Seven More Predictions For The ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Finale

This Thursday, the fourth season finale of Star Trek: Discovery will finally arrive. Paramount+ has yet to release a trailer or preview images. We do know that Vance and Tilly will appear, as they were spotted in the mid-season trailer. Otherwise, we are left to our imaginations. Over the season we have been speculating and theorizing, which included a Voyager supposition, a Gilligan hypothesis, and a Cosmos thesis. But why stop there? With a number of mysteries and plotlines still going, there is room for even more speculation. Here are some spinning around our heads… and we know some may contradict others.

Book will be the key to getting through to Species 10-C

As a Kwejian, Cleveland “Book” Booker has shown an ability to connect empathically with certain planets and animals. The fundamental challenge demonstrated in the latest episode (“Species 10-C”) was finding a way to communicate with the powerful race behind the DMA. Progress has been made, but time is running out as the DMA is about to wipe out both Earth and Ni’Var. One possible way to reach them could be for Book to make a connection and get 10-C to fully understand what they have done and get them to shut off the DMA. This reaching out to 10-C could be how he stops Tarka, and redeems himself.

Book’s necklace will be important

In the first episode of the season, we saw a coming of age ritual which included taking sap from “the World Root” of Kwejian and combining it with “the blood of your family” into an amulet. After the ritual, you wear the amulet to “carry us and Kwejian with you.” In season four Book started wearing his amulet again for the first time in a long while. Communicating via molecules is important to Species 10-C, so perhaps there is something in the amulet that could help communicate with 10-C, and also help them understand what they have done. Perhaps with their immense power, 10-C could use this amulet and what it contains to help restore Kwejian in some way.

Rillak will stay with 10-C

Call this our Bailey conjecture, but one way to find common ground with 10-C will be for someone to stay behind to act as an ambassador for the galaxy. Who better than President Rillak, who is an accomplished diplomat and has dedicated herself all season to bringing the galaxy together to face this crisis. She made sure to hand over power to the (unseen) vice president before she headed through the Galactic Barrier with the Discovery crew, so she knew she might not be coming back.

Tarka will make it to Oros’ universe, but maybe not to Oros

In the second half of the season, the mad scientist Ruon Tarka has emerged as a major adversary, dragging Book into his plan to strike at the DMA and 10-C and going up against the plan for first contact. However, unlike villains from past seasons like Kor, Mirror Lorca, Control/Leland, and Osyraa, Tarka has been presented as a sympathetic figure with an understandable motivation who may not deserve to die. He seems to be acting out of grief over the loss of his only true friend Oros, and has become obsessed with reuniting, seeing the power of the DMA as his only way. Perhaps someone will finally be able to get him to see the error of his ways in the finale, pulling him back from the brink. But in the end, Species 10-C may be moved by his love for Oros, and send him to that other universe, unless Oros is already hanging out with Species 10-C somewhere in that hyperfield… what a twist that would be? In another possible twist (we’ll call the Burgess Meredith conundrum) Tarka doesn’t find that universe to be what he expected or doesn’t find Oros waiting for him. Perhaps he will end up utterly alone in a cold unforgiving alternate universe, as a penance for his total lack of caring about the consequences of his actions.


T’Rina + Saru = Love Molecule

Since first meeting in season three, there has been a spark between Saru and President T’Rina of Ni’Var. This storyline has blossomed throughout season four, with Saru getting help from his wingman Dr. Culber, and even some Vulcan dating advice from Captain Burnham. This will all come to fruition in the finale, with the pair expressing their feelings and even doing that thing Vulcans do with their fingers to express their love.

Someone on the Discovery is not going to make it

While there has been a lot of death and destruction this season, Book is the only character who has suffered any kind of personal loss. To keep the stakes high, someone is probably going to die. But characters like Burnham, Saru, Stamets, and Adira are almost certainly protected by plot armor. The same is likely true of the bridge crew, but then again, there is the new guy Christopher, who has been around enough to qualify as more than just a red shirt but not long enough to be a shock to the system. And of course, there are a few other named characters that wouldn’t be a major loss… but there would be riots if a single scale on Linus is harmed.

Dr. Hirai will have a snack

Linguistics expert Dr. Hirai has been an interesting addition to the latter part of the season. Even with his gruff demeanor, he means well, and he has been an important part of figuring out how to communicate with 10-C. And in every episode he has been in, he has been consistently snacking. So, like Michael Burnham saving the galaxy, inspirational speeches being made, and people hugging, this prediction seems like a no-brainer.

What are your predictions?

Sound off in the comments below for what you think is coming this Thursday, or with season five of Star Trek: Discovery.

