Podcast: All Access Star Trek Gets On Board For ‘Strange New Worlds’ Promos And The Latest ‘Picard’

All Access Star Trek podcast episode 85 - TrekMovie

[Picard review starts at 19:36]

Tony and Laurie take a look at the newest character promos for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Anson Mount’s happy comments after watching the first three episodes. They note that Chris Pine has met with the director of the next Star Trek movie and discuss the upcoming panels and plans for Mission: Chicago (which will have panels for all five current Trek shows) and WonderCon.

Then they turn their attention to Star Trek: Picard, starting with a quick look at last week’s episode via Tony’s interview with Kirk Thatcher and showrunner Terry Matalas’ comments on time travel logic and how the past Trek history does or doesn’t fit in with the timelines. Then they dig into their review of episode 405, “Fly Me to the Moon.”

They wrap up with a surreal, Star Trek-themed sketch from Jimmy Kimmel Live!  that got very meta, and Rick Berman’s tweet about finally starting his autobiography.


Analysis: First ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Character Promos Reveal More Aliens And Enterprise

Spock’s Sideburns [Twitter]

Watch: ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo Introduces Uhura And Reveals More From Series

Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo Introduces Lieutenant La’an

Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo Introduces Lt. Ortegas

Watch: New ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Promo Introduces Hemmer

Anson Mount “Very, Very Happy” With First Episodes Of ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Chris Pine Has Met With ‘Star Trek 4’ Director And Happy To Get To Work… But Still Waiting For Script

Mission: Chicago Announces Panels For ‘Picard,’ ‘Strange New Worlds,’ ‘Discovery,’ ‘Lower Decks, And ‘Prodigy’

Borg Makeup panel at WonderCon

Exclusive: How ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Brought Back [SPOILER] From ‘The Voyage Home’

Showrunner Explains How ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Is Handling Time Travel And The Eugenics Wars

No spleen? [Harvard Medical School]


Tony: Takei plays Shatner in Kimmel skit about Bezos on Broadway (with Jason Alexander playing Bezos)

Laurie: Rick Berman is 85 pages in on his memoir

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I think you right about the end of the previous episode where Q is sitting in the café was a few months before. For some reason he was working on Renée to bring her self doubts to the surface. That was what his whole speech was about. But why in the world would Q change the future? Also, if Q lost his powers there at the café in 2024 how did he transport all the main characters from La Sirena to 2024?

I have a hard time buying the simulation idea. I´m gonna need a lot more evidence that that´s what is going on.

I think Raffi seeing Elnor was simply grief. She saw a young man who reminded her of a person she thought of as a son whom she lost. I think they were merely trying to show that Raffi is still grieving.

In the trailer Picard says to Jurati ”you must bring us home” so she definitely has some of the queens powers in her.

We still have yet to see the Vulcan mindmelding with the kid in the woods. I´m curious about what that´s about.

I like Tony’s theory that Raffi seeing Elnor was a glitch. If she’s actually hallucinating, that’s more than grief. We’ll have to wait to find out, though.

Thank you, brother and sister, for another interesting podcast. I was most interested in your SNW promo comments, the Chicago con event and the Berman autobiography. It would be helpful if you would consistently include links to the various topics you are covering in the podcast so the listener can hone in on what they’re most interested in.

Hi Anthony. Thanks for the nice comments! We DO include links to all of those things… just scroll up and you’ll see them on this very page.

Well, what I was referring to is timestamps to particular topics within the podcast (I saw only one for this episode :’[Picard review starts at 19:36′.

This episode was just bad. I appreciate you guys just being nice about it, but there were a lot of problems as you stated. Are we really going to get “force field” technology in two years? Ugh.

I would have enjoyed the Juratti and Borg queen scenes if it wasn’t for the major plot holes that take me right out of the story: Why did the French cop not call for back-up before going in the ship? Why did the Borg Queen use English when calling for help? I though it was stated the Borg Queen didn’t have nano-bots anymore, so how did she infect Juratti? There are crew quarters on El Serano that are safer than sleeping in than a dilapidated old house. And if that house was abandoned since WWII, then why would there still be a loaded shot gun just hanging on the wall? You’d think someone would have plundered that by now.

And I also agree that the LA stuff with Rios, Seven, and Raffi now seems like a total waste of time, that it brought nothing to the story.

And then the heist scenes, while cool, were very jarring and a total different tone from the rest of the episode.

I do like Tony’s theory about a simulation. It seems similar to the first two episodes of DS9 season 3: The Search. Sisko and others were put into sleep and forced into a virtual reality simulation about the Dominion taking over the station. Perhaps this is what the Borg did right before the Stargazer blew up. And then Q inserts himself into the simulation as well, for reasons.

Agreed VZX! I had the same thoughts.

Re: levels of technology. This 2024 is not our 2024, it’s Star Trek’s 2024, so they can have any cool shield technology they want.

