‘Star Trek Fleet Command’ Game Moves Into 2D With ‘Lower Decks’ Expansion

We are still waiting for the third season of Star Trek: Lower Decks this summer, but the animated Trek comedy continues to make moves in the world of gaming. Following February’s news of a Lower Decks mobile game in development, the show is now working its way into the popular MMO Star Trek Fleet Command.

Fleet Command goes 2D

The MMO strategy game Star Trek Fleet Command has launched a new expansion with the introduction of a Star Trek: Lower Decks story arc. Originally launched on mobile only with a focus on the Kelvin Universe, Fleet Command is also now available on PC and has added content from Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

With this new Lower Decks content expansion, gamers can now unlock: a new ship, new ways to strengthen their crew, and three Lower Decks officers (in 2D).

The new ship is, of course, the USS Cerritos. In Fleet Command, the Cerritos is the first of its kind, allowing players to buff the rest of the ships in their fleet, and you can improve on these enhancements through research. According to publisher Scopely, this will act as a “force multiplier” and “will change Fleet Command player strategy forever!”

Screenshot of Cerritos in Fleet Command

Fleet Command is also adding three new Lower Decks characters: Mariner, Boimler and Badgey. These three will be the first characters to have the new “Below Deck Abilities.” In the in-game screenshot of Boimler below, you can see how the Lower Decks characters appear in 2D in the game.

Mariner in Fleet Command

Boimler in Fleet Command

Badgey in Fleet Command

The “Below Decks Abilities” let players choose a crew to support the officers on the bridge, providing up to seven officers’ worth of additional abilities that can combine to provide powerful buffs and benefits to player ships.

Lower Decks expansion expands abilities 

Star Trek Fleet Command can prove a challenge, even if you are a work from home game developer. By the way, once you finally get your dream job, you can play even in the workplace. Just don’t get too involved since your employer won’t like that. You can check out the new Star Trek: Lower Decks galactic adventure by downloading Star Trek Fleet Command for free on mobile platforms and PC. For more info visit startrekfleetcommand.com.

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The news we’ve all been waiting for…THANK GOD it’s finally here!

I cannot play this game. It’s just a time suck and its not fun.

Five days late for April Fools’ Day… 😏

This is a bit ‘off topic’but I’m just curious. For anyone who follows or plays STO, are they on that platfform yet? I don’t really know how it works (since I never played it) but it seems like every past show and film series is represented in that game. For that matter, is Picard (the show) in the game now as well? I think I read somewhere Discovery is already.

They are actually. The Lower Decks gang are available as Bridge Crew members. They were actually free!

Additionally the Parliament Class has been added to the game, but not the California yet to my knowledge.

Oh wow, cool, thanks!

Now I like to check it out just to see them in it!

Where my season 2 Blu-ray at?

Excellent question! I’m hoping that with Mission Chicago happening now, we’re about to find out.

you gotta be level 36 to build the Cerritos….i’ve been playing 2 years (my pandemic distraction) and am only at level 35. having said that at least the mission narrative stories are good….the last bunch (worf and ferengi arcs) were duds.