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I have a feeling in my waters that Book is going to die during the finale. But not before he has one last hero moment.

I agree. I think this is Michael’s Kobayashi Maru. She’s going to blow up Books ship.

His katra will live on in Grudge.

But with the seconds ticking down, they’ll be able to big in a long tearful farewell conversation.

Yep. Book will die heroically, stopping Tarka from ruining everything, and redeeming himself in the process. Poor Michael will be heartbroken, and whether she cries or not, the haters will complain about it.

I guess if I absolutely love all of Star Trek except Discovery’s melodrama writing and SMGs horrible whispery and weepy acting, I guess that makes me a Star Trek hater!

Inset Picard facepalm meme here.

That just makes you a person with an opinion I don’t share, and I don’t care except that you have a right to it and laboring anyone for their opinion fosters discord. it’s dumb to be divided over entertainment. Watch what you love, drop what you don’t, but save hate for injustice or mayonnaise!

> save hate for injustice or mayonnaise!

comment image

I didn’t say “Star Trek hater.” I just said “hater.” The implication was clearly “Discovery hater.”

It is totally illogical to post hatred over another’s choice in entertainment since by it’s very nature, it is subjective. I am very much looking forward to how Discovery’s season-long story arc will be resolved and I love all the characters. Captain Burnham has become my favorite with her growing into her position over these past four seasons. I also feel that Sonequa Martn-Green’s several acting awards are well earned.
And, for the record, I don’t watch shows I do not like, nor do I visit blogs about them or comment. I believe it is the only polite and kind thing to do. Our world could use more kindness, don’t you think?

I love SMG. She’s my fearless heroine who never hesitates or wavers.

Earth will rejoin the federation

I think they’ll save that for season 5.

I kind of predict that Tarka will end up in that egg-shaped thing, and have to ponder what he’s done for all eternity.

I am wondering whether the Discovery we saw in “Calypso” is in fact the egg.

Fascinating! That is an interesting idea.

I notice that the upgrade has reattached the nacelles.

I had that thought…

Mmm, let me see.
Burnham will whisper through most of the episode.
In the midst of a doomsday countdown, crewmembers will stop what they’re doing to discuss their feelings.
Somebody will cry.
The audience will spend most of the time trying to remember the names of the bridge crew without having to Google them first.
The resolution will be an eye roll inducing facepalm that will be complained about, bitterly, for months to come. The entire season will be written off as a mediocre mess.
Then next year, someone on these boards will pipe up with a hearty “Don’t be silly! It takes at least five seasons for a Trek show to get good!”
And many of us will be suckered into watching again, our little hamster legs pumping furiously on that wheel, which never quite takes us anywhere. .

Feel flattered. They wrote that scream scene for you, I think.

Don’t forget the part where people complain about how awful the show is but continue to watch it.

To be fair fans have been doing that since 1987. 😂

To be fair, we somehow got through all of season 1 and 2 of TNG and got got enough ratings for TNG season 3. I guess that hate it, but watch it mentality can pay off from time to time. I don’t watch much TV these days though, so I’m saving my eggs for Picard Season 2 and Strange New Worlds.

I think I alluded to that, didn’t I?

The audience will spend most of the time trying to remember the names of the bridge crew without having to Google them first.”

Lol! I only know Detmer from the bridge crew. This is so true.

I can say I know all their names now, but it took 3 seasons for me to remember them all.

Wow, A+++ for this! And CBS wonders why people don’t like Disco..

I think Michael have to use the devic/program from episode 9 to destroy Book’s ship to stop Tarka. Tarka honestly should be unalived by the end of the episode because of his selfish actions…and him betraying Book.

I also predict someone on Discovery will die…but of course will be back next season because bridge crew always comes back!

Tell that to Airiam. She’s still waiting patiently for her return.

She’s lost on the Black Mountain.

The actress is still on the bridge! Nillson

Actually, Sara Mitich only played Airiam in season 1. Hannah Cheesman took over the role in season 2 and played her until the character died. Cheesman returned in the role during the mirror universe episodes in season 3, but otherwise the character and the actress is gone from the show.

Crossing my fingers for season 5. ;)

It’s still so odd how randomly they killed her off.

Prediction: We’ll see season six streaming before some version of Trek 14 hits the big screen.

LOL at the Linus one! And SO true!! Not ONE SINGLE SCALE!! lol

Is the finale standard or movie length?

The Kurtzman era shows usually refrain from doing movie length episodes so I think it will be a standard single hour. But considering that the show is on streaming we do get around 50-55 minutes of episodes so length is usually not a problem.

