do not have the Starfleet logo in the texture of the uniforms but department logos for which each uniform belongs to and the dress version is a optional uniform for anyone to were if they choose to they also have the top and pants version for anyone who wants to wear that uniform

They do not have the Starfleet logo in the texture of the uniforms but department logos

Way to miss the forest for the trees.

At any rate, the season 1-3 Discovery uniforms have the Starfleet logo printed on the side panels. The boots also appear to have it. Militaries do not go out of their way to put insignia everywhere, a point that Kirk made clear in TVH, incidentally.

The Kelvin uniforms were *covered* with the delta insignia.

What is it with new Trek and uniforms? Why do we get new ones for every season?

They should’ve used silver for Spock’s rank stripes as well. This is too subtle to tell the rank from a distance.

So Una and Spock were promoted.

Love the uniforms. Boots…..hmm…hope they are comfy. If they have to be on set 12+ hrs each day, they look very painful. Hope they build them with shoe experts. :D

Those 12+ hour days involve a lot of sitting around and waiting for the actors. Still, you would hope that the shoes are as comfortable as possible.
If anybody can complain about uncomfortable boots it’s Doug Jones ;-)

Doug is amazing. All the makeup, his unique Kelpien legs and walk. He should get a special award every year, just for his outstanding presence/performance on the show.

Saru has been so well created right from the beginning, that you forget There is a “hyoo-män” inside this amazing Kelpien.

Hope we can see him again yelling, fighting, and running at super speeds. :P

Yeah, I might be unique here but I don’t give one iota about how the uniforms look. Never been too bothered about that aspect of the franchise. The plotting and characterization on the other hand is key to the success of the show for me. I also don’t care how the new Enterprise looks either.

The visually retconed enterprise looks beautiful inside and out and fits perfectly between the nx-01 and the tmp refit 1701 way more then the 60’s tos e version ever did and way more believable then the 60’s tos version ever did inside and out

Well, it’s pretty clear from the promo the gold women’s uniform shown here isn’t Number One’s–she’s wearing the same tunic and pants as Pike.
Personally, I think they should have stuck with same Enterprise uniforms from Discovery. Why do the women get a comfortable open collar while the men’s tunics are more restrictive? Heck, why aren’t these unisex?

It’s pretty clear form the publicity shot that it is Number One’s. So apparentyl women can choose between styles.

I think both the men and women have black undershirts, with a bit more showing for the women.

I’m all in favor of “visual reboots,” and have long thought the TOS uniform could use one, but I’m not entirely on board here considering, for example, that the pilot uniforms (and those we saw in Discovery and Short Treks) were a lot more unisex-looking. The rank stripes come more from the Kelvin uniforms, but those were themselves a little more similar to the pilot versions. Still, not a big deal, I guess.

I think the Beyond uniforms are still my favourite. The first time I saw Pike in the uniform, I thought the collar just looked like a cheap v-neck, but they’re growing on me. The fabric just looks very stiff.

Why does each of these streaming shows each get randonly new uniforms? If none of thrm actually take place in the same universe, it wwould finally explain a lot.

Because DS9 didn’t get a new uniform after TNG? Lower Decks has shown Dominion War uniforms, indicating a transition from that uniform to the LD one. I don’t have an issue with uniform changes as in universe they change frequently. You can see they’re trying to bring it in line with TOS, but they’re obviously not going to go with the 60s uniforms. They used them in the DS9 and ENT episodes but it was more of a novelty then. Sustaining it over a whole series would be pastiche on the level of fan productions. That being said, as I mention in another comment, I don’t love these uniforms and would have preferred something like we saw in Beyond which came very close to TOS while still being modern.

But the old shows didn’t switch uniforms every season.

Not ken on the patterned shoulders and arms. Maybe a slightly different shade of the main colour would’ve been nicer, but the division texture just seems odd. Maybe a slightly taller collar as well… Other than that, I really like these. A fantastic update of the original uniforms!

I like these new costumes; they look less restrictive than the previous versions in DSC (I don’t know if that was due to how the fabric looked on-screen or if it was the tailoring). But I’m curious as to why the men’s black collar is arranged higher here than what was seen in the character reveal trailer several months back.

I really like these costumes. A nice update on TOS era uniforms but with movie-quality materials and finishing. Kudos to everyone involved. From what I can see SNW is looking very good indeed.

What is the deal with the inconsistent sleeves? Seems like such a simple thing to get right. In the TOS, Chekov was the rank of an ensign, which is the lowest officer, but he lacked a dashed-line stripe. Imagine a navy where an enlisted crew member and the lowest ranking officer have no sleeve cuff difference. It’s abusrd. It would have made sense for him to have a dashed stripe because a lieutenant was a single full stripe. Therefore, an ensign should be a dotted line stripe, but he didn’t have anything. Always bothered me. Now Pike has the full stripe, thin stripe, and full stripe, and his position is captain. The “number one” first officer has two full stripes. Her rank is lieutenant commander yet her sleeve has two full stripes. So, Pike is a rank higher and he has two stripes and a half stripe. Does that make his rank commander, since the first officer has two full stripes and is a lieutenant commander. If that’s the case, In TOS, two full stripes was a full commander (Spock in the TOS) and a full stripe with a dashed stripe was a lieutenant commander (Scotty in the TOS and McCoy in the TOS). Here we have a lieutenant commander with two full stripes (“number one”). And, here Spock has a full stripe and a thin stripe, but he is a Lieutenant. It’s absurd. What I don’t understand is why an ensign isn’t a thin stripe, a lieutenant a single thick stripe, a lieutenant commander a thick stripe and a thin stripe, a full commander two thick stripes, and a captain (as in the rank of captain) two full stripes with a thin stripe between them.