Michelle Yeoh On How The Section 31 Show Would Be A Different Kind Of Star Trek

It’s been three years since the announcement of a Star Trek: Discovery spin-off series in development about Section 31, starring Michelle Yeoh as her Mirror Universe character Emperor Georgiou. Now the busy actress gives a brief update and description of what the show could be like.

Guardians of the Section: Impossible?

Ever since the third season of Star Trek: Discovery set up Michelle Yeoh’s Georgiou to head off on new adventures for a Section 31 series, there has been a long wait. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress said she remains hopeful the show will get off the ground.

Although the show has yet to move into production, a writers’ room was put together to develop scripts for the series back in 2019. And Yeoh gave EW a brief description of the proposed series:

Section 31 is that [Star Trek] universe but different… It’s like Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy in space.

Yeoh’s mention of Guardians is interesting, as her exit from Discovery was managed by reintroducing the Guardian of Forever manifested as “Carl” (played by Paul Guilfoyle), who could be part of a Section 31 show.

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou and Paul Guilfoyle as Carl in Star Trek: Discovery

Still waiting

Reportedly the Section 31 show was to go into production in 2020, but was derailed by the pandemic shutdown; however, multiple seasons of live-action Star Trek have been made since production restarted in 2021. Earlier this year, Paramount executives said news on the show should be coming soon, so perhaps 2022 is the year Yeoh returns to Trek. Earlier this month Paramount officially announced Star Trek: Picard will end after its third season, so if they want to maintain year-round Trek on Paramount+ with around 50 episodes/year, another show will have to be greenlit for production.

In the meantime, Yeoh remains very busy (which could be a contributing factor for the wait). She is just coming off her starring role in the 2022 film Everything Everywhere All at Once, and she will soon be seen in the Netflix mini-series The Witcher: Blood Origin, and the sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar. She will be shooting more Avatar sequels and is currently in production on the upcoming Disney+ action-comedy series American Born Chinese.

Michelle Yeoh in Everything Everywhere All at Once

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Well Section 31 do see themselves as guardians of the galaxy, literally, so I can see that. ;)

And yeah bring in Carl! Why not? He can be the Jim Phelps of the show except he’s also a billion year old sentient time portal and know where (or when) some of the trouble is brewing. I guess that was pretty much Control’s job too until you know.

If this show actually ever happens seem like the natural choice will be to replace it with Picard. I would prefer a Stargazer show next though, but that’s just me.

If they turn the Guardian of Forever into the Bosley of Star Trek… :(

He probably won’t be doing a lot of paper work or have his own office! ;D

“I would prefer a Stargazer show next though, but that’s just me.”

Certainly not just you… A ship-based early 25th century show… color me in!

I think he should be the Jim Brass of the show. So Georgiou then has to have sunglasses to take off / put on just before saying a pun in the teaser.

Section 31 is that [Star Trek] universe but different… It’s like Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy in space.


To be honest, Michelle Yeoh’s description sounds a bit worrying. Not because there’s anything wrong with the Mission: Impossible films — like the Fast & Furious series, they’re actually enjoyable to watch as entertaining (and wildly unrealistic) escapism once you just accept them for what they are — but it’s a waste of potential for a Section 31 show. The less said about GOTG in this context, the better too.
As you know, S31 is supposed to be a much, much darker concept. “Morally indefensible and absolutely necessary”, to quote Ed Norton’s character from The Bourne Legacy. The people who do the really nasty stuff so that everyone else can sleep safely in their beds, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character from A Few Good Men. Effectively a deep state network that sometimes works via Starfleet, is older than the Federation, uses a loophole in the Starfleet Charter as retroactive legal cover, and is prepared to use genocide against foreign enemies if necessary.
Sure, that can be turned in the kind of “action-caper show” that Yeoh seems to be describing. Or you can do the concept justice and make a really intelligent, serious, complex show that’s a combination of Jason Bourne/Treadstone stuff, a noir version of The West Wing, and a whole bunch of stuff based on a lot of very real shady geopolitics that has happened in real life. *That* kind of show would be an entirely different beast.
I have no idea if Star Trek writers/showrunners actually read the discussions here on Trekmovie, but for what it’s worth I’ll list some non-fiction books that definitely have a lot of story ideas/themes relevant for a Section 31 show. At least, other commenters here should find the books interesting if they’re into this sort of thing:

