The Shuttle Pod Crew Welcomes Back ‘Star Trek: Picard’ For Season 2

The crew talks about the breaking news on the day of recording, James T. Kirk is coming to Strange New Worlds. Then Brian, Kayla, Jared, and Matt tackle the main topic for this installment of the podcast: their impressions of “The Star Gazer” and “Penance,” the first two episodes of Star Trek: Picard season two.

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Why are we so married to cannon? TOS and TNG played fast and loose with their own cannon and we don’t even blink.

When they first announced Pike for season two of DISCO Paul Wesley was my first pick to play the roll, at the time he was the same age as Jeffrey Hunter, and there is an undiniable resemblance between the two actors.

Am a happy that they are bringing in kirk this early? Not really, not for canon reasons but because I want more time with Anson.

Am I curious about the story (that will probably be time travel related and probably non consiquental)? Of course, I love Star Trek and I am open minded (as one should be when Star Trek is involved.

Am I excited about some one playing my childhood hero who actually likes STAR TREK aswell as someone who is not a deplorable excuse for a human being who has time for his fans when money is not involved?
Fuck yes.

Yes to all of this!

I’m really not surprised that they are bringing in Kirk, although I had hoped that they would wait a few more years. This show came about because fans were begging for a more nostalgic show, and the producers caved and gave it to them. Even from the beginning, it was already going to feature three characters and a starship from TOS. Its only natural that they continued to bring in more of the most popular characters. I really think that SNW is the weakest idea that they’ve had for any of the new shows. Hopefully, the stories will at least be good.

It’s incredibly dangerous and almost suicidal to do something new and Paramount is trying to get itself bought. No time to rock the boat with the IP. No time to ditch the only part of the franchise a global audience immediately recognizes as Trek, either: Kirk, Spock, and the Starship Enterprise.

Not even 4 min in and I had to take a pause… way too negative for the sake of being snarky. You literally no nothing at all besides the fact that it’s Kirk and he’s wearing captain’s rank yet there’s soooooo much negativity and ‘they couldn’t resist that.’ Like dude, when did they tell you what year season takes place or what the circumstances are or anything else? It’s also hilarious that people are supposed to be outraged that there’s a Noonien Singh aboard and you act like everyone’s supposed to know that she’s related to Khan. There are many relatives of notorious criminals and vile people who are alive and kicking and live their life. In canon, Khan war around in the 90s and then disappeared. It’s not a stretch that by the 23rd century, she’s not wearing some scarlet letter because of her last name – I mean Kirk himself calls out discrimination in The Balance of Terror so it would be weird for people to treat her any differently in Starfleet.

I don’t mean to sound angry myself but it really gets under my skin when people with a podcast sound so flippant when reviewing or talking about decisions made my writers, directors, and producers. Like it’s one thing to feel like a decision is not my jam but remember that just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s bad either. It feels like the more we try to have something somewhat fresh with Trek, the more certain parts of the fandom want to keep it in a small little box and in their opinion if it slips out of that box then it’s not Trek anymore or something ridiculous like that.

“ Not even 4 min in and I had to take a pause… way too negative for the sake of being snarky.”
Truer words were never spoken. It’s probably one of the reasons why Anthony Pascale had to intervene and make a second podcast, otherwise Trekmovie wouldn’t have adequate coverage. Thankfully, CBSAA podcast with Laurie and Anthony is wonderful with an objective lense.

And as for the presence of a Noonien-Singh, well, Kirk actually talked about her in Space Seed in the scene where Khan met Chekov and “never forget a face”. The Shuttlepod crew obviously saw that scene with Chekov didn’t they? Lol.
If it’s good enough for Nick Meyer and TWOK to violate prior canon and add in new details in 1982, then it’s good enough for Trek to do it in 2022. Jeeeez some fans need to get a life, regardless of whether they are part of a podcast or not.

We added a second podcast because the amount of Star Trek to cover was increasing and we wanted the Shuttle Pod to have the freedom and flexibility it started with to cover all aspects of Star Trek, including all the new shows in addition to its discussions of classic Trek.

We have a wide diversity of views amongst those who work on the site and the podcasts. Which is something I’m proud of.

That’s fair, and thanks for clarifying.

Great podcast all and I find myself in complete agreement with your comments.

Until the revelations of this week, I felt that SNW hadn’t put a foot wrong publicity wise but this weeks news is certainly causing me some concern. Way too early to introduce James T into the mix and his being Captain, makes little sense canon wise. I have my fingers crossed that this is a glimpse of the future and that Anson Mount et al get their “Seasons” in the the sun.

Picard S2 has been a revelation in comparison to S1 and as you comment it feels like a natural sequel to TNG but using 2020’s production technology. I can’t honestly remember when Star Trek on TV was this enjoyable, this unmissable and had me actually excited for next weeks episode. Top marks all round so far.

I agree with Brian about that first episode of season two of Picard had the greatest Star Trek “feel” or tone in the last 17 years. Very well done

I struggle so much with the Spiner tweet. Fans exhibit varying levels of fanaticism. To reject those who enjoy hearing about how an artist creates feels like a lack of appreciation for those fans. It left me feeling like skipping over any of his Ready Room appearances in the future.