Interview: Michelle Paradise Talks Season 4 Finale, What’s Next For Tilly And ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

The fourth season of Discovery wrapped up yesterday and TrekMovie had a chance to talk to executive producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise about the finale, and what’s next for the series which is set to go back into production for a fifth season this summer.

This season was set up as a sort of test for Michael as captain, starting with the episode “Kobayashi Maru.” Was her ordering the destruction of Book’s ship sort of her final test as captain? Her personal Kobayashi Maru?

It was certainly part of it. And yes, we went into season four asking in every episode, ‘What is Burnham’s captain’s journey in this episode?’ We really looked at it more as every episode would be sort of a mini journey, if you will. Some of them were tests. Some of them were just journeys in themselves to take us on a larger season four journey of her in the captain’s chair, and how does she change. And yes, when we get to the finale, being a captain, and the personal and the professional and how–in the case of Book– it all mixes, it wasn’t just that moment of having to order something that may kill him, it was – what does she do the moment after? And that Burnham–and Sonequa [Martin-Green], every time I see that scene, I just get goosebumps, honestly–where in the moment she believes he’s gone, and then has to pull it together and then turn and walk back to the captain’s chair and keep going and continue on the mission and move past that and then go down to the 10-C and continue communication efforts to save Earth, Ni’Var, and other worlds. It felt like it was all of those things. Not just one moment with Book’s ship.

Last season you dipped into a little Ursula K. Le Guin for the Su’Kal storyline. In developing the 10-C, were there also real science, and sci-fi influences, like Sagan or Clarke?

There were a couple of different things that we had going on there. First and foremost, we knew coming into the season that we were dealing with the DMA and ultimately these are stories about finding our way through those things and finding connection. And so it felt to us that when we got to the end of the season and actually got to the 10-C, we wanted obstacles for our heroes to be as high as was possible. So we wanted the 10-C to be literally and figuratively bigger than them, feeling like a massive obstacle. We deliberately wanted to take away the Universal Translator. We just wanted to make communication very difficult. We wanted the 10-C to be as alien to our heroes as they could possibly be. And then again, sci-fi is sort of a reflection of what the world is or could be around us. And if our heroes can do that, and overcome and find a way to communicate with this species, is that something for us as viewers and what we can do?

And you mentioned science, in particular, that was a huge component of the last three episodes and how they actually did communicate. We worked with biologists and chemists and linguists and with the organization METI. It actually took a few months for us to be able to figure out how to break just the communication piece of those last few episodes… And for those specific science fiction authors, we’re all familiar with their work. Those sorts of things are just kind of baked into the world in which we live anyway, and the influences for us and who we are and what’s on our bookshelves. I don’t recall if we had specific discussions in the room about those kinds of things, but certainly, we were influenced by all of that. I will say that the final image at the end of the season of Earth was very much inspired by the “Pale Blue Dot” of Earth from Cosmos… the Carl Sagan quote.

Doug Jones as Saru, Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham, Chelah Horsdal as Rillak and Hiro Kanagawa as Dr. Hirai

Tilly was back in the finale, but she was a little different. Can you talk about Tilly’s arc and why you decided this was the time to bring her back?

Tillys had an interesting–I would say–series arc, When we come into the series itself, she’s younger, she’s still learning. She’s kind of our eyes into what is this world that we’ve just come into. And she’s changed very much over the course of the past three seasons. And then coming into the fourth season, as we do every season with all of our characters, we were looking at, ‘Okay who is this character? Where do we want to take them? How do we want them to change?’ And it felt like an interesting place to explore for Tilly was this idea of, ‘I am on the right path and I want to be in the captain’s chair.’ Because she’s always been driven to do that. And she’s talked about how her mom has been an influence on that, or at least it’s been implied, but it hasn’t been explicit in the way that it was in Episode 404.

So we really wanted to look at that for her and kind of explore what does it mean to want to be in the captain’s chair? And why has she always wanted that? And is there something else that she might want? Or is there something else that might be behind that? And the first four episodes kind of took her on an arc of exploring that, as all of our characters this season sort of had to explore what’s happening with them. Who are they in the face of this greater thing? What are the questions they’re asking about themselves? And then we sent her off to go to Starfleet Academy and she’s had some time to grow. And we thought it was a really cool thing, the way she comes back and is a bit more grounded. She’s changed in a way, as you pointed out. And I just really love those scenes between Mary [Wiseman] and Oded [Fehr] as Vance.

