‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Cast Reuniting For “Proper Send-off” In ‘Picard’ Season 3

It’s a First Contact Day miracle! We have just passed the halfway point on season two of Star Trek: Picard, but Paramount+ just announced big news for season three. The cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be reuniting in season three.

The Next Generation reunites for Picard 

Paramount+ today revealed that Patrick Stewart’s Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, and Brent Spiner will star alongside Stewart in season three of Star Trek: Picard.

Check out the announcement video…

International viewers can see the video on StarTrek.com

Picard concludes with season three

Paramount+ also announced the third season will be the “concluding chapter in the Star Trek: Picard saga.”

Executive producer Terry Matalas is the sole showrunner for season three, which wrapped up filming last month. In the announcement, Matalas said of season three:

“I remember watching the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation almost 34 years ago with my father like it was yesterday. It was the spark that ignited my love for science fiction. So, it’s most fitting that the story of Jean-Luc Picard ends honoring the beginning, with his dearest and most loyal friends from the U.S.S. Enterprise. It would be an understatement to say that giving these characters a proper send-off is an honor. The entire Star Trek: Picard team and I can’t wait for fans to experience this final, high-stakes, starship-bound adventure in season three!”

It is only fitting this announcement came today. As depicted in the film Star Trek: First Contact, starring the aforementioned Star Trek: The Next Generation cast members, April 5, 2063, is the day that humans first make contact with Vulcans, marking a pivotal moment of exploration and acceptance in Star Trek history. Since the film’s debut, Star Trek fans around the world celebrate First Contact Day annually on April 5.

The TNG cast names from the announcement video

No release date for season three has been announced yet.

New episodes of Star Trek: Picard season 2 premiere on Thursdays on Paramount+ in the U.S. and on Fridays where Paramount+ is available around the world. In Canada, it airs on CTV Sci-Fi Channel on streams on Crave on Thursdays. Picard is also available on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video around the world.

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It’s missing Wesley. And I’d very much like to see Crosby back as Sela, who should be the Romulan Queen and main antagonist of the season.

Poor Wesley. All that shilling on the after show and where has it gotten him,

More work and a more consistent pay check than the rest of the former TNG cast combined?

True. I don’t fault him for taking a job but it must sting a bit if he’s been left out of this.

I think there might be a lot of fans who are just fine with that. I know some TNG preferred people who never cared for Wesley and were extremely happy when he left the show.

Can you imagine what the after show is going to be like when they bring in the entire cast? He is going to mention how he was on the show more frequently than he does in each show every week…

Lol funny, I was thinking the same thing!

It’s not missing Wesley. He isn’t welcome to the party :D

He’s always welcome. He’s just not a headliner.

He is, lol.

For some reason I’m recalling that Family Guy appearance by them all and Crosby being removed nearly immediately.

Watching his show after Picard, all I can think is “Shut up Wesley!”

I’m fine with Beverly just mentioning his name.

Really hope is a mid-season surprise. He deserves to be on the show.



Sela was probably executed for her role in the Unification fiasco.

There has to be a Romulan Queen, and it makes sense for it to be her.

Why would Sela be elevated to Queen (Empress?) after totally botching Romulus’s beloved goal of taking over Vulcan, killing thousands of Romulan soldiers in those stolen Vulcan ships in the process?

Nah. If she survived the fallout at all, she’s in a Romulan Gulag somewhere, probably muttering to herself, “Spock, Picard and Data! How did I ever let myself think I could defeat them?”

She’s not that incompetent. How did Shinzon become Praetor? By killing everyone in the Romulan Senate. His death, in turn, would have left a power vaccum to be filled. Sela is competent and connected enough to use her guile to put herself in the right position at the right time.

Lord no, everyone hates Wesley and Sela was a dreadful character which Denise Crosby wasn’t able to convincingly portray.

Free of the restrictions of TV censorship, her performance might improve. And not everyone hates Wesley.

Of course he will be in it.

No doubt.

Cool looking forward to S3 hope it has nothing to do with time travel like S2 is doing though. I would like a brand new story for S3.

Yea, let’s have a “brand new story” instead that involves a slew of characters from a 30 year old Trek series.

/s LOL

I just want brand new totally different stories that have not been done on Star Trek before and not a rehash of previous Trek stories merged into a 10 episode season. S1 was a fresh new take on the Trek universe which i loved but S2 is falling into the trap of being predicable and i hope they get out of it and surprise us fans with a stunning ending to the storyline. I hope S3 does the cast of Picard and TNG justice i also hope that the Picard cast doesn’t get shoved out of the spotlight for the TNG crew. The Picard cast deserve to stand right along side in the same spotlight.

