Podcast: All Access Star Trek Jumps Centuries To Review ‘Picard’ And ‘Discovery’ In The Same Week

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 81 - TrekMovie

[Picard review starts at  16:00 / Discovery review starts at 45:33]

Tony and Laurie start by talking about a new interview with Zoe Saldana, who’s excited about reuniting with her Kelvin castmates for the 2023 Star Trek movie and says it will be a fitting tribute to the late Anton Yelchin. They take a look at the new uniforms for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (as seen aboard the Star Trek Cruise), give showrunner Michelle Paradise’s update on season 5 of Discovery, recap the last batch of interviews from the Picard junket, give listeners a heads up about a brief sale on Paramount+ subscriptions and a new Lower Decks mobile game starring our old friend (and enemy) Badgey.

After that, they are ready for reviews! They start with the season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Picard, “The Star Gazer,” then segue into Discovery‘s “Rosetta.”


Zoe Saldana: ‘Star Trek’ Cast “Excited” To Reunite For Fourth Movie; Says It Would Honor Anton Yelchin

Get A Closer Look At The ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Starfleet Uniforms

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Showrunner Gives Season 5 Update

Interview: Patrick Stewart On Guinan, Q, And What Brought Him To Tears On ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

Interview: Jeri Ryan & Michelle Hurd On Navigating A Relationship While Saving The Galaxy In ‘Picard’ Season 2

Interview: Evan Evagora, Isa Briones, And Santiago Cabrera On Having Fun In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

Check Out “10 Forward” Cast Photos And New Clips From ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 2

Paramount Plus Celebrating Birthday With $1/Month For 3 Months Deal

‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Mobile Game In Development… Featuring Badgey

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos: Life on Jupiter

Star Trek: Voyager‘s “Memorial”

Nurse Ogawa enjoying herself in The Game

Fart from Rick and Morty

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In Germany in the beginning of the episode stands “A CBS Studios Production”. Is it in usa and elsewhere the same? I expected after the merge and rebranding there should stay something like “A Paramount Studios Production” or “A Paramount Global Production” or so. .? Or is it maybe, because the episode were transferred to the streaming services before the rebranding?

CBS Studios is still correct. CBS Studios is one of the main production studios in the conglomerate, it is part of CBS Entertainment Group, which itself is part of the larger ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global) umbrella. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_Paramount_Global#CBS_Entertainment_Group_(TV_Entertainment)

Ah ok I see. Thanks dude!!

For the next Kelvin movie they should bring in Arex as the new navigator. That is a great character who has never officially been done in live action, and technology could make him viable now.

I like that idea, but I think if they’re going to add someone, it should be a woman. There’s only one in the main cast! May as well seize the opportunity.

Jayla would be my first choice. M’Ress comes to mind. Ilia. Janice Rand. Just not Keenser…it would be, as Kayla would say, too much Keenser.

Jayla is my first choice too.

I’m on team Jayla as well.

Either Jayla or M’Ress… Live action Caitian… No, get both Jayla and M’Ress… and a cat fight :-) Maybe Ilia is the more viable option after all…

The Enterprise has a big crew, and the movie should have the budget to add Jayla and Arex. Everybody wins.

I wouldn’t exactly call Arex a great character. He looks cool, but he barely has any character traits.

They have a great opportunity to develop him into a great character then. We got hints of his character. He liked to jam on his lute.


