Jeri Ryan Talks Bittersweet Goodbye To Seven In ‘Picard’ Seasons 2 And 3 In New ‘Star Trek Explorer’

The former official Star Trek Magazine has been relaunched Star Trek Explorer, and the second issue arrives today in the USA. With a focus on the Borg, the new mag includes an interview with Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan who has returned in Picard.

Jeri Ryan on Seven’s journey in season 2 and goodbye in season 3

In the new Star Trek Explorer, Jeri Ryan talked about returning as Seven of Nine for all three seasons of Star Trek: Picard. With regards to what’s different in the current second season, Ryan spoke about the relationship with Raffi:

Personally, for Seven, you don’t often see in Star Trek a relationship that you’re dropped into the middle of. At the end of Season 1 you saw the very, very first glimpses of the beginnings of a relationship between Seven and Raffi. Then, when we pick it up in Season 2, we are well into this relationship, and it’s a relationship in the trenches. They are two very damaged people who have found each other, and now you’re in the relationship and having to figure out if they can heal themselves enough to actually be in a continuing relationship.

The actress also talked about Seven’s biggest arc in season two:

The most interesting character arc this season, for me, is she gets put on a course to really reconcile her Borg nature and human nature, and she gets to experience what life might have been like had she never been assimilated, if she’d just been human. So, this season for Seven is really about identity and embracing our humanity and self-acceptance.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi and Jeri Ryan as Seven in Picard season two

As for jumping right into shooting season 3 the day after wrapping season 2, Ryan described it as “surreal,” but also “exhausting,” especially for the crew because unlike herself and other actors they don’t get days off. When asked how she feels about the end of season three (which is also the end of the series) and if she will be sad or ready to let go of Seven, Ryan couldn’t choose:

I think probably a bit of both. This was so surprising, to get the opportunity to revisit this character on Picard. That is not something that I ever envisioned. It’s been really a treat to be able to do that and to continue her journey and to see her through all of this growth for these three seasons. So, yeah, it’ll be bittersweet to say goodbye to her again.

Star Trek Explorer #2 out now

Star Trek Explorer #2 is on sale today, Tuesday, April 12 in the USA (available in the UK on May 12, 2022). In addition to Jeri Ryan, the issue includes interviews with Star Trek: Picard’s new Borg Queen Annie Wersching and Picard/Strange New Worlds executive producer Akiva Goldsman. Keeping with the focus on the Collective the “Inside Trek” section gets assimilated, “The Definitive Guide” turns the spotlight on Star Trek: First Contact and both exclusive new short stories are about the Borg. More details at Titan.

You can find the issue on newsstands and comic book stores. You can also subscribe and buy issues directly from Titan.

Star Trek Explorer #2 cover

Star Trek Explorer #2 Previews exclusive cover

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Obviously, we need to see how Picard S2 ends but that Stargazer show would be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered to make sure we and she don’t have to say goodbye to Seven.

I think a Stargazer show set after season 3 is the one thing I would like to see most out of all the announced and rumored projects. Season 3 should bring closure to Picard and the TNG cast, but a Stargazer show could continue the story of the 24th/25th century with the Picard cast. It’s the setting and time that really interests me the most.

An ongoing Stargazer show with Rios, Raffi, Seven, Juratti, Elnor, et al. could be a lot of fun. We got a taste of what it could be in the first episode of this season of Picard.

Absolutely. It makes too much sense. But would Seven even want to join Starfleet?

And then how would Juratti be onboard if she’s not in Starfleet either?

But with Captain Rios, XO Raffi, Ensign Elnor, and a few more crewmembers it would be a great show!

Just use the word “consultant” Works in my world…

Juratti is a Starfleet officer. She works for the Daystrum Institute which is an arm of Starfleet and where Bruce Maddox worked until…you know. He even wore a uniform when we saw him in Measure of a Man. For some reason she wasn’t wearing one but definitely a Starfleet officer.

As for Seven, that is a question would she want to be part of Starfleet? If she didn’t become part of it once Voyager got home, it seems weird she would want to be one twenty years later. But they can always make some excuse for her to be on the ship.

Book is on the Discovery and he’s just the Captain’s boyfriend. ;)

I just love the fact everyone is begging for a Stargazer show for a ship we saw for about 15 minutes lol. But it makes complete sense. It’s the kind of show fans probably wanted from Picard in the beginning. And it is such a cool ship. I think if fans push for it like they pushed for a Pike show, it will happen.

Everyone, including the producers of Picard, seem to want to see it continue in some form. I’ve always said personally as much as I loved Picard was part of Star Trek again it was more about wanting a show in the 25th century than anything. And who knows, but by the way season 3 sounds they may be setting that up!