Sarah Kendzior: “Hiding in Plain Sight”
Catherine Belton: “Putin’s People”
Ronen Bergman: “Rise and Kill First”
Jeremy Scahill: “Dirty Wars”
John Prados: “The Ghosts of Langley”
Tim Weiner: “Legacy of Ashes”
Steve Coll: “Ghost Wars”
Michael Hayden: “Playing to the Edge”
Timothy Snyder: “The Road to Unfreedom” and “On Tyranny”
Tom Burgis: “Kleptopia”
Shoshana Zuboff: “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism”

Wikipedia has a really detailed page on “The Internet of Things” that has all kinds of stuff that could be applied in Star Trek, including the scope for cyberwarfare and mass surveillance (domestic and foreign) by Section 31. A separate Wiki page focusing on “The Internet of Military Things” is also full of concepts that could be used for both Starfleet and S31.
As I keep saying, Trek’s current showrunners need to “think bigger” — and that doesn’t necessarily mean the latest “apocalyptic universe-ending threat”. It basically means DS9’s “In the Pale Moonlight” on a much bigger scale. That episode should be the template for a S31 show — not M:I or GOTG.

Absolutely agreed, but I fear that’s asking WAY too much of Kurtzman and gang.

Very good points. Where they might have gone with Control vs Zora is more in the vein of Person of Interest, duelling AIs using human operatives.

I would worry that a West Wing / 24 hybrid IN SPACE would end up like Designated Survivor, great on paper but tough to balance the high minded politics with the spycraft angle.

Maybe the best template would be JJ’s old show, Alias? Someone gets recruited into S31 after an attack kills someone they care about, and there’s a lot of deception / twists / double agent stuff.

Well the original Mission Impossible TV show as a lot less saving the world from total disaster and more of the “politically impossible” missions where the team an untouchable bad guy had his criminal activity revealed to the authorities without anyone knowing the team was doing it. The government could then deny any involvement.

If the modern writers could create a series like that, without resorting to the save the whole universe trope, it might work out ok.

I think we’re getting Stargazer. I don’t think Section 31 is going to happen and I hope it doesn’t.

Section 31 and Star Trek XIV both seem to be stuck in a “in development” feedback loop…

It will be interesting to see if either ever gets produced. A new Star Trek movie seems likely at some point, but who knows when.



Hope the show goes ahead i always wanted a Section 31 show since they first appeared in DS9.

eh….the MissionLog commentaries on how Section 31 undermines the moral underpinnings of the Federation are very interesting conversations. If it explores that, then maaaaybbee. If it’s just an excuse to deviate even more from the hopeful humanism that Trek is meant to be into some kind of John Wick / GoT HBO-esque mess then no.

hopeful humanism doesn’t really exist.

it did in TOS / TNG :(

And those shows really did exist.

Michelle Yeoh is magnificent. I wish they’d kept her on Discovery. Her absence is sorely felt.

The should never have killed off Captain Georgiou (and indeed could have gone with the idea she was a POW). But they did, and as with Shatner after Generations, that should mean Yeoh shouldn’t come back.

Well you have the Guardian there so in the pilot you could have the Emperor die to save another Captain Georgiou (a good one) who then get’s told she has to continue the mission.

Stoke me a clipper…

I’ll be back for breakfast.”

What a guy!

I never liked Space Hitler. Pretty happy she’s gone. And she had nothing to do in season 3 other then make nasty quips to the crew.

A negative comment by Tiger2? Waitaminute, is this the Mirror Universe?

How so? She can barely speak english and her idea of acting is squnting her eyes …

I haven’t seen any of her other work especially in mandarin but judging form Discovery, she’s a terrible acrtess …

Now there’s hot takes and then there’s this unintelligent garbage. She speaks perfect English, just with an accent.

And your comment about how she acts is a sure a choice.

If all you’ve seen is her performance on Discovery, I’d be more interested to know what you think she could have brought to the character as was written.

But also maybe educate yourself with her extensive catalog of work before you trash her. She’s an incredibly talented and incredibly versatile actor that has managed to stay in-demand since the late 80’s. You don’t pull that off without having the skills in your craft people seem to love.

I don‘t watch movies to educate myself about actors, I watch them because they peek my interest for one reason or the other. She seems to choose roles in stuff I’m not that interested in or that I don’t seem to remember much. Which is fine. I’m sure there’s amazing musical actors for example but I will never know their names 😁

As for her Discovery performance. Maybe it’s a choice but she sounds like she has an incredibly hard time pronouncing words correctly. It feels like someone desperately trying to remember the script and less someone who’s acting out one. And sure. I don’t really see anyone making the terrible writing for this character work. Maybe someone who can really ham it up but that would feel terribly out of place in the show.