I think the two seasons will still connect somehow but just thinking out loud.

They will.
Season 3 will involve somehow erasing REAL Trek —
TOS/TNG/DSN/VOG — and making the dogshit Trek —
ENT/the Abrams movies/DSC/PCD — the “true” Trek ….
And they’re gonna do it with beloved characters to rub it in,
just like they did with Spock in the two Abrams movies ….
Watch, you’ll see ….

What you don’t like Enterprise??? Oh well. :(

Speechless. Except to say THANK YOU. And to scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen to that. It’s about FAMILY – Federation, Enterprise crew, and all the rest. Reunions are amazing opportunities, aren’t they!?

That explains all the cool ship images from Terry on Twitter… exciting!


I’m not crying, you’re crying. Shut up

You’re not alone.

He said he’s not crying! Now where are those tissues? Allergies…

allergies are the worst! Who left all these onions laying around is what I want to know.

I asked my wife that very question! Allergies AND onions!

I know the feeling!!!

Too many tears

TNG Awakens

Oh, don’t ruin the moment!

Its ok. Everyone loved that movie, (the following 2 not so much!)

Speak for yourself…

Not everybody. I remember leaving the theater and telling my son, “I liked it better the first time they told this story back in ’77.”

I liked it right up until the unnecessarily killed off Han Solo. You can blame Harrison Ford all you want, it was still a stupid decision.

…so they should have done it in Return of the Jedi when Ford originally wanted Solo to snuff it? ;)

Who cares what Ford wanted? Killing off Han Solo unnecessary and for all his talk of killing Solo off he said he would have appeared in more of the new films if the role was good enough. As it was he appeared in two of the three new films.

Are they saying that the TNG cast are literally all staring full time for Season 3?
If so I’m excited to see it.

It would seem that either they are full time or at least major portion.

I didn’t get that from the story. I’d assume that if Picard is riding off into the sunset one final time, his old crew gathers for the memorial/retirement party.

Why? That would be incredibly cheap and pointless. It’s a 13 episode series, what would they do for the other 12.5 episodes…

I think it’s 10.

This was a cast announcement, not an extended cameo announcement.

Certainly sounds like it. We may not see them all together at the beginning but I’m hoping they are all there throughout the season. They know this is what a lot of fans want, so just go big with it! It certainly won’t hurt in the subscriptions!

The trailer definitely gave a vibe of.. one big adventure movie with the TNG cast together again. Riker mentioning.. road trip.. sounds like it’s going to be a sort of road adventure thing. And with this being the last ever adventure with Picard it makes sense. It’s probably going to be focused specifically on Picard, Riker, Data, possibly Worf and to lesser extent on the others. It’s great they are all back though. Nostalgia who cares, this is likely going to be the last chance for this cast to come together for another adventure again and a chance to send it off right.

Agreed with all of that. Just based on the dialogue in the trailer it sounds like a one last mission sort of thing. Could be wrong obviously but based on Riker and Troi’s line especially it does sound like the band is getting back together!

And it’s all nostalgia bait, but I said the same thing when Kirk was announced to come to SNW and that no one can be surprised at this point. It’s been nostalgia bait since 2009 when they brought Leonard Nimoy out of retirement for the Kelvin movies and it’s only gotten stronger with all of these shows.

I would’ve been happy if we got just Beverly and Worf back for the last season. But now that they are going full throttle with it, then make it really memorable. As you said this is probably the last time we will see them all together and it took 20 years to happen! Give fans something to remember!

Key words to take from the announcement:

“Starship bound adventure”


Will we see the big E? Will it be Enterprise E or maybe F?

I’d prefer a swan song for the E personally. Let the F launch a new generation.

I love this announcement but starship bound definitely caught my attention the most and has my imagination spinning. This is quite the lift to a show who’s second season that’s dragging at the moment. Considering how good season one’s Nepenthe was this could be the kind of treat many of us dream about.

The line that got me was “proper sendoff”. Seems that people think they already got that whether you liked All Good Things or Nemesis.

I’m of the opinion FC was their send off. They were in their prime in that film. Everything else has been a bonus.

C’mon ENTERPRISE!!!!! E or F I don’t care but it would feel so special if they got them all back on the E obviously!

