Next Official Star Trek: Mission Convention Set For Seattle In May 2023

On Sunday ReedPop just wrapped up their first successful Star Trek Mission since taking over the official Star Trek convention license for the USA. And now they have announced when and where their next mission is headed.

Star Trek: Mission Seatle 2023

ReedPop revealed the show dates for Star Trek: Mission Seattle, which will take place at the Washington State Convention Center on May 26-28, 2023. The announcement comes off the heels of a successful Star Trek: Mission Chicago, which wrapped up on Sunday at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center.

ReedPop promises Star Trek: Mission Seattle will be the “ultimate destination” for Star Trek fans, where they will be able to “boldly explore the past, present and future of the franchise through interactive exhibits, exclusive merchandise, photo opportunities, costume exhibits, autograph sessions, gameplay, and other special surprises.”

Tickets for the Seattle event will go on sale in June alongside the initial guest and exhibitor lists. Future Star Trek: Missions will travel to a new city each year.

For more information and the latest updates on the event, please visit

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Not sure about everybody else, but spent 5+ hours there on Friday and it was a resounding meh………….maybe the rest of the weekend was better, but it seemed pretty lackluster over all.

Friday seemed quiet from all the photos I saw. Saturday between the panels and the much larger crowd looked like a great day as well as early Sunday. Really, I think a lot of people got there Friday night because of work and schedules.

I was there on Saturday. It was in one of the smaller halls at McCormick Place, so I instantly got a little concerned that it was going to be a bust. Panels were full, and the floor was decently packed around noon, and more people were still streaming in. But after the LDS panel, and a few hours of checking out the various vendor booths, getting a few beers, and then people watching for a while, we were bored. I think we spent about 4.5 hours there, start to finish. I’m local, if I would’ve traveled for this – I would’ve been disappointed. Totally get that this is the first event event like this after/during a pandemic, but I wish there were more vendors and/or non-autograph things to do. The vendors that were there were what you’d expect, but there was just about one of every type, not multiples. There were the costumes/props from SNW and PIC. We were discussing what would’ve improved the experience on the way home. My ideas (feel free to credit me, Paramount):

1) Themed mixology classes, 2) more gaming presence (we expected to see Star Trek: Resurgence there – nope) or the ability to play old ST PC games, 3) live music from the shows with themes/soundtracks and/or ST themed bands, 4) themed laser tag/mazes, 5) screens playing the latest seasons/episodes or “greatest hits”.

Overall, I agree with the “meh” sentiment. Nice first attempt, but hope they keep iterating and finding ways to grow it.

I can’t speak to Chicago but this was how the New York one felt a few years ago.

A different city each year? Ooh, I hope they do Atlanta in 2024…

I think you might be able to surmise from the lack articles posted here that your experience was pretty common. The staff here would routinely post daily updates from Vegas with everything happening. Seattle next? I’d suggest the Mars colony – oh wait – wrong time line – lol

There are a number of Chicago articles in the works. TrekMovie was there

All you have to do is open social media to see how much fun people were having there. The tweets were pouring in from everyone including TrekMovie all weekend. It makes total sense to not pump out articles that night in your hotel room when you’re tweeting and posting on social media. Collect all your thoughts and photos as soon as you get back and then get your articles going. From a journalistic approach, that produces the better articles.

Not going to Seattle if you gave it to me for free.

Finally on the West Coast! Why did they pick a major holiday weekend thought to have this? Higher airfares and hotels, and family commitments? Weird?

My wife and I did not go nor did any of our friends we know from Vegas Khans go to it. Some said they did not want to go to Chi Town due to location, area or distance.
While its great to send this to cities around the lower 48 states. Alaska & Hawaii would be left out sadly and when you think of how many major cities there are in the USA, you could be waiting a long to see it in your local metropolis, if at all.
Vegas has the advantage of thousands of hotel rooms and travel deals. But the best thing it has going for it (IMO) is that once the CON shuts down, you can gamble, go to the pool, have dinner at any number of fantastic (inexpensive) restaurants, have a drink at the bar or bars, even sight seeing around town.

Still, it is Trek and I wish Reedpop success.