Can you say anything about the future of Tilly on Discovery or any other shows? Or are we done with Tilly?

We’ll never be done with Tilly. [laughs] Everybody loves Tilly. I can’t spoil anything into season five, except to say that we love Tilly. I expect that we’ll have her in the world and all of those things. She’s not going anywhere.

Mary Wiseman as Tilly and Oded Fehr as Admiral Vance

This season finale felt like you guys were really trying to tie everything up, including having a big character coda at the end. It almost felt like a series finale. Was it made with that possibility in mind, or did you know there would be more Discovery?

No. We expected that there would be more. It was never intended to feel like that. But I think where it might have that feel to it is that we knew going into season three that the underlying story thread from the last two seasons has been the state of the Federation itself. When we come into season three, the Federation itself is very much in disarray. Many member worlds have left including Earth. We always knew that if we come into that space, that rebuilding the Federation has to be part of the story, but there was no way to do that in one season. It just would not feel realistic. So we always envisioned that as a two-season arc. And especially when, in episode 303 [“People of Earth”], we set up that Earth is not a member. That’s what was teeing up the season four finale when Earth is going to come back. So the completion of that arc, coupled with the triumph of the DMA going way and we’ve communicated with 10-C and all those sorts of things, it did feel a bit like an ending. But it was never intended to be like this was going to be the end of the series itself.

A lot of fans are curious about the larger Trek universe in the 32nd century. This episode had a passing mention of the Borg and the Klingons have been mentioned, but we still don’t have a good sense of what’s going on with either. Have you been reluctant to focus on things in the greater galaxy, and now that you’ve kind of fixed the Federation, might you start looking over the border a little bit more as you look forward?

Well, I can’t say what is to come in season five, but I will say that yes, again that underlying story thread for seasons three and four had been what happened to the Federation? And how do we fix the Federation? And then we bring it back together again. Those were sort of the basics of that. That was very much our focus. In terms of what happens in season five and beyond, I can’t tell, or someone will slap my hand.

Wouldn’t it be you to slap?

I think it would be me, I would have to slap my hand, and that would be painful.

For season five, is Alex still co-showrunner?

Yes, he is still very much part of this, absolutely.

Each season on the show has adjusted and fine-tuned. So, are there lessons learned in season four that are being applied to season five?

Yeah, a ton. As you said, we learn from every single season, and not just from every season, we learn from episode to episode, both creatively and logistically working to be better and reaching to be better and reaching to be the best possible version of this show that we can be. And the best possible addition to the Star Trek universe. The things that come to mind immediately are probably things that are perhaps less interesting to fans of the show itself, but there were a lot of lessons learned last season in the lines of production and logistics and how we shoot during a time of COVID. What that requires and how to make sure that we’re not only keeping people safe, which is the priority, but also getting through our days and making a great show. We have the brand-new technology in the AR wall, which is a phenomenal technology. And that also has a learning curve. And so we’ve learned a lot about that over season four will be able to come in and use it new ways in season five.

Alex has said that a crossover is inevitable, do you agree?

[Laughs] That is definitely an Alex question. I don’t know. He’s he has the 100,000-foot view of all of the Star Trek shows and what they’re all doing and what he’s looking for from each of them. For me, I’m very much focused on Discovery and what we’re doing here. I can’t really answer that question, and not because I’m trying to avoid spoilers or something, that would just be an Alex question. 

Mary Wiseman, David Ajala, Wilson Cruz, Michelle Paradise, Sonequa Martin-Green, Blu del Barrio, and Anthony Rapp attend New York Comic Con 2021

All four seasons of Star Trek: Discovery are available on Paramount+ in the U.S. and where Paramount+ is available around the world. In Canada Discovery can be streamed streams on Crave. Discovery is available as a digital download in additional international territories.

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Glad to hear they’re keeping Tilly! Mary Wiseman adds so much to every episode she’s in; she has a pizaazz that some of the others don’t have.

SO right. i felt that the second half of the season missed something. this ‘something’ was tilly.

I’m no actress, so I have no idea how she does it, but Mary Wiseman just shines!

I missed her enormously, too. She brings such heart and warmth to the show. They tried to “Tillify” Adira somewhat, which didn’t work for me at all and I’d be happy to see Adira dropped from the cast in order for Tilly to return.