Just finished listening to this weeks episode reviewing the new Picard episode. I just wanted to echo Tony’s “tin hat” theory about the Borg Queen. When she said “look up” I couldn’t help but but make the connection to Picard’s mother as those words had been said multiple times in the episode. The reason I believe this could be true is because as you say, she is shrouded, and we already know that Annie Wersching is the Borg queen, so there’s no surprise in revealing it to be her under that mask. So, it must be someone different. In Picard’s chateau after Q moves him into this alternate timeline there is the image they have shown us over and over of the (for lack of a better description) “mirror Enterprise D) destroying Borg cubes. I believe that Seven was correct about the Borg (in their universe), and that they wouldn’t take this tactic. So, I’m theorizing these Borg and this queen must emanate from whatever time or place that Q sends them to where the Borg have been dominated by the Federation. Now how that adds up to it being his mother I don’t know, but Borg asking for peace and that image on his chateau wall seem to go hand in hand. I have already had friends saying that the queen would be able to echo his mothers words because they know everything about him from his time in the collective. Well, true! But not if they come from an alternate timeline or universe in which Picard is his mirror self and was never assimilated by them. Maybe in that timeline, they assimilated his mother and the destruction he reigns down upon them is a result of that? How big is my tin hat here guys?? lol But just sayin, I agree with Tony on this. On another note, just something that is in my head and seems so obvious, but I hear very little about, is the lack of Voyager mentions! The scene where Seven and the Rios hologram are talking have multiple opportunities or obvious Voyager allusions. First he asks her about a flesh and blood crew (Voyager literally had an episode titled “Flesh and Blood”). She quickly responds no, that she does not want that. She clearly prefers to work with a hologram. Essentially her only true friend on Voyager was the Doctor. I don’t know why the writers didn’t put that in her dialogue to explain that. She could have very easily said something like “No, I found during my time in the Delta quadrant on Voyager that working with our holographic doctor was often easier than working with the crew.” The Rios hologram continues by saying that her lifetime dealing with adverse reactions to her half Borg nature must have “inhibited developmentally appropriate relationship skills.” Ummm, hello?? Wasn’t almost half a season of Voyager dedicated to her and the doctor working on social lessons? How did these two lines go without so much as even a mention of the Doctor? Seven then makes the comment that she should have never merged the holos and there must be a way to disable his therapeutic plugins. Did she not work for years with B’Ellana who helped keep the Doctor’s program running smoothly for seven years on Voyager?? Not only did she help him expand his program, but she fixed his subroutines MANY times when he did a little tinkering of his own. She’s clearly an expert in this, and while I know her and Seven weren’t exactly the best of friends, I think by the end of Voyager they were close enough that she could very easily call up her old shipmate and Roxann Dawson could make a cameo and help fix the Rios program. Could you imagine that sassy back and forth while she fixes his subroutines? Sassy but also sentimental. Then there’s Janeway…like ok, I get it, the series is called Picard and it’s all about him. But why the heck isn’t Janeway even in someway mentioned when it comes to the Borg. The woman literally “wrote the book on the Borg.” And for those who will say “well not necessarily, that future no longer exists because the admiral that wrote that book no longer exists since she helped Voyager get back early.” Ok, I’ll give you that. But she still brokered the only alliance with the Borg, ever. She kicked their butts so often she was basically enemy number 1 in the Queen’s book. She dealt the biggest blow to the Borg we have ever seen in “Endgame”, brought back armor technology and transphasic torpedoes, and she is officially cannonized as an admiral in ST: Nemesis. So, again I’ll ask…no mentions?? It just feels like the dialogue lends so many very obvious connections… Read more »

My tinfoil hat theory is that the Stargazer (and the events in that scene) may not be real. We shall see…

One more comment about ‘Picard’. Although I enjoyed ‘Picard’ very much (I don’t watch ‘Discovery’ anymore), I am bothered by it’s seeming participation in the small and crowded universe concept – as promoted in the Star Wars and JJ films. Picard arrives at the Stargazer (if it’s real) by shuttlecraft in much less than 48 hours and it is joined by 22 other starships (if real) almost by the time he has a chance to greet Rios and Seven, etc. Whatever happened to the expansive universe (as shown in TMP) where the Enterprise was “the only starship within interception range”? And whatever happened to a Starfleet which was not Earth-centric, as this one seems to be?

It was always ridiculous in TMP that a Starship that was at Earth was the only starship within interception range. And now the Federation has had over a century to become bigger and Starfleet has built more ships. And their ships are faster.

That’s poor for dramatic purposes / suspense. And seeing all those starships lined up reminds me of when I see a dozen squad cars converged on a single traffic stop. That looks foolish and wasteful. So does Star Fleet in a similar situation. And two dozen starships arrayed against an opponent they can’t beat isn’t any better than one which can’t compete (Auto-destruct). In fact, it’s much, much worse because more lives and ships are lost needlessly.

Keep in mind this is a post voyager show. Prodigy has shown us that the federation is experimenting with Proto warp, quantum slip stream and trans warp drive. The federation now can travel really fast.

Thanks for the episode reviews and as ever I enjoyed listening to your reactions and commentary. Picard was one of the most enjoyable episodes of this era of Star Trek that I’ve experienced. Outstanding across the board and I can’t wait to see how this season unfolds.

Discovery was also much improved and I liked the “strange new world” aspect which as ever VFX wise, was movie quality (Picard also excelled in all aspects of it’s production).

