Watch: New Official Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ + New First Look Images Too

It was just a month ago that we got the teaser trailer and today Paramount+ surprises with the first full official trailer for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. We also have a new poster and first look image.

Strange new trailer

All week Paramount+ has been releasing character promos for the highly anticipated series, which were all leading up to this new official trailer. A version of the trailer will run during tonight’s broadcast of the Grammy Awards on CBS.

[International fans can watch at]

New poster

Paramount+ also released the official key art poster for the series which debuts its 10-episode first season on May 5.

Strange New Worlds poster

Paramount+ has provided the following synopsis:

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The all-new series will feature fan favorites from season two of Star Trek: Discovery, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.

Strange New Worlds also stars Jess Bush as Nurse Christine Chapel, Christina Chong as La’an Noonien-Singh, Celia Rose Gooding as Cadet Nyota Uhura, Melissa Navia as Lt. Erica Ortegas and Babs Olusanmokun as Dr. M’Benga, and features recurring guest star Bruce Horak as Hemmer.

The series premiere was written by Akiva Goldsman with a by Akiva Goldsman, Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet. Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers serve as co-showrunners, with Goldsman directing the premiere episode.

New images

And there are some first look images as well.

Rebecca Romijn as Una, Anson Mount as Pike and Ethan Peck as Spock

Jess Bush as Chapel

Babs Olusanmokun as M’Benga

Ethan Peck as Spock

Anson Mount as Pike

Christina Chong as La’an

Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura

Anson Mount as Pike

Anson Mount as Pike

Rebecca Romijn as Una

Melissa Navia as Ortegas

Christina Chong as La’an and Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura

All photos by Marni Grossman/Paramount+ 

Streaming around the world on Paramount+

Strange New Worlds will stream exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and the Nordics. The series will air on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and stream on Crave in Canada, with additional international availability to be announced at a later date.

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Love the use of the theremin.

Haha too funny, but true! Cant wait to see the opening theme and credits! Just 1 month to go!

Agreed. A Great Opening can do a lot for a show. Example. Star Trek Enterprise. Great show. Not a great Opening.

I know I’m going to get a lot of hate, but I never had an issue with the opening of Enterprise with the song. It was always fine to me and fit in perfectly with the theme. But yes, maybe if they did something more traditional, there would’ve been less bitterness over the show.

I liked the opening on Enterprise. The song was a little cheesy/schmaltzy, but I liked that it wasn’t the standard Trek opening.

Haha totally agree Tiger2, in fact even though 90%+ of fans only wanted to hear a big orchestral number like they used for all the other series before and since, the Enterprise opening was IMHO inspirational and appropriate – It’s been a long road, getting from there to here! Cheesey yes, but it worked on so many levels!
In fact, I personally used the music and opening visuals to motivate me not only to learn to fly, but also to take a job in the commercial space industry. Speaking of work, time to stop reading Star Trek news haha. Have a great week everyone!

Yeah it’s definitely a bit cheesy but it works for me completely for some reason. I even liked the upbeat version in seasons 3 and 4 but fans seem to hate that one even more lol. I think most do like the visuals though, it’s really the song itself they wanted killed off.

And I learned just a year ago somewhere that Archer’s theme (which I love) was suppose to be the original theme song of the show but Berman changed it for the song. It basically has become the substitute for it like when they played it at the beginning of Discovery last season after introducing the Archer Spacedock.

I think they should’ve just thrown in the towel and used that beginning in season 3. It probably wouldn’t have made a big difference rating wise though.

Is that the same cue they play over the end credits?

Yep, that’s the one!

Came here to say the same thing…

It sounds a bit more like a faux Ondes Martenot than a Theremin, but it does sound nice! :)

All I can say is…WOW! This is what we’ve been waiting for. I’ve never been much of a TOS fan (I know, I know, I’m a bad Trekkie), but this show looks like it will blow me away.
Most importantly, this show looks fun, something that’s been missing from Discovery & Picard (both of which I like)! The frontier awaits!

I think this will get a lot of non-TOS onboard and if they weren’t fans of the Kelvin movies either. This is a very modern spin on it and looks to capture real exploration which I feel the Kelvin movies missed the boat on.

The music and visuals are stunning. Hoping that the writing is, too! Here’s to episodic and hopefully character-driven and non-galactic saving Trek! 🥂🖖

Amen to all of that! I hope this one can be enjoyed by all the family too. Kids need something to inspire a sense of hope and optimism in them like Trek used to do with some many of us (when we were a tad younger ;) )


I’m in the UK and neither of the sites work for me – even with a VPN.

I can see the Trailer on from germany

It’s been uploaded to Youtube.

Disable the adblocker

its not the adblocker. I have it activated and can watch it. has it,as does yt….where I’m watching it now. Looking forward to this on May 5th even though I’m not int he US,lol!

This looks like FUN! I can’t wait!

But why does the release blurb say that Pike “manned the helm”? He didn’t PILOT the ship; he CAPTAINED it.

Hi Corylea,

FYI – thank you! Thank you!

I am starting on those 2 that you suggested.

I have a long list of literature to read from TG47 as well. Thankfully I am enjoying everything quite a lot.

Appreciate your kindness!

You’re very welcome! There’s a lot of bad fan fiction out there, but there are some truly lovely things, as well. I’m glad to pass along a few of the lovelies.

Looks great i hope the stories are as good as Discovery/Picard.


I’m hoping they are better.

I hope so too, but my hopes aren’t high. SNW doesn’t have the same freedom that Discovery and Picard have, since it is a prequel featuring established characters. There is only so much that they can do with Spock, Kirk, Uhura, and Chapel before they run into canon difficulties, and we already know where Pike has to end up.

Looking at what those shows have done with their “freedom” maybe being restrained by what is coming 10 years down the road is a good thing for the show?

