‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Soundtrack Producer Offers Details On New Score Release

Last week, LaLaLand Records released a new limited-edition 2-CD set of Jerry Goldsmith’s Academy Award-nominated score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This new release serves as the official tie-in soundtrack to the movie’s forthcoming 4K UHD Director’s Edition restoration. TrekMovie asked Post-Production Supervisor/Associate Producer Mike Matessino, who is also working on the 4K Director’s Edition, to give us some details.

Mike Matessino (left) with TMP DE producer David C. Fein, and visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman

LaLaLand first released the music from Star Trek: The Motion Picture in 2012 on a 3-CD set, now out of print, that was restored, remixed, and mastered from the first generation multi-track masters. Matessino gave us insights into what’s new for the 2022 2-CD release and more.

Roll #1 of 37 ready for transfer. September 24, 1979 was Day One of the scoring sessions for STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE (Mike Matessino)

What was the impetus for this new release?

The impetus was simply that La-La Land Records sold out of the 3-CD version that they released in 2012 and it’s a title that they wanted to keep in their catalog. What label wouldn’t? It’s a score that should always be available. All along the plan was to do a 2-CD version this time, for reasons both financial and administrative. But I was also very interested in basically putting together the release that our Director’s Edition team originally wanted to do in 2001 but we were not able to. Largely that was because of the 1999 Sony Legacy expansion, which we had actually tried to stop because we already knew the original Director’s Edition project was going to happen. That release ended up having many problems, with mostly incorrect performances for the added tracks and it was not at all complete.

Additionally, assumptions were made at the time that Sony Music had perpetuity album rights for the title, but it turns out that they didn’t; those had expired in 1994, which meant that the 1999 release really shouldn’t have happened at all. This all got sorted out when La-La Land did the 3CD set in 2012. Once we got into 2021 and we knew that The Director’s Edition was, at last, going to be done properly, everything aligned for us to do a new definitive soundtrack for Star Trek: The Motion Picture that is now from Paramount Music. Serendipitously, La-La Land released a new version of the Star Trek II soundtrack last year and this was a great way to follow up that success.

October 2011: The first-generation 2-inch 16-track analog scoring master tapes are lined up for high-resolution transfer (Mike Matessino)

How much work was put into it? How did you decide what to include?

Basically, all of the work was done in 2012, but there were some adjustments done this time around. I redid the assembly from the high-resolution output files that Bruce Botnick made 10 years ago and cleaned up some very minor things along the way. But we also needed to do new mixes of certain takes that were heard on the original 1979 album, because this time we wanted to recreate that historic album from the first generation multi-track material. We didn’t do that last time, opting instead to just use the digital stereo master from 1979. As for what to include, it was very simple—the complete film score, a selection of alternates, and the 1979 album program, all in consistent quality.

November 2011: The multi-track remix of the music for STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE commences in Ojai, California. Jerry Goldsmith’s longtime scoring engineer Bruce Botnick is likely on the phone with Avid Tech Support (Mike Matessino)

What are the differences between this and the 3-CD set?

Sonically the main score and the alternates are basically the same, with, as I said, just some minor cleanup, and then the 1979 album this time around is a re-creation from the same material used for the rest of the presentation. The 3CD set remains a be-all, end-all collector’s item as it includes other alternate takes, false starts, and scoring stage chit-chat, discrete beam and synthesizer tracks, and two theme cover versions, one by Bob James, and one a song based on the love theme that was recorded as a demo by Shaun Cassidy. There were other alternate takes on that release that were carried over only because they had been mistakenly used on the 1999 version, and it helped fill out the collection. But really what we now have is a lean presentation that we hope will be discovered by new listeners as we move closer to the release of The Director’s Edition. We’ve also made a few title and track break changes.

2021: One more time! Bruce Botnick works with the multi-track music masters for STAR TREK–THE MOTION PICTURE at his very-much-upgraded studio in Ojai. Organic cappuccino is handy, while in the background E.T. keeps time and Robby the Robot stands guard (Mike Matessino)

Ten years on from the 3-CD set, how did it feel to immerse yourself in this music again?