Yeah, Adira doesn’t really do anything for me; I would MUCH rather have Tilly. But if fan speculation is accurate, Tilly may be anchoring the new Starfleet Academy show, which would explain why they eased her out of Discovery.

I much rather have that in the TNG era. The Disco era universe feels empty. With TNG there’s a ton of possibilities for cameo and legacy guest stars.

Exactly. Mary Wiseman is a vastly superior actor, with that rare ability to pull off dramatic roles with a comedic bent and sense of timing. In the Star Trek cast, only Brent Spiner rivals this talent.

I thought Shatner was really good at Trek comedy.

I agree!

Thought the show (marginally) improved without her. Bit of a backstep.

They nailed the goofy comic type with Jurati. Tilly still an awkward teenager

Getting rid of Tilly would be madness.
Good to see that they recognize this.

I have to say the mystery behind what is going on with Tilly is driving me a little crazy. Mary left the show and we don’t know why, and they won’t even admit to that fact. It’s obvious they were just trying to string the fans along with the ambiguity so they wouldn’t bail. They promised an appearance at the end of the season as a carrot so we wouldn’t revolt when the surprise revelation happened. All of that soured me this season more than I expected, because the show was so much weaker without her. And here we are again with them stringing us along about the question of Tilly’s presence in the coming season and they are using the same non-answer.

Anyway, I don’t envy Michelle’s job of keeping up appearances on a show likely struggling behind the scenes constantly with cast shake-ups, COVID protocols, and a very late 5th season renewal. She said Season 4’s finale wasn’t meant to be a series finale, but I think we all know it was and there is no way she would admit to it (nor would it be smart to do so). I felt a little sad by the Season 4 finale because it looked like they were wrapping up the series and saying goodbye, leaving on an uplifting note. I knew it wasn’t the series finale, but it felt exactly like one. If anything, it did reveal to me that I’m not actually ready to say goodbye to this show yet. Lets hope they know when their final season is so they can say a proper farewell.

I don’t know. I’m not at all bothered by Wiseman leaving the show. It feels like Wesley back on TNG… He left but reappeared recurringly multiple times which was a good compromise for the character. I’d like to think it’s closer to that than to Lien’s ugly departure from VOY.

Whatever the reasons are (pregnancy, illness, payroll disagreements), I like Tilly but she is far from being my favourite character. The show’s pivotal characters are Michael, Saru, Stamets and Culber… Tilly was the odd one out, the Harry Kim or Wesley Crusher of the show. It’s as good with or without her.

As for the “late renewal”… Was ist really late? It still came before S4 was released as a whole and I guess that means there is still lots of faith in the show. But I guess its future depends on the success of SNW… If SNW is “too successful” in comparison, I guess S5 might be the last…

I don’t think Tilly/Mary Wiseman is going anywhere. She’s going to head the Star Trek: Academy just you watch. I expect an announcement of some sort at next month’s First Contact Day. Yeah, it’s a bold predication but so what.

She made a bad bet, in that case. We don’t need, what, seven Star Trek shows on the air at once. There’s a point at which it becomes too much even for dedicated Trek fans, and the barriers to entry for new fans are just too huge.

I don’t buy this argument because that show doesn’t exist yet, so why did she leave early in a season for a show that wouldn’t begin filming for a couple years? It’s also possible that Mary was aware the show was coming to an end in Season 4 and believed the episode she came back for would be its last and has no plan to return for season 5.

I think you’re dead-on with this fourth season finale potentially doubling as the series finale in the eyes of the writers, had it not been renewed. They can’t admit it, but it’s more than obvious!

As far as Tilly, I agree with Garth Lorca; the character is completely expendable. I always tried to like her, and finally did so for the most part late in the show, but she’s really not as crucial to the overall narrative. Dvorak might be right about her heading “Star Trek: (Starfleet) Academy” — I’d kinda been expecting the same thing. Although, I’m REALLY hoping they’re NOT gonna set it in THIS boring timeline! Please give us the 24th or 25th century, the return of some 1990s characters teaching and hanging out at the academy (O’Brien, Bashir, LaForge, Crusher, Kim… still an Ensign, hah!), and some MORE competent writers, as in those from “Start Trek: Picard”!!!

It’s not “more than obvious.” In fact, it’s just plain incorrect.