Seriously! Telling contained stories oughta help too. Not everything has to be universe-shattering, Trek can do stories on the scale of THE STATION AGENT — the question is, can current Trek do them WELL?

I agree, that’s always going to be the issue with prequels. But same time it doesn’t mean they can’t just tell great stories either. Yeah we know where a lot of the characters will end up but we still don’t what their lives were like before TOS started either. That is one of the positives about doing a Pike show because they are all mostly a blank slate pre-TOS at least.

I am always for going forward 99% of the time, but this is the one time I am truly excited about a prequel because it’s going back to the ship that started it all with a Captain is still mostly a blank slate outside of The Cage stuff.

I Hope that The Enterprise fires all of it’s weapons at full power and obliterates Discover’s Stories. Just saying.

Discovery is in the 32nd century, far far away from the rest of the franchise. I think they can tell their stories there and not hurt anyone. ;)

The stories had better be much better than those two!

I love that trailer. Although, I still more hyped about Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The 4K Director’s Edition. I plan to give Strange New Worlds a try.

Yes, I have Tobert Wise on VHS. Lol Can’t wait to see it in all it’s 4K Glory

It’s got a great look and vibe to it. Let’s hope the storylines are equal in quality!

Also works as a prequel to ST09 (to the uninitiated)

Um……… what?

Pike only captained the Enterprise for, like, 5 minutes in the Kelvin verse.

Except it doesn’t, since in the ’09 movie Alternate Pike meets Uhura for the first time, whereas here the (allegedly) Prime Pike has Uhura serving on his ship as a cadet.

There is nothing “allegedly” about it.

Pike and Spock are in a completely different place in SNW than they are in the first Kelvin movie. The Enterprise isn’t even built yet in the Kelvin universe during this period. ;)

Also fun note I didn’t realize until a week ago, but the Kelvin Enterprise only stuck around for five years until it was destroyed in Beyond (the original ship lasted for 40 years). I think that’s the shortest life span of any hero ship in the franchise.

But hopefully NOW, this will (finally) convince the hundred or so fans left that the Kelvin movies didn’t overwrite the Prime universe. ;D

I think Sisko’s Defiant wins this one – appeared in season 3, died (and was replaced) in season 7.

Yep you’re right, I remembered that one not long after I posted this. And that one made a lot of sense being in the middle of a war and all. And the Defiant earned her battle stripes before passing on like no other ship!

Even for the uninitiated it doesn’t work as a prequel. None of the pieces fit.

It will fit for casual viewers with just a vague recollection of seeing ST09 and ID about a decade ago

It won’t fit at all. In the first Kelvin movie the Enterprise is not even built yet lol. And we see Kirk, Spock and Pike joining it together. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Spock and Uhura doesn’t have a romantic relationship on the show. So how in the world could this be a prequel to that??

yeh but for the ones who dont follow Trek or read TrekMoviecom or the comics and havent seen all the episodes and movies ever made, who just saw ST09 & ID at the cinema and maybe watched TNG back in the 90s and saw a few TOS eps and some of the old movies, they most likely wont realise or care that it dosnt connect up/is set in a different universe and will just view it as a prequel series to those big Trek films that came out before all the new Star Wars, that had Kirk and old Spock and Pegg and Cumberbatch, and that they half remember kind of enjoying

yeh but for the ones who dont follow Trek or read TrekMovie or the comics and havent seen all the episodes and movies ever made, who just saw ST09 & ID at the cinema and maybe watched TNG back in the 90s and saw a few TOS eps and some of the old movies, they most likely wont realise or care that it dosnt connect up/is set in a different universe and will just view it as a prequel series to those big Trek films that came out before all the new Star Wars, that had Kirk and old Spock and Pegg and Cumberbatch, and that they half remember kind of enjoying

Even If. Doesnt Matter If some people will See it Like that.

Some people propably think they watch Star Wars…. So what?

This is just a really odd argument man. I’m sorry. You really think they won’t notice the characters are in two completely different places and situations after watching the show and then the film? If you don’t care that much, I don’t even understand why they are watching it in the first place then.

lol I know right! They’d be watching it with the vague memories of having seen this kind of stuff before but its all set before so it must lead into that film from like 10 years ago..

Look I know to us trekkies its unthinkable ppl wouldn’t know , but I know what casual fans can be like when it comes to reboot/alt timeline stuff . I’ll always remember seeing Batman Begins with a mate and we walking out the cinema he says so that leads into the original film then, I was like ‘uh?’ he was yeh the joker card, that leads into the Michael Keaton film with the joker right , he just didnt get it was a reboot kicking off a new series, and that the films dont connect up. it was similar with Rise of Planet of the Apes either same friend or another thought it led into the original 68 film (which to be fair it sort of could if you ignore the dates), and when I saw ST09 with a group. none of them knew it was a new timeline they just figured it was a prequel to the old star trek they didnt know about it being an alt timeline but the original Prime TL is still out there etc like I did due to Orci explaining it all on TM and Countdown etc (plus it was explained in the movie!) it was the same when I talked to someone Id known for years was supposed to be a big fan and when I was saying about it being a new timeline he had no idea what I was on about lol (I guess to them the original timeline was wiped BTTF style?). Tarantino was the same too btw

It will also fit for the delusional and for liars. Does that count extra?

All modern Trek looks good from a production and special effects point of view, and after being incredibly disappointed – angered even – by Picard, and just “meh” after trying to get into Discovery several times, I truly hope they nail it with Strange New Worlds, the casting, and (most importantly) the SCRIPTING. Script writers that fully understand the chain of command and how people behave professionally whilst ‘on the job’ (on the bridge) would be a start too. The emotional / emo / relationship issue moments and so forth can occur in officers quarters, off-duty moments etc.

