Watch: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ First Teaser Trailer

Fans have been clamoring for a look at the highly anticipated show set on board Captain Pike’s USS Enterprise, and now that the second season of Picard is well underway, Paramount+ has obliged with the first teaser trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Strange new teaser

[International fans can watch at]

Captain Pike’s Enterprise launches in May

The series debuts on May 5th with a premiere written by Akiva Goldsman and the story by Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet. Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers serve as co-showrunners, with Goldsman directing the premiere episode.

Paramount+ has provided the following synopsis:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The series will feature fan favorites from season two of Star Trek: Discovery, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

teaser poster was revealed in February….

Meet the rest of the cast… and the new uniforms

Strange New Worlds also stars Jess Bush as Nurse Christine Chapel, Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh, Celia Rose Gooding as Cadet Nyota Uhura, Melissa Navia as Lt. Erica Ortegas and Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga.

Last September, Paramount+ released a video introducing the cast:

We also have a closer look at the uniforms the USS Enterprise personnel will wear, thanks to an exhibit on the official Star Trek Cruise.

Strange New Worlds Starfleet uniforms (photo by Marina Kravchuk)

Streaming around the world on Paramount+

Strange New Worlds will stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada, with additional international availability to be announced at a later date.

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Oh, yeah!

Ok, but this is 2022. There better be an excellent explanation about the functional necessity for ultra-mini female uniforms. Otherwise Pike better be in a go-go boy fishnet top before episode 3 !!

Starfleet go-go dancers!! Don’t forget the heels!

I wonder if they’ll do what TNG did and make both uniforms gender neutral. I really, really want to see Spock in that dress.

I like to believe fashion is an art form, not a matter of mere functional necessity or sociopolitical agendas. I also don’t subscribe to the idea that attractive garment on women is there to cater to the “male gaze”… It’s the sensual gaze… Some women like to look at attractive women too.

But I believe you’re right in your demand for sensual equality. TNG S1 did a good job briefly depicting male mini skirts to make up for the inherent inequality in TOS fashion choices. ENT showed both in decon chamber undies as well.

Fashion trends return on a regular basis, I wouldn’t say that in the future it will be any different.

As long as they had a choice and “chose” to look that way, I have no problem with the female uniforms.

Looks pretty much like any girl going into my daughters high school- except the tunic is a little longer than the tee shirts the girls wear with the yoga pants.

For all of those with no obvious sense of humor, but DEFINITELY never been in the service:

The uniform is functional to protect the body and facilitate rapid response WHILE YOU’RE ON DUTY. You don’t choose a uniform and it’s not fashion.

Are some of you on the writing staff of the Discovery travesty?

Look at that shuttlecraft!

A nice nod to the TOS ones.

The brief look I had reminded me more of the ones circling the space station at the end of SFS.

Yes agreed! Great to see!

It’s either made of unobtanium or really poor CGI…

YES! Cannot wait.

Made my day and the theme was awesome!

Nice! Love that shot with Pike, the horse, and shuttle.

Hang on, I can’t drive passed a horse faster than 10mph in case it gets scared but a shuttle blurts past….no problem :D hahaha

Depends on the horse.

Bring it on, not my favourite era in Trek but looking like a really good show !


does this take place pre or post Discovery season 2?

Post. But Pre 31st Century! ;-)

Truth is that no one knows yet! I suspect there will be a little of everything.

The Star Trek cruise did have the uniforms they would be wearing in the show and they said the year was 2259 so that would place it after the events of season 2 but before the events of tos

If this is the beginning of Pike’s second five-year mission, 2259 makes sense. Kirk’s one began in 2265.

2254: The Cage
2257: DSC S2
2259-2264: Pike’s second FYM
2265-2269: Kirk’s first FYM

Woot! woot! The wait is almost over :)

Please be good. If this is as bad as Discovery is, my heart will sink.

Yours and a LOT of others. Honestly this teaser didn’t exactly inspire hope in me. Let’s just hope it’s merely a bad trailer and the show is actually better.

What about the trailer doesn’t inspire hope? I watched it and felt great excitement, curiosity about the planetscapes shown, curious about Pike’s journey. The imagery is gorgeous and painterly in a way Discovery hasn’t been. Add in that the format of the show is different, more episodic than serialized, and how strong the performances of Pike, Spock, and Number One were in Discovery… I think it is very promising.

It raised a lot of questions. It suggested Pike is at some point where he is not in Star Fleet? Or not? I don’t get it. Sure, nice visuals but it didn’t exactly inspire or excite. The things that mainly got your juices flowing were the same things that got most who wanted this show excited. The strong performances and the assurances it’s more episodic. The trailer didn’t change any of that.

Even if that’s true, A. we know he goes back ;) and B. the final image makes it pretty clear he’s where he belongs and happy about it.

And it’s a 90 second trailer, it’s suppose to add a little mystery. Watch the Obi Wan trailer and then this one again. It’s definitely the more inspiring one. ;)

Personally I thought the Obi Wan teaser was much better but I do agree with you that it doesn’t matter where Pike starts the show. I’d imagine that the shots we see of Pike on Earth occur some time prior to the final shot we saw of him, Spock and Number One on the Enterprise bridge at the end of season 2.

No I thought the Obi Wan trailer was better for sure. But ML31 was saying the trailer wasn’t ‘inspiring’ but I thought it was fine. The trailer literally showed off the title of the show and images of strange new worlds and Number One’s narration about of her sense of wonder and exploring something new; that’s really what it was trying to convey. I don’t know how much more inspiring it can be in that sense. Those planets all looked amazing too!

And yes, the scenes with Pike could just be a flashback to a different time. It could even be before or after the events of The Cage.

I hadn’t actually thought it could be a flashback from after The Cage but that could work. I was thinking more along the lines that the first episode would just pick up after season 2 of Discovery when Pike was still dealing with the trauma of learning his future fate. I know there will be nitpickers that will say this couldn’t be the case because of the uniform change but does anybody really think that when we see Discovery eventually follow up on Calypso that they’ll go back to the 23rd century design.