“Sir, someone is stealing the Enterprise!”

Heh, heh…

I thought I read somewhere the histories on the ships, and the E-E has a few years yet before it’s end if that history was correct.

While not canon, Star Trek Online identifies the E-E remained in service until 2408. Eaglemoss used that year in their promotions for the gold E-E

Yeah, so there’s a chance for the F, which would be cool but would be nice if that matched STO. With the talk regarding ship design this year there could be a good chance of that.

THANK YOU!!! My childhood heroes back aboard one last time!!! Emotions running wild right now :D

I believe this will be an epic season. Make it so!


Wow! I’m so surprised at this!

-Said no one ever.

You are as loveable as always ML ;)

Gee, what a surprise?

I’m sure a LOT of people–most people, in fact–are surprised by this, so your sarcasm is inexplicable.

Not sure how. Everywhere I’ve been on line where Picard was discussed (which isn’t all that wide) it has been surmised that eventually every TNG character will show.

Wow, I am surprised a ST fan is being bitter about getting something awesome. -Even fewer people

Not bitter. Just saying this seemed amazingly obvious. That it’s no surprise. Even less so when they announced Picard was done after 3 installments.

Admittedly I’m not excited about it. Nor am I hating it. TNG was not my favorite or 2nd favorite Trek show. I found it to be overall OK.

Bring back Enterprise or DS9 and then I will post about how excited I am. Especially if someone other than Secret Hideout is producing it.

I think the timing is silly. We’re not even done with Season 2, and all of sudden they’re like ‘boom’, we’ve got something better, somethign you want more just in case you don’t like what we’re doing in s2. Lol.

It’s First Contact day, you have to deliver some big news these days I guess.

I think a lot of things went into it. Ideally you don’t want to make this announcement while the other season is still running. But it might be the only news to release with April 5 in Trek lore and with the Chicago con coming up.

The only thing that makes sense to me is if it was about to get leaked… and since filming is done, I don’t see how that’s a possibility they’d be able to anticipate.

That is a very good theory. And in the other article Matalas claimed he felt he was pushing his luck keeping it a secret over the last 10 months. So that reason seems likely.

Dude I actually am surprised lol. Not surprised we would see some of them but ALL of them is pretty remarkable. Even that they managed to keep it so quiet. It’s all surreal.

You were someone who was predicting all of them would eventually appear! If anyone I would think you would not be surprised by this. Pleased, yes. Surprised? No.

I did, but not quite like this though. I thought it would be done like Nepenthe and you see a character or two in one episode and maybe meet someone a few episodes later, etc.

This basically sounds like (at the moment) TNG, season 8. They are going to be involved in one big adventure together. That’s totally exciting! :)

And all the actors did their usual “I don’t know anything” responses when they were asked about showing up in other seasons like Gates McFadden and Levar Burton when they probably knew for at least year ago if not earlier. But they are actors lol.


Oh my god my childhood is screaming in joy.

The “family” theme for TNG, which came from First Contact and then repeating in Nemesis …the TNG theme.

Ow my heart.

Noticed and agree!

So does this mean DATA is back???? In maybe B-4??? yeeeahhh

Doubt it as Data is dead and B-4 well according Jurati broke so i expect Brent Spinner to be playing the Soong character he played in S1.

In the sound clip, Spiner sounds as if he’s trying to voice his character has speaking very ebulliently. That indeed fits with Altin Inigo Soong, not Data. It also allows Seven or Soji to play the Data-style character.

My own guess is that Rios goes back to serve on the Stargazer, possibly with Raffi and Elnor joining him, and the two ships work together, a la Columbia and Enterprise on ENT.

Please no. Not more Spiner and especially not more Data. Let all the androids and Soongs die already.

Spiner is an integral part of the cast. You cannot have a “full cast reunion” without him in some way. Dunno why you’re so angry at this idea…oh wait, you’re a Trek fan, anger comes with the package ;)

I agree that he’s part of the original cast and belongs in this but the movies and Picard shows all try to make it seem like Data was Picard’s best friend or something when he was just another crew member. I don’t mind if they give him a normal amount of screentime but chances are Spiner is going to play 5 androids and 6 Soong relatives, cumulating in a season finale that is nothing but Spiner talking to himself until Data dies for a third time.

That’s a very good question. How will they get around that? Data’s programming is gone. B-4 never worked. Off the top of my head I can only think that somehow B-4 starts working and they will have to de-age Spiner.