Here’s also hoping that THIS is the live action Star Trek show that can be enjoyed by ALL the family, without the f-bombs and disappointing eyeball gouging and casual throat-slitting violence of Picard.

It’s high time there was a live action Star Trek that can both inspire and ignite a sense of optimism in young kids worldwide, as well as entertain us adults too. Last chance salon, but I’m going to give it a go like I always do. The visuals remind me of the delightfully out -there designs from Star Trek The Animated Series, some of the 70s book covers, and some of the old Gold Key comics, all in the best possible ways. We need some Trekking to Strange New Worlds again, some colour and genuine imagination, and it hasn’t felt that way to me since The Animated Series, or the visuals of V’ger…

I hope the script-writing is as good as this looks.The cast seems solid. Fingers very tightly crossed.

You summed up everything I feel in an elegant and well-written way. Hear hear!!

Yes to all that you wrote. Won’t happen, but yes.

100% agree – too bad it looks like Spock is going to pon’Farr it up and leave nothing to the imagination. Lazy pure and simple

What’s lazy about showing sex?

why do you need to is the better question What does it objectively *add* to have it other than ‘well…we can now!’ It unnecessarily alienates several segments of the audience just to objectify people? I know people argue ‘well what about violence?’ but violence (especially fantasy violence) is clearly fake, but there’s an inherent reality to love scenes. Would you plop your ten – 14 year old in front two people doing that in your living room in real life? Why tolerate it on the television on a show that could easily be all ages accessible?

That’s why I call it lazy. It’s a cheap thrill because ‘we can’ and yes, actors have a choice to some degree to do it or not, but many are not comfortable giving up a potential life changing job over that issue and will just give in.

I know I’m in the minority… :)

but violence (especially fantasy violence) is clearly fake, but there’s an inherent reality to love scenes.”

Ummmm, wut?

“Would you plop your ten – 14 year old in front two people doing that..”

But two people beating each other up, or getting shot (by whatever) would be fine?

Violence = OK
Sex = Bad

Yeah, I’ve never gotten that set of priorities myself. I guess that makes me “woke,” or something.

Wow! Epic music, amazing costumes, and really fantastic scenes! These little snippets are quite tantalyzing, and I cannot wait to see them in context- especially the scenes with Spock and T’Pring. Are the events here what led up to her rejection of Spock in TOS? It’s clear that Vulcans are far spicier than originally thought.

I don’t believe that this Vulcan “Venus” with the nice mansion in the mountains is actually T’Pring. Spock last saw her as a child (so he said in TOS Amok Time). In the Kalifee Scene he is in Uniform and also in the “I think we should Kiss” Scene …. he speaks about “Seems logical” … that all doesn’t sound very pon farrish. I’m very curious how it will be solved in the storyline, but I don’t think that it’s inevitably T’Pring. And the scene later in bed – yummy … I’m very, very interested in THAT outcome in the storyline.

Mmm, shirtless Pike on a round bed.

At age 54 (!), I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit how much this excites me and how much I’m looking forward to it…

I’m ten years older than you are, and I’m extremely excited, so please don’t feel bad! Love is important, no matter how old we get, and fandom is a kind of love.

Corylea, and I’m two years older than YOU, and cautiously optimistic!

At 63, you two manage to make me feel young. Thanks!


Michael, like Kirk at the end of TWOK young? :-)

Better hope not, that kind of young lasts Kirk only till the opening scene of TSFS, probably just a few days later.

I refuse to play the age game!

I’m 50 and I’m excited! funnily enough, it seems to be the younger gen who are all cynical and grumpy about SNW and the other New Trek series :)

I honestly don’t think you can put a generational cap on it. The fact is Star Trek fans have been complaining about Star Trek since the movies started and definitely from TNG on. And decades later we’re still complaining lol.

But I will say even with ‘nuTrek’ most fans were at least initially excited about the Kelvin movies, Picard and now SNW even if many still felt disappointed afterwards. Jury still out with SNW obviously.

Since Discovery launched I’ve really come to respect what they accomplished in 2009. They rebooted the original franchise while leaving the legacy of everything that preceded it intact.

The same can’t be said of Discovery or Picard Season 1 (Picard Season 2 has managed to right the ship).

Agreed and which is why I thought they should’ve just rebooted it completely with Discovery like they sort of did with the Kelvin movies and they could’ve kept that show in the 23rd century…but what’s done is done now.

Picard season 2 is definitely much better than season 1 but still not loving it. It’s feeling more like classic Star Trek though.

Fans were complaining about TOS s3 first-run! And I’m old enough to remember complaints about TAS as well. If Phase 2 had aired, I think that would have generated a lot of hate right out of the gate, though there were a couple of good scripts, one called DEADLOCK that could still be a good Trek ep or flick.

My own experience of being into the show for 49 years is that being so up for the next new thing invariably leads to feeling like you’ve been kicked in the teeth or the balls when it actually arrives. The only times that didn’t happen for me was TWOK (though I had to see it twice to be sure I really loved it) and TFF (which I’ve always loved, big ugly warts and all.) Oh, and opening day I thought TVH was pretty good, though that opinion waned pretty fast.

I remember watching City on the Edge of Forever at a friend’s house on their color tv (because in the ’60s, we still had a black and white set), and clearly recall his mother crying at the end of the episode. Back then, I didn’t quite understand. Now, I damn well know that the emotional quality of any film or show is what really matters. And here I had given up on ST after seeing the “salt vampire” premiere episode, mostly dismissing the series believing it to be yet another dopey “monster of the week” show (with very few exceptions) as Outer Limits had become …Ellison’s Demon with a Glass Hand being the major exception to OL’s general “monster of the week” rule.

