First Look: John de Lancie’s Q Launches Playmates New Star Trek Toys Website

The return of Playmates Toys to Star Trek made our Most Anticipated of 2022 List and earlier this year they announced their first wave of figures and toys and their first wave of Prodigy toys too. Now TrekMovie is the first to reveal its brand new website.

New Playmates Star Trek website comes with some Q

Actor John de Lancie is back as Q on Star Trek: Picard for season two and he is also joining forces with Playmates Toys as part of the toy company’s highly anticipated launch of new Star Trek action figures and accessories.

Beginning with this week’s launch of the toy giant’s new global website dedicated to Star Trek toys – – de Lancie will appear in an ongoing series of social media vignettes and other streamable content throughout 2022.

Here he is welcoming you to the new site…

According to Playmates, the new website will be a resource for fans, featuring content about the new lineup of figures and toys coming from Playmates beginning this summer. The site replicates the series’ LCARS operating system and provides users with detailed information about the characters, ships, and gears, as well as 360-degree imagery of the Playmates products. De Lancie’s helps guide users through the website – or rebukes them when they are idle. The site will also include news from Playmates Toys, reveals of new Star Trek products, and “where to buy” information.

Characters and their action figures profiled on the website at launch include Admiral James Kirk, Captain Spock, and Khan Noonien Singh as featured in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William Riker, and Lt. Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation; and Science Officer Michael Burnham and Commander Saru from Star Trek: Discovery. Also featured are ships and gear, starting with the Original Series U.S.S. Enterprise and Original Series Phaser.

Screenshots from new Playmates Star Trek site

More content from de Lancie’s Q will be popping up on the and fans can discover and share “Q” content from all of Playmates’ social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter and TikTok, throughout 2022.

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Wow, What looks like a flash site from the early 2000s. Groundbreaking.

It’s supposed to be retro.

Whoa! I will admit I hadn’t expected them to get someone like de Lancie to hawk the toys. That’s honestly pretty cool!

He’s such a great choice! That “playful” Q voice. Can’t imagine he really “needs” to do it, but I hope he’s having fun.

Wow, that website was so interactive. If this was 1997 I would be freaking out right now.

Yeah, but no guest books?!?

This website design is objectively a bad idea at every level, and yet I love it.

Nice commercial. Not interested in toys.

hmm…well…it’s a choice.

I guess the last time you could buy Playmates toys was 1998 so they just started right where they left off…it must be intended to be ironically funny / cool

I do admit to clicking around back and forth just to see more DeLancie

“I do believe I said “dangerous, savage, **child** race”….fit’s doesn’t it” on a toy website is pretty good

He should have said, “deja Q.”

Reminds me…one time at work… I thought I’d look up some trek action figures and typed in ‘’ I don’t know where that url leads to today…. but back then it WAS NOT STAR TREK TOYS!

I got in trouble for looking at at work back in the day… it was a college job and the boss was NOT impressed… even after I said it was Star Trek toys.

I was working on computer books (I’m an editor) and wanted to check the spelling/capitalization of “LaTeX.” So I typed in LaTeX dot com. Bad move.

Only complaint (because we’re Star Trek fans, so we can never be happy): they are 5″ figures and not 6″ figures. All the new and cool hip toys that today’s kids are playing with (*gasp* they opened the package!!!) are the highly detailed 6″ lines from Hasbro and McFarlane Toys.

All that being said, my wallet is ready (just don’t tell my wife).

Yeah, but they still line up reasonably well alongside the “old” line for us “old” collectors.

Hey, I’m “old” and have many of the 1990s line. I just got spoiled by the McFarlane toys and the Star Wars Black Series toys.

The best experience the future date of 1998 has to offer!

Tiresome, Negative Star Trek Fans: We hate Discovery! It’s not REAL Star Trek! It’s a failure and will NEVER be renewed after the first season! Kurtzman is the devil! Paramount should be ASHAMED!

Star Trek: Discovery: Hi, we’re back in production for Season Five.

Tiresome, Negative Star Trek Fans: Lower Decks is an abomination! Star Trek should never tell poop jokes! Crass humor has NO place in Star Trek! This show will FAIL!

Star Trek: Lower Decks: Hi, we just got nominated for a Hugo. Oh, and we’re just finishing up Season Three.

Tiresome, Negative Star Trek Fans: The only good thing about Discovery Season Two was Captain Pike! Why can’t Paramount EVER listen to the fans and give us a REAL Star Trek show that doesn’t have these stupid season-long arcs! We HATE THEM!

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Hi, we’re the new Captain Pike show, and we’re going to tell stories episodically. And we feature deep exploration of legacy characters, not just fan-service cameos. Isn’t that fun?

Tiresome, Negative Star Trek Fans: Why are Uhura and Chapel in this show? Why is there a Noonien Singh on the ship? This makes NO SENSE to us. Why do you hate the fans? Why are you DESTROYING canon? Why? Why?
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: Um, maybe if you watch the show, you’ll find out.

Tiresome, Negative Star Trek Fans: We want toys! Why are there no toys for these new series? Could it be that NO ONE likes these new shows? FAILURE, I tell you! Paramount+ has FAILED!

Playmates Toys: Hi, we’re the official toy sponsor for all the Paramount+ Star Trek shows. We just launched our website. Come on over, it’s retro and fun. And we have Q!

Tiresome, Negative Star Trek Fans: Why is this website so dated? We HATE IT SO MUCH. Why does Paramount always disrespect their fans? Why do they hate us?

CBS Studios, Paramount+ and Playmates: *collective sigh*

That was… um… tiresome.

But accurate!

Very, as are all brainwashed Trek “fans” diatribes ….
Get on your knees and B-E-G Berman to come back.

Sounds like you need a break from Star Trek sites for awhile. I get it but you make the choice to be here. This is the fandom.

It’s called sarcasm.

Wow you summed it all up right there! Lol …. I don’t even try to listen to people like that anymore. Just whatever. That said I love most of the new stuff as much as the classic and I couldn’t be happier that Playmates is back!

I just went to the website, and I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. I don’t play video games and it all looked like some foreign language (wait a sec, it IS to old folks like me. lol). All I want is a new Q figurine … they can keep the rest.

He’s not in this production run. The only new characters, at the moment, are Burnham and Saru.

Wow, that website is a mess! I guess its hard for Playmates to keep with the times not only in its products.

I hope the new toys are to scale with the ones from the 90s. I loved collecting those, but I didn’t get any of the 2009 toys because they didn’t match.

I love how the site touts their attention to detail on the figures, then calls the Enterprise SS Enterprise in the same sentence.

The first two items to absolutely SKYROCKET in value since they’ll be perpetually sold-out: TOS-Phaser and the TNG-Tricorder. Book it.

I’ve always liked Playmates.