Okay, then I’d agree with that assessment. I think there are certainly some parallels between the two trailers in that they both start with a great hero that is wallowing in defeat but even though we all know that both phoenixes will ultimately rise from the ashes and be reinvigorated it’s only the Star Trek trailer that shows that. So yeah it is more inspirational, it just didn’t give me as many goosebumps even though I’m looking forward to both shows equally.

Yeah, just a guess it could be a flashback, but I’m usually wrong so… ;)

But I think this could also be a flashback to even him accepting the assignment on the Enterprise or something. Some fans seem to want an ‘origin story’ and that could be the best solution since you can’t start the show from the beginning and just show the ‘highlights’ in the first episode.

Yeah absolutely it could be a flashback and likewise my idea is just a guess that could be wrong. In either case I don’t have a problem with Pike being on Earth and seemingly not on active duty at the start of the teaser/season.

Truth about Obi Wan! This is a true teaser, and doesn’t tease anything I was hoping for… that’s ok. But I’m betting the scenes with Pike at home with the beard actually occur after Disco S2. He seems to be dealing with the knowledge that he knows how he will die. He’s on sabbatical between 5 year missions, I would imagine. We’ll see, but that’s just my take. Anything is possible.

That was pretty much my take heyberto, except I think it might take place sometime before the final scene in Discovery in which they see Burnham’s message.

I watched the Obi-Wan trailer and it got me wanting to watch that show WAY more than this one got me to want to watch SNW. Regarding mystery… We do know he is Captain of the Enterprise so seeing him like this was just odd. It did not inspire a “Wow… I really wonder what is going on with Pike here” kind of reaction. More of a “Wait… Pike is supposed to be Captain of the Enterprise and I really didn’t expect to see Cullen Bohannon” kind of reaction.

I think this is a fair point. I mean for me personally neither trailer diminished my anticipation of either show but the Obi Wan trailer was clearly superior. Given the considerably deeper mainstream reach of the Star Wars franchise if you were going to pitch your trailer for your new TV series against their teaser it needed to be something special and it wasn’t. It wasn’t terrible, I found it intriguing but if I was a more casual fan it wouldn’t have gripped me like the one for Star Wars. At the end of the day though it is just the first teaser, There’s still an opportunity to sell this show to a wider audience with the first full trailer and future marketing.

My favorite bit is that in a technologically advanced civilization with antimatter and clean fusion power they still have windmills. Those virtues ain’t gonna signal themselves.

I’m kidding. That’s not my favorite part.

“ Those virtues ain’t gonna signal themselves. “

For me that is the quote of the day! I am going to use that a few times if you don’t mind.

Otherwise, totally different thought: I really like the job that Anson Mount has done as Pike. But I still miss Bruce Greenwood in the role. Bruce is a great actor – my opinion. I do hope he is also enjoying how Anson and Pike have evolved within Trek.

Absolutely, but nothing in this trailer worries me… It just didn’t tell us much. I like that Pike is clearly dealing with the foreknowledge of how he will die.. it’s not an afterthought. No, what potentially worries me is how beholden all the various characters are to previous incarnations. L’aan Noonien Singh being the biggest… is it really necessary to tie that in? A little maddening that they can’t leave Khan alone after all these years. Then you’ve got M’Benga, Chapel, Uhura, etc. They seem to be making Una as having some Vulcan heritage… like the character just couldn’t have been a strong, focused and all business human woman? (I know this is a rumor, but these guys have not been very good at sleight of hand). Ultimately if the tone is right, I can live with that, but I have some concerns for sure.

I’m not more worried than I was before, really. I’ve seen really good trailers for things that end up being really bad. And vice versa. But more often than not a sub par teaser is not a good sign. I am really hoping they don’t deal with that “I know I’m going to be brutally injured” thing. In all honesty the only healthy way to deal with that is to just not believe it could possibly be true. If you mope around knowing your fate is that awful I just don’t see how one could function with that on their mind. He has to just move forward as if he does not know his fate. I don’t see how the show can be decent if we have a Captain moping around about what he has been told what his destiny is.

I, too, am concerned about the Khan connection. I just don’t see how that could work for any kind of character issues. And I get why they are using M’Benga but I still say that doesn’t bode well for him because if he was the CMO under Pike then that means he was passed over for McCoy. If he was on staff and there is another CMO, like Bryce perhaps, then that means he still gets passed over for CMO. Now he was presented as a Vulcan specialist on TOS. It is possible he is there because he can treat Spock as he, at that point, is the only Vulcan in Star Fleet. So I guess there might be that. I also understand why they opted for Cadet Uhura but I just don’t see her sitting at that same communication station for decades where she doesn’t advance in duties or responsibilities. Just rank. To me, the obvious TOS character to use, sparingly, would be Scotty. To me it just makes sense that he be on the ship under whoever the Chief Engineer is at the time. It helps explain his emotional attachment to the ship. We shall see how things go but I’m unsure at this point.

Oh, I hear that. This actually has me nervous.

Strange statement considering Discovery was the best damn Trek show since DS9 premiered by a country mile, and has ushered in a bunch of other amazing shows.

You forgot three important words: “…in my opinion…” There. Fixed it for you.

I just thought it obvious “in my opinion” was there in subtext.

That would also apply to the parent-comment :)

Ushered in, yes since it was the first to return. Best of the current crop? Debatable.

You are deluded if you think Discovery is the best show since ds9

No. It’s just that mysticaldigital has a different opinion to you. Respect that. There is no need to call anyone deluded if you disagree with them.

And let’s not turn this into yet another Discovery bashing thread, especially when the article isn’t even about that show.

Be gone with you, gatekeeper.

Really? I think it’s the absolute worst, and I’ve watched everything.



I’m going to be as nice about this as I can. It’s GREAT you love Discovery as much as you do. No one is getting on your case about that. And I’m sure there might be a few others who agree with you! But man, you have to stop deluding yourself and pretending Discovery is a beloved show and it’s only on these boards that people hate it.