Maybe it’ll be a Search for Spock type of storyline(?)

The intention was to bring Data back after Nemesis by having him remerge thru B4. Maybe they’re looking to rectify that finally by then end of the (final) season.

And the genesis effect will age Data too? lol

Worf could carry B-4 in a backpack like Chewie did C-3PO

It would make sense if Dr. Jurati found a way to revive B4 with new synth technology now that the ban has been lifted.

What if he’s playing Lore…

That might be best if not flashbacks of Data. I don’t want to see any others from the Soong family tree.

He’ll be back as another Soong, they all look the same, they don’t care anymore and neither should we I suppose :(

They should have had Data get the Gollum body and basically become “human”. They could have done the line about ‘letting myself go’ that Altan did but with Data instead

Paramount, if you want to start showing season 3 now in the middle of season 2, it’s okay. We’ll just say Q did it. ;-)

But this is more along the lines of what I was looking for all along. Like one of those TV reunion movies from the 80s or 90s. Except, you know, good this time.

Is it ok to say i wish they would just drop the remaining episodes of S2 so it would be over already and so we can move onto S3 already?

Ha yeah, they may have dropped this a little too soon. Kind of takes the wind out of season 2’s sails a bit, doesn’t it?

Sure does but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Probably because they anticipated it will leak if they wait any longer, so they wanted to get ahead of it. Season 3 is already filmed.

Have any of the other Trek trailers leaked?

The wind was mostly gone before this dropped. Probably why they dropped this news.

I’m still hoping the back half will pick up, but yes, this budgeted Leverage-CSI:Los Angeles-Picard show is getting tedious, in my opinion.

Yep, feel exactly the same way. Liking it better than season one so far, but feels pretty meh at the moment. Still got half a season left though.

Maybe it will be like Rescue from Gilligan’s Island except in space. With the twist of instead of one recast it will be the same actor playing a new role. ;)

Fingers crossed for A Very Brady Christmas… in SPACE!

Which would mean that Kirk emerges unscathed from under that bridge! Woohoo!

I don’t understand why they’ve announced this right now. Are the ratings for season two dipping substantially, and they hope to generate headlines and interest, or was someone about to leak the news? Either way, I am stoked. Now all they need to do is follow up DS9 in some way (seeing as we’ve already got follow up to both TNG and Voyager).

I wish Wesley and Tasha could return as well but this is still wonderful news. I got teary-eyed watching that teaser.

Where the * is Wesley? Dude certainly deserves that. 😧

Maybe he’ll show up as the new Traveler in the middle of the season.

He’ll show up for the funeral scene…

So where do the current cast members of PICARD fit in – or are they getting the shaft?

Agnes will be the Borg queen, Elnor is dead, the rest of them get left in the past and only Picard returns to the present through some timey wimey positronic way…

I hope 7, Jurati, Rios, Raffi, Elnor and Soji are all in it they deserve to be in it for the final season imo.

I’m concerned about this too. Raffi, Elnor, and Rios haven’t had much to do this season and we’re already half way through. I can only hope this leads to a La Sirena spin off and the characters aren’t just further pushed aside.

I’d like to see a Rios spinoff but not as the captain of a Federation Starship. Just him bopping about in his own ship with all his hollograms. Rffi can come along for the ride, too.

I think their getting their own spinoff series so don’t feel too bad.

i could give two shits…. get rid of them all.

Crossing my fingers for a Stargazer spin off! This would be the perfect way to pass the torch with some of the new cast.

Just like I said when we got the E Bridge for Discovery Season 2 – you don’t go to that much expense of building such intricate sets unless you plan to use it again. If they weren’t planning on it coming back they could’ve just used the holowall for the backgrounds.

I suspect Rios, Raffi, Elnor and Seven will get Star Trek: Stargazer. Jurati is the Borg Anti-Queen trying to take down the Borg from the inside (hence “Help us, Picard.”)

Over the moon!

Is DATA finally back for good?!?!?!

*Theory – Season 2 may be to fix the timeline, but maybe not every event is exact for S3

No more Data, other than flashbacks, please. Bringing that specific character back would ruin everything S1 did, especially that emotional sendoff at the end. It has to be either a rebuilt B4 or a new android, or the current Soong, as the way Brent speaks in the trailer doesn’t really sound like Data.

I’ve just see Data as a timeless character that would continue on. Even if not ever see on camera again (just occasional Trek mention).