Tony made an interesting observation about the Stargazer’s registry number. I thought convention was stick with the original registry for a refit but add an A….E etc., for a new build. I’m sure we’ll get a canon explanation at some point; one for the Okuda’s perhaps?

perhaps conventsions change, Enterprise-A was over a century before. Then maybe practice was rekindled later. The fact that they are only up to the Voyager-J by the 32nd century could indicate the letter thing fell out of fashion? Or maybe it is just one of those things that doesn’t match that doesn’t matter and I was being nitpicky.

Dave Blass (production designer) posted this on Twitter:

There have been many ships throughout Star Trek history that have shared the same name, but had different registry numbers for new ships. The U.S.S Intrepid for example.




The NCC-1701-A was a unique situation as the history of the ship warranted it.”

Thanks for this Laurie and Tony also for his earlier comments. I had no idea about the Intrepid or other ships registry numbers

A couple of things. When discussing Laris’s role at the vineyard, you were wondering about what she does. Is she a housekeeper? Is she just an employee? There is a point where she it appears that she is helping another worker design a label and then we see that label appear on one of the bottles that Picard picks up. It would seem that if she is involved in the designing of labels, she may be more of a partner. When discussing Picard’s involvement in the destruction of Rios’s ship, he does not have command codes per se, but he used the same final code that Kirk uses to destroy the Enterprise in Star Trek 3. It must be an admiral thing. With the hobbling of the Borg, I assumed that they were referencing Voyager’s final encounter with them upon their return to the Alpha Quadrant. Your thoughts?

All good thoughts, thanks for listening and the feedback.

Fwiw, I couldn’t agree more with Laurie’s comment about Disco’s highlighting emotional states and some fans’ reactions to it. Emotions have always been prominent in Trek way back to TOS with Spock’s struggle to repress them and the barely disguised (but rarely if ever explicitly declared) love among Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. It could be argued that what’s different with Disco is that people more openly discuss what they’re feeling. Maybe that reflects a change in our society in general (?). In any case, it’s reasonable to imagine that sentient creatures floating in the gaseous layers of a gas giant would communicate via gases and would communicate emotional states. They’re hardly likely to develop a language rooted in manipulating solid objects. Or at least it’s plausible to imagine this. Thanks for the always interesting chat!

Glad you enjoyed the podcast! I think that the people who are complaining have to accept that Discovery has made the choice to be ABOUT feelings and emotions, and either stop complaining about it or stop watching it. That’s what the show is.

Thank you for the podcast guys. I know it must be daunting to cover 2 shows at once- you are doing a terrific job though. What I’ve noticed is that both Anthony and Laurie are natural speakers. Both of you are very articulate and easy on the ear.(shuttlepod crew don’t get jealous because you are great too)Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks for the feedback. It’s still our second year so we are still getting the hang of it I think. And of course editing helps too, the secret of all non-live podcasts to make people sound more articulate than they are.

Tony’s editing definitely makes us sound more articulate! He takes out the babbling!

Tony and Laurie,

Great podcast! With two outstanding episodes, I looked forward to your analysis and you did not disappoint. Well Done!

On the status of what has happened to the Borg and Dr. Jurati’s comment on the Borg hobbling…. can’t remember what she said….but my head canon thinks that after Voyager destroyed the Unicomplex, trans warp hub, and plunged them into a civil war, the Borg haven’t been able to fully recover yet and hasn’t been the same. That’s how my head interpreted it. They have been severely weakened.

I am loving this new golden age of trek. Our world needs star trek right now. I’ve been happy since the launch of Disco S1. I don’t have a set definition of what trek is….I just let the writers take me on a journey.

Thanks for the feedback. Sadly we are all left to headcanon with regards to the state of the borg for the decades after VOY, even with the Artifact being a big part of season one. Hopefully, Picard S2 fill in some of these blanks.

I think Picard is fully human again in this alternate timeline because the events in season 1 never happened. So he’s no longer an android for the bulk of the season, then when going back to the prime timeline, Q makes him fully human.

What makes you think season 1 events never happened? If that’s the case, Picard wouldn’t know who Jurati is, or Rios.

I’m just speculating how it could be quickly explained that Picard is fully human for season 2. But Picard would know who Juarti and Rios are because it seems he retains his memories from the prime timeline. Again, pure speculation, but if it is revealed that Picard is human in this timeline, then I just wanted to plant my flag that I called it first! lol