So maybe she’s just not right for the roll or no one could make that role work. Either way: you shouldn’t turn something that doesn’t work into its own show 🤷🏻‍♂️

As Jacob points out, Michelle Yeoh speaks perfect English with an accent. More specifically, her accent is Malaysian, just like the accents of two Georgious.she plays.

And he also points out, she has managed to stay in demand since the late 80’s. She was in the James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies, and the sword and sorcery TV series, The Witcher: Blood Origin. Her latest movie is a science fiction movie, Everything Everywhere All at Once. Frankly, I don’t know how she finds the time to be in so many franchises.

I’m excited for the show. I love Michelle and I loved her on Discovery. I know it’s a minority opinion- but it is what it is.

I think one of the fatal flaws in the development of Discovery was how poorly they developed and used Prime Georgiou. The mentor-mentee relationship between Georgiou and Burnham was supposed to be foundational to the show and establish Burnham as an interesting, relatable, likable lead character with a learning curve to leadership ahead of her and Georgiou as a Picard-like mentor. Instead they used telling with some sloppy exposition rather than showing that they had a great relationship, and even that was rapidly killed off as Burnham mutinies and Georgiou gets eaten. That was a real missed opportunity.

I did like Mirror Georgiou, but it became apparent that they had no idea really what to do with her after awhile and season 3 ground to a halt while they clumsily exited the character.

If they do bring back Georgiou in some capacity, hopefully they will know what they want to do with her narratively and it will be worthy of Michelle Yeoh and the character.

The mentor-mentee relationship between Georgiou and Burnham was supposed to be foundational to the show…. even that was rapidly killed off as Burnham mutinies and Georgiou gets eaten.” – to be fair…..a lot of that happened in the first episode so…to say that was what was ‘supposed’ to happen is a little disinegnous. They clearly knew what they wanted to do from the very start. I’m not a big fan of Disco either, but they knew what they wanted to do at least.

There is nothing disingenuous about what I wrote. Troll elsewhere.

The lady doth protest too much…

It’s hardly trolling to simply point out a flaw in your argument.

It’s not trolling but it is perhaps a little unfair to say ‘disingenuous’. That sort of implies that JASV knows better but is being dishonest about it, when they could in fact be being honestly mistaken.

Certainly JASV seems mistaken when they say “supposed to be foundational to the show”. How early in the piece Georgiou dies does not support the idea that they intended her to be foundational but then could not figure out what to do with her and so killed her off. Killing her off was clearly their intention from the outset. I can definitely see the attraction in wanting her to remain in the show and to have that relationship with Michael. I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed that path had they taken it.

You are a troll, nathan. Move on.

But what he’s saying is that Georgiou was always suppose to die in the second episode. That’s what help get Burnham thrown off ship and ends up on Discovery. I guess they could’ve done more flashbacks of their relationship but it was never suppose to be a big part of the show.

Thinking about it you have the Guardian around so could have it where Mirror Georgiou actually has to save a Good Georgiou and then have said Georgiou continue the mission avoiding all the morale issues of the Mirror Emperor as your protagonist while continuing the Georgiou arc.

It did seem like they were setting up some kind of moral redemption arc for Mirror Georgiou. The Guardian said something about her soul being weighed and implied that it had a purpose for her.

Well that could be that Mirror Georgiou wishes she could be a good Georgiou and then ends up sacrificing herself/allowing herself to be replaced.

Yeoh is terrific and Georgiou was a lot of fun. I have been filled with dread about this idea since it was first announced though. I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I’m relieved.

Always willing to see what they come up, but this is a concept I’m not really interested in and her description doesn’t help. I wonder if this will be announced this year and will replace Picard. It seems like this and the academy series are the next ones up as far as we know?

Speaking for myself, as always, I would much rather see an Academy show than this Section 31 show. Whether Yeoh is in it or not. And again, if there is one it would be better if Space Pol Pot isn’t part of it.

Star Trek will be back with cyborg Rick Berman before this show comes out. I have no interest in a Section 31 series, especially one when those in charge don’t actually GET what Section 31 actually is.

And yet you still comment on it. Something says you ARE interested!

No, that’s not how it works

That’s not how logic works.

“It’s like Mission: Impossible meets Guardians of the Galaxy in space.”

I sense a Great Need.

“I sense a Great Need”

For what, a coherent storyline premise?

Right with ya, pal!

