See Adira And Gray Before ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ In Preview Of ‘Adventures In The 32nd Century’ #2

This week IDW is releasing two Star Trek comics, with new issues from the Adventures in the 32nd Century and Mirror War series. And we have five-page previews for both comics arriving tomorrow.

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #2 (of 4)

Written by Mike Johnson & Kirsten Beyer, art by Angel Hernandez.


The exclusive comic tie-in to the hit show continues here! Learn more about the pasts of Adira and Gray, how they met, and the events that led to their arrival on the U.S.S. Discovery!

Cover A:

A cover by Angel Hernadez

NOTE: There is also a variant cover by Aaron Harvey

Five-page preview: 

Star Trek: The Mirror War #5 (of 8)

Written by David Tipton & Scott Tipton, art by Gavin Smith.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew on the ISS Enterprise-D have achieved their goal: conquest of the planet Faundora and its unparalleled shipbuilding capabilities. Now, almost two years later, Picard’s armada nears completion, but not without difficulties . . .

A cover by JK Woodward

NOTE: There is also a retail incentive cover variant cover by Mark Alvarado.

Five-page preview: 

New comics arriving Wednesday

Star Trek: Discovery—Adventures in the 32nd Century #2 and Star Trek: The Mirror War #5 will be released on April 6, each at a retail price of $3.99. You can pre-order each. Discovery: 20% discount at TFAW or digital edition at Amazon/comiXology) or Mirror War: 20% discount at TFAW or digital edition at Amazon/comiXology)

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The most uninspiring and dullest ‘duo’ in Trek history.

What if they did an issue on Spot and Spock’s sehlat having a quirky time travel adventure involving an elusive green mouse? Well, I’d probably buy that one, but you get the idea.

Sold! At least they wouldn’t be hugging and crying every two minutes

Horrible characters, horrendous actors. Zero charisma. But I guess they check the diversity boxes so the show execs can pat themselves on the back.

I was fine with Adira until they got to the point of being so vulnerable that it revealed them to be a blubbering mess. I don’t really love the decision to make them less confident and self-assured as time went on. By the time we got to them fangirling over Detmer out of nowhere, I was over the character.

Gray is awful. I appreciate Ian Alexander blazing a trail for representation, but the character has no personality or depth and Alexander brings nothing to the table. I was so mad when he was revealed to just be there as a clumsy metaphor. Representation is all well and good, but LGBT characters deserve CHARACTER. It’s not the 60s anymore, just having someone onscreen to tick a box isn’t enough, they need to be people too.

Gray creeps me out.

He was the worst actor on The OC and he was the worst actor on Discovery. Just no talent at all. It’s a shame, because the character should have been an important one, given what he represented. But no, CBS had to hire a terrible actor to play him, and then no one embraced him as a result.

That, of course, should have been The OA, not The OC. :)

Tonci: Bullseye! Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking.

Very true, Adira started off as a very promising character, then in true Discovery style, trashed whatever personality and character they had left and made them into a blubbering mess. This show will date incredibly badly.

You just have a feeling that they will study Discovery in decades to come at film school as an example of how NOT to create a tv show by satisfying some sort of diversity check list first before character building

Wow, the transphobia really did jump out here.

Can’t WAIT for the Linus issue coming soon!!

You’re kidding me with that starship on the first page of the Mirror War preview. Really? Looks like a doodle out of a science class notebook I made in the tenth grade.

OT: Forty-one years until the Vulcans show up!

Gray turned out to be Discovery’s dullest character, thanks to the entirely uninspiring performance by Ian Alexander. So a comic about that character seems like such a bad idea.

These characters just don’t work for me. Both characters seem forced. I hope going forward the writers can work them in a more organic way,

Cant help but wonder who on earth would want an entire issue devoted to Discovery’s two worst characters? Also can’t help but wonder why they’re churning out so many Mirror Universe comic books…they must be really popular surely? I don’t see the appeal. Maybe I’m just grumpy today.

I don’t know whether it is ham-fisted writing, lacking chemistry or just bad acting but Adira & Gray are textbook examples of how not to present diversity.