That was all a bit before my time, but I can imagine not many were happy with TOS season 3. ;)

And I can’t believe you’re a big fan of TFF. Did not see that coming at all lol. I never hated TFF, but it is far far down on my list. I actually really liked it as a teenager when it came out. As I got older though…

Are you planning to watch SNW? At least in the beginning?

I think if you went back far enough in my posting history, you’d see I was probably known mainly as the TOS/TMP/TWOK/TFF guy (at least on trekbbs, I think I was the ONLY such person), even more than the guy who hates TheAbramsThings or was bored by most of BermanTrek excepf for DS9.

I’ll give SNW a watch when I subscribe to see THE OFFER in its entirety, so if it is a surprise to me, I’ll stay for the duration. Shoot, I geve DSC almost two whole seasons (dozed off on a couple mirror universe shows) and Picard a full one; it was only LOWER DECKS that didn’t get a fair shake (perversely, the only one I thought that was going to be good, but for the love of me, I couldn’t watch 20min of the thing.) This last SNW trailer is okay, even if I finally realized my problem with Peck is that he makes me think ‘Eric Foreman in early CosPlay outfit’ as Spock (see especially the three-shot up on the link above.) The shot of the E looping while pursuing big space thing seems a little DOOMSDAY- MACHINE-remastered to my eye (not a good thing), but I did go back and watch the shot several times, so I wasn’t flinching or eye-rolling like I’ve done with most of the ship VFX in the post-BEYOND trekverse.

I actually figured I was going to end up watching SNW because I’d probably have an SNW VFX article to do for a June story, but the timing wasn’t right, and that pitch morphed into a HALO story that will run at that time instead. Even on that, we came right down to the wire on getting approved VFX, so I imagine with SNW that you won’t see VFX stories till after it concludes its first season.

Par+ PR has actually been coordinating and sometimes listening in on my THE OFFER interviews, but as with PICARD, they have been very helpful throughout (complete reversal of my goes-nowhere-writes-nothing months of trying to get a DSC s1 article), and are even considering letting me do a small VFX story on it after it finishes its run (again, images for VFX would not be available before that, plus the usual concern over spoilers.) Not being a shill here (who me?!), but Par has been very good with me as of late. Got a story going on the new TOP GUN just last week and already spent an hour with the cinematographer.

I suppose PR support must go in cycles; I spent most of the 90s doing TREK movie articles, but it wasn’t till INS that I really got all-in cooperation and a studio visit, finally getting to meet Eaves, who showed me around the art department, and (briefly) M. Okuda as well.

I’m 51 y/o, and I still act like a typical Gen-Xer from the 1990s. Age is just a number, my friend. It’s how you live your life that matters. As for this particular trailer: agreed. In fact, I feel like going back on the road like I used to, to explore stranger and newer “worlds” (so to speak). ;-)

*Sigh* It’s easy enough to say that “age is just a number,” even at 51. I can no longer say so at 63, though, even after years of the martial arts and weightlifting I forced upon myself to make up for a decidedly non-athletic childhood. I say this not to bum you out, but just to suggest that you take care to enjoy that spring in your step while you still can, and not take it for granted. Trust me, it won’t last forever.

Physically, you are correct. You do slow down a bit as you get older. However, that doesn’t mean that your attitude has to be “old”. I mean, if you did, why would you enjoy a thing like STAR TREK? That’s all I’m saying.

I don’t know, but… I want to throw a PARTY!


Pike seems a really chill dude. Loving it.

I wonder if the cloud city in the trailer is Stratos from TOS?

I wondered that, too. But if they go to Stratos, they either have to somehow manage NOT to find out about the second-class citizens in the mines, or they have to decide it’s okay for a Federation member to keep half of their citizens in near slavery. So I’m actually hoping that it’s some other cloud city. :-)

Once again, Mount’s version of Pike bears no relation at all to Jeffrey Hunter’s. He could easily be playing an older Kirk here. That bridge is waaay too big for me. The kalifee shots and the Khan character suggests the series treading old ground, in an annoying youtube fan fictioney kind of way. And there’s a smug satisfied edge to the crew’s ‘repartee’ that aims desperately for hip relevancy but actually feels very 90’s, and not in a good way. Yep, I’m still going to pass on this as I find nothing here of any interest. But those of you who choose to watch, I hope you’re stoked by it and you have yourselves a great time.

I calculate a 0.0% chance you will “pass” on watching this. Who goes to the trouble to post down in the comments of a Star Trek site only to “pass” on actually watching it out of some sort of protest? Yeah, you will be watching it. Enjoy. Tellarites do not argue for a reason, they simply argue.” – Sarek

I’m not passing out of protest, I simply don’t care. I’d have to pay for P+ (when it’s finally available in my country) to be able to watch this, and I haven’t seen anything in the promotional material to make me want to do that. I was hoping the final full trailer would convince me, but, nope. It’s weird that you’d take offence at that, but okay. Like I said, I hope the people who are excited for this, enjoy it.

Not a matter of offence. More like, WTF do you do on a Trek news website that focuses on reporting on shows you don’t plan on watching? It’s like, I don’t know, I start going to wrestling websites to tell them how much I don’t plan on watching any of it, since I don’t like fights…

Well said!

It’s for information as much as anything else, at least in my case, when it comes to hanging out here or even just lurking. I gave up on dsc after s2’s godawful finale, and didn’t even think about going back to it, not even when I had Par+ @1.98 for 2 months this winter. But my interest in Trek is practically embedded, so I’m invested to some terrible extreme degree.

I have grave doubts about TPTB pulling off SNW in spite of Mount’s impressive presence, but will definitely give it a look or two down the line (mainly because I can’t wait to see all of Par+’s THE OFFER, which I can tell you based on three screeners is absolutely brilliant and funny and shows you the levels quality TV can exist at when you’ve got somebody like the creative force behind THE PLAYER and THE RAPTURE doing the writing and serious talent supporting that both behind and in front of the camera.)