So torn…Paul Guilfoyle check. Michelle Yeoh check. Them in any sci-fi show, hell yes.
But time travel/multiverse. Ugh.
The pitfall of time travel – why not just go back in time again and again and fix everything and save everyone.
But could it work. I dare say yes because of Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap was a show that had it where you just couldn’t go back in time and fix everything and save everyone and so it was fun to watch. You just had a mission and that was that. And you could still die and everything could still go wrong.
Some how you can have to throw out the lazy time travel Trek of the past and Quantum Leap it which isn’t going to be easy but possible.
Indeed you might have to start with a multiverse that is just destroyed by people that already went back in time again and again and your mission is to rebuild to restore free will or something. You have to set it in some multiverse such that they don’t have to care about canon and this can almost be it’s own stand alone show. Use the whole multiple timelines to to create Star Trek situations regardless of canon that fans don’t end up with a headache trying to reconcile this with anything that came before and the mission is just.. there.
Hard to fathom but I like to think there always are … possibilities.
Ironically this seems better Trek than any snoozefest TNG spin off.

you’re more talking about a Dulmer and Lucsley spin off than Section 31 though (unless the Guardian is involved). Pitting Section 31 against the DoTI though…could be interesting

My guess is that would be some kind of temporal war. Section 31 must save the universe utilizing (at the request of?) the Guardian of Forever.
You already know it is not to save the Federation per say because the Burn was allowed to happen and they did not go back in time to stop it. Also there must be some rules because for example no one tried to win the temporal war by preventing or helping Locutus at Wolf 359 for instance.
Some how someone should be able to spin this (warning trying to results in a headache).
This is all I can think of…. you have is some event,(Higgs field collapse?), that collapses ALL multiverses and thus the original timeline Section 31 is tasked with ensuring Higgs field collapses do not occur in ANY timeline under ANY circumstances. All temporal rules are then out the window with respect to preventing this from occurring anywhere anytime under any conditions.
This would be why the “Guardian” is the guardian because perhaps it is the only ultimate authority on this issue and the only entity that survived a Higgs field collapse such that it knows it must stop it at all costs.
Perhaps some other entities on the other hand purposely try to trigger Higgs field collapses because they are sick of the plain old universes and want to go uh, “next”. Not only then are you trying to stop accidental Higgs fields collapses but also purposeful attempts.
To add some excitment maybe you make it where Higgs field collapses will destroy said universe and those in close uh, phase, but you can’t let it propagate or it will go out of control and destroy all. Then you aren’t guaranteed to always win.

Also thinking about it… you could have to have the Guardian have Mirror Emperor Georgiou die to save a good Georgiou destined to die and then have said Georgiou continue the mission. Maybe it turns out Mirror Georgiou died on the Klingon ship in place of Captain Georgiou. This avoids all the ethical ramification of why evil Georgiou ends up on the team to save the universe…. or do you go the otherway and say that the Guardian knows what has to be done including say killing Edith Keeler that he accepts she had no ethics and as an alien he is okay with that given she will develop.

Strangely enough, that simple quote makes me more intrigued by the show’s premise. But this is one of those shows that needs some convincing and persuasion, unlike Picard and SNW which are instantly compelling. They would have some work to do to get people to tune in I think.

In a way, that’s a good thing. Picard and SNW are “instantly compelling” because the premise easily invites all kinds of assumptions of what the show would be, and when it doesn’t turn out the way fans want it instantly becomes the “worst show ever” or “wasted opportunity”.

Here the premise is unfamiliar and fans can’t easily assume what it is about. That’s a good thing.

It is a good thing. I feel like Picard and SNW, since they’re working with characters that fans love and hold to a specific standard, there are certain expectations that fans have and inevitably would compare to classic trek. It’s also why I feel like Picard and SNW seems to feel less accessible to non-trekkies (can’t speak for SNW, but Picard is pretty accessible even for someone who has never seen any trek), but it gives off that impression in promos.

Despite my initial skepticism, on 2nd thought I think this show might have a lot of potential. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS A SERIELIZED SHOW!!! An “adventure of the week” format really could work with an occassional two-parter.

Agree! If they are going to do it, have it a weekly mission where one week she has to stop an Andorian from creating a virus and the next week save a Federation delegate from assassination or something. That would be much more fun.

And these guys can’t seem to do a really strong serialized show. At least not based on PIC and DIS so far.

Remember she also briefly appeared in the last Guardians of the Galaxy film and was going to appear in the next one as well.