* Saru and T’Rina will cool
* Book will be instrumental in communicating with the 10C
* Book will stay with 10C as atonement and a kind of ambassador
* Tarka will perish, but not from the 10C
* Earth won’t rejoin as General Ndoye clearly shows, they’re xenophobic and isolationist – they will need to grow more

*They will play “I’m not in love” from 10cc

This idea is a continuation of the final episodes of ST:ENT, which demonstrated that Earth was still rife with xenophobia.

I predict that Discovery people will talk about their feelings, that the ship will talk about its feelings, that the villain Tarka will talk about his feelings, and that Species 10C will release molecules encoding its feelings.

I don’t think you are far off in your predictions. Some people like all the emotional stuff, which is fine I suppose, but it’s not for me I’m afraid. Being a fan I’ll soldier through it anyway.

Looks like we need some sort of a vulcan in the writers room :))

It isn’t necessary to espouse your feelings at length, one of the best episodes of TOS “The City on the Edge of Forever ” saw Kirk crushed by the death if Edith Keeler. We knew exactly how devastating it was and didn’t need ten minutes of exposition. It made him stronger as a character, and fleshed out how deep he was. To suggest and allow an audience to empathize is more nuanced.

The 10c are in a internecine drug war amongst themselves and will force Disco into client and courier work within their bubble, but Zora thinks this is good? Cue cliffhanger for season 5.

if it true s5 will be like Voy then its bad new for Disc

In the death of a cast member category:. I could see Jett Reno (Tig Notaro) buying it. She’s too close to what’s going wrong – and trapped in Book’s ship. The 10c are more than capable to figure out whats going on and will see Book’s ship breaking off and will eliminate it.

Yes, Jet will probably go. But I think it’d be awesome if her consciousness joined with Zora and be the new computer voice.

The producers seem to really like Tig Notaro so I don’t really think they would kill off Reno. But it’s still possible, of course.

I wouldn’t be so sure about Stammets’ plot armor. I had a vague interaction with Anthony Rapp where he dancing around going back to work for season 5. After the lengths gone to bring Culber back, I think this would be a wild thing to happen, but I think we’re in for some twists that carry into S5.

For all the GOT Trek that was once promised, I don’t think that death of the good guys is handled well, or interestingly, in Discovery. I hope they concentrate on continuing to give life to their characters. Losing Stamets would not be good because he is really one of the true flagship characters who seems to be written in character whenever he appears.

What about Earth leader Dadoya? She’s annoying. When she declines going into the little egg ship she tells the Federation President, “My skills will be more useful here on the ship.”
Yeah ok. Useless.

I just pray it’s not a cliffhanger episode. TNG did that shit all the time.

They haven’t done one yet, neither was season 5 confirmed when they wrote /made this show.
Prediction: Burnham will solve all the problems, win the day and then cry.

My money is still on Saru doing a Wrath of Khan. He has been doing a requiem all season.

Actually come to think of it, all the classic spin off shows did. TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT all had cliffhanger finales at least a few seasons a year. Enterprise had one every season in fact.

I predict they will succeed in getting the 10-c shut down the DMA but before it destroys Earth and N’Var. This will sour the politicians for season 4 and can lead to the Vedersh we seeo in Calypso

The power source for the DMA will be discovered by Tarka to have anomalous chronometric vibrations making it useless in his interdimensional transporter but indicative of time travel. Michael will deduce that the power source was given to the 10c of 1000 years ago thus enabling them to construct their hyperfield lifeboat. Once the 10cc understand this they will stop being upset. Kovich will appear with perfected space folding technology that only people can use. Zora will be allowed to time travel back 1000 years to deliver the power source, but to prevent temporal problems, will have to hide in a nebula some distance from Alcor IV, without crew she can safely cross the barrier. The crew will space fold to Discovery’s new location where she has been waiting under captain’s orders for 1000 years, she will be missing a shuttle. Michael will have a heartfelt speech with Zora and then “See you soon!” Tarka convinces the 10c to send him to alt-verse and all’s well for him.

I feel so under-invested in the cast that I don’t mind who dies except for saru and reno. I like disco but I don’tove it. The first couple of seasons were really outstanding for me. I loved the tone and the direction.

I seemed to lose interest at a rapid pace when disco travelled into the future. I feel like some of the future tech doesn’t fit will with what I enjoy. The transporters are bothersome to me. People popping in and out of shot at a moment’s notice……urgh!and the sentient ship……just no!

I really really want the final episode of the season to finish with a bang so season five can maybe take a leaf out of the Picard playbook.

No hate. I’m trying to love it. Having so much trek around right now is an amazing thing!

Yep, someone gets it about Linus. He needs a bigger part.

People will cry. A lot.

Also, I thought Tilly was supposed to come back? I guess not.