Send your contact, we will notify you when Kurtzman is fired, so that you don’t have to reload this page everyday to say how much you dislike current Trek. It must be so tiresome…

No thanks, but your frequent offers — to those who proffer discerning but opposing opinions — to butt the hell out of the site really speaks volumes about how you like to silent dissent, President Putin.

Take some solace in the fact that if a comment board suddenly sounds like ‘one big happy fleet’ with all just chirping along merrily, it will be because the board has probably lost its conscience and its soul as well as its head.

Not to speak for Innocent Bystander but this person very well could be a Star Trek fan. Which explains why this board gets read and commented on. It could also be that this Trek fan is dissatisfied with everything Secret Hideout has made. Which is also completely fair and even more understandable. Their track record is not good. At this point all one has to go on is the trailers and SH’s past. This poster made a decision based on those reasons and announced it in a public comment thread. I don’t see why people feel the need to gatekeep like that.

Though the show looks spectacular, I concur with some of his points (and noted back in S2 Discovery that Mount’s portrayal of Pike was nothing like Hunter’s, though that’s not necessarily a criticism). Absolutely agreed that the chances he’ll entirely forego watching at least the pilot are approximately zero.

Well, let’s think of this also: Hunter’s Pike was… the pilot that didn’t make it.

If he had, no doubt Roddenberry couldn’t have turned Pike into someone who was Adama-serious all the time. They would have stretched out his journey a bit. How else could Roddenberry have gotten his point across?

I also love Jeffery Hunter in films, so this is no slight. Just wondering what the truth of television in the 60s would have produced.

Excellent point!

I’m hoping to get something out of it by looking on it as a non-‘prime universe’ set of characters and events in an ‘alternate universe/reality’, rather than a supposed ‘prequel’ to the actual TOS show…so I don’t require it to be anything like Jeffrey Hunter’s portrayal whatsoever, thankfully.

(and nowadays I just stick with the full ‘The Cage’ storyline and miss out ‘The Menagerie’ two-parter from my own Trek re-watches, so I can just imagine that the ‘prime universe’ Pike doesn’t get badly injured eventually….although this ‘alternate’ Anson Mount Pike may eventually do so in his reality….)

Anyway, I’m hopeful that this will be a fun, family show that can be dramatic and tense at times without the sweary words for the little ‘uns this time around….and am rooting for it to be a likeable show overall.

I’d be all in for a remake of “The Cage”. It doesn’t fit with the rest of TOS or current common sense (“time warp factor…”, “I’m not used to women on the bridge”, “lasers” etc.) anyway. It is an excellent pilot episode, but now that we’re more than 800 episodes in, I wouldn’t mind at least flashback scenes from it redone with Mount and co. (They already have new Talosians and Talos, as well as an Enterprise and some of the crew…)

“The Cage” was filmed in 1964. Styles in acting have changed a lot in 58 years, and actors use a much more naturalistic style now. If Mount acted like Jeffrey Hunter, he’d pretty much be dooming the show to only be watched by people over 60. I’m over 60 myself, but even I recognize that a show can’t survive on ONLY the over-60 crowd; a show needs a fairly broad audience to be viable.

It’s also true that in 1964, all adult American men had to serve in the armed forces for a minimum of two years, unless they were excused for health reasons. This means that nearly all American men (and Star Trek was originally intended only for the US and Canada) had served in the military. Nearly all American women had fathers, brothers, husbands, or sons who served in the military, so they certainly heard about it, even if they didn’t serve. So even though Starfleet was intended to be QUASI-military, having some military air to the proceedings gave the show verisimilitude in the eyes of the audience.

Today’s audiences are different. Far fewer people serve in the military, and it can no longer be assumed that the entire audience is familiar with how the military does things. People think of civilian bosses, not superior officers, when they think about a captain. So Mount needs a much less spit-and-polish demeanor for modern audiences.

Personally, although I prefer Starfleet as the scientific and exploratory arm of the Federation, I would like to see a bit more military correctness in the modern Star Treks. To my eyes, the modern crews seems rather lackadaisical in their adherence to orders and their observance of chain of command. But I understand that I’m old and that young people today simply don’t have the background to understand what the military is like unless they come from a military family or come from a nation where military service is still compulsory.

All true. Still, Hunter’s Pike was a pretty remote authority figure, while Mount’s take on the character is, if anything, more laid-back than Kirk. That’s not just about acting styles.

That’s where my comments on the average person’s experience with the military come in. A remote authority figure made sense when the average viewer had a lot of experience with the military. It doesn’t when the average’s person’s view of authority comes from teachers and civilian bosses. The sort of remote authority figure that Hunter played would be seen as kind of a jerk by a lot of people today, so Mount CAN’T play that.

You create a difference out of contrasts. Picard always seemed like a pompous jerk to me, and then they bring in Jellicoe, who everybody else seemed to think was a jerk (I thought he was very effective, myself.) My preference for command style is the Shatner idea of command as a comfortable old jacket, not something you need to be a prick about (except in TMP and most of the trek films), or early Sisko, who I’ve heard vets say is pretty close to the kinds of bosses they had.

You COULD make Pike more Hunter-esque … but then you’d be a fool to waste this actor’s charm and talent in essaying the role in that fashion. Better to figure Pike evolved toward this post-Talos, or not think about it at all. For some of us who are seriously disillusioned with Trek this year, this decade, this century, Mount is perhaps our only short-term hope.

It’s also true that in 1964, all adult American men had to serve in the armed forces for a minimum of two years, unless they were excused for health reasons. 

What? No, they didn’t. They had to register for the draft, but only had to serve if drafted (and there were other reasons to not be drafted besides health). During wartime, draft rates were high. In 1964, not so much. 112,386 men were drafted in 1964 (compared to 3.3 million in both 1942 and ’43 or 382,000 in 1966.)