Michelle Yeoh is a very fine actress , and I did prefer her ‘ Mirror’ character to the slightly ‘ holier than thou ‘ Chare Ter of the Shenzhou, that said , it also seemed the two personalities were closer than in previous mirror universe personalities. A, rather like ‘ Prime Lorca ‘ it’s been said that again both were similar , and clearly were for him to pull off, Scuttling a starship and killing the crew , to the gaining command of one of the most prized , and advanced ships in known space . Personally if they could work a way to bring them together, I would have Georgiou, emerge from the ‘ Guardian , in the Picard era ,. Allowing cameos for that shows cast , where I could quite easily see seven especially, fit I to section 31, and Rhios , even. Soong. Plus a cameo of Picard it Riker or Worf, the three least likely but would equally be shocking to find that all along , they had worked in secret with section 31, Janeway is another contender however given her future self breaking the temporal directive , that might ot be a surprise , or set it during the lost Era , again recruiting a young Picard , as Spock might say , the possibilities are endless , I would certainly set it on the four naveleld ‘ Nimrod class’s starship , and give in the name Shenzhou. Which perhaos sounds corny , but if set in the same era as Picard, well you have a new fleet , which they are now bringing STO as cannon, which includes the use of the 32md century voyager, in the 25th century But stories of how and why, what would other powers feel about what would be the most powerful vessel in the known galaxy , I. starfleet hands , you could lay the seeds of ‘ nivar ‘ and Romulan reunification and possible federation membership, which with the Klingons being members, but still out for vengeance for Narendra 3, so many stories , that section 31 would be needed .Discovery brought back the temporal wars, and thanks to disco we know they had a front in the Picard era, this again would be a potential hotbed of different stories. Perhaps as starfleet sets out to explore the Delta and gamma quadrants, old enemies like tholians , and new alike , could be enough to keep section 31 busy. But of set on the ship I describe with cloaking tech, holographic disguises , as seen as far back as enterprise . But also how would mirror Georgiou, maintain her self control to operate in the , rather more , controlled and less gung-ho 25th century ‘, and it would allow a new era to be explored and could allow past characters to appear , and ships, or stations like DS9, yes it might work if she was to reappear in an episode of Strange new worlds aboard that starship I described, or a shuttle , and had regular dealings with pike and crew , she might well unmask the Khan crewmember, as a section 31 agent , or Pike himself . But it just seems that with Strange new worlds , Tos and discovery , that era has been well covered , where the new Picard era is an Unknown , and sone plot device using the guardian, , to bring Tyler forward to the 25th century is simple enough, as she recruits her ‘ crew ‘. But I would make it as gritty, and bend as many trek ‘ ruies ‘ as possible, eg like agent Daniels in Enterprise, would recruit Archer , such things should be possible for this show. It would have a lot of scope for storylines , to make plenty of high drama, , if done right , and the right ‘ crew ‘, it could be a hell of a show. Oh and of I was casting the bridge Crew, I’d definitely try bring back the character of Michelle Forbes , Ro Laren, perhaps as Georgiou’s first officer , instant conflict ! But I hope they do produce the show whatever format they choose . My post is long because there are so many ideas one could think of that this show could think of that could be done . And heres hoping we dont have to wait another few years for it to come to our screens ! , One final twist of an idea , the US’s Shenzhou A , with her in command , it could cross over with S.N.W, be outfitted with a ‘ temporal core , for missions in other era’s , the ultimate under cover section 31 ships in crew , that just came… Read more »

I think this is Exhibit A as to Why Not All Fans Are Writers.

I try to keep an open mind but there are a couple of issues I have with this.

First, Emperor Georgiou is not a compelling character. Her background is already far too muddled to be the convincing lead for a fresh show.

Second, if it doesn’t involve a lot of time travel, it would miss out on the great potential of involving the Guardian. They literally opened that door and I’d be very upset if this wasn’t a regular feature of that show.

However, third, focussing on the Guardian and time travel would take away from the Mission Impossible in space vibe that others expect them to concentrate on. After all, it’s called Section 31…

Fourth, if they do involve time travel, it would kill the potential for a “real” time travel adventure show one day, something like Timeship Relativity, in favour of a mixed bag that both involves time travel and spy fy…

Of course they could just turn it into space spy fy without any time travel or multiverse angle but why having a multiverse character like the Emperor employing the Guardian then? DSC has written that character into a very specific corner that doesn’t really allow her to simply go full Sydney Bristol on the Orion Syndicate without leaving many people disappointed…

It’s a mess even before it begins filming… and it’s due to that character’s background that is so all over the place, and time and multiverse, it hurts… Her DSC story arc was an accident in progress and that simply disqualifies her as the lead for a fresh new show… It’s not good enough just to get Michelle Yeoh into Trek again…

Yeoh is absolutely brilliant in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once. I hope millions of people go see it, it’s remarkable.