I did have a fun idea/theory that at the end of the series Q would give Picard a brand-new-fresh Data as a parting gift for Picard to “raise/mentor” in his final years.

Enter…..The Matrix.

They have holodecks. Maybe a hologram Data? and considering how “sentient” hologram characters like the Doctor got at the end of Voyager, maybe Data can be fully hologram.

So a holographic simulation of a human-simulating android 😉

Bring back Sela and reveal that Narissa and Narek are her children, Tasha’s grandchildren.

Narek and (especially) Narissa were the weak spots in an otherwise excellent season one. There’s no compelling reason to bring them back. Moreover, we don’t need endless coincidences about how every character is related to a previous character.

Yeah I was not a fan of either of them. Peyton List was better on Smallville and Mad Men. I hope Sela is not related to them. I would love to see a classic Warbird and hear Ron Jones’ Romulan theme from “The Defector” again though

Picard 3: The Search for Wesley

LOL I was thinking the same thing


The release of this trailer, while it warmed my heart, has surprised me. Surprised me because it rather gives away the conclusion of season 2: that Picard and co. apparently repair the timeline 2024 and get back to the “Prime” timeline, as the painting of the Enterprise-D has reverted to it’s old, familiar self. Not that big a surprise, but still surprising they’d share that much before the season even gets a chance to wrap up.

True, but I think we knew they would regardless.

Also not that big a surprise, given that Discovery exists.

I don’t think that’s a real spoiler at all. We know the destination. Just not the journey.

I kind of think everyone assumed that, unless you thought they were going to pull a Kelvin-verse move and they all just stay in 2024. ;)

Jeri Ryan did tweet out last month when S3 wrapped: “Oh the secrets I must keep”

Now we know part of it…………….. :-)

Maybe Admiral Janeway shows up too!!!!!!!!!!!

O’Brian, too?

O’Brien is the most important Starfleet officer in history; even more important than Michael Burnham if you can believe that. I think it’s now time to tell that story. ;)

Are they in the whole season? Or is it just a cameo thing?

Geordi’s wedding at the start then they’re gone again.

(I kid)

Wow Wow Wow. After so many years of waiting, almost every day we are literally getting BIG Star Trek news and announcements. I like all the new but honestly, got very nostalgic watching this clip. I am speechless. Can’t wait for the next episode and now they are showing off what is next in 2023!? Common’ please…this is too much for me, the waiting for Season 3. :D

This is such wonderful news… A proper conclusion to the TNG story…

And not to put a damper on it, but gosh… at the same time, I also fear that getting something like this that sounds so great to TNG fans might come at a cost, cannon-wise, in that characters we know and love might be killed off or something as part of the storyline.

I hope not, but I am concerned.

I’m concerned about that too but I’m hoping that they will handle it a bit better than legacy characters in Season 1.

Well, I just hope they handle it better than how the Star Wars legacy characters were handled in the films.

I´m. very excited and TNG wasn´t even my favorite show. But hearing Geordi and Worf made me happy. And that theme music!! However, that didn´t sound like the Data we know.

Maybe it was Lore that was speaking…

I still associate that Goldsmith theme to TMP more than anything. It always felt to me like TNG just borrowed it.

I’m the opposite. Whenever I watch TMP( which is very very rare) I’m like why the heck is the TNG theme being played?

Probably it’s because that is where I first heard it and associated it with TMP for years already when TNG borrowed it.

Well, I associate it with 178 episodes with a span of 7 seasons and 3 movies as opposed to one very mediocre film.

Don’t you mean 5 movies?

The Goldsmith theme wasn’t handled properly for TNG until Goldsmith scored it for the closing credits of First Contact (it always sounded hollow and flat in TNG).

I strongly suspect it’s a different arrangement. On TMP, Final Frontier and his three TNG features Goldsmith arranged it with a full orchestra. I suspect TNG had a smaller budget.

Always love hearing the TNG theme!!! :)

You mean the TMP theme :)

That one too!

I considered chiming in with that but opted to leave it alone. ;)

So excited! I just hope Worf looks like Worf and not some Discovery monster Klingon, ha! And I would also like to see Wesley. Wil Wheaton is such an enthusiastic host of the Ready Room he should at least get a cameo.

LOL. I read somewhere he will be exactly the same. The Klingons during 2400 will look like Worf, I hope. :D

Dorn wouldn’t do it if Worf doesn’t look like Worf.