It’s not. Seriously. Discovery is still a very divided show within the fanbase. I won’t go as far as to say that it’s the least liked show in the fanbase today, but I will say it probably is at the bottom. Basic polling and reviews seem to back that up everywhere.

Check out the audience reviews on RT and this covers all the shows and films.DIS actually has a strong critic rating, but the audience score is abysmal. It’s at 36%! That’s bad lol. You can not spin that. The ONLY Star Trek property that is below that is Star Trek V with an humiliating 24%. Even Nemesis has a 49% audience score.

And you can’t use the excuse toxic fans are just out to get Kurtzman Trek because all his other shows have at least decent ratings if still not amazing. Picard is 66%. Lower Decks is 65%. Prodigy is 72% which is really good for a show that hasn’t finished it;s first season yet. And all of them have strong critical ratings too. None of them are super high but those shows are still much younger as well so they can all get higher in later seasons.

But Discovery is in it’s fourth season and it still has a 36% rating! And honestly unless there is a huge turnaround somewhere by next season, I don’t see that bouncing up very high.

Again, it’s great you think it’s the best show since DS9, but that is nowhere close to the consensus today.

Just to stir the pot a little, Voyager and Enterprise both followed DS9, and there are plenty of people out there who think those were pedestrian offerings. Mysticaldigitial may not be too far off the mark there.

The problem is there is really no evidence that proves Discovery ever was more popular than those shows in the first place, so that’s another debate entirely.

And frankly, I don’t know if I believe it was just based on all the acrimony this show received on day one, not to mention the constant reboots they keep giving it every season to mostly satisfy bitter fans.

I mean fours yeas isn’t that long ago, but just think back to its first season? Fans were livid how much it looked out of place to the rest prime universe to the point many suggested it wasn’t even in prime universe to begin with. Me and you had this discussion a few weeks ago on another thread dealing with Trekyards. Even they still question if Discovery is in the prime universe and they consider themselves fans of it.

People hated so much about it, the visuals looked too advance, the tone was too dark and dystopic, Spock having a sister out of nowhere, technology more advanced than the 24th century and of course, the Klingons, And on top of all of that, people just thought the show wasn’t very well written (still its biggest issue today IMO) with too many soap operish plotting and yes, the melodrama.

Combine that with the behind the scenes mess and why the show lost 3 show runners in two seasons. And really the proof is that fans had a hard time with the show as it was because no show has ever left it’s own setting before just to resolve it’s canon issues.

So I don’t know. I will say at the BEGINNING of season one, people were at least open minded, but by the end of season one, the bitterness was more clear. I’ll include myself in that lol. Season 2 started off great though and I do believe adding Pike and Spock made people the most satisfied for the show overall (and why they have their own show now). But then Section 31 showed up and people started yelling at each other again lol.

Discovery has really had a rocky time in many ways. Now it doesn’t mean lots of people aren’t watching it, but watching it and enjoying it are two different things, especially when it comes to long time fandom. Many fans just hate watch and sadly I think that’s an issue with Discovery. People like to watch it to bag on it. I don’t think they are majority or anything (and certainly not here), but clearly enough to see the division we have today with it.

And four seasons in, it doesn’t seem to be any less divided IMO, but more acceptable maybe.

Oh and also forgot to add how bitter a lot of people were when they heard it was a prequel. That was another huge gripe (including from yours truly) after Enterprise and the Kelvin movies. Many fans were ready to move forward again and Discovery left a sour tastes in their mouths. To give them credit they rectified it in a HUGE way lol, but just more evidence of how divided this show was from the start.

I think Discovery continues to defy expectations because it is show for the new generation. Plenty of people that watch Discovery are new to Trek and not heavy into knowing every iota of lore. They don’t fill out surveys or polls of any kind. What they do do is show up every week for the newest episode and every come back in larger numbers for the season premiere. Like it or not we wouldn’t have any of the new Trek shows if Discovery wasn’t such a huge hit!

I don’t disagree. I’m talking mostly about the long time and hardcore fans. The people who hated TNG when it first came out and all of that.I think NEW fans seem to gravitate to ALL of Star Trek when they give it a chance. That’s why all the shows seem to be popular today even shows like Enterprise now when it wasn’t back then, because so many new fans have discovered it via streaming and don’t have the same baggage. Yeah same for Discovery. If you never seen an episode of TOS, then it’s not going to have the same issues for you like people who knows that show backwards and forwards.

Another perfect example, people talk about STID as if Satan created it himself here. But yet look at the ratings for it in that link. It has a nearly 90% audience score. It’s the highest grossing film in the franchise. The average movie watcher enjoyed it, really enjoyed it based on reviews and polling. But you come to a place like this and you would think it’s on par with Batman and Robin or Catwoman.

So we agree. BUT, I also think the overwhelming majority of people who watch Discovery are the long time fans. I’m sure it’s gotten new fans, but they are probably still far in the minority.

I absolutely disagree. I think the intent from the start was to start a whole bunch of Trek shows and Star Trek Discovery was just the beginning. I think they wanted to do it a little slower and let Star Trek Discovery gel and be the only one for a short while before adding the new fare but it was so very badly received that they felt they needed to activate their safety net. The Burnahm-Spock connection. This was there for this very purpose. To bring in Spock should Star Trek Discovery falter. It faltered and they HAD to bring him in. I think they also started production on other shows sooner than planned because they HAD to. Star Trek Discovery was faltering and they needed the other shows more than ever. So one could argue that Star Trek Discovery’s failure was what led to Picard and the others beginning earlier.

Actually, a lot of online I’ve seen on social media has fans coming out in droves to defend Discovery. The idea that this show is universally loathed or is divisive is strange because it certainly doesn’t look that way.

But that’s anecdotal just like you have people here defending it. No one is saying no one likes the show, but look what you JUST said. The fact people have to constantly come out in droves to ‘defend it’ already tells you it’s not exactly a universally loved show, right? As I said, it’s divided. That’s what that means. One side really really loves it, another side really hates it. How divided it is, it’s hard to say, but you can’t pretend it’s praised everywhere because it isn’t. And the polling reflects that.