“I’m right because I work in the industry” claims are as convincing as “I’m right because I wanna be! [pouts]” …but nice try! ;-D


It very much felt like a series finale, but then again, so did “Such Sweet Sorrow” from season 2.

What happened with Mary Wiseman is a little strange. They effectively wrote her out of the show.

It’s completely unclear whether Wiseman asked to be let go (temporarily) or whether the writers basically thought: “Okay, we don’t have a personal arc for Tilly for that second part of season 4 so let’s just write her out.” Considering how COVID protocols made production more complicated it may have been easier to drop a character that wasn’t essential to the story. Finally, season 4 had quite a lot of recurring characters, so as harsh as it sounds, letting Mary go may have been a budget decision.
It’s all speculation since they haven’t explained the reason behind her departure.

But remember that they also killed off Culber in season 1 and then brought him back midway in season 2. So it’s not unprecedented to remove and then bring back a series regular on this show.

I agree that the season 4 finale felt very much like it could have been a series finale. They say it’s because they have finished a two-season arc of rebuilding the Federation. While they made quite some changes between season 1 and season 2, the break between season 2 and season 3 was much more drastic, sending Discovery 900 years into the future. As far as I remember, the final moments of the season 2 finale also felt like it could have been a series wrap for Discovery and a segue into Strange New Worlds.
So maybe this show “resets” itself every 2 seasons. Let’s see if season 5 goes into a completely different direction.


She asked to be temporarily released because she accepted a role on Broadway for a friend’s play. There was an article about it on TrekMovie.

I must have missed that. I did some googling and I found something about an off-Broadway play she’s starring in. But that premiered after season 4 had finished shooting so I’m not sure it would explain her missing during production of season 4. Although I have to admit that I have no idea how long rehearsals take for theater productions.

At least a couple of months. (Plus set design, production design, costumes, all the behind the scenes stuff.)

“I think we all know it was”

It wasn’t.

Michael, it’s patently obvious she didn’t leave the show–she has been given her own spinoff about Starfleet Academy. And the show was never in any danger of not being picked up for season five. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I work in this industry. I can tell you with confidence, having spoken to those on the Discovery set, that season five won’t be the last either, as they are already developing season six. It just hasn’t yet been announced. This show is not in any danger of going anywhere; it’s the flagship of Star Trek right now, and there is no behind-the-scenes turmoil. Honestly, I will never understand why so many Trek fans are doomsayers.

Well, there’s a lengthy history of our not knowing all the facts about why actors left their shows, only to be told many years later what really happened. The full stories on what went down with Jennifer Lien, Wil Wheaton and Terry Farrell weren’t what we were led to believe at first. So perhaps that informs some lingering suspicions.

It’s weird because she was gone for so long during season 4. A new show about the academy isn’t even announced yet (besides, personally I’m not at all interested in it being set in the Disco era but that’s besides the point). Why would you send off one your most popular characters for what might be a spin-off. Nope, not in this moment. I felt like Mary asked to be written out partially this season because the conditions of working with the pandemic were just too much. I mean, she wasn’t the only one missing this season right? Bryce anyone? The story reason why he was missing was also super thin.

Bryce is now staring on some new shows. I was sad to see him go but I understand considering how little his character was developed. Although he did have more scenes this season. Same with Rhys, Owo, and Nilson. Next season it would be nice if they got an away mission that just featured them. Almost like a lower decks vibe.

Ronnie Rowe Jr is handsome and has acting chops, though you wouldn’t know from this show. But Bryce is barely a character, and he was mostly just there to be a diverse speaking extra, hence his being replaced by another black male actor. It’s as if his demographic was all the producers cared about.

I would feel nothing if any of the ancillary characters disappeared, they don’t serve any function except to recite C-team perfunctory dialogue. A Lower Decks episode absolutely would rectify that, it would be a far better use of time than the clumsy little scenes they’ve been having this season that pretend to give them depth. Owo came out the best, but she too had her share of awkwardly shoehorned backstory.

Probably why the show should go episodic in season 5. Really had to keep stretching out the story to fill the second half of the season. Episodic could probably help fill out the setup of the universe in the 32nd century more. A klingon show one week something different the next ect.