Yep, Mike Dorn is very attached to Worf for good reason. When I met him in Portland at a one-off music night Brent Spiner did he said for him Worf is a personal thing.

Alex Kurtzman long ago that WHEN Worf showed up he would look like good ole Worf again. I think the Discovery Klingons are mostly gone at this point, at least they are on LDS and PRO!

Wil is a great guy, but sometimes he tends to be…over exuberant…and I find his use of calling fans “Nerds” a little uncomfortable.

The “nerd” thing doesn’t bother me. He says it with affection. But I do agree he is a bit too enthusiastic sometimes. He should take a page from Larry King when it comes to doing interviews. You let the guest do most of the talking. But I still think he is overall the perfect host for a Star Trek aftershow.

I think its lame he does that dumb ready room show. He shouldve been one of the official cast members in Picard as Wesley! But in S3 he should DEF be in it in whatever position he’s in at starfleet. I assume by now he’d be a first officer!

Yes! “Shut up, Wesley!” or just tone it down…

He’s a bit much. I just skip to the interviews.

Amazing news! I was hoping we’d get at least a couple of the TNG stars that we haven’t seen yet in season 3, and it looks like we’re getting just about everyone! The first new episode of Star Trek that I watched as a kid was the TNG finale in ’94, and it really makes it special to see this cast come back together all these years later to close out an amazing chapter of Star Trek. I do find it ironic that the way they initially convinced Patrick Stewart to do the show was to promise that it would not be a continuation of TNG, and that’s exactly where it’s headed. I think it’s the right time though. They’ve had two seasons to explore Picard’s character and if the third season is truly going to wrap up his story, it’s only logical to bring back the people that helped start it.

I do hope that they find a way to include most of the current cast though. I’d hate to see them benched to bring in the heavy hitters. Quite a few of them have developed nicely over the last season and a half, and I’d love to see where their stories wind up. Since this is going to be a starship-based season (Stargazer or Enterprise E/F?), there should be ample opportunity to give everyone a role, even Wesley. I think Wil Wheaton deserves a little screen time, and I’m guessing they have a few more casting surprises up their sleeves.

It might have made a little more sense to announce this later in the year on Star Trek Day in September so that they could let season 2 stand on its own, have SNW do its inaugural run, then breathe a bit as we roll into LD in the summer, but news is news and it made my day.

Matalas said Season 3 has one of the best villains ever. Lore?


Gul Madred.

The Pakleds, duh. Haven’t you been watching Lower Decks?

“Red alarm! Red alarm!”

Makes me chuckle every time.

Does that necessarily imply that it’s someone we’ve met?

Not at all. Just… guessing.

Spiner’s voice sounds like he is doing Lore.

My fanboy dream? Whoever it is, it’s played by Sir Patrick’s good friend Ian McKellen.

I hope for that too!

He was Patrick Stewart’s guest at the Season 1 premiere…

Wesley. ;)

Be careful what you wish for…

Exactly. Heed Commander Uhura’s words to Mr Excitement.

What an incredible and well deserved gift to the TNG fans and the cast behind it. A proper farewell! So excited, I just hope it’s well done! I’m pretty sure I’ll be bawling at the end of this one.

As for Brent Spiner, that sounds like it could be Lore doesn’t it? But I realize it’s likely Soong.

Altan Soong is my guess yeah who acts like a nicer human Lore.

Yeah, that would be my guess. I thought for a minute he was going to turn out to be Lore with a gollum body lol.

so what ship will they be on? stargazer? la sirena? a beat up galaxy class? the enterprise-e?

the new gold eaglemoss enterprise-e model description states that it was the flagship till 2408….so she’s still out there

It should be on an Enterprise. I will be OK if it’s the Stargazer or even another ship. But they confirmed back in season one the Enterprise was still out there. What is a good time as any to bring her back now.

2408, I think, is from Star Trek Online’s timeline.

It could be both then, I just read 2408 recently and I’m guessing it was Eaglemoss.

Id like to see the focus shift to Voyager and DS9 characters now. Voyager’s crew never got a send off and Seven is altered to a point of minor recognition.

We had far too much Voyager to begin with.

We’re getting a quasi spin off of it on Prodigy, so I’m happy!

Seven, Janeway, Chakotay, and Tom have all come back in the past few years. Also Icheb.