The show is in it’s fourth season and yet the same arguments over it are still happening. Not as much as before because to give them credit they made tons of changes to it, but some of those issues still persist four years on.

Rotten Tomatoes is NEVER a good barometer of anything. It’s a haven for the dysfunctional.

No offense, but this is just what people say when they disagree with the polling. It happens in every poll. The fact is the shows and films most fans like and constantly praise are highly rated over there.

The ones where the consensus is more questionable over are, not surprisingly, lower rated. If TOS, TWOK, TNG or FC was at 36% and not above 80% as they are now, then you can make a real argument that it’s highly flawed.

Discovery at 36% but every other show is above 60%. Why is that? Do you really think there is a large segment of people who just have it out for this one show directly? Would you say the same thing about TFF, Nemesis and Insurrection too? Those also are pretty lowly rated too.

For the record I LIKE Discovery and I would personally rate it much higher. But my rating is just mine, not a consensus nor do I pretend it is on any of these shows.

That’s the point.

If you want to question the reviews, ok, fine. But then TELL ME where are people getting that Discovery is actually a highly loved show? Where else besides people on Facebook or Twitter saying they really really like it? Do you not see the flaw in that argument? You can’t denounce one but then say complete anecdotal evidence proves your point either just because you agree with it. That sort of what started this debate. ;)

My input on RT ratings is that I think more people rate things they like than things they don’t. A lot of movies and shows have ratings well over 50%. So I think the numbers tend to skew higher. The fact that Star Trek Discovery is even below 50 should be telling. And you are saying it’s at 36%!!!! That is just unreal especially for RT. Especially for a genre show. Even the worst ones of those have a decent number that will defend the lesser ones.

Just to see if RT was maybe just a weird outlier or something, I went and looked at another review site, this time Metacritic since it’s a similar set up like Rotten Tomatoes is.

And surprise, Discovery is the lowest ranked Star Trek show there as well. It’s currently ranked at 3.5.

To give you a comparison, the most highly ranked show there are both TNG and TOS tied at a 9.3 rating. They are both tied at RT with the highest score of 89% as well.

Prodigy is once again the highest rated of the Kurtzman shows at 6.7, but it only has a dozen reviews probably being so new. Picard is much lower rated there than it is at RT with 3.9, but still a bit above Discovery. Lower Decks is at 4.3.

But this makes it clear once again, you can try and spin it all day long, but Discovery is at the bottom of the list on two separate review sites out of 10 Star Trek shows. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a very divisive show in the fanbase, even today and for a lot of valid reasons. And the show is now four years old and been around long enough for most people to make up their minds about it. The other three are still pretty new so those will probably fluctuate more for awhile.

I’ll say it again, you can absolutely think the show is amazing and the best show ever on television. But it’s nothing close to a majority view in the fanbase itself. If anything it seems to be the complete opposite by a wide swath of fans.

Wow. Kinda rare for me. The Secret Hideout show that ranks the highest on RT is the one I like.

Yeah Discovery is still the show I’m having the hardest time with all the new shows and it’s in its fourth season already. I truly want to love this show, but every season just never brings it over the finish line. And I don’t have hope this season will either based on the second half alone.

I do think it has improved every season but still more on the ‘meh’ side for me overall even though I love the 32nd century setting.

I really feel like Discovery has not progressed, but Season 4 is my least favorite because it has by far the least to do and the fewest characters to do it with. It’s one thing to be bad, it’s another thing to also be boring, poorly acted, and inconsequential. While I find Season 4 less clumsy than the others, the show is past its expiration date for me. They keep trying to fix the show, and it’s never fixed. But with far better seasons from Lower Decks and Picard, I know there is hope for a fresh start with SNW which has all the right ingredients. My only concern is that SNW does not have the hype and confidence I was hoping to see this close to release, which leaves me a little uneasy.

I’m really not liking the 32nd century setting. It doesn’t feel like the 32nd century at all. Where’s all the cool tech we are supposed to have? Still using Dilithium. Still not only in the Milky Way but still inn the Alpha Quadrant. No Delta Quadrant species as part of Starfleet. The 23rd century Discovery was WAY more technologically advanced than this. Heck the red angel suit could travel faster and further than 32nd century starships could. Discovery has its timelines backwards.

Those are all legitimate criticisms of Star Trek Discovery. And have been for quite some time. The show’s core problems I don’t think are repairable at this point.

It really has to do with the non-episodic writing and the contempt for physics and closed environments (like a space ship, for instance) – even speculative ones.

When your background/backstory defies even a made-up reality with made-up science (that the writers have the power to lay out as they like) you’re screwed.

I AGREE. If there is a 3-story bridge or rec-deck lit by fired up torches anywhere, I’M OUT and no looking back.

It’s nice to see that, even in the 23rd Century, Earth still used wind power.

Why would a period in which fusion energy was available use wind power?

Excellent point. They look like they couldn’t be more than 10-25 years old, too.

So far as I can recall (and I may be wrong here), you’ve had hardly a favorable thing to say about anything in the latest era of Trek series since the premiere of Discovery. (Yes, I know you’re okay with Prodigy, but even that you damn with faint praise.) Not saying that’s inappropriate, but I do have to wonder why you even bother at this point.

“Faint praise”? Prodigy is above average Trek. Which compared to the rest of Secret Hideout stuff is downright fantastic. I’m pleased with Prodigy. It’s not great but it is good.

I’m sorry that people who are not as enamored as you are with what Secret Hideout is passing off for Trek these days annoys you. Seems that you have a lot to learn about what it is to be a fan.

Complaining about the use of a wind turbine has got to be a new low for Trek fans to sink to. I am honestly at a loss for words how stupid the fandom has become.