In it, she is allowed to use all her gifts, including many she never got to employ in other films or shows. Mirror Georgiou is divisive, but one of the reasons she enjoyed her time on Disco was that she could play against type and vamp and be a regal anti-hero. It’s all down to the writing, it could blow up in everyone’s face so easily based on how they wrote Georgiou in the past, but there’s a way they could make a show around her work, and they’re so lucky Yeoh is still keen.

Honestly I think they thought they couldn’t afford Yeoh or she wouldn’t stick around that they were just happy to have her for the pilot and then were shocked when she was willing to be on the show… had they known from the get go I bet she should have ended up the protagonist being among the strongest actresses to be in Trek (and this section 31 show is them trying to rectify that mistake).

I totally agree. At most they probably had the Mirror Universe version planned but had no idea she’d be back for future seasons. Yeoh just happened to love playing against type, so was game for more. They didn’t have a clue what to do with her they just knew they would be silly to turn down the opportunity. But they mismanaged it – no work on a redemption arc until her last two episodes, and lots of snarky dialogue that was a weird fit for her. They had to know it was not going to last forever, it’s unbelievable they weren’t doing the work to get her naturally to where she winds up in those last episodes. The very definition of coasting along until you cram for your finals.

This show is going to be Awesome. This is my Trek.

If the show is set in the MU maybe they would have something….

I’m very excited for a S31 black ops trek series. Michelle Yeoh is fantastic and I would love to see what cool covert ops she’ll be on. I’m a fan of Seal Team so I’m stoked for this series. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s mine.

As long as it’s got Star Trek in the title, it’ll be good.

I actually really hope that we’ll finally get the Section 31 show! It’ll be a refreshing change.
Honestly, I actually really liked Georgiou on Discovery, I feel like she and Michael plays off each other really well, and it’s something that I felt like was missing in season 4 (which, to be fair, I didn’t finish since I just can’t get past the first few episodes).

A Section 31 show sounds interesting, and I do think Georgiou would be perfect for it. She was a totalitarian emperor and has committed genocide, but she’d also know how to achieve and maintain the Federation’s ideals with civilizations who might be skeptical or might require more political finesse to maneuver (something that Michael and the prime Georgiou wasn’t so good at in season 1).

Season four is kind of a slog but I do highly recommend finishing it. They finally managed to stick the landing for the first time since S1.

I might go back and finish it, but I just found it really dull and the tone feels really depressing to me – the longer Discovery stays in the 32nd century, the lonelier it feels… I wonder if that’s because the show never really developed characters who don’t play a big role in Michael’s life, and many of the characters that had more time on screen are gone now, so it feels kind of odd.

I never really liked the idea of a S31 show but this one in particular seems weird. Imagine a Doctor Who Episode, where the Doctor saves Hitler, travels with him for a couple of episodes in which Hitler permanently tries to commit genocides on other planets and takls shit about jews and eventually he get’s an episode, where he says, would never do that again, gets his own tardis and Spin-Off-Show and he’s the hero now for some reason.

I might watch a trashy 70s B-Movie with that premise. But a Trek Show, that’s supposed to be taken serious? 0.o

what about characters like garak, basically a gestapo officer, and shran becoming buddies, comrades with starfleet officers?

Garak worked, because he had actual nuance and he was introduced as a tailor with a mysterious past. The truly horrible came out 50 or 60 Episodes down the line. And it was allways shown as weighing heavily on him. Had he been indroduced by murdering and eating a few of the last bajoran mine workers and then spend two seasons telling our main characters how tasty those bajorans were and to commit other crimes against humanity, he would have been a different character.

For Shran I’d have to watch Enterprise again but he was never painted as despicable. He was paranoid (rightly so, given the Vulcans tactics) and fiercely – in contemporary terms – nationalistic. But there was nothing really irredeemable, at least as far as I remember.

And the important thing is, that both of them probably wouldn’t work as Leads in their own shows.

It’s a no for me.

I don’t understand why some dislike Yeoh. I think she’s grrreat in DIS.

I don’t have any issue with Yeoh. Unfortunately they’ve given her a character in the Terran Empress who I think is untenable.

If they do this series, it would be cool if they could find a way to have Prime Lorca be in the series.