I assume this is a parody response, but just incase…For any of that to make sense, you would have to assume she abandoned a full season of Discovery to film this new unannounced Starfleet show, nevermind filming of Discovery S4 concluded almost a year ago and nobody has been filming the Starfleet Academy series. If you’re an insider, are you aware of an unannounced show being filmed right now? It baffles me that people believe this explanation.

And Disco was definitely in renewal limbo which is why there is going to be such a large production gap between seasons, unlike in Picard or SNW which had firm announced commitments for multiple seasons and are shooting continuously. I mean SNW is shooting season 2 right now months before Season 1 even begins airing, and Picard Season 3 just wrapped filming.

You hit the nail on the head. Like with the writing they’re underestimating the fans. Trust and believe we all know there was something going on with Tilly leaving. What gave it away the most for me was the fact nearly every non-personal line Adira got after Tilly left, was straight up Tilly script. But half the fun delivered. Michelle didn’t answer a single question with an honest straight answer and tbh, I’m not the biggest fan of her for what she does for Discovery. I miss Bo Yeon and Erika. Like what actually happened to them? I mean, they’re surely not still workshopping Section 31?

I though they left the network? Pretty sure Matt said that on a podcast about discovery.

I apologize I believe it was actually Tony who said that on the weekly All Acess podcast he does with Laurie!

seems like it was unplanned and sudden, as adira wound up with many lines clearly written for tilly

There were also a few cases where Stamets ended up with lines that sounded like they were written for Reno. They latter was probably because they didn’t know how much they would be able to shoot with Tig Notaro.

Please, for Season 5 and beyond, lay off the “everything in existence is at stake!” arcs. It is exhausting.
And as much as I appreciated the character moments we got in Season 4, please don’t have them happen in the middle of an emergency where time is of the essence. There were more than a few moments where I was wanting the characters to just focus on the thing that was about to kill them instead of taking precious moments to explore their feelings (that could have happened before or after the immediate emergency).

Please, for Season 5 and beyond, lay off the “everything in existence is at stake!” arcs.” YES!

Yes! It doesn’t have to be the whole galaxy at risk for us to care. One thing I thought the writers did well this season was that by adding Book to Tarka’s plan, they made the whole thing very personal for Michael Burnham. Making it personal helps the audience relate.

It’s enough to put characters we care about in jeopardy. Put Saru or Culber or Tilly or Owosekun in jeopardy, and I care. I’m still having trouble warming up to Michael Burnham, in the same way that I had trouble warming up to Beverly Crusher — something about those actresses just doesn’t do it for me — but I care about plenty of the other characters.

That’s me and most of the actors on the show, which is so frustrating. At this point I only like what Doug Jones, Oded Fehr and Tig Notaro do on the show. Every other actor who is left I zone out on at best. I like David Ajala, but he got stuck in a go nowhere storyline and if I don’t see Book again right away, that’s fine too.

Yes, it IS frustrating, to find it hard to warm up to some of the characters. I wish I loved Michael Burnham the way I love Kirk or Janeway.

Doug Jones is a treasure, and I wish there were a lot more Saru in the show. I think Wilson Cruz is excellent at portraying warmth, and I’ve grown to like his character a lot more. And while we haven’t seen that much of Owosekun, I think the actress who plays her lights up the screen.

Cruz has a reassuring presence, for sure. I’m not loving all his material, though. The counseling works, his anxieties and relationship scenes are not quite hitting the mark for me now.

I agree that some of his material isn’t the best. Cruz and Rapp are longtime friends, so I’d think they’d be able to act a relationship well, but maybe that very friendship keeps their on-screen relationship from having much sizzle in it. :-)


Agreed. With all of the above!!!

Agree. They do create some new and unique aliens on the show so why not explore some of those worlds. You don’t need to explore legacy aliens! The galaxy is so big create your own. I do like that the Burnham storyline was a season long arc. They could do that with the other characters. Also include Oded Fehr more.

doubt the show is going to move away from arcs to stand alone eps.
that probably what SNW is going to do to feed fans who want that kind of ‘trek’ show’

That’s to expect. But then they should think over how they present the next season. They want to modernize the show but producing arks, yet they keep the old distribution policy by showing one episode per week. That wouldn’t be that worse If you didn’t have the feeling that the story moves on for 5 minutes each week.
That wasn’t the case with Enterprise season 3 and now IMHO with PIC season 2.
If those arcs don’t work as stand alone episodes, the whole season doesn’t work.