I’m sorry but it’s as if you just enjoy complaining. Think about it. Why would there be need to use centuries old power source unless some new future tech was created that improved the efficiency of these things by perhaps 500 times? At least that could explain it but on the surface it just looks wrong for the 23rd century. It would be like no home in 1950 having indoor pluming. It’s just a bad look.


The antimatter on the Enterprise alone is enough to power our civilization for millennia. One starship.

Using antimatter on a starship in deep space is a very different prospect to using it on the surface of a populated planet.

The methods would be different, but unless there’s something magical about antimatter we don’t know about, it’s akin to using nuclear power in submarines or in powerplants.

Well sure, maybe in the real world- I wouldn’t know. On Star Trek, antimatter power, like transporters, holodecks and random exploding consoles, is surprisingly hazardous.

I live in the middle of 4 major wind farms. You can keep them.

I doubt that even a 23rd century power grid would be tied to a single source of generation. In a remote corner of the world I could easily see wind or solar being much more efficient then fusion.

In TVH it is specifically stated that Earth cannot survive without power from the sun, which makes it sound like they are heavy heavy into solar, which would be in keeping with GR’s notion of the planet being more natural than it is now.

We’ve seen that the Golden Gate Bridge is covered with solar panels a few times now…which is kind of weird. How much energy are you going to get out of one small strip like that?

I’ve never gotten that impression. The weird tube things on top of the bridge in TMP were supposed to be some kind of upscaled BART system according to Trumbull, they just never had the time to matte little cars or trains into it. I don’t know how badly they altered it for the DE, because I threw that disk away.

I guess that depends. Why did Robert Picard not allow replicators in his house?

Cause he was nuts?

Yes, and still using 200 year old Wind machines!

Yeah that took me out of it. Wind turbines (or any turbine) to get electrical energy from Faraday’s Law seems so old-fashioned in the era of Star Trek. You’d think they would have some sort of fusion reactors or neutrino-harnessing or other sci-fi source of energy that is not based on wires and magnets.

Unless Pike likes antiques so much he uses wind turbines?

Maybe they’re not windmills. Maybe they’re wind generators? They use them to blow the air around to help control the weather.

I mean I’m joking of course, but it makes more sense than them using actual windmills.

I’m sure there could be some in-universe explanation. But in the teaser, with no context, it just looks ridiculous.

Agreed, this makes no sense and that’s an ominous sign, but I’m trying to overlook it.

According to the dialogue in The Voyage Home, it seems to indicate most of Earth’s power is derived from solar power (i.e., the president and the head of Starfleet state that the cloud cover created by the probe will be disastrous to the Earth’s power supply).

you beat me to it!

Is this even earth?

Hmmm…. Not exactly eye catching. It did pose a lot of obvious questions. Like what stage of life Pike is in for this show.

Also, seems that they are using 300 year old win turbines for power. I guess there is some sort of new future tech that makes them more efficient.

May I ask what Trek you DO like? Other than Prodigy, I haven’t really heard you say anything good about Trek since the site has been around.

What does a 300 year old wind turbine look like? How do you know that they don’t look the same. The look of wind turbines hasn’t changed that much in over 30 years aside from size and power.

TOS. DS9. Enterprise. To a lesser extent, Voyager. I haven’t had anything good to say about Trek lately because apart from Prodigy there hasn’t been much good to say about any of it.

I don’t know what a future wind turbine might look like. But I suspect it wouldn’t look exactly like what we have been using for the last few decades. I’m reserving judgment until we see the show and find out what exactly is going on there but based only on this teaser it’s not encouraging.

You tend to use the comparison to a favorite sports team losing all the time but you are still a fan of the team. According to you, your team hasn’t won any games for you in… how many years? It seems to have made you bitter and very, very pessimistic regarding anything you see or hear about Trek. You also seem to nitpick everything to death. Do you know for how many centuries we have used windmills and turbines? The present turbines we have in the world now are build to last for 100 years (other than maintenance). So I don’t find it a stretch, given the fact that the design has not changed in over 35 years, to see the same design 200 or even 300 years from now. After all, there are many things that have not changed design in over centuries. And also seen in Trek series. A candle, for example. Why would we need candles in 2022 when we have so many different sources of battery and solar powered lights, flashlights and lanterns? And to that point… why would people still be riding horses 300 years in the future when they can transport anywhere on the planet or use a shuttle?
I just don’t see how you can base your whole opinion, based on a teaser, for a show you have yet to see.
I, on the other hand, am optimistic about the show. No.. not CAUTIOUSLY optimistic. (I hate that term).. I am optimistic. I tend to reserve judgement until I actually watch a few episodes.

There is no evidence the fact that that most Trek sucks these days has made me bitter. That’s just you not accepting that people have different opinions from yours and it irritates you. Maybe you need to find a ‘safe space’ so you don’t get offended by the horrors of different points of view.

Trek fans tend to nit pick and I do my share. I’ve even nit picked TOS. That doesn’t mean I’m hating on the show.

Yes, we’ve been using windmills for quite some time. And you know what? They change over the centuries! So yes. Using the same ones, assuming they haven’t been outfitted to make them more efficient as it is reasonable they could become in 300 years, is indeed a rather large stretch. Plus, I invite you to actually read my comment. Particularly the final paragraph. It undermines nearly all of your assumptions.

Oh it has nothing to do with me not accepting another’s opinion. It was just an observation on my part of how I have not seen you really say anything positive about any new Trek (aside from Prodigy, of course). People do have varied opinions about things, and I accept them. But yours just seem very negative and bitter almost. That’s all. It’s an observation.

And yet there are a number of people who don’t say positive things about Trek shows yet I don’t see you singling them out. No. Somehow you made this personal. So, no. Your explanation doesn’t pass the smell test. And again, you didn’t bother to read the post. You have your take and no facts are going to change it.


Actually, I have indeed pointed it out to others. So perhaps you don’t read all the comments or just focus on the ones you find relevant to your views. I don’t know. I’m just calling a spade, a spade. That is my observation.