Yeah Voyager has renewed interest. I wish more DS9 characters would show up aside from the archival audio from Rene as Odo in Prodigy

Should have been the announcement for Picard season 1!!
As much as they’d like to think they can take Picard out of TNG to make a new spinoff show with a new rag tag cast, you can’t take TNG out of Picard. S1 and S2 I’m still missing the TNG cast and the little trickles of Q, Data, and Guinan cameos just wet my appetite for more. I know Stewart and the NU-Trek powers that be have long stated that there is not going to be a TNG restart
/sequel yet I hope there will be a proper and honorable reunion of the TNG cast that is more than a gimmicky tease and serves the story with true content and meaning! Cheers and ‘Make it So!’

Stewart back then went on record saying he wanted no part of TNG part II. Guess he changed his mind on that…

“Nepenthe” and “The Star Gazer” both showed that the TNG crew can show up organically, without it being “TNG part II.” I hope, and believe, that season three will continue that approach.

Who showed up in Stargazer?

But I guess it depends on the manner of their inclusion. If they are dropped in here and there throughout the season then it’s not TNG Phase II. If they are there for the bulk of the season together then, yes, it absolutely becomes TNG Phase II. Especially if it is star ship centered.

Nothing from Tiger2? Must be sleeping. shh, let the tiger sleep..

LOL, been working all day. First chance I had to even see the news! Amazing!

Best news of the year (after ST4 :)

What’s crazy is we can have three DIFFERENT Enterprises on screen next year! SNW, Kelvin and now Picard! I thought it was nuts thinking two Kirks and two Spocks will be seen next year. Fun times!


This is crazy but AMAZING news for First Contact day! It feels so surreal! The gang is finally back together, ALL of them! It’s such a great feeling. I smiled hearing all the voices and seeing all the names appearing on the screen. I figured we would see a few in season 3, but not THIS!

It’s sounds like we are getting a classic TNG adventure for the final season and I can’t wait!

It’s a great time to be a fan! :)

Fantastic news!!

Ahem…excuse me for a moment…


Ok, as you were.

Absolutely thrilled to hear this news! I hope they are able to work Will Wheaton into season three, but beyond that I couldn’t ask for more…I always felt TNG and it’s characters needed a better send off and now they will have it.

A fitting way to celebrate TNG’s 35th Anniversary.

I guess Robert Picardo and any actor from DS9 are definitely out of the question, then? TNG has gotten too much screentime/callbacks to excite me.

Actually the showrunner Terry Matalas confirmed on Twitter we are getting more DS9 stuff on the show in season 3 at least. I’m hoping it will actually be a character. It’s honestly time. We have 3 shows in the post-TNG era with a lot of TNG and VOY characters showing up but not anyone from DS9. I don’t get it at all frankly. So hopefully it will be more than just references and Worf is obviously tied in with those guys. So who knows?

It is shocking we haven’t seen the Doctor yet, but I think he will still show up somewhere.

Miles has a TNG connection. He’d be a natural of Mr. Meany wants to.

“….a good old-fashioned road trip.” Ok, that gave me HUGE nerd chills.

Honestly it’s still just so surreal! After Nemesis, I really did think the TNG cast was done for good (and after Nemesis I was kind of OK with that ;)). I never questioned we would get a post-Nemesis show or even movie SOME day, but I assumed it would be at least fifty years past that movie or something and they would start over with, yeah, a new generation of characters.

Now twenty years after that movie, they are all back. Nothing ever truly dies in Star Trek. Especially these days lol.

Truer words were never said. Wow I wonder how the S2 finale will end… will it foreshadow S3??

May 5th 2022 really is going to be a special day for Tiger2. Just one month away!

Yeah, again, exciting times! I know we complain when this stuff disappoints us but it’s always such a high hearing it for the first time!

And I have a feeling the Picard season 2 finale is going to end with a surprise TNG character to hook us for next season just like I think Kirk will be in the season 1 finale of SNW. We been craving to see Worf commanding the Enterprise, m-a-y-b-e we may get that moment in the season finale! Oh man, that would be amazing if we did and proof they been reading all my emails after all! ;)

Except Picard, apparently. They’re all there for the memorial.

Like Spock, he’s been dead before. ;)

Star Trek: The Next Next Generation?

It’s about time they brought back Worf, anyway.

I cried. I’m a TNG kid and these characters mean the world to me.



Months ago there was a rumour that in Season 3 of Picard it would be revealed that Picard has a grown son (in his 20’s) named Henry. The old crew get together to help him in some way.