That’s why the draft became so deeply unpopular during Vietnam a few years later. Not everyone had to serve, only those drafted (and not going to college, etc.)

Males 18 to 25 still have to register for the draft today, but the draft would only be activated in case of a major national emergency.

Yeah, I don’t remember that, either. The U.S. had the draft, but never two years of mandatory military service (although plenty of other countries do).

When I registered on my 18th birthday it was called the Selective Service.

It’s a reboot! Just embrace it. This is the only kind of Trek we’re going to get for at least the next 5 years.

So, the way forward is… Stockholm Syndrome? ;-)

You’re writing it off based on a couple trailers? The bridge is too big?? Maybe it looks too big because they are using anamorphic lenses.
Anyway, thanks – I WILL be stoked and I WILL be having a good time.

Maybe it’s the punchiness of trailers or the awkwardness of early episodes, but yes, I do find the dialogue a little off-putting. I mean, so many simple declarative sentences. Like a bunch of bumper stickers and yard signs cobbled together.

Exactly, 100% agree.

Agree about the bridge being too big. I really miss the small almost claustrophobic look of TOS. Made it feel like they were more cut off from everything and that being in space is not that amazing but can be dangerous and isolating. A lot of the TOS characters (such as Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Chapel) had a lonely quality to them and the small sets added to this. Now Trek has so many lights, colours, people, so much going on always.

Interesting. I never felt it was all that cramped. In fact I felt the hallways were awfully wide. I thought the NX-01 felt cramped. And they accomplished that with low ceilings and such.

Yeah, feels like they are trying really hard to look cool, Star Wars lasers and all. Dialog is cringe inducing. The usual Kurtzman stuff, not for me. But in countdown mode for ST TMP DE 4K.

Not a fan of Discovery. Was really disappointed by Picard Season 2 BUT I withheld judgement until after I actually watched both series.

Funny how everyone seems to have forgotten Bruce Greenwood’s interpretation of Pike…

Wow. Beam me up!

The only thing I have to say is: SQUEE!!!!!!!!!

Not bad. Not bad. It is just a trailer. And I liked the Picard first season trailer too, so….

One more thing… Could we PLEASE get back to just moving white dots for being at warp rather than that weird KU warp thing that looks like Star Wars light speed?

I think this warp starship has sailed…

… sailed smack into the warp wall of bad taste. BEYOND had a very nice warp effect, one that I think may have been inspired not just by science (same vfx company as INTERSTELLAR) but also by an unused idea from way back early on TMP, before the first fx crew got canned.

I really liked the one they used for Disco S1. But it was nixed in favor of the current boring option.

most of modern scifi uses that blue tunnel look for ftl travel be it star trek star wars sequals and anthology films and the shows sg-1/atlantis/sg-u really the really different ftl look we have seen is the slipstream in andromeda

Great. That doesn’t mean Star Trek should.

I think Gene said that’s how he always wanted it to look but I’m not sure if I completely believe him. Regardless, I prefer the moving white dots too.

I always liked the TNG-era warp best myself, which combined TOS multiplane stars with the rainbow stretching that to me suggested some kind of relativistic effect. I hate the current version, as I hate just about anything that reminds me of the Bad Robot films, but it’s not a deal-killer.

My goodness. I just had to throw my jacket in my lap…..

Loving the pics and the trailer. This is the series we’ve been waiting for. I wonder if they will reveal the fates of Dr. Boyce, Jose Tyler, and Yeoman Colt.

I’m sure they will be mentioned, at least Boyce.

This looks like a beautiful, perfect reboot — way better than Star Trek (2009), and that one had Leonard Nimoy, a massive budget, and global marketing campaign! This one’s got the team behind The Mummy!

This one has a team that has a lot more experience with Trek than the first reboot movie had. The fandom more or less begged for this series, and the producers have seen our responses to Discovery and to Picard.

More Trek experience but in 2009 they had a team with much more experience in selling a product to the masses to broaden its appeal and it worked.

It’s probably also why Section 31 got delayed due to it. I don’t buy the ‘Michelle Yeoh was too busy’ excuse, especially when she signed up to do another TV show on Netflix. I think like so many things with these new shows, they heard the fans and just made the show they REALLY wanted first. A Pike show was just a no-brainer even before Discovery. Something like Section 31 will always be more divisive in the fanbase; especially after how it was handled on Discovery.

The Big E is back!!!! I’m fired up and ready to go to warp!

It’s offical. I’m Excited about this series. Love Mount as Pike. Let’s hope they have compelling stories to go with the FX. If they do that. Then we are all good.

And here I thought we wouldn’t get it for a few days until First Contact day! :)

This looks fantastic! This is what I want from Star Trek first and foremost, exploration at the top of the list! Yes it’s only a trailer but it really feels like it’s hitting the right tone of a fun adventure show but hopefully with some thoughtful ideas when it’s suitable. But this definitely fits the tone of TOS and harkens back to that show along with TNG, VOY and ENT where it’s about ‘going where the aliens are’ . ;) I think it’s going to satisfy a lot of fans IF it’s good! And it just looks gorgeous. Who even needs a Star Trek movie these days?? These shows today are movie quality in the look and feel.

Anyway, it’s time to celebrate the new member in our ever expanding family! Let’s party!

I share your excitement but the visual effects still fall short for me. One of the things that impressed me about the Kelvin films was how physical the visual effects appear. It never looks like CG. The current crop of series look animated.

I agree with you about the lousy ship shots on these series thus far, but man, we are WAY far apart regarding the Kelvin films. Only BEYOND delivered really solid ships shots. The rest were way too painterly, except for the KELVIN stuff at the beginning of 09, which looked physically credible in the close-to-the-hull shot. I still can’t get over the love for a look that is so … well, vague, visually.