OK. Point taken. I am forced to admit it is possible you rip on others for having different opinions as well. There are so many posts that I often don’t notice the author. However in my case, you are calling a spade a diamond as again, there was a paragraph in my earlier post that undermined everything you said earlier.

There was a rotary dial telephone in (presumably) Pike’s house as well so it seems that there’s technology from a few different time periods. Wonder what that’s all about. Maybe he’s just hiding in some weird simulation, like Nog was doing in DS9 after he lost his leg.

This. I don’t know why people don’t recognize the fact that this might all be a dream, holodeck, simulation etc…

Its a few decades to early to be a holodeck.

It could be the ‘rec room’ from the The Animated Series’ Enterprise, or it could be some Xyrillian technology, they had advanced simulations back in Archer’s time.

I think it unlikely, but you never know. It’d be ironic if Pike was hiding in some sort of simulation, considering what happens to him later in life.

Definitely could be a dream, you always get a mixture of different things in dreams!

Set decorations like that don’t really bother me that much. I guess it’s possible we have yet another Captain who like antiques. I’m hoping not just so we can get different interests from different captains. But the fact there is a rotary phone in the shot really doesn’t say nearly as much as having 300 year old working energy windmills.

I’m looking forward to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, whether it woudl rule or drool. Yet, I’m still more hyped about The Motion Picture’s 4K “Director’s Edition.”

manned the helm”

Oh, Lord. The Helm is the station that controls the ship. The captain “has the con.”

ST09 trailer vibes with Pike/Kirk (horse/bike), and the Ent desolve brought to mind STID opening

yeah, my first thought was Generations and Kirk but then recalled that Pike was a horseman in the Cage / Menagerie

Looks fantastic i hope it’s as good as Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard which have been some of the best Trek since DS9. Fingers crossed and looking forward to May 5th.

So excited… this looks as good as I hoped it might. I love the feeling of wonder and the visuals are beautiful. I can’t wait for more. Sign me on and beam me up!

Nice! Finally we have a teaser!

This is very exciting. I loved the little detail of the rotary phone and communicator in the same shot.

I’m going to go with my tried-and-true “cautiously optimistic” about this. It’s worked out with the Picard S2 premiere. It’s a real shame Discovery soured me on these showrunners so much.

I tend to agree. Not just Star Trek Discovery but Picard S1 and Lower Decks really didn’t help, either. The thing that gave me hope was the surprising success of Prodigy.

The Star franchise rivalry is stronger than ever huh? Released almost exactly when Kenobi’s trailer did.

Kenobi is getting the bulk of the buzz. Win-win for Star Wars and Star Trek fans, though.

Kenobi is getting the bulk but it’s also because its not just one of the most iconic characters in the franchise returning, but Ewan McGregor himself reprising the role for the first time in 15 years, so that’s going to excite fans more just like when Stewart came back as Picard.

Pike is popular, but end of the day he’s only popular if you watched him on Discovery at this point. If you haven’t, he’s still a big question mark. And if you don’t like the modern shows, even more so.

But it’s a big win for both franchises. And it’s just amazing the place both franchises are in today. If someone told you five years ago there would be both a Pike and Obi Wan show coming and both in the same month, you would’ve thought they were crazy.

Also, Obi-Wan is answering questions many fans have had for decades, namely how he survived and avoided discovery in the two decades between RotS and ANH. Strange New Worlds, on the other hand, isn’t really filling any dire fan needs. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Pike in Disc and I’m (cautiously) optimistic about his show, but they don’t occupy the same fan-space.

Now, if they announced a Cadet Kirk series, you might see more broad excitement.

Also a great point! Obi Wan is showing things fans been wanting to know for years so there is just more interest there.

But sadly, it’s certainly not a question which show has the bigger interest between the fanbases. These are the YouTube views as of this writing:

Obi-Wan: 8.4 million

Strange New Worlds: 1.3 million

Kind of depressing Star Trek always feel like the underdog but we’re getting two seasons worth of stories anyway. But it’s no question where all the real buzz is at.

That was inevitable. Star Wars will always be the more popular franchise among the larger audiences.

“No matter how many stars there are in the sky…
No matter how many galaxies swirl beyond our own…
No matter what the mathematical probabilities or the number of times we say,
‘We are not alone in the universe,’
Our first visit from the stars is always the province of children’s stories and science fiction. 
Until one day, it isn’t.”

Just wanted to write that all out to see how dumb it read.

Absent any other context, it read as a individual in awe of a very large universe, and the marvels within.
It’s a shame that needs to be explained…..

Reads as pablum.

Anyone notice the old rotary dial landline telephone behind the communicator?

Yeah, so Pike likes antiques as much as Kirk and Sulu, I guess. So do Picard and Sisko. Must be a captain thing.


There you go….about ninety seconds of material, and the haters gonna hate.

IDIC, amirite?

This is the series I’m most anticipating for, especially set in the TOS-era before Kirk’s time. There are lots of stories to tell before Kirk and they have plenty of time to get there.

So I’m randomly on Youtube when the Obi Wan teaser trailer drops out of nowhere. I thought it was one off those fake fan trailers but clicked anyway. I was watching it thinking, ‘wait, this is actually real!!!!!’. I watched it, liked it, but then thought ‘man the Obi Wan teaser drops before we ever get our SNW trailer.’ Kid you not, not ten minutes later I see the SNW teaser trailer was dropped. “C’mon get the $%#% out of here???”

Pretty cool to see both so randomly but as a bigger Trek fan, VERY nice to finally see SNW! Not bad! :)

But the Obi Wan trailer was 20 seconds longer than SNW! What’s up with that Paramount???? Get it together!

…this really has been a good day for trailers.

Yeah pretty surreal lol. I been guessing we were going to get a SNW trailer pretty soon. I thought they might wait until next week once Discovery was done with their season but nice to see it a week earlier. Both fanbases have been moaning for months now they wanted to see the Obi Wan/SNW trailers and it’s like both companies got together and said, ‘let’s just put them out the same day to shut them up!’ Of course that didn’t happen but pretty cool.