Unpopular opinion: I personally did not enjoy this season of Discovery. This entire story could have been told in a mini-arc of 3 or four episodes. I stopped watching around episode 6, continued to read the reviews for the rest of the episodes on Trekmovie, and then watched the finale. I did not miss a thing to be honest.

First time in over 40 years I’ve ever skipped Trek episodes.

Picard is great and I’m looking forward to SNW, but really, as someone who has always defended Discovery from Day 1, I’ve found it a bit off-putting since season 3 for me. I guess the season long arcs and episodes that unnecessarily drag out the story, to pad out a season, is killing something for me.

I dunno.. I just dunno…

No, it’s not an unpopular opinion, I assume a lot of viewers think so. I liked S1 and S2 of Disco alot beside its problems.
With S4 I watched each episode but at a point I started to do something different beside that.
That’s something I NEVER did ever before while watching a new Star Trek episode or an old one for the first time. It started to get boring with PIC season 1 after 3 episodes, then with Disco Season 3. My recomendation for watching PIC S1 the first (and maybe last time) is to start with the first 2 and then watching the resume at the beginning of each episode and then skip to the finale.
Finally PIC S2 got it right now.
In case of Disco I would recommend seeing episode 12 and half of episode 11 too.

I guess the season long arcs and episodes that unnecessarily drag out the story, to pad out a season, is killing something for me.

Enterprise S3 had that and it worked. In case of the new series I think the broadcasting policy of showing one episode per week (were the story moves on for 5 minutes) AND having a mid-season-break killed the momentum. I wonder why this isn’t mentioned often.

I felt almost exactly the same. Watched through episode 5 or 6, then just couldn’t care anymore. Then came back to binge through the end of the season to know what happened. First time I have missed new Trek since giving up halfway through ENT season 2.

The final episode was far and away the best and more like what the whole season should have been. Focus on some exploration, clashing with other cultures, exploring and debating dilemmas and solutions with character motivations and background feathered in along the way. That is what this season should have been all along, and not endless mope sessions where every characters simply lists all their feelings and then everyone apologizes to everyone else. So boring and too much telling and not showing. These writers just cannot do season-long arcs in an effective manner.

I think this is a common opinion. I’ve been really disappointed with this season. Wasn’t super into the last season either. The way the characters keep talking to each other about their emotions in every episode is bizarre.

That’s definitely NOT an unpopular opinion! And Paramount must be concerned because I was among those they sent a deep dive survey to about opinions toward Discovery. And I let them know how unhappy I am with the writing (Michelle Paradise) and direction of the show. And, like you, I stopped watching after episode 5 or 6. Paramount must be noticing alienation setting in among the fans and are trying to understand why. The survey covered ALL aspects of the show, including the actors. I was really surprised!

This was an uneven season. A couple strong episodes, but a lot of filler. Mostly, though, it illustrated yet again why Michael Burnham does not work as a character: constant crying. It gets so ridiculous after a while. This is not a great character and she is not a great actor. I loved seasons one to three, but this season was a major letdown and the show would be so, so, so much better without SMG and her cry/whisper/cry/whisper/cry/whisper/ approach to acting. I’ve been a champion of Discovery since the beginning and will continue to champion it, but the writers’ focus on Michael has minimized great characters played by better actors (like Stamets, Saru, and Culber), made new characters feel irrelevant (like Adira and Grey), and made the franchise a bit of a laughing-stock since the Internet is filled with people making fun of Burnham and the constant crying. It’s time to get rid of her and focus on the better cast members.

She was outstanding on Season One when her character was well-written. The old saying applies here: “If it ain’t on the page (due to Michelle Paradise), it ain’t on the stage”.

What I found ridiculous about the crying was the fact that other characters apologized to her when they talked about their feelings. That happened not only once but twice (?) with Detmer and with Owosekun (I just had to google her name!). That was shameful. Why did they have to apologize to her for being too emotional themselfs?

Been a Star Trek fan since 1975 when my mom got tired of me always watching Gilligans Island and put on Star Trek. First episode I saw was Balance of Terror and I was hooked. That being said, I try and I try, but I just cannot get into Discovery. Still watch every episode, but it just doesn’t hold my interest.

That being said, I LOVED Stacey Abrams as the Earth President. She embodies what Star Trek is. Also, I love that her casting is causing all the White Supremacist’s to loose their s**t.