I’ve never NOT been immersed in it. The first time was on The Director’s Edition in 2000, then a year later we did 20 minutes of it in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. My work on all of the Star Trek feature scores then started around 2008, and transfers of the TMP tapes was in 2011. A few years later we needed to fix one track, “Inner Workings,” which was included on a 50th-anniversary collection in 2016 (and that fixed version is what’s on the new release.) That was the release that included the animated series music, which was a very challenging but ultimately satisfying piece of Star Trek musical history to work on. Next came the new Star Trek II, and finally back to The Motion Picture again for the new soundtrack and the new mix of the film. Along the way there have been many Jerry Goldsmith projects and lots of opportunities to work with Bruce Botnick, so what I really feel is truly grateful to have a lot of very wonderful music as a part of my daily life.

2021: Bruce and Mike always make sure the big bosses are present and speak to them regularly (Mike Matessino)

Soundtrack available now

The new limited release is available on CD only. You can purchase it at LaLaLand Records for $29.98. You can also hear some sample tracks at that link (click track listing to see which tracks have sample music).

Here is the front cover…

And here is the back cover…

Motion Picture 4k DE arrives in 2022

Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition will premiere on Paramount+ sometime this year. Check out a previously released clip below.

Find more news about TMP:DE and other Star Trek home media and streaming at TrekMovie.com.

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As someone who owns the 3-disc version (and the original “Nice Price” CD version and the flawed 1999 Sony/Legacy Recordings version), this is still very much a must-buy. As soon as I started playing the disc, I could tell the difference. There are subtle differences here and there that make it an enjoyable listening experience. Besides, Mike Matessino is sort of an authority on stuff like this. I’ve come to trust his word ever since the 1997 RCA Victor Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition soundtracks.

Fully agree Benjamin. I’m always heartened when I see Matessino attached to a project like this and like you I have the 3-disc set but will be purchasing this new version.

He did an incredible job of the RCA Victor SW SE soundtracks back in 1997, which for me are still a treasured item, but imagine what he could do sonically today with the same material!

I’d also like to see him tackle Indiana Jones after the well meaning but ultimately botched “Soundtrack Collection” back in 2008.

I have the 3 CD set, and purchased this new edition. Although sonically pretty much the same, the remastering of the OST program is the biggest factor. Also the separation of Games and Spock Walk into separate tracks in the film program was something I wanted.

No firm release date for the DE in 4K yet?

No one’s saying if it’s even done yet.

Actually it was reported a few weeks ago, that it was submitted for its final quality control check last month.

Still have the 20th anniversary 2cd with the bonus Roddenberry disc, bought it in 99. crazy its now gone beyond the 40th!

yep – that’s a good one.

I am an avid Trek soundtrack collector but honestly, the necessity for this release is beyond me. I already own three version of this wonderful soundtrack but since I no longer listen to it on CD but my digitalized mp3 collection, I doubt I’d be able to spot any difference in sound quality on my Laptop speakers :-)

I probably would have bought it being a completist, but since new Trek TV scores aren’t even released on physical discs anymore there simply is nothing to complete…

BTW: I’ve only recently discovered that the COMPLETE score for PRODIGY S.1.1 is out for download… almost 4 hours of Melumad’s great music available at basically the same price as the original pilot release :-) Now THAT is something, especially compared to Disney’s awful release policy concerning Star Wars Visions or WandaVision…

buy a propper sound system, its worth it!

My new flat is neither spacious enough nor am I bold enough to bother my neighbors with my listening on a proper sound system. I’m quite glad I just got two pairs of small bluetooth speakers in each room. It has to be sufficient. Yeah, I miss my childhood home… dearly…

I’m lucky enough to have an extensive and eclectic music collection (including certain soundtracks) from over the years, and am never stuck for a re-listen of my favourites when I feel like it.

And sure, it’s nice to have something on ‘in the background’ while I’m getting on with other things….but I find that nothing beats the ‘immersive sound’ of listening to something with some decent quality headphones on, and taking in some music that way.

