Paramount Plus Celebrating Birthday With $1/Month For 3 Months Deal

Paramount+ launched a year ago and to celebrate, the home of Star Trek is offering up a big celebration discount, just in time for the launch of Star Trek: Picard season two.

From March 1 to March 7 new and returning subscribers can get the Essential Plan (with ads) for the discounted rate of $1 per month for three months. The ad-free Premier Plan is discounted to $2 per month for three months. After the promo period, the normal rates will apply of $4.99 for the Essential Plan and $9.99 for the Premium Plan.

To get the deal simply click the link below and use the promo code “BIRTHDAY”

Celebrate our birthday and subscribe to Paramount+ for as low as $1/mo. for 3 months. Try it now!

They also released a promo celebrating their birthday and the new promotion.


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What if we are current subscribers? Will the deal not be made available to us if we want to upgrade to Premium plan? Aww.

“new and returning subscribers” Can you cancel your current subscription and “return” during the promo period?

Deals like this are usually an incentive for new customers to join, not for already subscribed customers.

Paramount is such a little company – – what a slow moving train wreck…

Waiting for the ‘Pike’s Peak’ low-rate special to see SNW straight through, or as much as I can take. I had a Paramount + 99c/mth thing for 2 months around the holidays nd only watched 15minutes of LOWER DECKS and the SOUTH PARK covid movie, didn’t even bother with trying to watch the last two seasons of DSC.

I feel for you, your life must be grim.

Look out your window at the world, life is grim everywhere. Feel for us all, unless you’re among the selfish ones who think you can decide what is best for all by just suiting yourself at the expense of others.

I feel much the same about Netflix actually.

So much “content” but so little of it that I have any interest to watch.

Not to mention Apple – three shows a year that I would like to see isn’t a compelling reason to subscribe after our free year with a new device runs out.

We just dropped Netflix and realized we should have done so a year back. Except for OZARK, I can’t think of any series we watch there, and in that instance, we may just wait till the series concludes and then pick it back up for a month to watch the last two partial seasons.

Now Amazon … I can’t imagine ever getting rid of that, because their feature film backlist is awesome, plus I dig their originals, like UPLOAD, and a show they picked up after ATT fell apart called LOUDERMILK. Went through all three season in less than a week, and already feel like needing a rewatch. We’ve added Britbox and another british channel (BCI classics maybe) on a short term basis, just so I can rewatch BLAKE’S SEVEN and THE FINAL PROGRAMME (which is even better and weirder than I remembered, may need to pop for the blu-ray on the latter.) Amazon even has all the old seasons of DEXTER right now. which was tons better than we remembered.

Amazon is so complete backlist-wise that I almost regret buying some of my pricier blu-rays, because so many of them are streaming. Noticed the same thing about HBO MAX with their classics section including a lot of Criterions, but I only add HBO MAX when I’m writing an article about some new thing debuting there, like MATRIX and DUNE, and that phase has now ended.

About half of my recent articles have focused on Apple shows, but I’ve relied on screeners rather than subscribing, because we can’t get Apple through our TV, only our computer, which isn’t big enough to some of these programs justice. That’s why I still haven’t seen a single frame of FOR ALL MANKIND, even though I was eagerly anticipating it and have actually done three articles about to date. Maybe if we get an Apple TV this will change, but that’s probably too pricey.

Don’t think one needs an AppleTV, just an Apple compatible one.

We have a new Samsung QLED and are really enjoying the picture quality. We can watch any of the major streamers on it in Canada, and all the Trek shows are available on premium cable through BellMedia’s Sci-fi Channel.

Sound isn’t as great as our old Samsung though in my view, but the options in terms of dialogue to other sound make an enormous difference.

I agree about Amazon by the way, the backlist of television show is huge. I’ve worked through many shows with our kids as they’ve progressed into their teens.

Netflix isn’t holding their attention, and they’ve seen pretty much everything they want from it in a few months. They keep abandoning shows after one season.

I haven’t been able to convince them to watch anything on Apple. It’s just me and occasionally my spouse.

And yet, you keep coming here to endlessly complain about programming….you’re apparently not watching??

Actually I’ve been gone for months, but maybe my voice is useful here if it proves irritating to some. I’m absolutely not watching any of the 21st century programming, though I’ve seen about 100 TOS and DS9 eps, the whole run of FIREFLY and nuBSG plus all of the TOS movies in the last year. I have been vastly entertaining by LOUDERMILK on Amazon and the whole run of DEXTER on a years-later rewatch, and once more treated myself to CARNIVALE and THE WIRE, because I get most of my entertainment from shows I judge to be good, leavened with guilty faves like ACTION JACKSON and COMMANDO.

The only value for me in watching bad Trek was in challenging myself to improve on their flawed concept and/or execution, but that game got tired by the early 90s. It still lets me flex creative muscle, but it’s not a ritual anymore, because life is literally too short.

When is Paramount Plus going to launch in Europe?

64 days until the premiere of Strange New Worlds.

That depends on where in Europe you are. Paramount has previously said that they would launch in the UK by the end of Q2 and then expand to Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland & Austria by the end of the year. More countries may follow in 2023.
That doesn’t bode well for the premiere of Strange New Worlds in early May.

Not those countries.


Only one month for 5.99 here in Canada. :( I would have signed up had it been 3.

So, are the Trek shows even available on Paramount + in Canada. Or, does BellMedia still have exclusive licences?

3 months is a little more than the full season of PICARD season 2…hmmm…