But what is a little jarring for me is that this show seems to want to portray 2024 as just like ours (criticizing ICE, etc.) but also not (drones, shields, genetics). In DS9’s version of the early 21st, they weren’t worried about it not looking like the then-still-future 2020s. PIC shouldn’t be worried about this looking like out 2024, altered by Q or not. It’s a little frustrating. Maybe they are trying to save money on production design, but at least DS9 was committed to showing an “alternate future” 21st century in their sci-fi.

But maybe I am looking at it too narrowly. Maybe the Europa stuff is supposed to hint at greater sci-fi developments, and implying they go wider than that in society, but I am just not seeing it.

Leveraging existing canon is always such a double edged sword. I was one of those people who thought Guinan not knowing Picard was a huge oversight. Now that I know reason behind it, it’s almost satisfying she didn’t know him. You’re Laurie right that you shouldn’t have to do the research to get a satisfying answer. Having said that I don’t know if there was a good way to work it in the dialogue that wouldn’t confuse Picard fans who don’t know TNG like the Bible. Even Picard’s remark about knowing about Gary Seven and the supervisors felt a bit too much like “I’ve seen the episode too”. I’m not even sure where the call backs and references should begin and end. Should Seven have mentioned her history with Q, the Q civil war and that Q has a son? Or should there been a call back gag about Tom Paris teaching Seven to drive? The history/baggage of trek can be like a writer’s Kobayashi Maru.

About characters looking like other characters. It could be just a fun back to the future reference but it kinda fixes one of my bugbears from season one.i think we all assumed the painting “Daughter” was just Data making up a fictional daughter and painting her. It was strange giving when he did make an offspring he gave them the choice to choose their gender and race. Now it’s likely a painting of Kore and her love the water. Probably based off some implanted memory of Adam’s. Speaking of Adam I wonder did he genetically alter his genes so all Soong men look like him? Joke.

Someone should ask Mike McMann at Mission what’s it’s like to be a person considered to be part of the prime timeline? Based of the fact Rick and Morty was directly mentioned and what is Rick Morty without Mike? Does he believe he somehow contributed to the dark future? And does he have strong Soong like genetics where we expect ensign McMann on Lower Decks sometime soon.

A day after we recorded, I realized Picard could’ve worked out the whole thing right there. He could’ve been surprised Guinan didn’t recognize him, and in that conversation, realized what had happened. Could’ve done the whole thing in less than a minute right then and there!

I agree it’s a tricky balance. And yes, it is a movie and TV trope to have people’s ancestors or descendants look just like them, which is fun to watch but never makes a whole lot of sense.

The one thing that I’ve enjoyed with season 2 in general is by the end of the episodes i want to see more. The only other show in the Star Trek University that I’ve felt that about recently is Prodigy. In my mind because it is quite serialized, I can accept that some episodes may be a little disjointed, if it makes sense in the end. While there are times I might disagree with your critiques I always find them insightful and enjoyable. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Agree! I DO always want to see more. I feel that way about all the new shows so far, actually.


First, I want to say I agree 100% with your analysis on this episode. I rate it “Meh.”

The great time travel episodes had great humor and great pair ups while navigating the past. .No humor here, except Rios, loved his melt down last week.They missed great opportunities to lighten up the season. I mean, we have Q. De lancie is a great actor with a lot of range, he’s just sinister and non fun this season.

I’m not a fan of exploring another Soong family member and not a fan of the daughter angle. Reminded me of STID….plus it didn’t make sense.

The woman astronaut is a Picard. Who didn’t see that coming?

And I agree that I thought this season was a psychological look at the real reason why Picard is alone, but I don’t see that at all yet.

I’m ready for a change of pace with SNW and a return to LD.

Thank you for the great trek news and analysis you guys bring weekly. Great Job!

Forgot to mention, you can live without a spleen. Basically the liver takes over the function of the spleen. I’ve lived without a spleen for over 40 years. Although in my case, it wasn’t due to an encounter with the Borg queen. Anyway, Tony was commenting about Agnes saying that the police officer’s spleen was in a box.

Thanks for the info! I wonder if that cop will be in the hospital for something else one day and get the surprise of his life when he finds out his spleen is gone. (I guess he already had the surprise of his life, though, now that I think about it.)

7 and Co establish where Guinan is located. This episode deals with the effects of that. So they don’t get nothing. Maybe Rios equals no plot movement other than to connect the present to the 2020s of DS9 and wag a finger at ICE, which is fine.

It’s true they located MacArthur Park, which is where The Watcher was located, but they never got that info to Picard. It was Agnes that found coordinates leading to 10 Forward/Guinan, then Guinan took Picard to the park to meet the Watcher. Which was our point, if they had the team in LA feeding info back to Picard and Agnes, it would have made them more involved.

And thanks for listening!