I agree, I don’t even have my CD player attached to my stereo system any longer. I have everything on mp3.

I love the Star Wars SE and 3-disc Star Trek sets and have a number of tracks from these sets on my player. (hint: when you’re late for work and driving like a jackass – the asteroid chase from Empire Strikes Back is da bomb! – – also, if you’re driving like an angry jackass, the chase scene tracks from Bourne Identity!)

I wish Matessino had simply re-issued the 3-disc set and then focused on mastering an optimized for streaming/mp3 version that actually kicks but on a player over bluetooth. That’s what the entire music industry should be focused on with their insanely huge libraries – – they’d get some more of my money for that!

I’m buying. Thank goodness it’s in the superior CD format. Never bought into that “it sounds richer” BS from people who are confusing that slight background noise you get with the outdated technology of LP’s with better sound…lol

no vinyl :(

Will be available with the laserdisc reissue of TMP. 😉

This is good news as the previous LaLand release I ruined by leaving one of the CDs in the van player where it eventually got stuck. It probably melted from overplay and baking in the summer heat over the years. I don’t mind plunking down $$ for another set.

Its kind of funny in a way this movie is still being worked on 43 years after its initial release.

As this was my first time at a truly cinematic event with the full curtain treatment, overture, packed house, the movie with its all its flaws and beauty holds special memories for me. It was like getting your first new car (the one you wanted..not a hand me down), first kiss (ugh my cousin..we were playing ‘getting married’..been in therapy since).

If they don’t restore the original Klaxon alarm, the original warp drive and engine room sound effects, I may consider learning the minimal software needed to restore them, myself. :)

“first kiss (ugh my cousin..we were playing ‘getting married’..been in therapy since).”

Way to much information.
Outside that, I own the 3 CD set. Sooooo…

First kiss with the cousin and a Trekkie? Hmm…that sounds like a character from the big bang theory. 😁

I doubt those sounds will be restored to the theatrical versions as the DE is Robert Wise’s final cut. They are adding a few things that got left out in the original DVD but I’d can’t see them walking back on something Mr. Wise is no longer here to approve.

done! Matessino is a treasure. Hope he gets the keys to the Star Wars universe again

I wonder what the rights issue is that they can’t offer for sale a digital edition for when the physical goes out of print/stock. Seems a crime against art that the work is wasted because of economics of physical inventory. Or offer an on-demand printing or something for an extra $15 or something. I’d do that in a heartbeat for a lot of the stuff LaLa has offered but is out of print and otherwise unavailable.

Shaun Cassidy song based on the Love Theme? This I gotta hear!

That’s been available for years.

painful lyrics, but that dirty bass guitar – it’s just a perfect match for Goldsmith. Every time I hear a Goldsmith ballad now, I run that dirty base on the expansive moments and the key changes in my head for everything Goldsmith has ever written.

I can’t hear that with John Williams.

Clearly Goldsmith was a stoned, long-haired, head-banging rocker at heart!

I’d really love to hear someone but together a rock opera of Star Trek and Star Wars. Hint, hint Paramount!

BTW, the Bob James disco Star Trek is totally craptacular. I can’t figure out why Goldsmith didn’t sue! Obscene, because Star Trek deserves a Mego Cantina Band track…

So sad, love a lot of other Bob James.

Any word about the TNG movies 4k release??

Probably not. They’re to busy with “Picard”

Nice but I already have the 3 disc version. And I’m happy with that.

now that I have this in hand, next to the recently released ST2:WoK disc….I hoping we get ST3-9 to with the same treatment. It looks like a little collection is budding :) [fingers crossed]

Man, yeah we really need a ST3 score released to go along with the new ST2 release. The Search for Spock has a tendency to live in WoK’s shadow, but you get Horner further developing themes he wrote for WoK while introducing some new things. The two really go hand in hand!

My copy arrived in the mail today and it was worth it. Far better than the 20th anniversary edition from 99.