Thanks for the heads up about ObiWan! Will go check that out. May is going to be a great month for science fiction!

May the force be with us as we live long and prosper! ;)

I see people are comparing both trailers and how striking that Obi-Wan feels dark and foreboding while SNW is much more hopeful and optimistic. Both trailers captured the tones of their franchises well!

Thanks for the notice about the Kenobi trailer. I do plan to turn on the Disney subscription when that show nears the end of its season.

Just saw the Kenobi teaser. Wow. I’m pretty jazzed to see that now. Show starts May 25th. Looks like it’s only 6 episodes, however. Pretty thin. But that means I’ll probably resume my D subscription around June 22 or 29.

Great but I don’t understand, why not just watch it when it comes out then? You seem more excited for that show than this one lol. You’re paying the same money regardless.

I’m mainly tuning in to that show so I’d like to just have the service for only one month. Catch a few of the others I have an interest in as well. Then turn it off. I’m a bigger Trek fan so I will keep P+ for that so long as they have new Trek content. But I just won’t do it for any other service or show. Hell, there are still some shows on Amazon I’d like to see but I have no plans on getting that service at all. Ever. I can miss things. It’s just TV. It’s not that important.

OK, fair enough.

What you can’t afford one or two months of Disney?

I can but I don’t want to.

The Kenobi trailer actually showed scenes, music, action, the whole nine yard and it comes out two weeks after this show and this is the best they can come up with? A horse in the snow and a shuttle craft? Come on, man.

Ryan I SAID I liked the Obi-wan trailer! What are you getting on my case about? ;)

OK I reread your post, you’re saying the SNW teaser could’ve been stronger. Yeah, I agree, I just liked what we got as well, but it could’ve definitely been better.

And I think we’ll get another trailer very soon. I’m predicting April 5th for no particular reason. ;)

It looks like Pike ignored Dr Boyce and decided to resign and head out for that picnic lunch afterall – until of course the lure of the Enterprise called him back to Starfleet!
So far so good and I was happy to hear that Alexander Courage theme. I know, living in the past is not good, but maybe just a little is okay haha!!
It looks like 4 of the 5 shows are in good hands. I know, maybe I’m not in Discovery’s target audience and that is okay, but it would be great if Kurtzman could score 5 out of 5! Especially after that nearly disasterous start back in 2018!

No one ever listens to good advice on this show. Kirk told Picard never to quit being Captain and look what happened there. And I think the Courage theme is suitable here taking place on the original Enterprise and let’s not forget that song was originally created for The Cage pilot. So a nice way to circle back.

And I agree, while the new shows have not all been amazing, I feel the last one is at least better than the previous one. Maybe SNW will be the best show yet!

The biggest reason I am hopeful, and I am, is because Anson has a lot of integrity – he could be in any franchise, and be the lead in many feature films if he wished.

I’ll be honest, I never even heard of the guy until he did the Inhumans show which I watched and we know what happened with that. But yeah loved his portrayal as Pike and he’s definitely a good actor.

You should really watch at least the first two seasons of Hell on Wheels.

I know, everyone seems to really like that show. I will definitely give it a chance at some point, but I’m still behind on a dozen or so shows I actually do watch lol. Star Trek is one of the rare few these days I watch the hour it drops in.

I first saw him on Hell on Wheels.

Noticed he also voiced Batman in the DC animation’s Injustice.

From what I understand, he was also the only character frim the Inhumans who got picked up in the Marvel multiverse.

Wait what do you mean? Is he coming back to play the role?

The rumour from a month ago was that he will play Backbolt in the MCU, most likely joining Patrick Stewart in the new Dr Strange movie! Sorry, I have nothing new on that , but I am sure there is more out there on the interweb! So it sounds like Captain Pike and Captain Picard are both in the MCU haha!

Oh cool! Yeah fingers crossed. By the time MCU is over, characters from the Arrowverse will be joining that franchise. ;D

But remember he was in that awful Marvel show Inhumans. Don’t think it even finished out its season.

There is a full season of Inhumans. It is all on Disney+ now.

I’m talking about when it aired on ABC. I think it did finish but it felt like there were still more shows left when it stopped. There are shows that are made where not all episodes get aired but become available through other means.

I was so hoping in Picard season 1 Picard would have addressed that somehow. A friend once told me to never accept promotion. I should have listened.

I hope this trailer isn’t reflective of the series because it’s not impressive at all. Not getting a good feeling about this.
I haven’t seen anything yet from CBS that was worth getting excited, or even angry about, at all. Just very bland, poorly written SF, with lots of money spent on effects.
I hope I’m wrong about this one.

It’s only a teaser… not a trailer.

This one didn´t even look impressive visually.

That is the problem I have with the modern Trek shows, almost all of them rarely have impressive visuals. Trek used to pride itself on its space and ship shots but in these new shows even the uniforms look wonky.

Time to get back to the Enterprise…

And the 23rd century! We haven’t been there for 3 years now. Wow!

Hey… That’s the era I’d like to see explored more! Although more specifically post TUC but I’ll take Pike after seeing how well he was portrayed earlier.

Can’t wait for this, it looks hopeful and not all dark and angsty like the recent shows!
Don’t get me wrong I love all Trek, I have enjoyed everything in the past that was put out there and everything currently, it’ll just be a nice break from season long stories and bleakness to monster/planet of the week and hope.

The only thing that I’m a little nah about is the uniforms, I loved the Discovery take on the TOS uniforms, these ones not so much but I can see where they were going with this, kind of JJ-Verse-esque!

You know what the two great trailers have in common?!
NO JJness

I’m very excited about this show but the trailer fell a bit short of that other franchise that also dropped a trailer today.

Disappointing Teaser. Gave me nothing. One of those pointless voiceovers, I got Burnham vibes.
Further on, is anyone else surprised by the look (especially the colours)? Not what I expected.

Oh boy, another Star Trek series that Europeans won’t be able to watch. I can’t wait. 🙄

C’mon man, Trek fans know the power of the Internets.