We only saw the Stargazer in action for a few minutes, true, but we know the characters and their relationships that would be the heart of the show. I would be quite surprised if we don’t see at least some of these characters continuing on in a spinoff of Picard. Time will tell…

It doesn’t make sense

It’s my dream as well. But you said “rumored projects.” I didn’t think there were any actual rumors of a Stargazer series at this time. Just fan speculation that the set might have been constructed for longer than just a couple of seasons of Picard.

Am I mistaken?

My main concern is that Rios doesn’t seem like a strong enough lead. I like the character but I don’t see him leading a new show. I suppose Seven could rejoin Starfleet and serve as Stargazer’s Captain, but that seems a stretch.

I wouldn’t be against both a Stargazer show and a Seven/Fenris Rangers series. Or even straight-to-streaming films or something. There’s a lot of possibilities. I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of any of the main cast past season three, or at least Seven and Rios in one form or another.

Straight to streaming movies in general would be a great move. Instead of trying to have mass blockbuster appeal, making smaller movies for the fans. There’s so many established characters they could pick from to make a mixed crew, as well as previous plots that could be given a (sort of) sequel.

Stargazer show makes the most sense. Plus, they built those gorgeous sets. Not to mention that I would gladly watch a Rios show.

Same same same. Rios is my favorite new character in all the new live action shows so far.

Yeah I like Rios too. And seeing him as Captain really fit him. I hope we see more of that in season 3 at least.

Just ditch the cigar.

Please! Sign me up for Star Trek:Stargazer! Not necessarily with Seven though… She might have guest appearances but I guess Rios will get some new crewmates just like SNW…

I think if the fans made as much noise about it as we did about Pike after season 2 of Discovery, we might get our wish.


I’m doing my part!

Only if gets to fire up that damn cigar!!

I think he couldn’t light it in season 2 because of covid but they had to show it since it had already been written into episode 6 (and he gets thrown a lighter in episode 1). I assume season 3 will be the same with unlit cigars as 2 and 3 were shot together. I’d guess that cigars either won’t be shown at all or will be lit again if there is a spinoff.

Season 2 might be concluding the stories for some of the Picard cast members to make way for Seasons 3, which is unfortunate since they are so great. But I have a feeling there won’t be any talk of a Stargazer spinoff once we see the finale to season 2.

I’m not sure Jeri Ryan is watching the same season two the rest of us are. Seven barely has anything interesting to do this season, and the Seven/Raffi relationship is practically nonexistent.

Unless Jeri is thinking back to what happens in the few remaining episodes of Season 2?

I have a feeling that Rios and Seven will not be returning to the “original” timeline. Rios is falling for the Doctor, and Seven is enjoying not being Borg. Jurati will be a new Borg Queen – this is the most interesting Arc in this – will the Queen be Evil, or will Jurati tame?

I think Seven will return but without her borg implants. I wonder if Rios will return too but be motivated to leave Starfleet and just try to be a “hero” like the doctor (Seven mentioned in the first episode that La Sirena was being used for transporting medical supplies).

The article focused on Jeri Ryans role to play in seasons 2&3.
We have not seen the last of her.
And as for Seven being human, only as long as the timeline remains altered.
Things should be back to normal by the end of the season.

When Picard has finished it’s run, it needs replacing with a voyager or DS9 show

Technically prodigy is the voyager follow up show 

The amount of head canon and backstory that Jeri Ryan has been forced to create since day 1 of Picard which never gets to the screen is staggering.

She and Frakes needed to come up with the conceit that Seven was pretending to act natural and more human in season 1 because she was freaking out about how she couldn’t recognize her old character in the pages she was given.

Now she’s got this elaborate backstory for her relationship with Raffi which isn’t done justice onscreen, and her love of being fully human, something which Voyager would have happily put every other character into stasis in order to explore, is shown by a couple off-handed looks and remarks and a shot of her being relaxed and chatty at the gala last week (in an episode that wasn’t even 40 minutes long.)

I just don’t think these writers are doing this actress or this character justice.

As much as I am enjoying the show, you’re dead-on with your criticism.

“would have happily put every other character into stasis in order to explore,”

Absolutely true!

Hear hear. For me, we already said goodbye to Seven in Endgame. Picard’s producers and writers have committed atrocities to her Voyager character.

The Fenris Rangers need to be put in the bin too. Horrible concept from an ill thought out plot with Romulus’s destruction. Cheers, Charlatan Chabon.

Jeri seems to really understand Seven. I hope they give her some say in the writer’s room if she gets a spinoff.

