Watch: Teaser Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 3

Star Trek: Mission Chicago continues to provide excitement, with a brand new trailer being revealed on Saturday morning at the event. We have that along with more details and the new teaser poster.

Lower Decks teases season 3

Paramount+ today released the teaser trailer for the upcoming third season of the animated comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks. It was first shown during the Lower Decks panel at Star Trek: Mission Chicago.

Check it out…  [International version HERE]

Here is the official synopsis for the season:

Season three of Star Trek: Lower Decks challenges the U.S.S. Cerritos ensigns in (hilarious) ways they could never imagine, starting with a shocking resolution for season two’s epic cliffhanger finale.

As of now Paramount is not providing a release date, just that the season will premiere in 2022. Earlier this year, Paramount indicated the season would come this summer, but things may have changed since then.

The search for Freeman?

The trailer mostly features voices from the cast talking about what to do after the season two cliffhanger which had Captain Freeman arrested. But it implies the Lower Deckers are going to steal the USS Cerritos, an homage to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

And this homage was also seen in the brand new teaser poster…

The entire cast of characters are back for season three. This includes Ensign Beckett Mariner, voiced by Tawny Newsome; Ensign Brad Boimler, voiced by Jack Quaid; Ensign Tendi, voiced by Noël Wells; and Ensign Rutherford, voiced by Eugene Cordero. The Starfleet characters that comprise the U.S.S. Cerritos’ bridge crew include Captain Carol Freeman, voiced by Dawnn Lewis; Commander Jack Ransom, voiced by Jerry O’Connell; and Doctor T’Ana, voiced by Gillian Vigman.

Star Trek: Lower Decks streams exclusively on Paramount+ in the U.S. and Latin America and streams o Amazon Prime Video in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Japan, India and more. In Canada, Lower Decks airs on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and streams on Crave.

More to come from Chicago

TrekMovie is in Chicago and will be reporting all the news and more. You can also get live updates on Twitter.


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Dockmaster: “Sir, someone is stealing the Cerritos!”
Captain: “Why?”

Hahahaha, nice!

Beautiful. Short and simple, like most of the best joke quotes. I’d believe it’s legit if I didn’t already know better!


….. As long as they have it back by 4:00.

Peanut Hamper!

Seasons 1 and 2 streamed on Amazon outside of the US, but I’m guessing Seaon 3 will be exclusive to Paramount+.


Really? Given I’m a UK Prime subscriber with no interest in P+, that would be good news indeed!

Season 3 – greatest Trek trope ever!!! Woo hoo!!

Can’t wait for this! I’ve enjoyed Lower Decks and Prodigy way more than the live action shows. A real surprise and joy of modern Trek is seeing it live and flourish in an animated setting.

I think the longer turn around times for the creation of these animated shows means that the creators have to be sure of what they’re doing, what they’re saying and where the show is going well in advance of the actual making. Wish the live-action writers would think like this so we didn’t get so many filler eps like the most recent episode of Picard, or half the latest season of Disco.


Is that Peanut Hamper? Maybe they will save the day, floating in exactly the right part of empty space because of having behaved like a jerk earlier, resulting in an irresolvable moral conundrum.

Yep, she’s back! I’m pretty happy to see her. She definitely didn’t act like Starfleet’s best when the Pakleds arrived but maybe this time she’ll be hero!

I know I’ve asked this before, but where does one have to go to buy these posters?

This trailer reinforces to me that it seems they are not happy with telling sort of supporting stories from characters from the “lower decks” of a starship? In the Trek universe I am familiar with, you would need a command crew to pull off stealing a starship. I am sure someone will remind me of a couple exceptions to this, but still, this isn’t really a “supporting starship personnel” comedic story that we were sold as to be the concept for this series. A lot of the stuff they are doing now on this series is the stuff we see in the main series’ that command/department heads do, so it’s getting harder and harder to buy this as believable within Trek canon…my opinion.

I mean, given how the hero ships of some of the older shows were hijacked or taken over by teams from completely outside Starfleet…

Well you pretty much ignored my main point and focused on an exception, which I acknowledged their would be cases of.

My main point is that time and time again, supporting crew staff from the “lower decks” of a starship are doing things that are in the area of what command/department lead staff on a starship would do. It strains both believability and established canon that support crew on a starship would — time and time again — be the key movers and shakers in saving the ship, performing very important missions, etc. etc.

I think the show should narrow it’s scope and focus mainly on smaller stories about life on a starship for supporting personnel. That was what I read into MM’s original intent for the show. I think he’s gotten far off track now with having supporting starship personal — time and time again — be the critical staff in getting the missions done and in saving the ship.

It’s just not believable. Two potential solutions. One, promote all of the lower decks characters to more senior/command/department head positions. Or two, CBS should retract it’s statement that the series is canon. This is just my personal opinion of course. YMMV.

I do that, because sometimes tangents are what I just naturally glom onto in a post. It happens.