Seriously not a fan of misused or overdone lens flare either (see TMP theatrical for appropriate and tasteful and artistic use of lens flare), as in, hate it like I hate misuse of digital intermediates … what happened to blue skies and white clouds in the sky, you’d think most regular shows take place on other planets with the way the colors gets bleached or altered.

I’ll have to agree with with Dennis C on this one — unlike the current shows, the ships in Trek 2009 never felt less than tangibly real to me, and in the case of the Enterprise, tangibly awful. I could never understand how Ryan Church, who’s a talented artist, could go so wrong on the design. Perhaps it was the pressure of walking the fine line of distinguishing himself while retaining the essence of a cultural icon that literally distorted his judgment. There is just nothing about any component of that ship that naturally flows into another.*

By contrast, I’m mostly down with John Eaves’ take for SNW, and have a model of the DSC version sitting on a bookshelf. But I still dislike the way they’ve textured and lit it.

*The “A” version, designed by Sean Hargreaves for BEYOND, looks to be even worse, if such a thing is even possible. I’m not looking forward to getting better acquainted with it in future BR productions.

So looking forward to May 5th. I know Picard has gone off the rails a little, but hopefully they will be back on track soon. The Picard S2 finale and the SNW premiere will hopefully be epic!

Btw Tiger2, in one of the scenes in the trailer, who is the young science blue shirt standing with Captain Pike and Mr. Spock? I know it is ridiculous to speculate, but perhaps he’s a young Leonard McCoy?

May 5th is my birthday, so double presents of Picard season finale and SNW premiere! Hopefully both will end and start with a bang! And we agree about Picard season 2, it’s kind of losing me again (but enjoying it more than season one at this point). We still have five more episodes to really get going, so fingers crossed.

As far as Bones, I didn’t notice at all until Trekyards mentioned it. I went back and looked and yeah he can kind of pass as him. BUT, I highly highly doubt it because the way they market all the legacy characters, especially the main ones in every show, they make a pretty deal out of it unless it’s suppose to be a surprise. I don’t think they would just slip someone that important in and not make a ‘moment’ out of it in the trailer, like how they did Seven and Data in the first Picard trailer. And think how every other character on this show has been introduced. I assume McCoy would get big fanfare even if it’s just a cameo or guest starring role.

I’ve been following this site since 2007, and all along I have been hoping for a Pike/Enterprise series. Please, please, please, please don’t @#*& it up, Paramount! Fingers crossed…

I understand modernizing the look and thats fine but its starting to look too much like the Kelvin universe movies for my taste.

But the KU Enterprise looks nothing like this. That has the Apple bridge, this one at least harkens back to TOS, just more modernized.

I quite like the bridge, Sickbay, and mess hall (which of course has no TOS equivalent). Not sure what to make of Engineering at this point. But, yes, the corridors look a lot like their Kelvin counterparts. Frankly, I preferred it when they just redressed the Discovery corridors with some red paint and gratings, which looked more like the Enterprise I remember.

OK yeah I didn’t think about the corridors. You’re right, they are SUPER white and shiny like the KU Enterprise. And also the SNW ship feels pretty large like the Kelvin ship too. I’m not as bothered but I just don’t understand why all these ships starting with the Kelvin movies just have to be so big? Is it just to move the camera around more or is it really ‘size really matters’ attitude? The ‘ten forward’ version SNW Enterprise looks like a full size 5 star restaurant based on the trailer.

Size aside, I LIKED the Kelvin Enterprise as well except for engineering. Wasn’t a huge fan of the bridge at first but it grew on me. I prefer SNW bridge more though because it at least feels like the original.

They have mentioned before that one of the reasons for the larger sets is to have more space to move the camera around. The camera work is certainly more dynamic than it used to be, although they also tend to go overboard from time to time in my opinion.

That quick shot of what looked like a restaurant on the Enterprise really felt out of place. I think they have done a fair job of what I have seen so far (I’d give them a C in that I think they could do much better) but if that is the mess hall they made a huge error.

Yeah….. This is lookin’ really good. I’m on board.

I’m so excited for this show.

One thing I liked about this trailer is the fact apart from returning to exploration roots, there is also an inherent sexiness to the proceedings. This was something TOS has had but couldn’t really show fully with network restrictions. Now that they are on a streaming network, this is a chance for them to go a bit more daring on the sexuality as well and this is absolutely fine by me.

Works for me too! Most importantly looks fun and entertaining and not forced.


At what point in Season 1 do you think they break out the miniskirts?

They already have the miniskirts, just they are using leggings now too as far as I can tell. We’ll see if there are variations when the show airs.

It looks fun. I kind of wish they’d kept the uniform colour scheme from the first two TOS pilots – no red shirts/no black collars. I’ve loved those uniforms since I was a kid.

This is definitely not the sort of thing I’m usually hung up on, but I wholeheartedly agree.

My anticipation is so high I can’t stand it. This looks so good. I’m on board 100%. Honestly this trailer blows my mind.

They did a great job with the bridge but I really don’t like the design of the corridors. I vaguely remember, that they looked a lot better in Discovery Season 2, when they were on the Enterprise.

As per Memory Alpha, Amok Time took place in 2260. So if the scenes with Spock involve Pon Farr, that would mean that Strange New Worlds takes place in 2260, two years after the second season of Discovery. I was wondering if SNW was going to address it. Seems they are.

I obviously meant 2267, lol. That was a typo.

the candy buttons on the console! Yay
For cripes sake though, does it need a love scene? Sigh. I want to watch Star Trek not that. Feeling the need to show that is weak story telling and direction to get your jollies off because you can’t think of anything better to do.