I disagree wrt she is making an elaborate back story when it comes to her new relationship with Raffi. I just think she keeps in mind the audio book in between the seasons where Seven and Raffi are the main characters. I was impatient waiting for season 2 (Seven of Nine always been a fav of mine) and listened to the book, and the way she views their relationship very much fits when you keep what happened in the book in mind. It is a bit sad the show hasn’t put in much effort though, there was good banter and some character insights/”exploration” I think would had been great to see on screen. Overall though, I feel like Seven is severely under utilized this season. They give so little time to anything character-wise. I 100% agree with your last statement. I find it pretty damn disappointing tbh.

Would love to see season 3 complete the Stargazer character arc/plot – As much as I enjoyed TNG, I really don’t need to see a full cast reunion in Picard Season3 – seeing Riker, Troi and Data in Picard Season 1 was enough for me. I think Raffi, Seven, Laris, Rios, Jurati and Elnor are MUCH more interesting.

Love the new cast. Also happy to see the tng cast next season. It would be a missed opportunity not at least have to some of the tng cast in the final season so I’m really happy it worked out. I’m really enjoying this season so I’m sure I’ll enjoy season 3 as well.I trust that we’ll get a proper sendoff for the cast.

I still remember watching the Picard trailer for the first time and that very surreal moment seeing Seven in the same scene with Picard questioning him over his mission. It was just so unexpected. It wasn’t Crusher or Troi sitting there like you would expect, it was Seven of Nine! And it made me giddy for the show from that point on. Seven more than anyone became the character I was most excited to see and became my favorite in season one. It was a no-brainer she would be part of the cast in seasons 2 and 3.

That said they haven’t given her a lot to do in season 2 outside of fighting with Raffi mostly. But they haven’t given most of the cast anything to really do, so yeah. But I love Seven and hope the character still shows up in future shows and even films. I think a lot of us have our fingers crossed a Stargazer spin-off will happen. That’s the perfect way to continue this cast. I’m hoping (like many) they built that Stargazer set with the idea we are going to be seeing it beyond these two seasons and it would be great to see Seven on that ship as well!

Terry was defending the short episode length for 2.6 and I agree the episode shouldn’t be longer than it needs to. I also liked the episode overall and have been enjoying the season, but 7 was hardly in the episode so why not add some development for her and hear more about how she feels without borg implants instead of just a quick cut of her talking to people. Show me more of that. Why was she not really accepted in the 20 years after voyager? Just because a few implants? I’m having a hard time buying it – voyager crew accepted her and she was more borg like then. Picard’s crew accepted her. So who are the people who didn’t accept her for being an ex borg? Tell us more about what she’s been doing all this time and why her life turned out that way it has. I feel all we know about her in Picard is she’s a ranger, had a relationship with that villain from season 1, and developed an off screen relationship with raffi, and has Rios ship to be a ranger again.

Maybe there’s a real world reason she wasn’t in it that much, but I don’t feel like the show is really further developing her character so far, which is a shame because there was so much potential there and she’s such a great actress.

You would think if there was ANYONE they could’ve used to sneak into the party, it would’ve been Seven. And I agree, I don’t really buy this issue she hasn’t been accepted by everyone at this point. She hasn’t been a Borg for over 20 years and was instrumental in getting Voyager home. I can buy rogue A-holes wanting to capture her for her implants. But I don’t think anyone in Starfleet would be bothered by her being an ex-Borg. Picard was Locutus and a big reason why Wolf 359 went so badly for Starfleet and yet no one blamed him or ever treated him any differently over it. Yeah, there was Sisko, but that was a rare exception. I think focusing on her internal struggle still works but that’s all that is needed.

But they could be doing a lot more with her for sure. This is the first time we’ve actually seen Seven on Earth before. That was a BIG part of her backstory in Voyager, her reluctance to go back there given she left it when she was a kid and had little family. Maybe we learn something about that? Did she try to live on Earth when she came back? Maybe she didn’t feel comfortable and left? Or maybe she never stayed on it. It would be nice to get her insights on it since she’s now there, even if 400 years in the past. Something more than arguing with her (ex?) girlfriend every episode. It doesn’t have to be some huge arc, just more insight into the character if they can’t give her a direct story line.

I’d rather see Riker come back with a crew and integrate some of the cast on that ship.

Oh yeah I would LOVE to see Riker back on a weekly series again! It would also make sense to replace Picard with another iconic TNG character if Paramount is worried his loss would have a big effect on a spin off show. And bringing in Frakes would get the fanbase beyond excited if he returned full time to the franchise.

It’d be a crying shame to see Picard be the end of 7’s time in the Trek universe. There is so much to explore with this character that hasn’t been done. The hints of her complexity are now feeling more and more like bread crumbs. Same could be said for all the other characters too and yes the show is called Picard after all. Still why Star Trek has such a difficult time with older female characters is beyond me. Maybe she’ll have some role in Section 31. 7 is and will always be one of the most compelling, vexing and challenging female characters in all of science fiction. She has earned her own series.