You have the power to watch it…..if you want. lol

This teaser doesn’t tell us much. I know the voiceover was meant to inspire us, but it came across as bland.
I agree with others here who criticize Discovery, and they’re right, it is unwatchable. I mean, it really stinks to high heaven.
Let’s hope Strange New Worlds can break with that pattern and give us something good.

It’s crazy it’s been 3 years since we were last in the 23rd century. Where does the freaking time go??

But yeah LOVING all the time periods we are in: SNW=23rd century; PRO/LDS=24th century; Picard=25th century; Discovery=32nd century. Four different centuries all represented in one year. Nuts!

Now all I need is a fifth season of Enterprise (or a spin off version of that show) to get us back to the 22nd century!

So the focus is on strange new worlds? Alien planets, Alien cultures, “not alone in the Galaxy”. That makes sense! Also the short whistle at the end gives nice TOS feels.

And Pike is smiling!!! Yay! He’s not droopy and depressed with fate of the Universe nonsense.

I don’t like 21st century wind turbines in 23rd century Star Trek, but this looks really good so far. Here’s hoping they stick the landing.

I’m excited! I’m pumped up for the last two episodes of Disco, the time travel shenanigans of Picard, and the Enterprise coming back to CBS. I have loved all the innovative ways of bringing us new trek and I want them to keep going!

Live long and prosper!

It’s a promising look, some incredible and creative visuals, reminds me of Picard’s more cinematic style, along with an origin story starting on Earth. The windmills in the 23rd century are exceptionally silly however and hard to forgive. Beyond that I adore the monologue and that’s a promising start. With no characters speaking, it’s hard to judge anything yet. The only trouble with episodic storytelling is that you need allot of really good stories told really well, perhaps more opportunity for stinkers so I’m just hoping for some consistency.

The thing is with 20-26 episode season you could get away with “stinkers” because there are so many episode but with 10 episode seasons it would be difficult to get away with the bad episodes, especially if you do the show episodic.

Agreed. Not a fan of the current mini-season trend.

The trailer is beautiful. I had high hopes and this didn’t disappoint as a teaser for what is to come. Hit it.

Fingers crossed that the episodic nature of this show will bring some great stories. I’m guessing those windmills are heritage protected and are still there as a quaint reminder to 23rd century citizens to illustrate how power was once generated in the distant past.

Reports have indicated this is going to be much more episodic than other newer Trek iterations. I could see each episode being it’s own story, but having a larger theme of how does a man (Pike) who knows his fate is “doomed” to end up in that chair with the blinking light find a way to go on.

My one really nerdy nitpick to this: I was really hoping they would change the redesign of the Enterprise (“Discoprise”) to fit more in line with the original TOS look. The one thing that really bothers me about it is the sweptback nacelle struts. Really wish they had put them back to being straight out like they originally were.

The way CBS/Paramount hates international fans and tries to make as it awkward as possible to even watch the trailer is amazing to me. Its like they are completely ignoring how TV has changed over the last 20 years to be for a global audience.

Is the region free version at the link not working for you?

Why go to if there’s youtube?

Thought it was interesting. I don’t know why everyone is getting so bent out of shape about the windmills. To me it looks like Pike has escaped to someplace isolated and is living a life away from everything. Maybe this is the 23rd century version of living off the grid. Today people who live off the grid use solar panels, maybe for some reason it’s practical for him to live off the grid using windmills. Who cares – it’s a story people, let the writers have a little artistic license and don’t judge an entire series by 90 seconds of teaser material.

I wasn’t ‘bent out of shape’ from it. For me, it was just an observation I found somewhat unique. And I totally agree with your statement; it looks like he is trying to get away from it all.

New trailers for Obi-Wan AND Strange New Worlds today. Both shows are highly anticipated by their fan bases. Both release in May. and Strange New Worlds ironically releases on May 5th, commonly referred to as Revenge of the Fifth, the day AFTER May the Fourth, Star Wars day. This has to be planned.

Kenobi trailer comes out and has all sorts of scenes and this comes out and the best scene is him on a horse with a shuttle craft flying by. Come on man? We need more then that, but that’s why they call it a teaser.

This was a great teaser. I always get a smile on my face when I see the Enterprise.

Alright, I’m gonna say it again…the uniforms. Are. BAD!!! Like, TOS uniforms are so simple, how could you mess them up? Three division colors, black collar, badge and rank. It’s so simple a child could make one – I did in 5th grade. So tell me, why would you get rid of the black? It’s such a big part of the classic uniform look. Oh, sure, it’s there, but it’s barely visible. On Disco, it was too prominent, but better than this. Now, it’s completely gone.

I just…have no faith at all that these people know what they’re doing, ever. Bad writing, bad ship designs, and bad uniforms across the board. I will give this show a shot, and if it’s a letdown I’m completely done with Kurtzman Trek. I’ve proudly not watched beyond Disco S2E3, haven’t seen Lower Decks S2 or Prodigy, and have only a passing interest in Picard S2. SNW is kinda my last hope, and the uniforms…well, they’re ugly.

We now live in a reality where people brag about their fandom by listing all the shows they refuse to watch…

Yup, sad times indeed

I’ve got to give it to the current creative team responsible for Star Trek. They have been very studious and I feel like they are really coming to understand Star Trek and what we like about it. Star Trek is beginning to look and feel like Star Trek again.

Agreed. I try not to sound like an ‘apologist’ but I really think all the shows are doing a great job with the visual and story canon. It’s not perfect but you do see a LOT more effort with it these days. It’s certainly no longer season one of Discovery with four nostril bald Klingons and band uniforms.

Yeah, I am pretty pleased with 4 of the 5 shows and despite my disdain for the last three episodes of Discovery, I have to admit that the overall current story is actually pretty good. IMO they could have easily rolled the last three episodes into one and not missed a beat by cutting all the filler.

That said, the show still has potential to end S4 on a high note – as Admiral Forest once said to Archer, “Don’t screw this up!” .