But if you want more, I’ll go ahead and note there’s still plenty of focus on actual lower decks stuff for these lower deckers, as well as stuff that’s purely about their personal selves and lives away from duty. When the core four are involved in big grand adventures, it’s sometimes just a shift of perspective from what we’ve seen in the past; after all, the vintage shows established that the hero ships had these huge crews running into three-digit numbers, and we hear and see that these crews are essential to the operation of the vessel, but those shows still almost always focused on the senior officers that made up the main regular casts; we just presume that every time someone on the bridge gives an order, crews of lower deckers in engineering or whatever helped execute all that. This show is simply shifting the focus a bit in its stories, and letting our central four lower deckers shine a bit since they’re the main characters of this show, but not to the point that they’re actually giving orders and such, except when emergencies and the like dictate it.

And I think MM is being a bit sly in how he lets them shine, while still remaining lower deckers. We’ve already seen them recognized for their skills and accomplishments, and Boimler even got promoted once already, and then he had his transporter duplication, while Tendi was in the process of being promoted as S2 ended. Perhaps they’ll all be promoted and then demoted for something.

Or maybe they won’t be. There are all kinds of wacky aberrations with regards to rank, promotions, etc. in this franchise – just look at Harry Kim.

No matter which way things go, though, the situation you describe as breaking believability, to me, hardly warrants a statement the series isn’t canon, given how mild a stretch in credibility it is to numerous far more outlandish things from not just throughout the show, but indeed from throughout the whole franchise. If this is what does it for you, one might as well strike two thirds or more of all of Star Trek from canon.

I appreciate your well-reasoned response. Again though, I believe the series would work better if it truly stuck to support crew stories rather than saving the ship multiple times each season. And some of the stuff that happens just for fan service I personally find very lame…my opinion. We will have to agree to disagree.


I love this show so much, I can’t wait!! And Peanut Hamper is back too! I hope it comes after SNW! I can’t wait to see how they prove Captain Freeman’s innocence but it looks like we are getting a fun adventure story stealing the Cerritos to do it! It’s still crazy out of all these new shows, this one would be my favorite lol. Who knew?

I think what this show does so well (among many things) that the live shows don’t seem to value is tell an entire story arc in a single episode. One of the reasons I love Star Trek, and one of the reasons I get so aggravated by the new trek live shows sometimes.

My favorite Trek show at the moment.

When it was first announced and the first trailer dropped, I thought Lower Decks was going to be stupid. That it would be a parody show with just the veneer of Star Trek pasted over it.

But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

They make you care about these characters, and even though it’s a comedy that can be silly the characters have had growth, and the final 3 episodes of season 2 are some of the best Star Trek TV I’ve seen in years. Even the Cerritos, which I thought was an awful design when I first saw it, has grown on me and I’ve come to love it.

I would love it if Jack Quaid and Tawny Newsome had a cameo in Picard as their characters.

I felt exactly the same way. I didn’t think I was going to like LDS at all, but the more I watched, the more I got into it and came to care about the characters. It’s easily the best of the nuTrek shows (I haven’t seen Prodigy yet so I can’t comment on that show), but LDS is the only one I’m looking forward to seeing the new series. The Cerritos (and the other ships in the show) look great – they’ve really captured the feel of the TNG era. Ok, it’s a pastiche, but it’s a very good natured one. And I thought that Mugato horn joke was hilarious 😂

Huzzah! I am so jazzed for more Lower Decks! I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long between seasons (and same for Prodigy, except that it goes even further, to huge midseason breaks).

Peanut Hamper’s back?!

For some reason I didn’t notice the Jack Quaid picture holding his Voyager Tom Paris plate until now! Just hilarious. I love the fact this is a Star Trek show that celebrates Star Trek like we fans do! :)

They showed a clip at the panel in Chicago. Cold open from an episode in the middle of the season. Martok!

Martok??? Nice!!

And finally DS9 characters are appearing on these shows. It was great to see holodeck Odo on Prodigy but we want to see the actual characters. Fingers crossed we get more in season 3 of LDS and PIC.

Holy smokes, really? Huzzah!

Come to think of it, so far I’ve seen very little from the panels and whatnot. For Lower Decks we’ve seen this teaser and poster, plus a few pics of MM and the cast on stage (with the cast in uniform!), but haven’t heard much here or at other sites about what they actually said on stage or other new info.

I assume Trekmovie will publish more detailed articles about the panels when the con is over.

I won’t spoil the Martok reveal, but the room cheered when he came on screen, and then it was revealed what he was actually doing, and what the Lower Deckers were doing with him, and it was very much in the vein of other LDS gags.

And I have to assume it was J. G. Hertzler again, right? He did already appear in this show as the Drookmani captain in “Terminal Provocations” back in the first season…

Yessir. Indeed it was that beautiful gravel-y voice.

It will be glorious I tell you! Glorious!!!!