Would have been nice to have a show the whole family can enjoy and pass the franchise on to the next generation as it were. Alas.

does it need a love scene? Sigh. I want to watch Star Trek not that.”

Some stereotypes exist for a reason, I guess.

Well, you know I always felt that if Gene Roddenberry was allowed to show all those love scenes back in the 60s in all their glory he would have, he always used to rue the censors. Besides I still don’t get why people get so hung up of love scenes while there are all forms of violence, destruction, disintegration, humans getting assimilated etc…in Trek that should technically be more concerning that seeing two people, aliens etc.. make love.

if Gene Roddenberry was allowed to show all those love scenes back in the 60s in all their glory he would have.”

This. Right here.

can’t disagree w/ that take on Gene lol

Kirk used to make out with a different woman every week. Love scenes are part of Star Trek’s DNA.

Oh wow, that was fantastic! A fun bridge crew, a flagship on a mission of exploration. The visuals look stunning, makes it all seem very epic. For the first time since Star Trek VI I feel we are getting a new Classic Star Trek property.
I love that Pike knows he is doomed, but is going to go explore the universe anyway! Also love how the crew seems to enjoy working together and exploring the universe.
The crew members also seem enjoyable and real. Today’s humanity extrapolated on a mission of exploration, no perfect people. Right on.
I hope they let the big E hold her own for more than 30 seconds, leave the warp core breaches for TNG and the TNG spinoffs.
My only concern is as this becomes a hot property that you have an incursion of those wanting to blandify it TNG style and focus on bad political analogies and horribly nonsensical time travel loops. Paramount+ should continue to roll out those TNG shows to keep them away from SNW.
Just focus on the mission, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before. Not to preach to aliens and show we are smarter than even Q. Not for them to learn how awesome we are and want to be us. Not to play holodeck. Not to build a utopia. Not to reset the timeline and play technobabble.
So far so good. I’m pleasantly surprised by what we’ve seen thus far. Warp speed.

“Not to preach to aliens”


Man, Mount is *delightful*.

I want Robert April (the first captain of the USS Enterprise) to appear on Star Trek Strange New Worlds played by Mark Hamill.

It might be the last chance for such a casting crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars.

I always envisioned Robert April as played by Robert Patrick, a little more rugged looking and more militaristic. Kind of like a classical military figure.

For post-Federation Starfleet, though?

The one species I thought we would see but a bit surprised they weren’t in the trailer at all were the Klingons. Is it me, or have they been unusually absent in live action Star Trek? We have seen them on Lower Decks and in a holodeck recreation on Prodigy, but they been completely absent in the live action shows since season 2 of Discovery. They haven’t shown up in Picard or the 32nd century at all either. Maybe they will show up on SNW this season but they weren’t anywhere in the trailers.

I wonder if it’s still due to the backlash over them in season one of Discovery but they did show them in season 2 even if just a little. Not really complaining, just odd, especially now that we are back in the 23rd century. We may see the Borg on this show before the Klingons. ;)

Awww, c’mon Tiger! No Borg on SNW! Let’s at least give canon a fighting chance, here! ;)

I was kidding of course, but if I’m being honest, I already see just as many canon breaking issues happening on this show as it did on Discovery if La’An Noonien Soong and Captain Kirk showing up so soon is a possible indication. ;)

I think SNW will be a better show, especially for being a prequel, but I been saying for awhile I still think there will be canon conflicts regardless. It just seems almost impossible to do a completely straight forward prequel in Star Trek for some reason. Maybe I will be proven wrong, but doubtful. ;)

Ha yeah your are probably right, there are bound to be inevitable canon issues. IMHO as long as they are not ridiculously outragious, no problem.
Just do the best you can and I hope they are using a production person who is an expert on all things Trek to keep things running smoothly canon-wise!

I think that the Klingons being the go-to-villains of the week has been a bit played out. I vote for new antagonists that have not been seen before.

I think the lack of Klingons may be intentional. And I do think it leads back to the controversy over their “reimagined” look in Star Trek Discovery.

Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. :)

We may see Klingons because Pike is terribly connected to them.

It’s not just that he saw the future through the time crystals, but that incident will be referenced if not seen by an entirely new audience that never saw Discovery S2. The trailer even shows that Pike is having recurring “visions.”

So while I would bet the producers are going to try to avoid getting too much into the bramble of why Pike needed to use the crystals, SNW may show new or alternative flashbacks to those Klingons. And ironically, they are not very representative of the Klingons we usually think of. All in all, that could be kind of cool.

Hopefully L’Rell will show up on SNW, and we’ll see how the Klingons and Federation went from mostly leaving each-other alone in season 2 of Discovery to being at the brink of war in season 1 of TOS. Since L’Rell seems to favor peace with the Federation at this point, I wonder if the Klingons may lose their mother in the next few years.

Weirdly, it’s La’an who has popped the most for me in these new promos — I say “weirdly” since her lineage has done nothing so far but make me roll my eyes. And yet, she looks great so far. To me, at least.

I can’t reconcile any of this with TOS, though. So I’m going to just go ahead and assume it’s a pre-reboot and try to not worry about it at all.

@ Bryant Burnette – like Discovery before it, this latest show is definitely shaping up to be a sort of ‘pre-reboot’ to the actual TOS show, despite some similarities to the characters and events. This won’t matter a jot to new audiences, but will jar somewhat with some fans of the original TOS show….and I’m NOT just talking about purely visual production design choices, but rather more potentially frustrating contradictions which may come.

As I’d rather not look on it as a ‘reboot’ which may potentially contradict certain events from the original source show, I’m just going to imagine it as being an ‘alternate universe/reality’ Pike and crew to the ‘Prime universe’ show to let things slide for myself.

Either way, I’m hoping it turns out to be something I’d contentedly re-watch in future, rather than ignore completely.